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When the morning doth bring a somber mood of an unsure path that one must trend for life begins with….


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Lindsay had gathered a small pack of items that she was allowed to take for the journey to Hidden Egypt. A small gathering of close friends stood out near the harbor where a large exotic looking boat decorated in fine design laid in the water to take the other group to Hidden Egypt. The Pharaoh stood tall and proud amongst the gathering, looking out towards the young girl who would accompany him and his friends. She stood with her head held slightly lowered. A small pack was strung over her shoulder. She looked quite sad to leave her new found home, but she had to do what needed to be done. She held in her eyes a spark of determination to come back to the Goblin Kingdom. The small gathering of those close to her said their goodbyes and wished her presence to come back to them soon. She in turn said that she would see them soon.

The Pharaoh coughed to gain the attention of the girl and her friends. It was time to leave and they had to leave now. Lindsay hugged her last friend goodbye and then boarded the ship with the others. As the sails rose and the ship steered away, she took the last moment of freedom to wave goodbye.

Twenty minutes out to sea and not one request or demand had been given to her. She was officially the Pharaoh's slave and yet since their departure he had not paid one glace in her direction. She sat with her back to the railing on the wooded floor. Looking up at the sky imaging shapes and pictures from the clouds that passed by. "Excuse me. Do you mind?" Came a soft voice to her right. It was Yugi Muto. "No. Not at all."

She moved to the side allowing him room to sit. He promptly sat down next to her and looked up in the sky. Lindsay took this moment to observe Yugi. She could see the resemblance between him and Pharaoh Atem. They had similar hair coloring, close to the same style, except that the Pharaoh's was a bit spikier than Yugi's. They also had the same eye color. The look in them though was different. In the time that she had been around Pharaoh Atem she had seen in his eyes, determination, strength and the makings of a good ruler. Meaning his inner feelings were easily hidden from the window to the soul. Yugi's eyes…well they showed every emotion he had at a time. He was an honest person. Lindsay found that a likeable trait. One that she surely would come to rely on.

"Do you want to ask me a question or are you falling for me?" Yugi turned to face her.


"I was trying to make a joke. I saw that you were staring at me and I thought you might have something on your mind." He rubbed the back of his head in an awkward cute way.

"I really didn't have a question, but now that you brought it up. What is Pharaoh Yami Atem like?"

"You want to know what you are in for?"


"I suppose that it's fair I warn you."

"He's that bad?" He laughs at her statement.

"No. The one's you'll have to look out for are the priests that make up his council. Some of them can be quite vicious to those they deem a threat to Hidden Egypt."

"And let me guess. Because I have fled my home, basically threw out a reasonable marriage between two nations and the high council had to review my case to come up with this. I am seen as a threat. Oh and I ran into the Pharaoh on our first meeting. Can't say they don't have a great case against me."

"You're not that much of a threat really. They probably think that you are more of an idiot. No offense."

"None taken. Since I am a slave now there's a high chance that I will have to get used to it."

"I don't think you are going to be insulted out right. You will still have the status of being the Pharaoh's personal slave." Lindsay's eyes widen and her skin pales a bit. Yugi upon seeing her face tries to undo the damage done.

"I mean to say that you will have status for being under the Pharaoh's protection, not because you will be sleeping with him! After all he won't even touch you. That is not to say you're not an attractive girl. I think you're really pretty. It's just that you…are his personal slave…oh wait." A shrill noise escapes her lips. From panic, true realization or some other third thing. I am not entirely sure about. The Pharaoh interested in the shrill noise's source arrived upon the scene. Sensing the distress from the young girl and his cousin. He put the puzzle pieces together seeing the whole picture.

"Yugi, I think you should go and relay the messages to your Emperor. I would like a moment to speak with her alone." Yugi in relief sighed and left the two alone. Something that didn't exactly sit well with Lindsay, she wasn't up for the alone time with the man who she had just become a slave to.

"You have a nice conversation with Yugi?" he asked already knowing the answer.


"How so?"

"He was trying to enlighten me on people I should humble myself to and then the conversation took a wrong turn."

"Did he try to propose to you?"


"Good it wasn't that wrong turn." He said with a smile tugging at his lips.

"Are you trying to make a joke?" She said in disbelief.

"A pharaoh can joke just as much as the next person. I was trying to make you feel better. That shrill shriek sounded like you were off to the gallows." A blush finds its way to her cheeks as she tries to hold it down. "Am I supposed to address you a certain way?"

Atem thought for a moment. He blinked once then twice and then he spoke. "In company call me Pharaoh or your highness. When we are alone call me Atem. Understand, Lindsay?"

"Yes. I understand Atem. I mean your highness."

"I thought I said when we were alone you were to call me by Atem?"

"In case you have forgotten your highness. We are on a crowded ship and therefore are not alone." His eyes do not leave her face as he says.

"I guess you are right." They remain silent for a minute or two. Lindsay decided to look back up at the sky. Noticing then that time had actually passed quickly. The sky was turning orange signaling the beginning of dusk. Nostalgia started to hit her. Not even a day has passed yet. And she couldn't help but think of her family. Strange only a few days there and not all the most pleasant at times, still she missed it all the same. She may have wanted to leave at first, but she knew that she would have come back after a couple days away. Not six months away with the possibility of never coming back. A hand brushed against her cheek. She looked down to find a tan arm attached to the hand. Pharaoh Atem did not pull back when she had noticed his hand.

"You had a tear that shouldn't have left your eyes. Even though you have a reason for tears to shed." Her face didn't change from one emotion to the other. It stayed the same. Her tear stains frozen in place with no more coming their way. The Pharaoh rose from his seat and then lent a hand to help her up. She took it with nothing to say. Nothing was said the remainder of the trip to Hidden Egypt. From her lips nothing was said. She would nod or shake her head when spoken to.

Upon arrival to the docks there was a grand procession waiting for the Pharaoh and his friends. Large chairs that were to be carried by the royal servants to the palace were placed at the starboard side. There were also some carriages for the others to ride in on the way to the palace. Lindsay presumed that she being the newly acquired slave she would be walking behind the group.

"Where do you think you are going?"

"To walk in the back. Isn't that what slaves do?"

"Not when one of them is my personal slave. You are to stay by my side. There are men who would love to try and take you from my side on the day you first arrive here." She down on the floorboard of the carrying chairs. Atem took his seat upon the chair as the strong men rose them above. Carrying the beloved Pharaoh back to his home. Crowds of people came in adoration of their returned leader. Cheers and praises came from their lips in glorious shouts. In their minds though they were wondering. Who was that girl sitting by the Pharaoh? The cynical whispered thoughts of a sex slave to the Pharaoh. The more romantic believed that she was a maiden that the Pharaoh was courting or that she was in fact the next queen to be.

No matter the theory, only a few were right anyway. She knew what she was and she knew that she must get through this. She just wasn't sure what exactly she had to do. He hadn't ordered to do anything since she had come aboard the ship. The rows of people pass by her in a similar wave. Not caring who was out in the crowd. They were just faces all looking at the man who now owned her and his new pet.

(Lindsay P.O.V)

'He must be really loved if he has this many people here to greet him. I have never seen this many people before.' I am surprised that I can even see past the chair. The sun here is blinding me as it shines off the sand. Sand? Oh yeah Egypt. Desert country. Guess Egypt would be the same way. It would be the same way? It would be the same way! Oh no! The sun! No! No! No! Calm down, Lindsay! You are not going to freak out! It is not yet that time. You can think of a way to avoid it. Hopefully.

"Are you alright?"


"If you are trying to hide something from me, it would be in your best interests that you don't."

"I just remembered something that could potentially kill me." He grabbed my arm and forced me to look up at him.

"If you are lying to me…"

"I am not lying to you. Have you ever heard of a changling?"

"Which kind?"

"The one with monster abilities."

"Are you saying you are one of those creatures?"

"It tends to skip generations and I do have it. I'm remembered the time of my vampire transformation is due in the next month and I don't know if you know that vampires…"

"Cannot go out into the sunlight, due to death. I understand. Next time do not feel any hesitation to tell me something like this. I do not wish for you to die on me." He said placing a gentle hand on my shoulder. The contact was shiver inducing. That I quickly put down and shifted my shoulder from his hand. I turn back to looking out over the crowds. A fleck of gray shines in the crowd, focusing on it I find a head of hair. An old man probably out to greet his king. Drawing closer that wasn't the case. It was actually a young man. Strange, he could be in disguise. The Pharaoh's personal guard perhaps?

(Bakura's P.O.V) a few minutes earlier on top of a high building.

Oh joy the favored Pharaoh has returned to his people. Truly a reason to celebrate. A swine being carried upon his golden throne is all I see. The dolts all around have no idea how bad of a ruler he is. A ruthless killer with a mask of kindness covers his putrid face. Enjoy your procession your highness. The next one is sure to be the best one. After all it will be your last. Now that is procession worth attending. Still I should attend this celebration on the streets. I might find something worth the trouble. Leaping over building to the other and then diving on to the awning below. Nothing really back breaking. Barely a sweat even. I pull my cloak tighter over my body before joining the crowd. Not that anyone would pay attention to me, the lowly Thief King. Still it was better to be safe than sorry when you're on a most wanted list.

The Pharaoh's procession was heading into my view. I could already see that bulbous hair do before anything else. Nothing new in terms of processions, but wait a minute. Who is that? There is a girl with him. A rather attractive young girl. She was sitting on the floor board of the lifted chair. Looking bored and scared with her surroundings. Is she a new slave the pharaoh acquired? She must be important to him if she is riding with him. Interesting. Now I have something to do today.

(Lindsay P.O.V)

The palace was amazing. A large structure with large doors with columns and bright colors painted along the walls with figures of people. Some riding chariots, with pets or families together. Though the faces looked emotionless, you could feel a sense of happiness from the still figures on the wall. I walk over to one of the painted walls. Allowing my hand to feel the cool stone to graze across my fingers.

"Family is important to my people. We believe that a happy household is the first priority. In Ancient times in the Aboveground husband wife relationships were far better off than they were in Greece or Rome."

"I see. Funny breaking up a family doesn't bother you." Carp! That was supposed to stay in my thoughts.

"It was not my decision alone that it came to this. Remember the council is not just me, but a group of people who think for what is the best course of action is to an issue."

"By enslaving people that creates the best course of action?"

"You will hold your tongue now. The conversation has come to its end."

"Of course the conversation is over. After all you are my master. Whatever you wish has to be so. However I do have one question for you. Tell me do you ever get tired at having the world at your feet? It must be something getting anything you want. I wouldn't know. Not even what I needed did I receive all the time. Still you have me as a slave. Perhaps that was your goal from the beginning?" His eyes darken as the scowl appears over his lips. His hands clasp onto my arms. Strong firm fingers curl over my arms in a talon like grip. For the first time I fear him, truly fear him.

"Keep in mind. I own you now for six months. True I cannot torture you in a harsh cruel manner for being insolent, but that doesn't mean that I cannot punish you for your actions against me. Keep that in mind." He released me and left to see to the others. I shook from fright. He is like I thought he was. Hiding his other self behind well practiced eyes. He could very well be a monster in disguise.

"Lindsay. Come." I go to him and he grabs my wrist not roughly like before. We walk through hallways and stairways. Each one held more hieroglyphics that some of them were truly frightening. Strange creatures that were devouring people. Others were scenes of war. Why would there be such pictures? We come across a door. It was small and hidden.

"This is where you shall stay for the night. You will not leave this room under any reasonable circumstances. I will return for you tomorrow." He opens the door and I enter. It isn't too bad. It was a little dark and the strange pictures didn't help at all with feeling of being watched. Yet it wasn't as bad as that tower. And I didn't have to worry about raccoons accidently breaking in. (Rustle, rustle) Okay. There may be raccoons here after all. Of all the days I didn't' have a tennis racket or a net or some food for it to chase. So that leaves me with nothing.

(Rustle, rustle) I move toward the sound cautiously. Making sure that if the creature were to make a sudden attack I could dodge it before it tried to eat my face off. I close in on the one place I know it could hide and that was under the hanging bed. I grab the sheet and without a second thought threw it up. I expected the creature to jut out from under the bed and then lead it towards the door. Nothing moved or even started a reaction. I figured it could be scared and huddling under there. I back up a little before crouching down to look under the bed.

There was nothing. No raccoon. No furry being of any kind. Not even dust. 'Maybe I'm just being paranoid.'


A quick turn and jump revealed a girl behind me. She was all smiley and cheery. She was also tanned, with brown hair and she had the same eye liner style others around here had. Going out on a limb here, but I would say she's a local.

"Scared you, huh? Sorry about that, but I was hoping to scare one the guards."

"I'm sorry, but what are you talking about?"

"Oh. I guess I am not explaining things well. I should restart the whole conversation. Hello. My name is Mana and I am glad to meet you."

"Hello Mana, my name is Princess Lindsay Persephone Serafina Kirkland the first of The Underground and Aboveground land of Isla Bonita."

"Wow. You have a really long name and title. That doesn't explain why you are doing in this room."

"I apparently insulted my master and am being punished by being forced to stay in here for the night."

"Once again I believe you need to explain further."

"It's a long story."

"Well you and I have time." With that she flounces on top of the bed and crosses her legs. Obviously trying to get comfortable for the long story.

"It all started when I turned thirteen and I found out that not all the strangest transformations you go through happen because of puberty…"

(Atem P.O.V)

'She thinks I enjoy tearing her from her family? She didn't say it but I know that's what she's thinking.' I ponder and fume over my thoughts well sitting on my throne.

"Your highness, is something troubling you?" It was Isis. "It is nothing."

"You are not a good liar you highness. Tell me what it is that bothers you."

"It's the Princess."

"The one that has to be your slave for six months?"

"Yes. She said something that troubles me."

"That you are not good looking?" Isis smiles as she waits for my reaction.

"You and I both know that I am not that superficial and no it wasn't about my looks. It was about her and her family. She feels that I don't mind tearing her from her family. Yet she was trying to get away from her family in the aboveground, so she really has no need to say that I enjoyed taking her from her family."

"My Pharaoh, in your letter you informed of us of the whole ordeal she is going through as well as her past. She may have left the family she had aboveground, but she only just recently found a family in the Underground. She may just be speaking out of fear, sadness and anger over the things that have happened in her life. She has been isolated from the world it is quite possible she sees this as someone trying to control her life for their goals." I reflect on her words. Lindsay had never left her home before the events that led to her coming to the here. Fear of what she doesn't know and in a strange world with no one she trusts. It doesn't give her an excuse, but it gives me something to work with.

"Your highness, where is the girl?"

"Because of her venting I placed her in the stone room for the night."

"I see. By the way have you seen Mana?"

"I have not seen her since I have been back why?"

"Mahad was supposed to have a magic lesson with her an hour ago, but no one has seen her."

"I will see if she is hiding somewhere in the courtyard. She does enjoy the view this time of day."

"As you wish my Pharaoh." Isis bows before leaving the room. I rise from my throne and head into the courtyards when a thought crosses my mind about Mana.

"Mana, you always know where to hide."

(Lindsay P.O.V)

"Wow, what a jerk!"

"I know right."

"He seriously wanted you to give birth to ten sons and more if your first born was a girl? How many if it was a girl?"

"Six more." Mana's jaw practically hit the floor with a thud after I told her that. "You have got to be joking! You are only fifteen! And doesn't Japan already have a population problem that is growing too much for their islands to support?"

"True they are having space problems, but Old Man Kiku wishes to have a perfect family in his view. Strong smart sons, only a few beautiful perfect daughters and the perfect wife to which will see only to his needs and wants."

"I can understand why you left and why you are willing to go through all this. Lucky must be on your side, since you got Atem as your master."

"I don't know about that."

"Oh come on. You really have no idea how lucky you are do you? For one Atem is trustworthy, two he is fair, three he is close to your age and four he is fine."

"Then why don't you marry him?" She starts to gag and flail her arms about as she griped her throat.

"Ew! Ew! Ew! That's my best friend you're talking about! He is practically my brother! We know so much about each other that the idea of being a couple makes both of us flinch or shiver."

"You guys know each other?"

"Did you not hear me say best friends? Yes, we know each other. Have for a long time, practically raised together. I know what he's like and trust me you have nothing to worry about."

"I don't know about that. I still have the council to worry about. No matter how good a person the Pharaoh might be he still may have to act the way that the council wants him to."

"I will admit that it is possible. Still you do think he's cute don't you?"

"I wouldn't know I have been distracted with other things to really notice." I start to fiddle with my fingers.

"You are such a little liar. You do think he's cute."


"Oh my mistake you think he's the most handsome man you have ever seen." She started laughing her head off. I took the pillow and hit her in the head. She fell back and that was my cue to start laughing. "You think that's funny huh?"

Mana then threw the pillow at me forcing me off the bed. "Now that's funny." If she wanted a pillow war she was going to get a pillow war. I launched an attack and hit her right on top of the head and then hit her over the side. She in retaliation hit me under arm style and then went over my head. I counter attacked with a left side hit and then a back hand. It wasn't long till the pillows had burst and feathers were falling lie snow in the room.

"We are so busted if anyone came in here."

"We could always blame the pillows."

"I think they are already busted enough." Mana said as she raised her empty pillow case up. We both threw our heads back in laughter.

"I see you girls are having a good time." A smooth deep voice came from behind. It was the Pharaoh. He was leaning on the frame of the door. I quickly dusted the feathers off my body and straighten my back. Mana did nothing but scratch the back of her head.

"How long have you been there Atem?"

"Long enough to know that you need to see Mahad about making up your magic lesson with him."

"Oh Ra! I forgot about my lesson!" Mana began running out the door. She came back only for a second. "It was nice to meet you Lindsay."

"Nice meeting you to." I don't know if she heard me. Still odds are I would get another chance to tell her. After all six months is a decent amount of time. "Is there something you need your highness?"

"You do realize we are alone. That means you can call me Atem. As for what I need it is more of a request. Note you do have the right to refuse. There will not be a punishment, if you refuse."

"What is the request?"

"I was wondering if you would like to go riding with me?" I think about the request. Is it some sort of test? He did say that I was to stay in this room for the night and I am not to leave.

"What about me having to stay here and not leave?" He comes closer to me and holds out his hand. "Consider it a temporary break from having to stay here. Will you come with me?"

I look at his hand and place mine in his. He takes hold of it. Surprising me of how warm his hand felt in mine. He guides me through the corridors and halls till we reach the outside. Already there are two horses ready and waiting for us.

"How did you know I was going to agree to go riding with you?"

"I didn't. I just figured you would want to." Two servants lead the horses towards us. One is a grand white horse that stands tall and proud. I believe it is the Pharaohs. The other was a beautiful bay. Her coat was a lovely copper red shade. That showed the deep contrast from her dark black mane. Atem mounts the white stallion and rides up next to my horse. I have the horse sniff my hand before I mount her. "Where are we going?"

"Nowhere in particular. I figured it would be better to ride around."

"Then lead the way your highness." Atem nods in my direction. Then in a swift move his horse was already in a gallop. I urge my horse into gallop not wanting to be left behind. We pass the gate and into a huge garden. You would have thought you were outside instead of in a walled garden. "Beautiful, isn't it?"

"It sure is."

(Scribe Murry is back)

Atem and Lindsay spent the afternoon riding in and out of the trees and bushes. Racing and jumping over various obstacles. It was late in the afternoon when they took a break near an oasis with in the castle. Atem dismounted his horse first and let the horse graze. He waited for Lindsay who was having some trouble with dismounting her horse.

"Do you need some assistance?"

"Yes. I think I'm stuck in the saddle."

"Here let me take a look. Your dress is caught in the stirrup and some of it in the saddle itself."

"How is that even possible?"

"I am not sure. Hold still I'll have you out in a second." His fingers move quickly over the fabric and metal untangling it from each other. They move higher to the saddle where his hands brush lightly over her knee. Sending a jolt her and his way.

"I believe that you are free to dismount now."

"Thank you Atem." Lindsay dismounted from her horse and moved towards Atem's horse. Her horse following in time with her steps. Atem followed close to her. While the horses were grazing the two began a conversation. It was slow and awkward at first. Idle chit chat, but gradually developed into a learning experience for both of them. They found they had things in common. Things they both liked and things they didn't. Ranging from colors to dreams to things they found funny and even hobbies and interests. Some things they found fascinating about each other.

"You really make all your own clothes?"

"While I was living with my grandfather Arthur he insisted on my lessons for sewing. He himself would do embroidery while I would make a dress. But what about you mister junior explorer?"

"True I did sneak out and explore the tombs of my forefathers, but I had more right to than others do."

"I'm sure your ancestors appreciate that. Did you hum the Indiana Jones theme song while you explored?"

"Only when a boulder was heading for me." Both laugh at the remark. At ease with each other in the world. None of them noticing the time or anything else. Until…

"My lord!" A man on horseback came dashing out towards them.

"What is it Shada?"

"The Thief King strikes. He and his gang are heading towards the palace at this very moment!"

"Send the shoulders to protect my people and take Lindsay into the palace. Protect her."

"Aye my lord I shall without fail. Where are you heading?"

"I am going to gather the other guardians." He reared his horse and then shot off into the distance. Shada placed the princess on the horse he was riding and gathered the reins for the horse that Lindsay had been riding. Running at top speed they headed to the palace. Not waiting for the servants to help them dismount, Shada leapt off the horse carrying Lindsay with him into the safety of the inner walls of the palace. Only upon entering the throne room did they stop.

"You shall remain here with me. I will protect you from any intruder that dare make his presence known."

"I thank you Shada for your valiant efforts." Lindsay bows to him and he in turn bows to her. We wait listening to the sounds of horses and men fighting against each other. Swords clashed, screams were heard and orders shouted trying to drown the others out. The feeling of waiting for something anything to happen was overwhelming. Then figures appeared on the horizon. Shada pulls Lindsay behind him, as he pulls out a large golden key. I could sense it had some kind of power. What kind I didn't know.

The figures dared to move closer reacting to their movements Shada griped the key harder. They wore cloaks that created shadows about them. The kind of people you would not want to run into in a dark place anywhere.

"Stay back! In the name of the Pharaoh I will kill you if you do not stop your foolish mission!" The men stop in their tracks and look at us eyes unblinking.

"Now leave the palace immediately!"

Oh we will Shada, but not without a prize."

The Thief King had hidden in the shadows behind Shada and Lindsay. In a quick flash he grabbed Lindsay's wrists and then grabbed her waist. Lifting her up and running off with her. At least that was his intention. If the princess hadn't elbowed him in the rib. He doubled over in pain he let go of her. She then tried to run back to Shada, who was busy with Bakura's men. She didn't make it far when two of Bakura's men had caught her arms. In retaliation she began to kick and pull at them to let her go. The men felt the sting of her attempts, but would not let her go. Now with strength regained Bakura stood and ordered the two men to bound her and place her on his horse. The men without question did as they had been told. Bounding her wrists and ankles in iron shackles with twisting chains. Placing her over Bakura's stallion, egger to leave the palace, he stamped the ground impatiently for his master's command. Bakura gave his goodbye to Shada with a mock salute. Leaping quickly on to his horse, he and the others began their escape. Bakura's grin growing wider and wider at the victory he now held.

Still that didn't mean it would not have changed soon. A princess like Lindsay does not just play the damsel in distress for long. Knowing completely how dangerous her next move was she knew it was the only one. Using the motion of the horse's speed she rocked herself back and forth forcing her to roll off the horse on to the ground. Where she landed with a large crack. That went unnoticed for a while by the bandits. Pain incased her arm for a minute or two. Trying to sit up she found sharp pains in the arm she fell on. It is broken she told herself, but she would dwell on that later. She had to find some place to hide or flee before Bakura made his way back for her. Leapt upon her feet and raced for the gardens. Figuring that there would be plenty of places to hide in there. The chains that held her shackles were long and thin, making loud noises, but did not restrict her movement as much. She made it to one garden that was filled with large bushes, shrubs and low hanging trees. Luck was present at her side she said in her mind. With fear of ruining that luck, into the bushes she went. Low to the ground she stayed. Ready to look for any sign of feet that had followed her. Everything stayed still. No whisper of wind was heard through the trees, no creature dare dart around, nothing was moving. Time passed in slow agonizing paces. Is it possible that Bakura has not noticed my absence? She wondered, but soon dismissed. It took determination to attack a city and its palace for a girl. Or was it that she had been the only female he could see and decided she would do. Not much did she know about this bandit. He could be powerful, but he could also be a foolish man as well.

Her thoughts were soon silenced by the faint sound on a twig snapping. Her body stiffed and her heart pounded against her chest. Her breathing she feared would give her way as it was coming out in harsh gasps. Scolding herself mentally did she start to control herself. Breathing slower and quietly. Watching in anticipation for the intruder. She couldn't hear another sound nor could she see the presence of feet. Her mind told her false alarm and urged her to relax, but her instinct told her now wasn't the time. She still needed to remain vigilant over her surroundings. If she were to be caught now than she would most certainly be harmed more than earlier. She had no idea just how cruel this Bakura could be, but she was certain if Atem was as worried as he had been earlier than he was not good news.

The sounds of footsteps were heard. Quietly and moving cautiously through the underbrush. Image was not possible on the intruder. She just had to pray that it was the same for the guy on the other side. The footsteps came closer and closer to where Lindsay was hidden till they were few feet away from her hiding spot. Breath caught in her throat and sweat draped her body. The man could easily discover her with a swipe of his hand. Then he walked away from the bush and far from Lindsay. Her breath was released in a grateful flood. Now was probably the time to find another place to hide. Moving as quietly as she could out of the foliage without making a sound, she found a tree. It looked like she could climb it. Though her arm was seriously hurting her and the idea of only using one arm made her worry about falling. Still the idea of being taken again by Bakura outweighed falling out of a tree. She began her trek up and was going up a bit well, but then her hold on a limb slipped and her body began to feel the force of gravity. When a hand gripped her wrist.