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Chapter 6: Rainy Day Man

Makoto POV

"No Usagi, I won't aide you in cheating on these tests! If I do that for you, you will never learn and just skate by on false pretense." Ami scolded Usagi, her index finger pointed at the blond meatball headed girl who was cowering away from the teacher like chiding that she was receiving. I found myself sighing in disinterest at them. Same old, same old…Usagi acting silly and everyone scolding her. I let my thoughts idly wander to the incredibly sexy guy that inhabited my house. I know it right now that I've got an enormous crush on Trunks. And yes, I do crush on guys easily but…he's different somehow, well, besides him being a half alien guy and all.

My cheeks flushed at the thought, hoping that the story Trunks shared with me earlier wasn't true, that a person couldn't possibly have such a cruddy life…yet…somehow I knew it was all true. My heart ached and cried at the words he spoke with such reverent sadness drenched upon them. I heaved a sigh as I muted their mother and daughter like banter. Usagi was always adorable and silly and I love her to death but I guess I'm just a bit depressed at what I was told this morning, which is weird because it's not like it's my life.

I guess Trunks and I had something in common, a desolate and sad life, longing for something more than the overwhelming loneliness that seemed to stalk us throughout our lives. His father had died in his time however, at least he got to meet and spend time with the man, no matter how mean and grumpy the guy seemed by Trunks's explanation. My parents died years ago in a fatal car crash and I was lucky to survive. Now all I have as a reminder is an empty house full of loneliness and memories that made me cry.

I was interrupted from my self inflicted pity party by a blood curdling screech followed by many other screams of terror. Usagi, Ami and I were stunned for a moment but that was until I heard a familiar scream which kicked my body into overdrive. We took off in the general directions where terrified wails and screams echoed also where everybody else was running from. "What's going on?" I yelled over the crowd of noise but before I could get an adequate reply from my companions, a giant monster that looked like some kind of lion…mixed with something appeared before us. A gigantic catlike creature! Crap! It's not like we could transform right here in the middle of this chaos and confusion with tons of people around.

"It-It must be another cardian!" Ami exclaimed, obviously taken aback by the ferocity of this creature, which was snarling at the three of us in a menacing manner, saliva dripping from its jaw which was filled with razor sharp teeth. My emerald eyes averted to the huge paw of the beast, only to notice that there was a person pinned beneath. I overheard Usagi and Ami frantically giving aid to the terrified crowd but I strained my eyes to get a better look at the person underneath the paw. My blood went ice cold as realization washed over me. It was Shinozaki! Oh no!

"SHINOZAKI!" I hollered in horror, momentarily forgetting that I wasn't transformed yet into Sailor Jupiter, but it didn't matter! He was in danger! Luckily for me the beast decided to leap off of him, seeming to disappear into thin air. Odd…

He quickly stood and limped to me. "Mako, you've got to get out of here!" He warned his soft blue eyes hard with pain and panic stricken, his light brown hair disheveled and his face bruised. I scoffed at him, only because out of the two of us I knew I was way stronger. I'm pretty sure he knew I was too. "No! You're the one who's hurt so you go! I've gotta help Usagi and Ami help everyone!"

He heaved an exasperated growl. "Mako, you're gonna get killed if you run out there and try to fight that rabid beast! Now run!" He was insistent on getting his way but there was no way in hell that I had any intention of running away. Before I could even think straight, I heard an ear splitting cry from Usagi and Ami, jerking head in their direction I saw the looks of horror on their faces. I froze.


Before I knew it, I was harshly thrown aside, slamming into the concrete with a force that knocked the breath right out of me, my skull connecting with the pavement so hard that everything went black. I saw stars for a moment before I regained my vision, only to see Shino lying in a bloody heap on the ground in front of me, the damned cardian was nowhere to be seen. Usagi and Ami were suddenly at his side, it seemed, attempting to rouse him from his unconscious state. Even though my body protested heavily, I shuffled to his side, tears springing to my eyes at the sight that was before me. Shino has been my best male friend for a while and the fact that he got injured because my stubbornness made me feel like complete crap.

"…S-Shino? Shinozaki!" I cried in a panic, checking his arm for a pulse. "We need to get him to the ER now!" Ami was stern, her aqua brows knitted together in complete seriousness. Usagi and I merely nodded numbly, knowing that when Ami was firm, it was serious. Normally, Ami was sort of the mom of the group, helping us with our assorted problems, but we all stuck together regardless, which is why I love my friends so dearly.

I knew this day was going to be weird and it only went from weird to disastrous.

"He needs a blood transfusion." The solemn Doctor announced to us, our eyes collectively widening in shock. A blood transfusion? What if none of us are his blood type? Would he die? Noticing my anxious facial expression, the Doctor focused on me specifically, his light brown eyes appearing tired and exhausted. The man honestly looked like he was over worked and under slept.

"Yes. He has type O blood so-"I instantly cut him off, a broad smile on my face because I knew right off the bat that I have the same type of blood. Yes! At least something was going right today! "I'll do it!" I volunteered as Ami and Usagi's eyes widened in fear. "Are…are you sure, Mako-Chan?" Usagi's worried voice and pretty sky blue eyes put a small smile on my face. It's a nice feeling to know that somebody actually cares about me…aside from Shinozaki. He was always looking out for me, protecting me, helping me to pick up the broken pieces of my heart when it was torn to shred time and time again. I figured if I could be there for him, then damn it I would sacrifice every single drop of blood from my body to make certain that he was okay.

I turned my determined face to my friends who still looked like they were extremely worried. "Sure. He's my friend and he saved me…so yea, of course I'm sure." Usagi, Ami and I followed the Doctor into the ER room that Shino was inhabiting for the time being, until he was transferred into a room for an actual patient. I was so scared, but at the same time empowered by my willingness to help and save a friend. Not just a friend, my best friend.

Trunks POV

It had been extremely odd the way that Makoto had left so abruptly. I found myself glued to the spot on her microfiber forest green sofa, that accented her rustic brown walls.

Why? That was the question of the day that seemed to float around in my seemingly empty brain. A brain that I prided to advise me in whom to trust and when exactly to shut my mouth when I am willingly dishing out too much information about my life, history, heritage and strength. Ugh! Face palming to the extreme, I pondered if I had somehow frightened her away with what I'd shared with her, considering that when I was done, she felt the need to bolt from her own home. A home…I wondered…why she lived on her own. There is no way that a girl her age would be allowed to just live by herself unless it was like my time…which this obviously wasn't. Well, that would have to be a question for another day.

I ran my fingers through my hair, tugging at the lavender strands as dismay and anxiety weighed down heavily on me. Why? I internally screamed. Why do I feel so trusting with this girl who I've only known for a few days but is four years too young for me? Gah! Why does her age even matter anyway? It's not like she could ever like me…not that I would even care! Damn it! My inexperience in all things women seems to be catching up with me all too quickly.

Thinking that surely I must have gone insane, I stretched out on her couch, my muscular arms crossed behind my head in a lounging manner. What is it truly that I feel for her? If anything? She makes my stomach contract when she smiles that pretty, infectious smile at me…but that doesn't matter does it? There is no place in her world of romance and femininity for somebody like me. I would only drag her down to my Hell with the roughness and savageness of my own life…the horrors that I've faced in my life will only further to make me a suspicious person, thinking that everyone is out to do me wrong. Not to mention a skeptic. I'm not even close to being good enough for Makoto, despite the feelings lurking in the back of my mind that were all but shouting that I'm starting to fall for this incredibly kind, sweet and adorable girl. Oh Hell…I wish my father were here so I could get his advice on how he dealt with mom and her feelings for him, that's assuming that Mako even has any for me.

When I think about the first time

I sighed loudly, rather bored, hearing the droll noises from the TV in the background as I lounged, realizing that quite some time had passed since Makoto left. I glanced at the watch on my arm, not sure if the time in this place and the time from my dimension coincided at all. Regardless if it did or not, ten hours had passed and I was starting to get worried. However, the creaking of the door alerted me to somebodies presence and I immediately was able to discern who it was. It was Makoto and her Ki signal was weak. Did it always make her weakened to go to school? I leapt from the comfort of the sofa, rushing to her side to see if she had been injured only to see her eyes red and puffy as if she'd been crying. On top of the dreary sadness that emanated from her, her eyes drooped, half lidded and she appeared to be dragging herself to move. She seemed to be awfully fatigued from something, but I didn't think that it was THAT physically taxing to go to school. Something was wrong.

I thought I found someone who cared for me

Upon seeing me, her listless emerald eyes lazily peered up at me as I caught her in my arms just as she was about to fall. My cerulean depths gazed down upon her, my arms doing their own thing at this point by protectively cradling her to me in an action that I had no idea why I was even doing it. Oh yea, that whole feelings crap.

But things were not as they appeared to be

"Mako, are you okay?" I inquired, a lavender brow rose in bewilderment. She steadied herself with great difficulty, standing up straight as she weakly shook her head to indicate no, laying a hand on her head. I wasn't so dumb to believe what was an obvious lie to make me not worry about. Her pretty wavy hair, which was normally in a high ponytail, was cascading down her shoulders, the rich brown waves distracting me for a moment while I marveled at how utterly…beautiful she looked like this. Vulnerable. It made her appear even more innocent then she already was and less guarded. "I'm fine, Trunks. I've just had the worst day imaginable." She heaved a giant sigh of exasperation, allowing me to lead her to the couch that I was just lounging on a few moments ago. Did I mention that she was still encased in my arms?

Rainy Day Man

"Bad day, huh? I can attest to having more than my fair share of those." I said with a little rueful chuckle. She let a faint smile grace her pale lips as she, much to my dismay, moved out of my arms, yet settled herself comfortably next to me, her right hand still resting on her forehead. "Yea, so I've heard." She let out a short laugh herself, allowing her head to rest against the cushy back of the sofa.

On your shoulder I cried

"Would you like for me to get you a drink perhaps? Or fix you something to eat?" I offered concern etched across my face, causing my forehead to wrinkle slightly. She smiled brightly then, which made my stomach contract again, a strand of wavy chocolate brown hair caressing her right cheek. "If you don't mind, I would so love that." Her eyes closed momentarily as I rose to my feet, scratching the back of my head in modesty I chuckled. "It's no biggie."

When my first brush with love

30 minutes later after witnessing the most impressive pantry and refrigerator/freezer, I whipped her up a quick ham, spinach and feta cheese frittata along with a buttered English muffin and a white chocolate smoothie with banana and strawberry. I knew she was suffering from immense blood loss and protein would make her feel tons better so I rushed her a serving of each, greeting her with a wary and uneasy smile, hoping that she enjoyed it. Passing it to her, her eyes filled with life upon setting sight on it. She had a look of definite appreciation on her face as she beamed at me. "Will you marry me?" She teased, admiring my food creation, my cheeks flushing at her random question. I knew it was obviously a joke but it still made me blush, which pissed me off.

Left me shaking inside

"Uh…what?" Was my lame response, which only caused her to giggle the cutest little giggle that I've ever heard, her cheeks a pastel pink hue. She stuck her tantalizing tongue out at me, an adorably devious little sly smirk on her plump lips. "Nothing…nothing at all." She tossed in a wink for good measure and damn it all, I found myself wanting to kiss her too-young-for-me lips. I curiously observed her from the corner of my eyes as I reclaimed my seat next to her on the couch. Once she took the first bite I heard her moan her great satisfaction, her gorgeous emerald eyes closing as she savored. I blushed again as I stared shamelessly at her eating bite after bite, quite daintily at that, feeling awkward at this but unable to avert my stormy azure hues away from her.

Rainy Day Man

She was unreal, ethereal and cute, nice, kind and humble. Not to mention powerful and a damn good chef. Ugh, there it was again, my mind poking me telling me that I was falling for her…it annoyed me…but pleased me at the same time. I needed help.

Ever since I can remember

"Is it okay?" I was curious, even though I could tell she liked it, a small part of me wanted…no needed her to praise me. Her smile warmed me as she finished her final bite. "Of course, silly. As a chef myself, I would never eat something that tasted bad. I don't make frittatas often and I have to say that it was one of the best I've had. It was really delicious." I said nothing but let a lazy lopsided grin cross my lips. Again, I watched her take her first sip of the smoothie I fixed her, only to crack a full on smirk as her eyes widened at the taste of it. I didn't blame her. I knew the smoothie was tasty, which is why I made it for her. I knew that any woman had some kind of chocolate in their pantry at any given time. She then looked at me, her mouth ajar.

Just like a brother, you've been strong and true

"This…is just…holy wow. This is like a girls dream right now if she's craving." She breathed; her breath was sweet as it blew in my direction. I let my smirk widen, feeling very proud to be praised by her. "I used to make it every morning for my mom, she adores it." Her response was quick. "I would seriously love you forever if I woke up every morning to this. You would have to literally pry me away from you. Not that it would be horrible waking up next to a lavender haired hunk every morning either." My cheeks flared at her words. I don't even think she knew what she just hinted at…not that I knew much about it either. Agh, again with her flirtations. I knew that she was obviously teasing me once again but damn, saying stuff like that isn't helping! If anything, her obvious flirting didn't discourage me, it only urged me to adore her even more. Pfft. As if I had a choice in the matter. I somehow get the feeling that this is how my father became enamored with mom…blatant flirtations with a lonely man who only wanted some kind of love in any form. Some kind of acceptance.

Always been the one to see me through

I smartly chose not to respond, unsure of what to even say. She quickly downed the remainder of her smoothie, frowning into the nearly empty glass. Unexpectedly, I felt her warmth on my skin as she casually leaned her head on my broad right shoulder, adjusting her head so she felt no discomfort. To make it much worse, her overwhelmingly soft and wavy hair caressed my skin that was bare due to the sleeveless shirt I wore, a contented sigh easing from between her lips. I was wondering why my body didn't freeze up at her closeness like it normally would but perhaps I was just comfortable with her. I chanced a hasty glance at her only to see her eyes closed, a tranquil look upon her face. Her skin regained its peach hue, a hint of a rosy color to her cheeks, her lips once again that pretty supple pink color.

Rainy Day Man

I was interrupted from scrutinizing her face by the gentle patter of rain falling, the serene lull of its subtle rhythm leading me to believe that Makoto was dozing on me. That was until I heard her soft feminine voice call out my name, like she was searching for me in an abyss of darkness. It worried me. "Trunks?" Her voice seemed…off somehow, its usual cheery tone lost and replaced by something else. Something raw and melancholy. "Yea?"

You're much more than a friend

"Today was a really bad day." She uttered, her voice retaining an even weirder note to it. Was I misreading her or was something brewing beneath that she needed to get out? "You wanna talk about it?" I asked, sure that my voice was just as low and mysterious as hers, as to not force her into confiding in me if she didn't want to. I felt her nod against my shoulder, turning her face to nuzzle my collarbone, causing my body to stiffen in discomfort. I had no earthly idea how to react to her sudden affections, an affection that was suddenly withdrawn as she abruptly sat up, her elbows resting on her legs which were covered by her overly long green skirt. I sneaked a peek at her model like legs that looked like they'd been sculpted from perfection, seeming to go on for days. Long and lithe was her body, athletic but with a big chest that somehow fit her body…Mako really was beautiful. It struck me as odd that I hadn't noticed before now. I felt like a creeper sizing her up like this but as a man, it was unavoidable.

Would give anything

"Well today on the way home from school…me, Usagi and Ami were attacked by a cardian. But before it could hurt me, Shinozaki saved me, injuring himself in the process to the point of needing hospitalization. It was so awful, Trunks." My azure hues widened at her words, scrutinizing her form to make sure that there were no obvious wounds. Aside from the obvious needle wounds on her inner arm where the veins were prominent and little cotton balls with Band-Aids covering them were obvious, she had none. Shinozaki huh? Who is that?

Just to see you again

"Well it gets worse. I ended up having to give him a large amount of my blood for a blood transfusion because I was the only one there who matched his blood type…which is why I looked so bad when I came in. I felt like death warmed over." She concluded, her forest orbs glossy from unshed tears. Her voice was unsteady and guilt laden, which I didn't quite understand. Again, the question gnawed at my brain of who is this Shinozaki person is to her that she would volunteer to give a large amount of blood? An odd feeling began to bubble up in my chest, something that I didn't like at all. Despite Mako's sadness, I felt irritable and strangely possessive of her.

Rainy Day Man

"Who's Shinozaki?" The words tumbled from my stupid mouth before the thought could even formulate to stop it. She smiled a weak smile, not thinking anything out of the ordinary was asked. "He's been one of my best friends for a while now. He's always looked out for me, helped to mend my heart through all of the times it's been broken. "Her voice was light with joy because she was probably thinking of him fondly. I'm sure my face was twisted in slight outrage, several unwanted questions spiraling around my head that I did not like. One such as Best friends? Platonic best friends or is that code word for 'boyfriend'? Helped mend her broken heart? What did that even entail? I was aghast at her nonchalant way of saying this, feeling that weird feeling boiling up again.

Always been the one to see me through

"Sounds…like you're really close." I managed to get out, my voice somehow maintaining its normalcy for the most part. Her smile faltered as she allowed herself to drift back to laze against the back of the couch. It was quiet for a few minutes and once again, she nestled herself against my shoulder.

Rainy Day Man

It was this brief moment of silence that I was able to truly enjoy the serene simplicity of the relaxing raindrops, the sound putting me in a state of Zen tranquility, meditation the forefront of my mind as I allowed all thoughts to drift away into the calm nothingness that is a clear mind. All I could hear was the soft pattering of rain, a feeling of complacentness washing over me as a smile slowly curved my lips. That was brief, however, until I could hear Makoto's soft sniffles invade the calm and very comfortable silence.

On your shoulder I cried

Wait…She's crying?

"Makoto, what's wrong?" I asked, worry lacing my gentle voice, but I was more confused than anything. She turned those shimmering emerald depths on me, embarrassment and the feeling of being distraught apparent in those magnificent pools of green. If it was one thing that I'd noticed about Makoto so far is that she is an open book to read. She unknowing wore her emotions on her sleeve. She appeared to be angered with herself at having cried in front someone, and I felt that I understood her, for I too disliked showing weakness and vulnerability to others.

When my first brush with love

"I…" She sighed in sighed in frustration. "I'm just upset that he's in the hospital in critical condition because of me. If I wasn't there, he wouldn't have had to save me." She was berating herself for something that was in no way, shape or form her fault. There was no way that she could have helped it, considering she was on her way home from school. "Don't beat yourself up over it too much. Any real man would've done the same thing." I assured her with a slight nod of my head. I thought that my words would placate her, but I was wrong.

Left me shaking inside

I felt a pang of dread wash over me as she fully turned those dazzling forest orbs on me, her bottom lip pulled between her teeth. She looked…so freaking cute. No cutting corners around that fact. Idly, I pondered if she did that on purpose because in some weird way she knew that all I wanted to do was coax that abused lip from between her teeth and suck on it. Holy crap, there was no way that I just thought that. "No, I'm supposed to be the protector not the protected! According to Rei, I'm the strongest in terms of physical strength and most masculine of all the scouts. So…it's my job to protect everyone! I…I failed!" She wailed, stray crystalline tears spilling from her eyes, her hands immediately covering her eyes so I couldn't see her face while she wept like a small child. For some reason this endeared me to her more because she trusted me enough to confide in me, just as I had done for her. I was torn by my urge to laugh at the fact that somebody had actually called her masculine considering she was so far from it, or at feeling recognition at her words. Considering that I failed to protect Gohan…I was truly torn.

Rainy Day Man

"I can relate to how you feel, Makoto. At least your 'failure' didn't cost someone their life. Besides, you didn't fail. Everybody needs help sometimes. I can attest to that. I've seen the strongest man on the planet need help from his own teenage son, trust me when I say that I've seen it all. I've actually saved my prideful father before. Well, he was knocked out cold but I interjected and tried to save him." It was my pathetic attempt to console her, but I had no idea if it worked because her hands still covered her eyes like a frightened little child who couldn't bear to witness something before them. My hands had a will of their own as they gently covered hers, dwarfing them, and slowly removed them from their place. My thumbs idly stroked her wrists as her sparkling jade eyes caught my azure hues in a longing gaze that she had no intention of disguising. I felt an electric jolt tingle all through my body at our physical contact, and I could tell by her slight jump that she felt it too.

You're much more than a friend

Her lips were curved in a simply angelic and radiant smile but tears were still pouring down her porcelain cheeks. This disturbed me immensely, considering that I had never seen anything like this in entire life. Once again, my hand its own agenda as my right hand delicately brushed the tears from her silky soft skin, my thumb absentmindedly stroking. Her cheeks adopted a pastel pink hue as my left hand released her hand and my right hand languidly removed itself from her cheek. I reprimanded my evil hands internally for their bad ways, even though I loathed admitting, I thoroughly enjoyed every second of touching her. To my surprise, she let out a tinkling and melodic laugh, a noise that I would never tire of.

I would give anything

"Thanks, Trunks. I guess you must be talking about this epic Goku guy, huh?" She teased, unexpectedly weaseling her way into my arms and wrapping her own around me, her feminine smell and warmth took me by surprise. She even lingered like she actually liked hugging me. I gulped audibly. "Yea, it's him." I said, quickly wanting to change the subject. "So, who called you masculine again? You are the complete opposite of that from what I've seen, you're pretty girly. And think of it like this…I'm masculine and you look nothing like me, so that makes you non masculine." Even though I was rambling due to my embarrassment and her closeness, I raised a lavender brow in a questioning manner, noticing her sudden gloomy demeanor returning with a sigh and a grimace.

Just to see you again

"You know the really gorgeous dark haired girl, Rei?" She said, expecting me to remember somebody I met only once. Was she the one in blue? No, I think that girl has aqua hair...I think. Hmm, it could be the girl in red. She might be pretty but I wouldn't call her gorgeous. Makoto must have some self-esteem issues if she was saying demeaning crap like that. I'd have to fix that. The girl who I thought was gorgeous is the silly person in my arms. I took a moment to praise myself internally for not stuttering or blushing like an idiot at our close and intimate hug.

Rainy Day Man

"Uh…is she the standoffish one? In the red?" She nodded leisurely. "She told me that I'm the most masculine one plus I kind of get in a lot of fights at school. I guess I'm tall and tomboyish with not many feminine features…that's probably why I've never had a boyfriend and every guy I love turns me down." She let out a depressing little sigh as her malachite hues brimmed with tears once again. I was stunned to complete and utter silence. Never…had a boyfriend? Tomboyish? Guys would actually turn her down? Every guy she loves? Is she fickle about guys or something? Fights at school? I had so many unanswered questions and yet I got the feeling that these people must not be seeing the same adorable girl that I am.

Rainy Day Man

She buried herself in my chest at that moment, warm wetness coating my shirt that I identified as tears. I encased her in my muscled powerful arms, letting my hands rub her back consolingly, choosing my words very carefully before speaking.

Rainy Day Man

"That girl is wrong. There is nothing masculine about you, nor tomboyish. There is also nothing wrong with being physically strong but just because you're tall and have strength doesn't mean that you're any less of a woman." I was gazing intently down at the top of her head as I spoke until she tilted her head upwards to watch me to see if I was lying, no doubt. Once again, aqua met viridian and I smiled warmly, to show her my sincerity. Curiosity was what I saw in her endless depths. "They must not see what I see. What I honestly have seen is as feminine and girly as it gets. A girl who loves cooking and baking, reads girlish shojo manga and magazines like Cosmo, fawning over wedding dresses, watching soap operas and giggles like a love sick school girl. That's extremely cute in my opinion. And, just to add, any guy who would spurn your love is stupid or gay. If you said you loved me, I would be elated." As soon as those stupid freaking words left my mouth I felt my face turn beet red and heat over 1000 degrees. SHIT. CRAP. DAMN.

Rainy Day Man

There was no way to take back what I'd just said. None at all. I had, in not so many words, admitted that I kind of loved her. Or in some twisted way said that if she loved me I would be happy. It was really going to be awkward between us now. What the hell Trunks? Dad would never say that! Ugh! Then again, I doubted highly that my father consoled mom even once…but then again, who knew what went on behind closed doors? Her bright chartreuse eyes were watching the myriad of emotions that crossed my face, adoration and slight embarrassment shone in in her lovely eyes as she gnawed on her bottom lip once again, a genuine smile tugging at her lips. "Are you being serious?" She inquired, her voice was low and disbelieving but for some reason it made me shudder with how…sultry it sounded. Kami, I was going insane. Her eyes were searching my sky blue depths for sincerity, which I'm sure was pretty evident by my sudden stuttery behavior and overzealous head nod. I have no idea what it was about this girl. I could fight to defend the planet with no hesitation or regrets but this girl made me feel odd.

You're much more than a friend

Her smile was so sublime and divine; it should rival the sun in sheer brightness. Before I could think better to evade her, all my warrior instincts long gone and thrown out the damn window, she placed a rather chaste kiss to my lips. It was a feathery and light feeling only for but a lingering moment. The soft and velvety feel of her plump and moist lips held heaven in them for me. That was the single most amazing moment of my life; it felt even better than eating a senzu bean after taking a serious beating from Hell. My whole body trembled in…Kami knows what the hell I was feeling. But my whole body ached for her. Her eyes closed for just a second as mine were wide open, realizing that she just stole my first kiss, not that I was bothered by this. Internally, I was giddy and anticipating more but that was it. She pulled away leaving me stunned to silence with me looking like a deer in headlights.

I would give anything just to see you again

"That's your reward for doing such an amazing job at cheering me up." She winked with an absolutely adorable giggle, her chocolate brown hair cascading down her shoulders making her look so…Kami forbid I say, hot. This damn 14 year old girl was hot to me. There has to be something not legal about this but I didn't care at the moment. All I really cared about right now was getting another kiss from Makoto, but that didn't look like it was going to happen. Her eyes were shimmering with a flirtatiousness that made me smile as she hopped up, laughing once more at my response to her kiss, skipping into the kitchen to fix dinner without another word. Mako actually did look like a love sick school girl. I found myself frozen in place, unable to completely grasp that she not only was openly flirting with me, baiting me to react to her advances and the fact that she had just kissed me. If you want to even call that a kiss. It was more like our lips merely touched.

Rainy Day Man

Despite everything that just happened, I wondered about that 'best friend' of hers, pondering if she acted the same way with him as she did with me. I'd like to think that I was special to her but the way that she spoke of him…I felt that terrible feeling in my chest again, a feeling that made me overly irritable and possessive, causing my right eye to twitch, much like my father's did when he was aggravated…which was more likely than not how he felt 24/7. A word came to mind in an echo that I couldn't quite hear, or maybe it was that I didn't want to hear it. This guy must have feelings for her, I just knew it. I realized that I had no right to feel this way considering that I only just met her a few days ago, but I couldn't shake the feeling of…oh no…it was then that I realized the treacherous way I'd been feeling.


Oh sweet Kami, this girl is going to be the death of me.

It was nearing sundown and yet again, Makoto still wasn't home. This afternoon she had left with a practically wordless exit to meet with her friends. I didn't even ask to tag along with her because she looked so miffed. The one with the dark hair had called her, asking her to come over so they could discuss this new enemy that they faced, and for some reason, she appeared even more fatigued than yesterday.

She seemed uneasy about something after getting off the phone, her pretty face stricken and pale, but that could be attributed with the blood loss. I did admit that I feel the same unease that was written all over her face. Something has felt off kilter with my Ki ever since I arrived in this dimension. My muscles felt weaker, my Ki and inner reservoir of strength feeing strained and detained. My emotions are all over the place as well, as with my inability to control them around Makoto.

Her lack of energy and that bubbly persona that was void today greatly disturbs me, not just because of her withdrawn attitude today, but because something in the air was amiss today. It was tense, smoldering and acrid, as if there was a stench of evil looming around this city. That could possibly be the reason her friend called a meeting of sorts with her comrades. We did similar things when we were facing the androids and Cell often. However…that still didn't explain why it was near 7 p.m. and she still wasn't home.

My brows knitted together as a stab hit my brain, a signal of Mako's energy in distress hitting me like a fist. Sweat formed as I bounded through the front door, slamming it swiftly then taking to the skies, not really giving a crap if anybody saw me. It's not like this was my home anyway, so I didn't care what anyone thought of me. I closed my eyes for but a moment just to get a feel as to where she is located.

As I neared her signal I felt her Ki drop significantly, indicating that she had lost ! The sight that welcomed me was horrific, all of the girls scattered like bugs across the woodsy clearing, all omitting her blonde friend with the weird hair. The girl was fleeing shamelessly from the feral cat-like creature that was chasing her. This must be the creature that Mako spoke of. Azure eyes spotted Makoto lying in an unconscious heap beneath a tree with a dent that favored her body. I winced, hating the fact that she had been in such pain trying to protect her friends most likely while feeling under the weather.

"Trunks!" Usagi called to me, her clear blue eyes focused on Makoto. "Save her!" No sooner had the words left her lips had the monster leapt on her, pinning her beneath it, snarling in her face as spittle flew from its mouth. I'm sure she didn't appreciate that part. Usagi let loose a cry of terror that is until a single white rose whipped through the dazzling night sky, right past my face to strike the feral creature with a force so great that it was knocked right off of…Usagi. Yea, I think that's her name. The lionesque creature slammed into a nearby tree, causing a huge dent, nearly breaking the old tree in two.

My eyes could only widen at this, a tall thin man in all white with a white turban covering the majority of his face, leapt from the safety of a Plum Sakura tree to right in front of Usagi, her face frozen as if she'd just seen a ghost. It would seem that they know each other. The man called out to get my attention. "Don't worry about Sailor Moon, just help Sailor Jupiter."

With a quick nod I let my hands shake her with panic, my cheeks heating at the silky smoothness of the exposed skin of her long perfect legs which my hands unintentionally decided to touch. After only a moment of coaxing and shaking her legs, I was relieved to see her pretty emerald eyes open slowly. She laid a white glove clad hand to her forehead in an attempt to regain her bearings. "T-Trunks?" Her voice was surprised, yet relief laden, which caused a lopsided smile to cross my lips. I was a little too relieved to see that she was okay. "How did you get here?" She blinked a few times to make sure that I was real or something, even laid her gloved hand on my leg. "You know how." I replied with a boyish smile, letting my hand rest on her lower back to aid her in sitting up fully. She beamed a smile at me that was weak but still lovely. All the while I tried to ignore the fact that her legs were giving a prime view of her panties, but I wouldn't be a pervert. Nope, no way.

"Yea, that Ki tracker thingie that you've got in your head huh? Like a me GPS." Her voice was exhausted, her skin rather pale compared to her rich chocolate tresses which were pulled into a disheveled ponytail with a green bow that cascaded down her back in tousled beauty. Hell, when did I start to think so…girly? Our momentary banter was interrupted by Usagi's choked scream, our heads snapping over to see her pinned to the ground, the lionesque monsters large paw pressed tightly on her throat which was successfully cutting off her air supply. That guy in white had fled, from the looks of it.

"Usagi!" Makoto screamed, hopping to her feet with strength that I didn't know she still possessed. Usagi's glazed over cornflower blue eyes fixed on Mako, a weak smile on her lips. "I'll be…fine, just help the others. "She coughed slowly but Makoto's fists clenched, determination lighting up her jade hues. "HELL NO!" She yelled between clenched teeth. I readied myself for battle alone with this monster, ready to utilize whatever strength this damned dimension would allow me to wield to kill this fiend. "I feel so damned weak! It's always everyone else watching over me and saving me! "She shouted, pain and fury over her own weakness spilling into her words. "Now it's my turn to protect you, Usagi!" I felt her Ki crackling with electricity, dangerous and deadly. Her heated viridian orbs turned on me as I gathered my Ki into my palm. Azure met emerald as we both blasted our now fused energies towards the cardian, the dense entity creating a destructive force to be reckoned with.

"Jupiter Thunder CRASH!" She shouted as our massive blast slammed into it with so much force that it obliterated the lion like creature on sight, reducing it to ash. We both panted in fatigue, her more so, drenched in sweat and looking cuter than anything I've ever seen. I warily stared at my hands, fear washing over me. What in the hell is going on with my Ki? That weak blast wouldn't have even scratched the surface of my power reserves and yet I feel as if I've been drained of all my Ki, like I just went all out. Something was wrong, terribly wrong and I had to get to the bottom of it before something bad happened. Fear washed over me in massive waves…I felt as if I was going to vomit with all the anxiety and panic that was now warring within me. What if I was losing my power? What if my power is slowly being siphoned out? All I've known is being a warrior, losing my strength is not even an answer to me! As all these morbidly depressing thoughts swirled in my head, I was snatched away by the sound of Usagi's tearful voice calling out to Makoto. Dully turning my head, I observed her embrace Makoto tightly, asking her how she was feeling and if she was okay.

"Silly, I'm fine. You're the one who was getting banged up, not me." Mako teased, squeezing her friend in the friendly hug. I felt oddly out of place there, letting my hands nervously run through my now disheveled lavender locks. They both turned to me then, beaming pretty smiles at me, gratitude evident in their eyes.

"You're simply amazing, Trunks." Makoto praised her smile and cheerful demeanor infectious. Usagi's long blond weird looking pigtails bobbed as she nodded vigorously in agreement. "You're not amazing, you're awesome!" She also praised me, her blue eyes twinkling. She then placed a speculative glance on Mako. "Why aren't you dating this mega hunk again?" A 100 degree blush crossed both of our faces, most likely in remembrance of the kind of kiss that she gave me last night. She shoved Usagi away gently with an embarrassed look on her face. "You're embarrassing him, Usagi…" She said in a flustered manner, my eyes narrowing as a sweat drop dripped slowly down my cheek. "You didn't have to deny it so vehemently…" I muttered, sullen. I realized that she didn't exactly deny it per-se but with that attitude she might as well have. "Huh?" Usagi peered at me."Did you say something?" Mako asked, a clueless look on her bruised face. I said nothing, just let out a sigh.

They dispersed to check on their stirring friends. Makoto tended to her blue haired friend while Usagi took care of the other blond, who was groaning about hurting her ankle. They instructed me to check on the dark haired girl, whose name Makoto identified as Rei. So this is the girl who called Mako manly in not so many words. I knelt down next to her, peering down at her as she stirred. Dark and deep violet eyes stared up at me, most likely wondering why I was even near her in the first place. I noticed that her hair was the same color as her eyes…it's the same thing with the girl with the blue hair. Her eyes were speculative as she struggled to sit up, eying me suspiciously. I held my hand out to her and with reluctance, she took it, struggling to her feet and then hastily dusting herself off.

"You okay?" I asked, my voice soft. She offered me no smile but her dark violet depths kind of shimmered at my chivalrous nature. "I guess." Okay? Not one for small talk I see. I took the moment she spoke to discretely give her a once over. Yea, she was cute, petite and feminine but I found her lacking in personality, vibrant eyes, model like legs and amazing strength. Makoto exuded strength and I found it inexplicably attractive. "That's good. What was that thing?" I inquired. Her eyes went even darker. "Cardians. They are here to steal other people's life force…for what reason, we're not sure of yet. That's why I called that meeting today. We will get to the bottom of this." Her stern voice was of a no nonsense type, soft yet rough around the edges. Kind of like Chi Chi sometimes. I nodded slowly, understanding her infuriated sentiments. "C'mon, let's join the others." I beckoned her with a jerk of my head towards her friends.

I started off, only to catch her checking me out from my peripheral vision, a small smile curving her lips. For whatever reason, this disturbed me. I certainly didn't want a girl who demeans Makoto and most likely the other girls as well, thinking that I'm cute. "I'm really glad that everybody is okay!" Usagi exclaimed with a wide gleeful smile, her eyes momentarily closed in relief as she cradled her talking black cat with the crescent moon birthmark on its forehead to her chest. All the other girls, omitting Rei, returned her smile without hesitation. I believe I caught a scowl on her face when regarding Usagi…yea there is definitely some history between the two. I'd have to ask Mako.

"Thank Trunks. He helped me defeat the cardian. "Makoto unjustly thanked me, calling unwanted attention my way as she magically popped up next to me. "No…it was nothing. Mako did all the work." I nervously shifted all my weight on one leg, slouching in embarrassment. "Don't be silly. Your blast was way stronger than my thunder." Her adoring smile was focused solely on me, causing me to slightly blush and scratch my hair nervously. A coy smile crossed the lips of the other blond in the gold get-up whose name could possibly be…Minako? Maybe. "Ooo look at him blushing! What a cutie!" She swooned, only making me even more embarrassed. "Thank you for saving us. Makoto definitely made a good choice in boyfriend." The blue haired girl whose name might be Ami said, her sapphire eyes containing a smile. "Uh…" I was tongue tied at this point; rapidly tugging my fingers through my lavender locks in a nervous motion. "We're just friends. Geez guys." Makoto said with a dismissive wave of her hand, yet she stood so close to me that I could smell her heady scent. So woodsy and earthy and flowery, she smelled like nature in its purest form.

"Yea right." Minako and Usagi snickered, earning a smile from Mako and Ami. Rei seemed to be deep in thought, a slight look of annoyance on her face. I frowned for a moment until Makoto spoke. "So Usagi, who was that guy in white?" A flush came over Usagi's peach cheeks at her question. Luna's black fur covered ears perked up, a look of apprehension on her feline face. "I-I don't know really, but something about him seemed familiar." She said slowly, a distant and dreamy look on her face. "I believe it was Mamoru." Luna spoke, her voice surprisingly clear for a cat. Usagi looked as pale as a ghost.

"But…he hasn't regained his memories…" She mused in a meek voice. "Perhaps he felt the need to protect you, even without his prior memories." Ami suggested. All of this romantic stuff was so far out of my realm that I felt like I was lost in the cosmos. So…I stayed silent. Veeery silent. "That's so romantic, Usagi!" Makoto and Minako cooed, swooning. I might have just let my eyes roll one time. Just once.

As the girls chatted on, Rei finally joining in as they walked each other home, I couldn't help but feel as if a hole was being stared into my back. What was it about Rei? Why would she not stop? I got the dreaded feeling that things would soon get complicated…