**IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ! Okay, so this happens in their 6th year starting in October-ish. It's an alternate universe where Lucius Malfoy was not caught at the end of the fifth and is not in Azkaban so Voldemort didn't need to punish him by making Draco a death eater. So Draco is just a normal, gorgeous Slytherin with a secret :D Oh and don't worry, this is definitely a Dramione story but I need to establish a friendship first so it's a bit slow at the beginning. **

Chapter 1: I've got a blind date with destiny... and it looks like she's ordered the lobster. -Mystery Men

I gazed down at my textbook with my head on my hand and my mouth hanging open. I blinked a few times realising that I'd just read the same line three times. I gave my head a quick shake and turned the page but it was no use. Even ancient runes couldn't entertain me right now. I was too distracted thinking about-

"Hey, Hermione!" yelled someone loudly, sneaking up behind me. Speak of the devil...

"Hello, Ron," I stammered as calmly as I could, trying not to think about the redness that was creeping up my face. He grinned, completely oblivious to my internal struggle not to just snog him right there in the common room.

"You coming to the game tonight?" he asked, adjusting his keeper gloves and straightening out his quidditch robes.

"Ya, of course," I replied dreamily, not really knowing what I was saying as I was imagining what it would feel like to make out with his neck.

"Brilliant!" he said, hitting me affectionately on the shoulder. "See you soon after we kick Hufflepuffs ass!" He gave me one more heart stopping smile before turning around and walking out of the portrait hole.

I stared at the spot where he just been standing long after he left, thinking hard about the conversation. What had he meant by that? Does he want me there strictly because I'm one of his best mates or because he fancies me and wants to show off? Was that an affectionate smack on the arm or a playful, I secretly love you smack?... Okay, I know I sound ridiculous and that I'm over analysing the whole thing but it's killing me! What the bloody hell am I to Ron Weasley? I checked my muggle wrist watch and realized that I only had 4 minutes to get to the match. Cursing, I stuffed my ancient runes textbook into my rucksack and took off for the pitch.

I was one of the last ones to arrive so I got a seat in the very back of the stands. I don't mind though; I have a great view of Ron and let's be honest, that's all I have ever cared about. The game started up and I may not know anything about quidditch but I know enough to know that Gryffindor was playing brilliantly. Ginny couldn't stop scoring and Ron wasn't letting anything in. Gryffindor was completely in their zone and there was absolutely no hope for Hufflepuff. Harry caught the snitch in less than ten minutes; my butt didn't even have a chance to get cold! I stood and cheered with the rest as the team did a victory lap above our heads (was it just me or did Ron positively beam at me when they passed overhead?). I joined the swarm of red and gold as they flooded the pitch, engulfing our players. I met Harry first and he gave me a sweaty, one-armed hug. I congratulated him over the noise and he quickly ran off, presumably to find Ginny. I spotted Ron in the crowd and made a beeline for him. He met me halfway and picked me up in a huge bear hug. I tried not to positively die in his arms.

"We did it, Hermione!" he screamed excitedly, his face 2 inches from mine. For one glorious second I thought he was going to snog me but he just put me down and draped his arm over my shoulder.

"Victory party in the common room!" he yelled to the surrounding fans. Everyone cheered and Ron let his arm drop from my shoulder (NOOOOOO).

"I'm going to go change," he told me, backing up towards the change room. "See you at the party!" He turned around and sprinted off, giving Seamus a high-five as he went.

I watched him go until he ran out of sight before running off myself. I sprinted up to the Gryffindor tower, taking the stairs three at a time. I yelled the password at the confused looking Fat Lady before dashing up to the 6th year girls' dorm. I strode over to my closet and started throwing its contents everywhere, looking for something suitable to seduce the hell out of Ron Weasley. I didn't have much to choose from but in the end I chose a plain white tank top and my only non-school skirt; a violet one with subtle gold flowers and a thick black waistband. I paired it with simple black high heels and a silver necklace. I looked at myself in the mirror and deemed myself seducible. This is it, I told myself. The night your relationship with Ron Weasley changes forever. And change it did.

I exited the dorm room and was greeted with strange music blasting at ungodly levels. Half of me, the prefect half, wanted to shut this party down but the other half did not want me to be alone and bitter for the rest of my life. I smugly walked down the stairs and entered the common room. I got a few awestruck stares at my outfit since for me this is incredibly slaggy. I grabbed a butterbeer from the table and scanned the room for Ron.

"Lovin' the new look, Hermione!" shouted Ginny over the noise, grabbing two butterbeers from the table.

I grinned and winked before resuming my search. I was about to ask her where her sneaky brother of hers was but she was already gone when I turned back. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a familiar head of short red hair disappear into the corner of the room. Target spotted. I squared my shoulders and marched purposely after him. I shoved through the closely dancing bodies of intoxicated classmates before breaking through the edge. I immediately spotted Ron and froze in my tracks. He was sitting on one of the squashy red armchairs near the fire, glued at the lips to Lavender Brown. My mind blanked and I'm pretty sure I blacked out for a couple of seconds. My butterbeer slipped through my fingers as I watched my roommate give the bloke I fancied a tongue bath. The sound of the breaking butterbeer mug woke me from my trance and the next thing I knew I was running through the empty castle, tears streaming down my face. I kept running, my heels clacking loudly against the floor, until I somehow ended up in the astronomy tower. I couldn't run anymore so I collapsed to the floor, my back against the cold wall. I hugged my knees tightly against my chest, sobbing onto my slaggy tank top. I was so furious with Ron but at the same time it's not his fault. He doesn't know how I feel and he obviously doesn't feel the same way because if he did I would be the one getting felt up in the common room. At this conclusion I sobbed even harder and truthfully felt like I actually wanted to die. After I murder Lavender Brown, that is. I was trying to get a hold of myself while dabbing my eyes when something slammed into my back. I lurched forward and tumbled onto the floor, stopping the momentum with my forearms. I rolled to my side and propped myself up with one arm, furiously rubbing my eyes with my other hand. I looked up cautiously at the wall to see how it had almost killed me and my eyes got wide when I realized that I had actually leant up against a heavy wooden door instead of the wall and someone had just so rudely thrown it open. And that someone was Draco Malfoy. I glared up at him with a murderous expression. His face changed from shock to his usual look of superiority.

"Not a good place to sit, eh Granger," he sneered, stepping out of the room. He was dressed in a simple fitted white t-shirt and black jeans and he was barefoot. He closed the door behind him and abruptly walked away without another word. After everything that's happened to me tonight I couldn't stop myself.

"FUCK YOU, DRACO MALFOY!" I yelled after him in a dry, raspy voice. He turned down the corner at the end of the hall and didn't look back. I curled up on the ground and sobbed again, the sound resounding loudly in the tower.

So now I'm finally back in the dormitory, a mere 3 hours later trying not to dwell on the fact that the bane of my existence is sleeping peacefully 6 feet away from me. At first I started dreaming up ways to steal him from her, each as illegal as the next. But after about two and a half hours of sitting on the cold, hard floor of the astronomy tower it finally hit me just how petty I was being. I loved Ron enough that I wasn't going to be the jealous best friend. I was going to be the lying, supportive best friend who may or may not want to kill his girlfriend. We shall see.

Note to self: Find out why the bloody fuck Draco Malfoy was alone in the astronomy tower in the middle of the night.

A/N: This isn't a Ron/Hermione story I just needed it for some character development. Please read more (when it's up) and please comment your thoughts! Thanks Gorgeous, Kate.