AN: Okay! This is my first fanfic based on Greek myth, so please be kind to it. This is based on the Hades and Persephone myth. In future chaps I think I'm gonna put the Sonic counterparts in parenthesis whenever I introduce another God or Goddess. And now for the da disclaimors. Sonic and Co. are property of SEEEGAAAAAA! and NOT mine. I hope you enjoy this, no flaming please, and peace out :)

=Chapter 1=

Amy Rose was pretty sure that she had the most boring life a Greek goddess could have. Sure, being the Goddess of Spring had its perks, but it couldn't be any more enjoyable with an overbearing and somewhat paranoid mother. Vanilla, whose Olympian name was Demeter, was such a doting parent. It was common knowledge that she and Zeus had fling together, which wasn't surprising. Not only did Zeus have affairs with some of the other goddesses, he eventually went under the name 'Nazo', and headed to Earth for more concubines. Not that Vanilla was one anyway. Even more unsurprisingly, the Queen of the Gods and Zeus' wife, Hera, threw a shit fit, and when Amy was born, she scooted around and tried to lead everyone else to believe that Poseidon was the girl's father. Similar to an incident where she went to Earth under the name 'Sally', and tried to delay the birth of Heracles. Despite her efforts, it was quite evident to everyone that Amy was Zeus' child.

Amy couldn't quite understand what Hera's problem was. Sure she'd be pissed herself if her husband kept bouncing from female to female, but in the long run, Zeus was the king. And of course he would have a compulsion to go out and 'dominate'. So to speak. Maybe that was what Vanilla was so worried about. That some power-hungry male might take advantage of Amy's virtue. What really started all the madness, was that one trip to Mount Olympus. On Olympus, Amy was addressed as Persephone. Even though Hera treated the sakura hedgehog with absolute disdain, simply because she was Zeus' child, but not with her, Amy was treated quite fairly and like royalty by the other Immortals. And those who were of Amy's generation, were most likely her half-brothers and sisters. Then, when Amy was being courted by Hermes, Apollo, Ares, and Hephaestus, Vanilla went absolutely berserk for no reason, and thus spirited Amy away to her Sacred Gardens. Since then, Amy was only allowed to accompany Vanilla to Mount Olympus was when the males were observing the Olympic games on Earth.

So, Amy spent most of her time in Vanilla's and her Sacred Gardens, creating, many beautiful flowers and coloring them. But she was quite restless and tired of being a total homebody. The only good thing that came out of that insanity, was that Vanilla decided to have another child of her own making. A small demi-god nymph that was a younger and smaller version of Vanilla whom Amy named Cream because the nymph rabbit's fur reminded Amy of the frosting of pastries she'd seen at Mount Olympus. Cream kept Amy company and from going completely bonkers because of sheer boredom.

But still, Amy wanted to get out more. At least away from the Sacred Gardens. Vanilla kept insisting that her place was in the gardens. The female hedgehog goddess wondered why she had to be stuck there all the time. Hell, even Aphrodite who the males went absolutely crazy over her and was now married to Hephaestus, got more actions. But as long as Vanilla remained paranoid about Amy's virtue, she wasn't going anywhere in the near future.

Deep within the bowls of the Earth, where fires were raging eternally, the land was completely barren, and the water was either a sickly blue or green, was the Underworld. The Land of the Dead. There, another Immortal that resided here, had sort of the same problems Amy was having. He was an ebony and crimson splashed hedgehog named Shadow. On Olympus, Shadow was addressed as Pluto. Shadow's teenage issues were almost identical to that of Amy's. Although, he was allowed to roam around freely wherever he pleased, his father, Black Doom, whom everyone knew as the infamous Hades, taught Shadow to treat the other Immortals with contempt.

The reason for this, was because Black Doom was denied to freely choose his own dominion of his desire. After succeeding in killing their tyrannous father Chronus, they divided the three dominions, the Heavens, the Sea, and the Underworld to be chosen amongst themselves. Zeus, who was the youngest and got to choose first, chose the Heavens. Poseidon, the next youngest, chose the Sea. Leaving the Underworld, the only dominion left, to the eldest, Black Doom. Ever since then, the Lord of the Dead was increasingly resentful of the other Immortals even though Zeus had graciously allowed him to have periodic visits to Mount Olympus.

For centuries upon centuries, Black Doom had tried proving that was a far better and superior God in the Universe each chance he got. Pretty soon, when his heir, Shadow came into being, Black Doom incorporated his resentful attitude into him. Realistically, Shadow, who was a little ahead of his time-and much more mature-, didn't care much about the beef his father had with his uncle Zeus and the other Immortals and frankly, was tired of hearing about it. Shadow wasn't even convinced that his father could beat Zeus at his own game. After all, Zeus was the king.

Shadow spent most of his time in the Underworld. There honestly wasn't much on Earth that really interested him. The midnight hedgehog would watch souls of the mortals slowly and silently pass through the Land of the Dead. Either that, or screw around with Black Doom's pet, Cerberus. It was no exaggeration to say that Shadow's life was pretty much dull, emoish, and boring. He may not have known it then, but subconsciously he was waiting for something to brighten it up.