An irritating beeping noise woke Quinn from a deep sleep. She glanced over at the red numbers with squinty eyes. 5:45, she could have sworn that it was midnight just a few minutes ago. She and groaned, rolling over and flopping a pillow on top of her face. She blinked, and when her eyes reopened it was 5:55.


Five minutes later, her regrown yet unbrushed hair was in a messy bun and she was tapping her foot impatiently, waiting for her coffee to be done. Quinn slipped into her black jacket and flung an old purple scarf around her neck, grabbing her coffee on her way out. She trotted down the stairs of her apartment building and hopped into her rundown 2001 Honda. She turned the key and shook it in it's place, the usual routine to get the engine to click on. As soon as it turned on, she sped out of the lot, checking her clock. 6:03. She sighed, she was supposed to be there at six.

Quinn arrived at work at 6:12. She walked into the back door and shrugged off her jacket and scarf, placing them in her cubby. She took her white and red checkered apron off of her hook and wrapped it around her waist.

"Sorry I'm late."

She said hello to the other people by the hooks and walked up to the counter, sighing.

"Good morning Mr. Harris," Quinn said with her signature smile. "The usual?" The wrinkled man smiled his widest and nodded, his gray hair hidden by a brown corduroy paperboy hat. She grabbed a pencil from the can on the counter and wrote down Bacon Egg Cheese, pepper. She stuck the pencil through her bun and smiled at the man before taking the paper to the back and sliding it under a metal clasp on the wall. It was Monday, her least favorite day. Quinn Fabray worked at a breakfast diner, Sally's Corner, on Monday's, Tuesday's, Wednesday's, and Friday's. She was one of the only employees left, considering that with the bad economy there was... well, let's just say that there were opportunities to make more money at other places. This was New York, after all. However, with over 8 million people, she didn't have many friends... or any friends at all. Her mom had basically forgotten about her perfect Quinny, and didn't pay much attention to her all the way back in Ohio. She hadn't spoken to her father since she was 16. The last boy she'd ever been with.. well, that would be Sam Evans. They had dated for almost three years. When Quinn announced that she was moving to New York for college, that had pretty much been it for them, considering that Sam couldn't really afford moving far away. Well after they'd broken up, Quinn's grades dropped monstrously, and she quit Glee club. She didn't talk to Sam anymore. He was angry at her for leaving, and she was torn.. in more than one way. She was distracted, depressed. She couldn't find anything else to motivate her, to keep her running. She needed Sam, and nothing else. But he was gone... she was gone, and she couldn't find herself. Quinn ended up in a New York community college. She hated it there, and except for the big number of students, it was pretty much the same as McKinley, exactly what she was trying to escape. People were mean to her there, but she shrugged it off. She figured that was bound to happen anywhere she ended up. In her senior year at McKinley, Quinn was hoping to find herself in New York, she didn't think that she'd need the comfort of anyone. However, here she was, needing the comfort. Alone. She was surviving though.. barely, but she was. Just a little company would be nice.

"Bacon egg and cheese with pepper!" Someone called out, snapping Quinn out of her painful thoughts. She took the plate over to where Mr. Harris was sitting and forced a smile.

"Enjoy!" He chuckled and nodded to her. Quinn sighed and walked back to the kitchen.

Okay so this is a teensy preview of what I'm working on right now. This is obviously a Quinn/Sam story... not quite sure where I'm going with it! We'll see though, I mean I have some plans but no major ones. That's why I need feedback! I'm going to start working on the next chapter now, and as soon as I get to 5 reviews I'll post it! :) Also here's a spoiler; Sam's in the next one! Not that you hadn't guessed...