I have No absolute claim on any of these characters except Lindsay, Kida, Murry, her brother Peter, Hadley, Jack and Zach.

There was once a princess. Yay real original for a story to begin with. Trust me I know, but just deal with me people. There's a reason it took me 40 tries in the academy to become a scribe. Anyway I guess an intro would be appropriate right now. The name is Murry. And yes I'm a girl. My parents were real 'visionaries' with the name game. Now that's all you need to know for now at least. You see this story isn't about me. It's about someone I know and well you are just going to have to keep reading to find out just how crazy life in scribe stories can be.

Now like I said there was once a princess, who was born to royal King and a common girl of the people. The king was named Jack, who had two brothers, named Alfred and Matthew. The common girl was named Hadley and she was related to certain individual that will be named later. Because for all intents and purposes it's not important at the moment.

(Then why did you bring it up?)

(Peter stop messing with my writing!)

(Then get off the quill, so I can write to Jeremy if he got the new Dragons and Wizards expansion pack card set. It's said that you could get a red eyes black dragon card!)

(Can't you just go next door and ask him yourself?)

(That's what old people do Grandma.)


(Peter, leave your sister alone. For once she has actually worked to get down instead of using the quill to write to her friends about the latest episode of Camelot 90210 on the crystal ball.)



Okay back to the story. Unless somebody has a death wish and wants to say something else? ...Good. Hadley also had a secret that made itself clear when the princess reached the age of thirteen. Granted she didn't get to live to see her become that age. For she and her beloved husband were killed along with their eldest son, Zach. By an unknown assailant, when the princess was only six years old. The princess moved in with her Uncle Alfred, his wife Kida and their 2 year old daughter, Lila. Who in turn because of the overly controlling and tsundre king moved them into his palace. You see he had great hopes for his young granddaughter, great hopes indeed. He planned on her being the perfect princess. Those dreams could have become a reality if the secret hadn't happened on the night of her thirteenth birthday. Yes the princ...You know what I'm getting annoyed with just saying the princess all the time, so I'll say her name. Lindsay.

After the great celebration Lindsay went up to her chambers to rest and well the moon in its full beauty was glowing bright and eerily. She transformed from girl to beast, a were-cat. She kept it to herself for a week. The were-cat transformation stopped. Lindsay thought she was out of the line of fire, only to be pulled back in again by green skin and stiches. (Transferring to Lindsay's P.O.V)

Kida had just run into the room when I screamed my head off for like 10 minutes.

"What's gonging on in here? Oh Oh Boy!"

"You can say that again!"

"Oh come on baby it's not that bad."

"My skin is green! Green!"

"Now I thought you liked green?" She said with a sassy smile. I didn't share her humor. My face turned even more into a frown. Normally if this was some kind of prank I would be laughing along, but this wasn't a skin had turned green right in front of my eyes. When I was brushing my hair. In front of the mirror. Relieved that I hadn't turned into Catzilla when bam! My average pale skin turns green! Why isn't Kida reacting like I am to this?

"Lindsay, we have to have a talk."

"I already know where babies come from. I don't need that lecture again. Grandpa Arthur already scarred me for life with his real life examples with Grandmother Guinevere."

"Oh god no! I told your Grandfather that wasn't necessary." She says as she sits and uncomfortably adjusts her cloth hat before she gathers herself to continue on.

"No, Lindsay. This isn't that kind of lecture. It is more of a history lesson of your mother's side of the family."

"My mother never had green skin."

"Oh she did at one point. She and you carry a special gift. You are a changling."

"I'm a deformed baby left by fairies? That does explain the green skin and cat transformation last week." I go over to my balcony feeling a bit depressed. Kida comes up in front of me and lays her hands on my shoulders while looking me gently in the eye.

"Not that kind of changling. Your kind of changling is one that blends the supernatural with realm of our reality. A power that if honed properly will give the great powers of every monster ever known."

"So what you're saying what I have been saying for years. That I am a natural born freak and shall stay as such."

"I suppose in a nutshell."

"Wahoo!" I shout as I break from her grasp and start to run around the room in excitement.

"This means no more perfect princess classes! I can go out and explore! Leave the castle grounds. Maybe learn how to fight!" I throw an apple into the air and slice it in half with my cheese knife. Falling down into my loveseat when I was done.

"Whoa now. I wouldn't go that far. Your grandfather will keep you in those classes. He is heckbent on you becoming perfect. Already is starting line ups for your perfect prince."

"I doubt that's going to happen now. Who wants a princess with green skin and body parts that have to be attached with stiches?" i say as I point to my face.

"The king of Romania maybe. We will have to tell the King in the morning."

"Why wait till the morning? Let's go tell him now!" I jump from the loveseat and race out to the hallway. Kida follows close behind trying desperately to keep her hat on. We reach the large oak door that lead to my Grandfather's wing of the castle and Kida pulls me to the side.

"Let me talk to your Grandfather first. You tend to fly off the handle and this needs to be handled diplomatically." I nod knowing that arguing with her was pointless. She pushes me behind and knocks on the door.

"Who is it that knocks on my door at this late an hour?" Said a snobby British voice that belonged to Grandfather Arthur.

"It is I, Lady Princess Kida with Princess Lindsay. Here to seek an audience with his highness. We have an issue that is of upmost importance."

"As I have mentioned earlier, there is the issue of the hour."

"Believe me your highness this is of great importance that cannot wait to the first lights of morn."

"Then enter." We enter through the doors and are revealed to the image of King Arthur looking over various maps and papers. While drinking a cup of tea. Which he politely puts down when we enter.

"Now what is this matter Lady Kida?"

"The trait of Hadley lives in Princess Lindsay." His glares through his caterpillar eyebrows at Kida.

"Lady Princess Kida, do not joke about such things."

"I assure you my lord that this is no joke." She pushes me to the front. Where Grandfather's eyebrows shoot to the ceiling while his mouth reaches the floor.


"What does he have to do with anything?" Kida asks.


"Wait promised to? As in Marry? GROSS! I DON'T WANT TO MARRY OLD MAN KIKU!"

"He is not old. He is only several years older than you."

"I don't care. I don't want to marry him!"

"Too bad in a few years you will have to. I went through great pains to get this marriage for you and I plan for it to go through."

"Well too bad for you. I won't go through with it. I want to see a world outside castle walls. I will see the world outside castle walls." Grandfather's glare returns tenfold.

"You want to see past these walls?" He grabs my wrist and he drags me outside the castle. We walk for hours and when we have finally ceased walking its dawn. We are in a clearing that holds some kind of tower. He pulls me once more through a door up flights of stairs and into a large room.

"This is will do. I will teach you to be grateful for what you have and that defying me will never be in your best interests."

"What are you talking about?" His hand starts to glow a bright eerie blue that comes closer and closer till it touches my head. My head feels heavy and my eyelids droop as I fall into dark sleep. The last thing I hear is.

"When you wake all shall be explained."