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Anywho, A little back story to this story and pairing. Well I have LOVED this coupling since I was very young and actually this was my second obsessive anime coupling in my childhood, only second to Bulma and Vegeta. I am completely enamored with Trunks/Makoto or Lita which ever name you prefer.

Yes, it's a crossover with Sailor Moon and DBZ. This pairing just seemed so...right to me. Especially considering how every Saiyan has chosen their mates thus far. Goku and Chi Chi for example, Chi Chi is strong for a human woman and she is spunky with attitude and can pack a wallop when needed. Vegeta and Bulma...well besides that fact that they are alike in many ways, she is intelligent and has a fiery temper...the mind of a fighter and Vegeta respects that. Gohan and Videl is the same as Goku and Chi Chi. Lita is a tomboy(much like Videl) who is beautiful and powerful and kind of shy when it comes to guys but yet shes still flirty and loves cute guys. Her personality plus the fact that she is an amazing cook fits with Trunks perfectly. Anywho sorry for all the babbling and what-not. R and R and tell me what you think. Good or bad orotherwise...

By the way, this takes place in Sailor Moon R and after Bojack movie so there you go, backstory.

Star Stealing Girl


The soft twinkling of a music box could be heard on this silent and starless night in Tokyo, as a lovely yet lonely young woman makes her wish. Her voice is barely audible over the tranquil serenity of the melodic tinkle of the heart shaped box, which was open, a rod in the middle with a heart similar to the box itself except the heart at the tip of the rod was crusted in gold and rubies. The rod spun in a circular motion, distracting this sad young woman from her wish. The soft sound from the box carries her wish to the stars and beyond, making sure that just maybe, her whispered pleas would come true.

Only a few words left her lips, a gentle plea to Kami, imploring him to grant her what she desires.

"If there is anybody out there listening to me..please...I don't want to be alone anymore. I can't stand another lonely night..."

As her whispered wish billowed in the wind out of her window her light brown tresses lightly whipped her flushed cheeks, sticking slightly due to the fresh tears that slightly coated her cheeks and this beautiful young teen laid her head to rest for yet another night alone.

"Aw Trunks, you don't have to go already do you?" My mom whined, her electric blue depths filling with unshed tears. She was sad,obviously, and I chuckled inwardly to myself, noting how loving my mom in this time line is compared to my own mother. I'm sure the younger version of myself in this time will be doted on with a mother and a father...prompting me to change my line of thought.

Before I could even respond to her, father did, much to my surprise.

"Stop your whining woman! He can't stay in this time line...you knew he would have to leave eventually."

Father, in his normal fashion, had his arms firmly crossed against his chest indignantly, that same trademark scowl marring his features which were so similar to my own. I was glad that his grumpy demeanor wasn't directed at me for once, but of course, mom always took his attitude and words with a grain of salt.

"Shut-up you jerk!" Mom yelled, giving father the finger to which I merely chuckled. Father returned her gesture and muttered something along the lines of "Loud mouthed harpy..." under his breath. It always amazed me how my parents ever even got together if they acted like this...but I'm glad they did or I would never have been born.

I nervously laughed before breaking up their little argument. "Father is right,mom. I only came back here to tell you all that I finally defeated the androids in my time line and then I decided to participate in that tournament...but then that whole Bojack fiasco happened...I think it would be best to return to my time." I explained, letting a hand run through my long lavender hair. I turned to smile at mom and she beamed a smile in response.

"Are you gonna come back, Trunks?" Gohan asked, his tone slightly dismayed as his dark eyes focused on me.

"Well I'm not sure..." I responded honestly. I DO want to come back because no matter how much of a selfish and arrogant pain in the ass my Father is, I am still getting to know him. That alone is priceless to me.

Gohan's features fell but just as soon they grew happy again as he smiled at me, greatly resembling Goku at that moment.

"Well you're always welcome here!" He exclaimed, giving me a quick hug, which I briefly returned. I glanced at my mom to see that her cerulean hues were glossy and tears were threatening to fall. My father and I sighed in unison and I once again, laughed internally because I knew at that moment we were thinking the same thing: She's such a dram queen...

"Well don't be a stranger..." She said, a few tears rolling down her cheeks as she embraced me and I smiled, feeling so loved at that moment. I wholeheartedly returned my mother's embrace but after a moment I had to reluctantly push her back.

"Take it easy, Trunks." Krillin said with a friendly smile, giving me the thumbs up.

I merely nodded in his direction, grabbing the capsule which held my time machine in it. Before I went to throw it, my mom stopped me again. "Are you sure your time machine is fully charged? You have everything you need? Have you eaten?" She inquired in a motherly way, her tone of voice rich with worry.

I waved her off with my hand, earning a snicker from my father then a punch to his arm from mom. "Yea it's cool mom."

She pouted angrily as she glared at me."Well you NEED a haircut!" She quipped, not liking being dismissed in that way. I laughed heartily for a moment then shook my head in a 'No' indication. My hair is a bit long, I'll admit, just touching my shoulders...but hey I like it.

"I think I'll pass on that. I love you mom." I said with a small smile, pulling her in for one final hug. After pulling away from her I looked towards Krillin and Gohan with a smile. Then to my father.

"Goodbye father." I said, suddenly sullen and contemplative.

For once, my father didn't sneer at me or glare. His normally hardened features softened significantly and his face held a relaxed frown as he put his fingers up in a peace sign. I smiled one final time then tossed the capsule containing my time machine.

It appeared from behind the orange smoke and I hesitantly climbed inside, noticing that my mother had enhanced it quite a bit. The differences were noticeable especially the added seat. Why would I ever need to fit two people in here? The interior was sleeker and new, if that was possible and the outside was more reinforced with a stronger material. Immediately I was overcome with gratitude.

"Thank you mom!" I exclaimed, my cerulean depths shining in awe and admiration of her. She merely waved to me as my machine hovered above ground, the machine making a soft whirring sound. I flashed one more genuine smile to my family and friends and then I was off between dimensions.

As always I chose to sleep during the transition between times, so I let my lids cover my sky blue iris's, my mind constantly drifting to my family. My father and mother was my last thought before the alluring calm of REM sleep consumed me.