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Sion awoke the next morning, his curtains open.
'Mom went to the store...' he thought sleepily.

His mother always opened his blinds to tell him that she was going to the store. Sion turned, his hand searching the blankets for what wasn't there. His breath hitched and he shot up.
he asked, glancing around the room. Sion threw the blankets off himself, getting to his feet.
No one but him was in there.
He opened his door and ran down the stairs, frantic. He checked the kitchen, the store room, even his mother's room.

"Nezumi?" he called out.
Still no answer.

Sion sunk to the floor, tears stinging his eyes, threatening to spill over.
What would he do? He just got Nezumi back. What if he left again? When would he see him? He didn't get a chance to say he-

"You called, Your Majesty?"

called a voice from the top of the stairs. Sion whipped around and sighed in relief.
Nezumi stood at the top of the stairs, his hair still wet from his apparent shower, the towel around his neck.
Sion marveled at how his dark hair glittered from the beads of water against his forehead.

"Nezumi..." he said softly, feeling stupid for his panic.
Nezumi walked down the stairs to him and grabbed his arm gently, pulling him off the floor.
"Really now..." he said with a small sigh, a smile playing on his lips. Sion looked at down.
Nezumi simply shook his head.
"What do you want to eat?"
Sion blinked.

"N-Nezumi... You don't have to make breakfast."
"Too bad." was his simply reply. Sion sighed.
"Cereal is fine..."
Nezumi walked into the kitchen, Sion following behind him. He started getting out eggs and vegetables.
Sion watched him, leaning against the door frame.

'He's going to make the breakfast we ate every morning...'

"Have you been eating the same thing these four years?"
Nezumi nodded slightly, focusing on making food. His skillful hands chopping away at the onions and green peppers. Sion sighed.
"That's not healthy, Nezumi... You should eat other things, too, or else you'll get anorexic."
"Says the toothpick." Nezumi teased. It was true. Though Nezumi had gotten thinner, Sion was still the tiniest of the two. He frowned and huffed, turning his head.

"I am not a toothpick..." he mumbled.

A smile graced Nezumi's lips as he heard the soft remark. He cooked their breakfast, humming. Sion remembered the tune.
It was the same song he had sang back when they were trapped in the small truck with multiple people from the Western District who had surrendered to the cleaners.
Sion had grown to be okay when he thought of the events from that day. Few things still bothered him about it.
He'll never forget the lost, teary face his friend had made. He'll also never forget the small smile that graced his lips when he saw Sion alive again.
How his eyes danced...

"Huh?" Sion blinked. Nezumi frowned at him.
"I-I'm sorry, Nezumi... What did you say?"
"I asked if you wanted bread..."
"Yes, please..."

Nezumi cut the bread and put a few pieces out. He made three plates and handed Sion one, wrapping another, and leaving the third out.
"Mom will be happy you made food for her." Sion said with a smile.
Nezumi glanced at him over his shoulder.
Sion nibbled on his bread and set his plate in front of him.

'Just like old times...' he thought nostalgically.

Nezumi looked at him, eating the omelet he made. Sion watched him for a few seconds before eating his own.
"So why were you crying?" Nezumi asked.
Sion swallowed his food harshly, as his face flared up in embarrassment.

"I heard you calling for me when was taking shower... When I saw you on the floor, you were crying, right?"
Sion looked at his plate. He hadn't exactly been crying quite yet... But a few silent tears had slid down his cheeks.

"I wasn't crying, Nezumi... I just..." Sions voice had drifted to a stop as he talked. He fidgeted a bit, looking for the right words to say.
Nezumi just watched him. He hadn't meant for Sion make that face... He hadn't seen that face in a long time.
The latter's face was one that meant he was thinking hard, but his features were twisted with sadness, worry, and fear.

"I thought you'd left again." Sion stated simply, glancing up at Nezumi, who now stood next to him.
Nezumi hesitantly placed his calloused hand on Sions head and ran it through his hair gently, fingers soothingly running along his scalp.
Sion blushed slightly and closed his eyes, mildly surprised at the action. He leaned into Nezumi's large, comforting hand.
The taller mumbled to himself about how the younger was such a baby...
Though he didn't try to be quiet about it.

"I know, Nezumi..." Sion said softly.
"If you know, then don't worry about such fleeting things."

Sion sighed, knowing his friend was right. He nodded silently and kept eating.
Later on that day, Karan had come home for a short time. She made dinner for the night and was taking some to Inukashi.

"I'm going too, Nezumi, Rikiga wants me to visit. Will you be okay here by yourself?"
Nezumi, who was sitting reading A Midsummer's Night Dream, glanced at him and snorted. "I'll be just fine." he said.
Though truthfully, Sion's statement had surprised him. He'd never expected Sion to go somewhere without him, now.
Sion smiled that goofy grin of his, as Nezumi put it, and told him to be careful before departing.
A soft squeak came from near Nezumi's foot, and upon looking down he realized it was Moonlit.

"Come here, Moonlit." he said softly, holding his hand down for the dark colored mouse to climb onto it.
Nezumi brought the hand to his shoulder and Moonlit hopped off, snuggling into the crook of his neck. He squeaked the familiar squeak and Nezumi chuckled.
"I suppose I can reward you for taking such good care of him..." before picking up where he left off, reading aloud the lines.

Sion opened the door quickly. "I forgot my bag." he grumbled. As he stepped inside, he heard the voice that for years was only in his dreams reading.
Sion's spine tingled with excitement as he crept towards the living room.

"Demetrius, I'll avouch it to his head,
made love to Nedar's daughter, Helena,
and won her soul; and she, sweet lady, dotes,
devoutly dotes, dotes in idolatry,
upon this spotted and inconstant man"

Nezumi was standing in the middle of the room, the book in one hand, the other moving as graceful as ever.
Sion stared at him. Maybe, even, he was more graceful before.
Moonlit squeaked, and Sion noticed the mouse in front of him.

"A-ah!" He said.
Nezumi glanced at him and chuckled.
"Enjoying the show, Your Majesty?"

"U-uh….I forgot….my bag…."
Nezumi shrugged and picked up the bag from the table.
"This one?"

"Y-yeah…. Sorry.."
"No need." Nezumi blinked. Why Sion apologized, he didn't know.
"Well…. I'll be off now…" Sion said as he walked back towards the door.
When the door was fully closed again, Nezumi said softly,

"I'll be waiting, Sion…"

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