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Bridget landed safely on her feet near a house just outside Acmetropolis, Nology & Chocola flew down to her; they suddenly saw a black duck with hazel eyes wearing an orange shirt, orange shoes, & orange pants.

"My name's Dagger Duck, what's yours?"

"Bridget Bunny,"

"So tell me Bridget, what are you doing here with those colored onions?"

"Nology & Chocola are called chao," Nology looked around,

"Nature, where are you?"

"He couldn't be far, let's start looking,"

"Thanks Dagger."

Tech fell down a slope & into the ocean; he slowly crawled onshore & collapsed. 3 shadows suddenly loomed over the unconscious coyote; the owners of these shadows were roadrunners. When they saw how badly beaten he was, they felt sorry for him; the roadrunners exchanged looks & smiled.

The black duck, gray bunny, & 2 chao were taking a break,

"I'm sorry Bridget,"

"Don't worry about it Dagger but…I see smoke, looks like a campfire,"

"Wanna go see?" Bridget smiled & nodded as they raced over to get a closer look.

1 roadrunner had just finished bandaging the cuts Tech had received from rolling down the hill; another was looking for some medicine while a third was trying to get the collar off. The third roadrunner finally got the collar off as Tech opened his eyes & saw them, the second roadrunner held out a glass of water & some medicine,

"Take-this-dear," the coyote took the medicine & then drank some water. He then drifted off to sleep,

"Nature," Nology flew over & hugged the sleeping coyote,

"He'll-be-okay," the first roadrunner assured them,

"He-just-took-some-medicine," the second exclaimed,

"Thank you, but how'd you get the collar off?" The third roadrunner explained what had happened to the collar;


"Cool, once he's better, we'll be checking on his parents,"

"Where you planning on going after that?"

"Loonatics HQ, why?"

"My brother, Rev's part of the Loonatics,"

"I know," Bridget stated while pointing at Tech,

"My brother, Danger is also a part of the Loonatics," Dagger stated,


"But Pop, Rev got his powers from the meteor; I didn't get any at all & what about the family business."

"Rip,-I'm-sure-you-received-some-powers-too,-you-just-didn't-unlock-them-yet," Tech woke up & let out a yawn; Bridget looked at him,

"How do you feel?"

"Like nothing happened to me,"

"Guess we should get going," they nodded & left; Tech noticed someone watching them but didn't say a thing.