He couldn't stop thinking about it. Ever since Evelyn suggested it, it was constantly on his mind. It was ridiculous to even think about her that way. She was a person, not an object. And yet it felt so right.


He couldn't deny he was attracted to her. He knew he had feelings that went beyond their comfortable mentor-student relationship. He knew how he felt when he found Nadia and Quinn during the bathroom fiasco.

Furious. Hurt. Betrayed. Jealous.

Feelings that had no place in his line of work…or in his relationship with her.

Their relationship was purely platonic. Teacher and student. Hit man and hit woman. Never even the hint of anything more.

But how he sometimes wished there were.

He knew he felt more than he should. He knew he did more for her than a normal mentor would.

He also knew he shouldn't.

He's cognizant that Nadia will choose Quinn. And why not? They're the same age, have the same interests, similar backgrounds. Even he had to admit they went well together.

He hated it.

He couldn't stand it but yet there was nothing he could do about it. Why? Because he knew she didn't feel the same way. And why would she?

He was older. He was jaded. He had a significant amount of baggage.

Sometimes, out of the corner of his eye, he thought he saw something in her face. A trace of emotion, an inkling of feeling that indicated she felt more. But when he looked again harder, there was nothing. Wishful thinking he supposed. H knew she viewed him only as a mentor. All he had to do was look in her eyes, and he knew that his feelings weren't reciprocated.

But there was one thing he knew above everything else. He knew it was ridiculous. He knew it was wrong. And yet he couldn't deny that he felt it.