The room was almost quiet. The only sounds that could be heard were the rustle of sheets, heavy breathing, and an occasional whimper from Quinn. Her legs were wrapped around his waist as tight as they could possibly be. They were both still fully clothed. After Quinn had basically thrown Sam onto the bed and started kissing him, it became a fight for dominance. Eventually, Quinn gave up, just content to be holding and kissing him. Sam's hands had a tight grip on her waist, and Quinn had a hand pressed to the back of his neck, the other hand on his cheek. Their tongues were tangled together, giving each other hot, open mouthed kisses. They had been like that for almost ten minutes.

Sam knew that they had to stop, but as she was kissing down his neck he instinctively moved a hand to her thigh and groaned, closing his eyes. He could feel Quinn's lips turn up into a small smile against his neck and she could feel his erection pressing into her leg. It took all of Sam's will power to pull away and take his hands off of her. It felt as if they were magnets, that they were made to be touching each other. Quinn looked up into his gorgeous green eyes, eyes that she could stare into forever. He looked down into hers and saw slight confusion. In that moment, looking into her eyes and seeing her golden hair making a sort of halo around her head, Sam felt that magnetic force come back as his lips latched onto hers again. A few seconds later, Quinn tugged at the hem of his shirt before pulling it over his head and tossing it to the floor. She smiled and bit her lip at the expression on his face. Sliding her hands up his bare chest, she attached her lips to his neck again and kissed softly up to reach his mouth. Sam stifled a small moan and forced himself to pull away from her again. He knew that she didn't want this. She might have wanted it right then in that moment, but Sam knew that she would regret it later. He'd come to her house to talk, and all they'd done was kiss. Usually, Sam wouldn't be opposed to their current situation, but he knew in his heart that he had to end things before he wouldn't be able to anymore.

Quinn sat up on her elbows and looked at him, still catching her breath. "Why'd you stop?" Quinn's mind wasn't where it usually was. If was almost as if she was in a trance.. her eyes glazed over, just wanting to feel him. All that she could think about was his hands on her, her hands on him, their lips touching. That, and the ache in between her legs that was beginning to be almost painful. Sam sighed and looked at her, sitting up straight.

"Quinn.. I," He sighed again, clearly annoyed with himself for ruining the moment. "We can't.. uh..." She stared at him blankly before coming back to earth and realizing that they had just been making out, and that he wasn't wearing a shirt.. that she'd taken off the shirt. Suddenly, her face became red and she was embarrassed, sitting up and fixing her hair. She looked around the room, anywhere but his eyes, and began apologizing over and over again. Sam's eyebrows furrowed together and he looked at her strangely. "What are you apologizing for?" He asked, interrupting her 'I'm sorry's. "I mean.. I kissed you first.." He mumbled. She stared at him for a moment.

"I'm sorry for everything, Sam. For freaking out that day.. for even trying to leave you and come all the way out to New York.. I-I, I was just stupid." She stuttered out, moving her bangs behind her ear.

Sam couldn't believe what he was hearing. "Are you kidding?" She looked up at him then. "You're apologizing to me for wanting to go and do something for yourself.. you're apologizing because I was a dick to you?"

"You weren't a dick to me."

"Yes, Quinn, I was. I was terrible to you.. and I regret it more than anything. I was hurt and I was acting like a complete baby. None of that was your fault.. it was never your fault."

Quinn looked at him, biting her lip so hard that she was sure that it was going to bleed. She looked down and sighed, staring at the bed. "Well then I'm sorry for being so stubborn all the time." Sam chuckled and lifted her chin with the side of his finger so that she would reach his gaze.

"Why do you always need something to apologize for?" Quinn blushed and smiled, turning her face away from his. Sam stared at her profile, just taking in her beauty. He decided to take a chance. "I wanna be with you, Q." She turned to look at him again and stared into his eyes, feeling her stomach churn in the best possible way.

"What do you mean?" Sam quickly took her hands in his and squeezed them.

"I mean that I wanna be dating you, I want it to be like it was in high school." Quinn laughed lightly and looked down. "I'm serious." She looked up at him with an unstoppable smile.

"And how would that work?" Sam looked at her and returned the smile, knowing that she was purposely teasing him.

"Well, I could move back in with you, and-" Quinn put her hands up in between them.

"Wait, I want to take it slow. Nobody's moving in anywhere until after the first date." She stated with a smirk. Sam smiled and nodded in agreement.

"I can do that. When should it be?"

"Tomorrow?" Sam made his eyes grow melodramatically.

"Wow, Q. You move fast!" Quinn smiled and bit her lip, shaking her head and staring into his green eyes. She sighed.

"I'm sorry.. about allof this." She laughed quietly, referring to the messy sheets. Sam smiled at her. I don't mind at all.. trust me, he thought to himself, knowing that it would be terribly rude to say that out loud.

"It's okay Q. I'm sorry for leaving. I promise that I won't anymore." She grinned.

"Sounds good to me."

After a while, Sam decided that it was time to go home. It was getting dark, he'd spent the entire day at Quinn's apartment. No regrets, he thought to himself. Standing at the door to leave, he looked over to Quinn on the couch. She was snuggled into a blanket, her eyes closed gently as the TV flashed lights onto her face. Sam scribbled a sentence on a napkin and taped it too the door before leaving the apartment for the night.

When Quinn woke up the next morning, she saw a note on the door.

I'm at my place, I promise I'm coming back. I'll see you at 7. - Sam

She smiled to herself and went to her room. Maybe he was right, everything didn't have to be as complicated as it seemed.

The End!

So I'm ending this so quickly because, if you haven't noticed, I'm lost with this story. I hope that it ended on a semi good note! I'm working on a new story, and hopefully I'll be writing some Quick soon too.