Title: The Unknown Threat

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Summary: A new danger is closing in on one of their own. While investigating a new string of deaths, truths with come out. Sequel to "The Mysterious Dr. Reid" and "Physics Magic…Bullet".

A/N: Well, here is the conclusion to this story. I really enjoyed it and I want to thank all the reviewers! You guys are amazing. I appreciate the suggestions and will try to figure what I want to do with the series as soon as I can. Keep them coming if you think of something brilliant. An now: the conclusion of The Unknown Threat...

Chapter 13

"Who's first to sign my cast?"

As if anyone would ever get that honor over Garcia. They all knew there was no fight as the tech goddess pulled a silver Sharpie from her pocket. Joy spread among them as they took turns hugging Reid and signing his cast. All smiles were genuine, even Hotch couldn't help it.

After a few minutes, they all sat around the table to hear the story. Morgan sat a cup of steaming hot coffee in front of Reid. He snatched it up and sipped greedily.

"Mmm…no caffeine for 24 hours," he took another sip, "I thought my head was going to explode."

The team sat in joyful silence for a few minutes. Rossi finally cleared his throat, "We…thought you were dead Reid."

Staring into his cup, Reid replied quietly, "I know, they told me…I'm sorry you guys had to go through that."

Morgan continued, "And when you weren't in the warehouse…" He didn't finish the sentence.

Looking up at them, Reid answered, "Let me tell you the story."

He recounted the story of the accident and the death of the young Marshall. He recalled being dragged from the wreckage and being taken to the warehouse and held in the tiny room. He told them about his conversation with Pearson in his office and why he had been kept alive.

"Ok, ok, ok….we get all that." Garcia could stand it no longer. "Tell us how you got out. Who rescued you?"

"Rescued me?" Reid asked, a small smile on his face, "No one. I rescued myself."

He was met with raised eyebrows and incredulous stares.

"Oh, yeah," Morgan suddenly said, "You never told them you were a bad ass now." He chuckled at the face Reid made. "Reid mentioned all his 'contract' work but he has also had to do appropriate training for each organization. The kid's better at hand-to-hand combat than Hotch and I put together. And you should see him handle a gun…right, Trip?" He had a good laugh at the inside joke.

"Wait…is this all true Reid?" Garcia couldn't believe it, but the others were so shocked they couldn't say anything.

He rubbed the back of his neck, "Yeah, I guess. I know how to handle myself anyways."

Prentiss asked, "So…you really got yourself out of the warehouse?" Reid nodded. "This I gotta hear."

Reid was obviously embarrassed with all the attention, "Well, it's not that great a story. I laid out on the floor and pretended I was seriously hurt. Grey, the fake US Marshall, came with the doctor to check me out. I was able to incapacitate them both and handcuff them to the wall…"

"Whoa…how can you play that off as not a big deal?" JJ finally spoke up. "That's incredible!"

Reid just waved his hand, "It's not really. I just have basic training. I see each situation as a series of definite outcomes. I evaluate the situation, account for surroundings and possible variables, then act accordingly. I was just lucky. That's all."

They didn't appear to believe him. They were finally looking at him in a new light for sure.

"Ok, genius Bruce Lee, what about the server link? Was that you too?" Garcia asked.

"Yeah, that was me. I knew you would back trace it and find the warehouse. I knew I could trust you guys…I'm never too sure about trusting anyone in the CIA."

"Where did you learn how to do that? You didn't even want an iPad…you…you insist on paper copies of everything!" Garcia shouted, but she was smiling. She asked more in awe than anything else.

Reid leaned toward the table, "Garcia…I have an eidetic memory and you are THE best computer hacker in the world. I have been around you for years now. I had to pick up on a few of your tricks." He shrugged his shoulders, "But don't worry, you could still out hack me any day. And the reason I ask for paper copies is not because I'm technologically challenged. I just prefer paper….and working for the CIA for a while now I know what trouble technology and internet connections can lead to."

Hotch knew he had to reign in the conversation a bit, "So Reid, you locked the two men in the room and created the server link. What happened next?"

"Well, I made a decision at that point that I couldn't let Pearson slip away again. There have been too many times," Reid again took on that faraway look of wisdom that was far beyond his years. "I was able to get to the office during the shift change without a second look. Then I just knocked him out to make sure he would be there waiting when you arrived. And the secretary was just in the way."

"How did you knock them out?" Rossi asked.

Reid actually had some of the light return to his eyes, "That is one of my favorite moves. It is a touch between the shoulder and the neck that makes you black out. It was cool to actually use it…"

"Cool," said Garcia. "Can you show me?"

Reid laughed and shook his head, "I think that would endanger us all!"

"Why didn't you wait for us to get there?" Prentiss asked.

"Well I had a rough idea how many workers were in the building, but I didn't want to risk being discovered and having to get through a hundred people to escape. I just slipped out of the building. Also, when I knocked out Grey in the back room, I jarred my arm really bad. I knew I really needed to get to a hospital. I didn't mean to worry you guys. I intended on calling from the hospital, but by that point the CIA had picked up on your operation and met me at the ER. I had to debrief before they would bring me back here."

Hotch knew what that meant, "So the CIA will be in to claim Pearson I'm guessing."

"They probably already have. We've been in here a while. Sorry guys. I know the FBI busted him…it's just the CIA has been after him longer," Reid said resignedly.

Morgan smiled, "It doesn't matter. We're just glad to have you back kid." He clapped him on the back.

"You are back, right?" JJ asked timidly.

Reid nodded, "Yeah, there is enough information to bury him for centuries. I don't think even the highest paid attorney would want to touch his case. I'm definitely back with you guys. I'm safe now that he is in custody and I've told all of my consult jobs that I need a break from them. I'm going to focus on just this job and maybe take a break."

"Sounds like you deserve it," Rossi said.

"You did good, kid." Morgan added.

Reid smiled and looked at his coffee again, embarrassed at the attention.

They all started to rise from their chairs, when Hotch told them to wait a moment.

"You all have the next three days off," he said with a smile.

"Why?" Morgan asked confused.

"One of your colleagues died. That entitles us all to some down time. Doesn't matter he came back from the dead," he smirked as he added, "I think I'll take Jack to the zoo. Everyone go home and enjoy yourselves." He walked from the room toward his office.

"Nice," said Morgan, "Who's up for a few drinks to celebrate Reid being a bad ass?"

There was a chorus of "I'm in" and "Sure" from around the room. They gave Reid no choice in joining them or not. As they made their way from the room, Garcia giggled, "Ok girls, what can we do to make Reid and Morgan fight? I would love to see Reid take him down."

Reid spoke up, "Wait a minute, I'm injured."

"Whatever, Pretty Boy. Didn't matter to the warehouse of people you took down," then he turned to Gracia, "Forget it mama, I don't feel like getting my ass kicked tonight."

Everyone laughed and cleaned up to leave for the evening. There was joy that they were all still together would face tomorrow, no matter what it may bring.


Chapter 14: Epilogue

Michael Pearson sat in a dimly lit solitary cell in a high security prison. He had plenty of time to think in here and plenty of time to lay blame to who had put him here. The only question was: what could be done now? He knew he was facing life in prison without parole.

They allowed him nothing at this point. He would have to earn his way to things like paper, books, television. They would never allow him computer access or even visitors, that he knew.

Absently, his finger traced a shaped on the table, moving around and around in the same shape: the symbol of infinity…

The End. I don't mean anything ominous about the ending. Just leaving a door open for the future if I ever decide to go that route. Thank you again for reading and reviewing!