Written specifically for Ms. Gin no raita wa bara :) I hope you like it, It's abnormally fluffy and it writing it murdered me in the process xD

The over-zealous blonde bounded into the room. "Danna, un!" He called. Skipping over to the desk of the puppeteer.

"Do you know what today is?" He asked, joyously curious.

Looking up from his work, Sasori shrugged. "Tuesday?" He replied monotonously.

Deidara's face instantly fell. "No, hm. " Though his smile came back nearly instantly, "Try again!" He leaned on his master's desk, resting his head on the back of his hand.

"The thirteenth?" He shifted in his swivel chair, turning to face the feminine male.

Quirking and eyebrow, Deidara egged him on, "Annnd? What significance does this day have?" He said, smiling.

Sasori's brow furrowed in a bit of frustration. "None? Deidara, stop playing games. If you have nothing to say, let me work." He said, turning back to his puppet tinkering.

Eyes glistening with fresh tears. The blonde pouted, arms crossed and started to leave the room.

"Cold-hearted bastard! Doesn't even know when our-"

He was cut off by a hand. He spun quickly, coming face to face with the red head.

While Deidara's back had turned, Sasori had quickly risen, stopping him.

Now cupping his cheek, the ex-nin gazed into Deidara's blue eyes.

Struggling to get away, Deidara couldn't face him.

"Did you truly think I had forgotten our anniversary?"

Sasori asked softly.

Surprised, the blonde looked back at him. "Y-You didn't, un?"

Smirking, he shook his head, ruffling his curls. "Of course not, brat."

They shared a long kiss, embracing each other and later enjoying their celebration.

DEARGOD. *infinite facedesk* . *goes to write sadomasochistic murder story* Gosh, this just...ugh. ew. -James