Hermione hugged her books closer to her chest. She took in a sharp breath, brow furrowing at the predicament before her. Taking a half step back, she glared at the bothersome Slytherin in front of her.

"You're in my way, Malfoy." She spat out, looking past him, at the staircase to the common room.

He chuckled, smirking devilishly, "Grown a spine now, have you, Mudblood?" He snickered, moving a bit closer.

He was a good head, if not more, taller than her. She turned her head a bit to the side as he stooped to her level, mouth so close that his lips nearly brushed her cheek as he spoke. Her face flushed at the thought.

"Frisky are we?" He asked, noticing her rosy cheeks.

She snarled, reaching for her wand. Her wrist was seized, however, by a strong, pale hand. She looked up, eyes filled with malice.

Face now serious, he tisked at her, "Granger, you didn't plan on hexing me, did you? That's not very nice, you know."

He grinned when her response was a glare. She jerked her hand, trying to get out of his iron grip, to no avail.

His mouth got closer now, and she could feel his warm breath on her neck. He smelled like fire whiskey; And that's when she noticed his disheveled hair and drunken eyes.

She tried to take another step back, colliding with a wall. Frightened for her life, she spoke as strongly as she could.

"Malfoy, get off of me. I'll have you reported."

He frowned, almost immediately. "Is that so?" She nodded, but hesitated.

"Why are you doing this, Draco?" She asked, voice softening.

He smirked triumphantly, "First name basis now? Lovely, Granger. I mean, Hermione." He said, correcting himself, and muttering it a few times, getting used to the sound.

She stuttered, noticing her mistake, "No, I just...I..." She trailed off, getting caught in his entrancing gaze.

He practically leaned his forehead against hers, whispering huskily, "You, what, Hermione? Like me?" He proposed, with a trace of a smile on his pale pink lips.

She opened her mouth, but, for once, was at a loss of words. Hermione closed her mouth, realizing it was pointless.

She was practically under his spell. Thinking, with almost a chortle, she now understood why they called him the Slytherin Sex God.

He leaned in, and she took the incentive. Reaching up on her tiptoes, their lips met softly, and they both felt that spark.

The flame within them both ignited, and they pulled back, a bit of a gasp shared between them.

Hermione looked up at him with a blush creeping into her cheeks, reaching up and gently touching her lips, where his were a second ago.

"Did you feel...?" She asked, losing the ability to finish it.

He nodded, gulping.

As if an agreement passed between them, their lips met again, curving against each other, fitting perfectly.

His hand cupped her cheek, as it grew more heated. The grip on her books loosened, and soon, she hooked one arm around his neck.

The kiss intensified and not long after, they broke for air. They gazed into each other's eyes, Draco's covered in lust.

The next thing they heard was a shriek of surprise, "The bloody hell is going on here?" Two heads jerked to the sound, and Hermione gasped to see the redhead friend, Ron, watching.

"Ron!" She shouted, starting to let go of the blonde. But Draco's grip on her tightened protectively as he glared. "Get out of here, Weaslebee." He snarled with malice.

He took a step closer, face as red as his hair, "That's my girlfriend you're snogging!"

At this, Hermione stepped in, "No, Ron. It's not."

"What?" He asked, confused.

"Ron. We're over."

Devastation clear on his freckled face, Ron, mouth agape, turned and ran back to the common room.

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