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Chapter 6: With You

Winry woke with a start. Sitting up and putting a cool hand on her sweaty brow, she sighed, in turn blowing her sunny blond strands from her face. UGH! The same damn dream again! She thought in frustration. The dream in question, you ask? The dream involved a certain blond haired, golden eyed cutie giving sweet little kisses to our little automail fanatics lips. The same dream she'd had for the last week, ever since Ed had stood up for her against those creepy bullies. Bullies that Ed seemed to have quite a history with.

Winry gave her head a quick shake, to rid that weird reoccurring dream from her head. "Oh no…" She groaned, burying her hot face in her lame pillow. "Please don't tell me that I've got a crush on him…" She was groaning into her pillow, so nobody could hear her, as if there was anybody there to even listen. Her Gram was downstairs most likely making breakfast. She sighed once more; flailing herself back down onto the queen sized fluffy bed that her gram splurged on for her.

For some reason, her heart fluttered every time Ed was around and it made no sense! Or…maybe it did. Ed had been the first guy to stand up for her and that made her feel oddly feminine. Then again, Winry had stood up for him as well. She pouted at the thought. "Not like it matters anyway, he won't like me just like the other guys." She sighed a sad little sigh until she thought for a moment. Wait. There is NO reason why a guy shouldn't like her! After all, she was blonde, cute, with good sized boobs and smart to boot. Humph! If Ed didn't like her, then that was his problem! With her confidence thoroughly boosted, Winry leapt from the bed like an Olympic gymnast, her abundance in energy making for a hilarious sight when her gram busted in, calling that breakfast was ready.

Her Grams rough elderly features were twisted in bewilderment and something along the lines of amusement at the same time. Winry, however, had a deadpanned look. Like she'd just been caught dancing and singing naked to backstreet boys or something. "Winry, what in the hell has gotten into you?" Her Gram asked, her brow arched in serious confusion. "Nothing! J-just practicing for the long jump in gym class!" Oh what an awesome lie! Winry congratulated herself internally, surprising even herself with how quickly it came. With her wrinkly brow still arched, her gram turned slowly to leave. "Well…breakfast is ready." And with that, she retreated back downstairs where she came from.

Quickly showering with her favorite bath and body works blend 'moonlight path', she toweled off, brushed her long hair into a messy side pony with her cute bangs brushing her face. Then, she scurried off into her room, towel clad, then threw on her pre picked out outfit. It consisted of a simple white tank top, a black pleated mini skirt and a black blazer and flat, black boots. She scurried over to the full body mirror. Admiring herself with a broad smile. "It's not like I'm trying to get his attention or anything…" She muttered to herself, scolding herself for dressing so…girly. Winry was more of a jeans and T-shirt kind of girl…not a skirt girl. At least she didn't own a lick of make-up, or else she might have the urge to put the horrid crap on. She visibly shuddered at the mere thought.

"WINRY! Dammit! Your food is cold now!" She heard her gram yell in that angry tone of voice that indicated if she didn't get her butt downstairs then somebodies ass would get a whooping. Not hers, she hoped. She hurried downstairs and plopped down at the table, with her purse and book bag in hand. Apparently her gram had warmed her food up for her and looked like she was a smidgen annoyed. Crap.

"Are those bullies still picking on you?" She asked, her rough old voice not even hiding the anger at the thought of somebody picking on her sweet little granddaughter again. Winry was a little weird, but Pinako loved her. Loved her for her mother and father and she would be damned if Winry was ridiculed on her watch. Hell, Pinako would go up to that damned school on her own time and show those bullies just how it felt. She was old, but not old enough not to knock the shit right out of any of these ballsy little brats.

Winry suddenly looked a little uncomfortable, her sky blue eyes looking down at the plate of cheesy scrambled eggs, sausage patties, grits and toast, looking at the food with a weary expression. "Yea…I guess they still are. It's been a week since they started and my friends are amazing about it." She said with a hopeful voice. Pinako didn't buy it for a minute. "But?" She asked, her eyebrow rose. The young Rockbell let out a soft sigh at her grams insistence on the subject. "Well…they just won't stop. There are certain people in their little group who don't bother me at all, like this guy they call Greed and the girl called Lust but all of the others mercilessly mess with me and Ed, even though we have upperclassmen friends with a lot of pull in the school. I just don't get it." Upon explaining this to her grams, she recalled how the other day, Envy had placed a threatening note in her locker, written in blood, to frighten her. Honestly, it scared the holy shit out of her but she wouldn't let them see her fear. Winry wouldn't give them the satisfaction.

"…Winry, do I need to come up there?" Was all her gram asked, a firm look of anger set on her face. Winry shook her head causing her blond hair to shimmy around her body. "No, I can handle it." She sounded a hell of a lot more confident than she felt, but she got the point across. Her gram just remained silent, contemplative even. Edward? Hmm…it can't be Hoenheims little boy could it? Nonsense…they moved. Pinako pondered. The rest of the meal passed in choked silence and upon finishing, Winry snatched her belongings, slinging them on, calling out a friendly goodbye to her grandmother and headed off to school. A day that wasn't scary or annoying would be a nice day for her.

"Hey, Winry!" Sheska called, a smile on her lips as she greeted her at her car, which was ironically parked next to Maes's car, which Sheska had just climbed from. A smile pulled at her lips, especially when she saw what her awesome new bestie was holding in her hands. "Is that the newest volume of Fushigi Yugi: Genbu Kaiden?" She gasped, her smile unable to be hidden. Sheska nodded excitedly as her brother and his lovely girlfriend emerged from the car as well, a sweat drop on Hughes's head. "You're such a nerd, Sheska!" He whined in a mocking tone, which only rewarded him with a hellish glare heaved his way by Sheska and Winry. "Shut-up! I am not a nerd; I am simply a connoisseur of manga and anime. Get it right, baka!" She snarled, cradling the book to her breasts. Gracia laughed softly, melodically. "Yea! Don't hate," Winry pouted, ogling the book that Sheska had, coveting it in secrecy. "I think it's adorable, Maes. Besides…we all know you are a closet anime fan." Gracia teased, an amused smile on her glossed lips. His faced contorted in surprise as he clapped a hand over Gracia's mouth.

"Just because I enjoy a little Dragon Ball Z and Berserk does not make me like Sheska!" He hissed, causing Winry, Sheska and Gracia to giggle. Maes found their giggles contagious and soon joined in, that was until he heard the amused voice of his best pal, Roy. "Oh, don't let him fool you. He watches anime and reads manga 24/7. The other day he told me that he locked himself in his room and watched all of Shugo Chara." Everyone snickered as Maes turned red as a beet. "Liar! I said I was watching Love Hina you jerk!" He countered, only to get odd looks from Sheska and Winry. "Pervert…" They both muttered. Roy nodded twice as Gracia placed a soft kiss on her long time boyfriend's hairy jawline. "Hey guys…did I miss something?" Came the aloof voice of Ed, trotting up to them wearing loose dark wash jeans and a red short sleeved graphic tee with his normal hoodie slung over one shoulder.

Winry let her sapphire hues linger on him, noticing that his long, rich golden blond strands weren't loosely braided or tied into a high ponytail like normal. She surmised that he just was being lazy and would do it before school started. Upon noticing her lingering stare Ed smiled lazily at her, waving an iron hand at her. "You didn't miss anything, squirt. Just Maes getting outed." Ed was quick to get his temper flared. "SQUIRT? YOU SNARKY ASS-"He paused and thought for a moment. He then looked at Hughes then to Roy. "Outed? You mean…Hughes is…gay?" He asked in a small voice, taking a few steps back. Sheska, Gracia, Winry and Roy doubled over in laugher as Maes deadpanned for a moment. "Ugh…no, he outed my inner geek. NO. I'm NOT gay. I love my Gracia too much to ever be gay!" Maes snaked his way over to Gracia as he nuzzled his hairy cheek on her soft skin, causing her to giggle and everyone watching to roll their eyes.

"Aww…I wish I had somebody to love me like that." Winry sighed with a wistfulness that would rival any romantic anime heroine. Ed scoffed at her comment, moving next to her as Roy and Sheska began to chat with Riza, who had just walked up. "Puhlease." Winry glared at him. "Hey, don't make fun of my dream! I may be a tomboy who loves automail but that doesn't mean that I don't ever want to be loved an adored like that." She blurted out a little too much, she noticed, as she quickly shut her mouth. A look of amusement crossed Ed's features, his beaming golden suns focused on the pretty girl in front of him. "Yea, I guess every girl wants a guy like that but it'll eventually wear off and he'll get sick of her and dump her." He shrugged in nonchalance, which pissed Winry off even more. "You idiot! That's not even true! Sheska told me that they've been together for 3 years! He obviously still adores her…not everybody has the attention span of a gnat like you." She spat, finishing the statement with her tongue sticking out at him. Ed's gold brow rose as he smirked. "Well good for them. Not like a weird girl like you will ever find anybody who'll treat them like that! Nyah!" He returned her immature gesture.

Winry felt her irritation bubble over at his mean words. Even though she knew full well Edward was just teasing her, she took it extra personal because she had a crush on this jackass, for whatever reason. "ED YOU JERK!" Winry yelled, punching Ed right in his jaw as she turned on her heel and took off in the direction away from her friends. Sheska and Riza shook their heads as his idiocy. "You really are dumb, aren't you?" Came Riza's cool, almost cold voice. Ed was shaken for a moment, rubbing his sore jaw where Winry had delivered an impressive right hook. "Wha? Shut-up! I didn't do anything!" He stuttered as he was surrounded by condescending eyes suddenly. "You need a class or something on how to treat women." Sheska chided, pointing her finger at him. Riza and Gracia nodded in agreement. "He can take a million classes; he'll still be an idiot." Roy commented. "More like a virgin for the rest of his life." Maes teased with a grin. "SHUT-UP!I said I didn't do anything~" Ed exclaimed as his friends teased him. Suddenly, Ed turned to look into the closed eyes of Ling, right in his face. He screamed, jumping back, obviously startled by Ling just popping up out of nowhere.

"Woman troubles, eh'?" He asked with a nod. Ed smacked him upside his head, causing him to get pounced on by Ran Fan. "WHAT THE HELL?" Ed exclaimed in horror as he was punched on his left cheek by Ran Fan. "Don't hit him like that! I won't allow you to hurt him!" She stood protectively in front of Ling, who look slightly clueless. "It's okay, we were just kidding. Take it easy." He assured his right hand…lady. Ed glared at the both of them, his cheeks swollen and his eye twitching. "I'm going to class…" He grumbled, turning on his heel to leave until Ling was at his side again. "I can help you with all your lady troubles my friend…" He said, laying his hand on Ed's shoulder, which caused both his eyes to twitch. "I have no 'girl problems'. Go away." Edward grumbled, speed walking towards his first class without saying bye to his friends.

Winry slowed her full on run right as she collided into a hard chest, indicating that it was no female that she had hit. Instantly, Winry found herself apologizing without looking up to see who it was, only to hear an odd chuckle come from this guy. It was then that she looked up, right into a pair of eerie amber eyes. Not the rich golden that Ed's eyes were, just…strange eyes that peered down at her in amused interest.

"Oh, I'm sorry!" She apologized once more, bowing slightly. The guy with the long dark hair, 2 antennae looking bangs and weird eyes smirked. "Don't worry about it." He sized her up openly, an appreciative grin pulling at his lips even more. Winry didn't know why, but she felt repulsed by this. Great day to wear a skirt Winry. The one time I wear one, some creep is ogling me. She thought in irritation, yet managing to keep a small, weary smile. "I take it you're a freshman, I haven't seen you here before." He spoke again, his voice was fake somehow to her, hiding some kind of true intention, but Winry chided herself for thinking such of a guy she just met. He could be her prince charming for all she knew!

"Uh, yea." Was all she could manage before the guy smiled a sort of lopsided smirk. "My names Zolf, but most people call me by my last name Kimblee. What's your name, sweetie?" His words made her cringe internally but she kept that same uneasy smile. "It's Winry Rockbell. I'm sorry for bumping into you, I should be getting to class." She abruptly stepped around him until his coy grin widened, grasping her wrist which startled her, causing her to gasp and whip around, a look of sheer confusion on her face. Mischievous amber hues met baby blue depths for a moment until Kimblee spoke, his low voice full of flirtatious intention. "Well, Winry, next time I see you, it'll probably be underneath me." With that crude comment, he let out a snarky laugh and walked off, leaving Winry trembling in anger from his statement. Was he serious? This guy must have girls throw themselves at him all the time, but not her!

"What a dickhead, huh?" Came a voice she was familiar with; Jean Havock. She turned to see him with a slightly miffed look on his face. He wore a simple white graphic tee and light blue denim jeans, yet he was still a cutie, Winry decided. A playboy though. "No kidding, he was such a pompous jerk." Winry fumed, her dainty hand clenching her purse. Havock laughed at that, noticing Winry's aggravation. "Yea…he thinks he's some gigolo or something with the girls. Everyone knows that the ladies love me." He bragged, his blue eyes alight in laughter. Winry swaetdropped at that. "Hahah, whatever you say." His blond eyebrow rose. "So…what's up with you running away from Ed earlier?" He inquired, walking through the hallway with her to her first class before the bell rose. A faint blush crept up her cheeks at his inquiry. How did he see that? She wondered. "Pfft, nothing. He's such an insensitive jerk!" She sighed after, letting her blue eyes linger on the ground. "Give the guy a break, Winry. He's a little awkward but I can tell he cares." Havock said with a brotherly smile, laying a hand on her shoulder. "Yea right…" She muttered but the bell rang, a loud shrill noise. No more conversation was meant to be had right now apparently. "I'll see you at lunch, see ya." He called as he pushed through the sea of post puberty teens towards the male dressing out room for gym.

Winry cursed her luck. Her first class was with not only Ed, but Roy, Riza, Gracia, Sheska and those gothic jerks. She didn't want to face her friends just yet after running off so suddenly. She heaved a loud sigh as she kicked her feet strolling into the dressing room for gym class. Ugh, how Winry despised this horrid class. What makes it worse, Ed had not noticed her slightly girly outfit. Winry could just tell this was going to be 'One of those' days.

"So Ed, why are you so mean to your girlfriend?" Havock asked bluntly as they sat on the bleachers with Roy, Maes, Kain and Breda as they watched the girls play volleyball in the middle of the court. Ed's fair cheeks flushed as his temper flared. "W-WHAT GIRLFRIEND?" He damn near yelled, his face contorted in a humorous visage. "Winry, you pipsqueak." Roy replied teasingly, his dark eyes dancing with amusement as the rest of the guys chuckled. "PIPSQUEAK? SHUT-UP YOU…YOU FREAK!" Ed yelled, hate glares from hell aimed at Roy. Boy, if looks could kill…

"Enough enough…you are forgetting the task at hand!" Maes said with a friendly smile to Roy, who delighted in infuriating Ed. "She's hot, what's the deal bro?" Breda asked with a look of worry on his face. A look that stated that he doubted Ed's sexuality. "He just wants to take it smooth and slow, like makin' love." Maes said with a grin. Ed glared at him as well, wanting to slap him. "Shut-up! We barely know each other!" His protests fell on deaf ears however. "Well, Sheska told me that you and Winry were phone buddies for the whole summer." Kain pointed out, making Ed want to slap him too."Yea well, that's none of your business!" Ed pouted at this point, not feeling as if he had to have this conversation. "So, do you like not having a hot girlfriend" Breda asked with a raised brown, a smirk on his lips. "I don't want one! I'm just fine." Ed snarled in irritation, his sunshine brow raised in silent warning. Damn, these guys were too far in his business for his tastes….

"Man, what I'd do to her…" Jean said in an appreciative voice as he observed Winry knock the volleyball across the net in her black panty-esque gym outfit, which for some reason was a requirement. A simple white tee and black underwear like bottoms. Jean wasn't complaining, but whoever made this rule was a closet pervert. "She looks like Riza a little, don't you think, Roy?" Maes asked, looking from Riza to Winry, sizing and comparing them both. Now that he mentioned it…Roy did notice a rather high likeliness. "Just shut-up about it, okay?" Ed grumbled, his golden eyes averted away from the tantalizing image of Winry in those skimpy 'shorts' prancing around. Its bad enough Winry wore a short mini skirt but this? And to have them ogling her…ugh. Thank god for Maes and his faithfulness to Gracia and Roy with his closet like of Riza. It's not like Ed liked Winry anyway…

"Somebody is in denial…" Kain teased, letting one finger ease his black rimmed glasses back up his nose. Ed smirked at him. "Oh, and we all know you like Sheska, but have you told her? HMM?" Ed smirked down at him when Kain sputtered and fumbled trying to think of a suitable response. "W-well that is...I mean, we are just really good friends. And besides…everyone knows you like Winry." Maes chuckled, along with Breda, Roy and Jean. "Ah, to be young and in denial." Jean sighed with a joking laugh. "Trust me boys, it's so much better to have a sexy girlfriend then to miss the boat and have some other jerk on your girl." Maes warned the two, an older brotherly look about him. Kain looked up at him as if he was the messiah while Ed scoffed. Jean glanced over to Ed and eyed him warily. Better listen to him, fullmetal, there's already somebody after your girl. Jean thought, shaking his head in disapproval of Ed's obvious denial. Ed found himself unable to avert his eyes from Winry as she raced about her team's side of the court, sweat covering her, dampening her white shirt to almost make her baby blue bra completely seen through her shirt. Until some guy approached her on the court. Some tall, dark haired guy. Ed couldn't quite place why he was so pissed off all of a sudden, but he was. Something was not right about this jerk.

Mr. Falman's class was awkward, to say the least. Sheska and Kain knew about the fight Winry and Ed had had and Winry was silent the whole class, taking the notes that Mr. Falman was so meticulous about explaining while Ed didn't know what to do. He knew he was wrong for what he said and also knew it was his responsibility to apologize, yet he couldn't. For some reason he just couldn't, even though Kain told him to. Even though Sheska said that he should make up with her. Ed knew he had a few more classes with her and he didn't want to do it with these two lovers in denial breathing down his neck about it. He was never the type to feed into things like that. Thankfully, the gothic bullies decided to leave them alone for the time being.

Ed followed Winry to Mr. Garfiels class, not closely mind you. He was well aware that Winry was upset by her ridged posture but she would have to get over it because they sat at the same table in Welding/Woodworking class. He figured he would try to apologize then, if Ling didn't piss him off.

Once inside, Ed flopped into the uncomfortable chair next to Winry, only to see her scoot away slightly to the right, next to Russell, who smirked in a sly manner at this. Winry let her notebook softly drop to the wooden table and her Toki Doki purse slide into her lap protectively as Russell began in some idle chatter with her. Again, Ed didn't know why this pissed him off so much, but it did. Ling and Ran Fan arrived soon after in tow, animatedly chattering, rather Ling animated and Ran Fan intently listening with a soft smile on her lips. He found himself rolling his eyes at Ling's blatant obliviousness at how this girl felt for him. He however, took this moment to speak to Winry.

"Hey Win, can I see those notes you took in Falmans class?" He had that apologetic and lopsided smile on his lips and with Winry's lovely cornflower blue hues looking at him, smiling so cute, all the anger deflated like a balloon. She smiled slightly, turning away from Russell to look at him fully. "It's in my locker with my notebook, but I can let you borrow it after school." She replied with a cute smile. Ed felt the beginnings of a blush but forced it away. How stupid would he look if he did that? "Hey Win…about that stuff this morning…"He fumbled and hesitated, not really accustomed to apologizing when she stopped him as Russell, Ling and Ran Fan eavesdropped in the few remaining minutes before class began. "Don't worry about it, Ed." Was her simply and cheery reply. Ed gaped at her in awe as she exuded a beauty that he hadn't noticed before. She was wearing a skirt…and it showed her long and creamy legs. Ed gulped as he tried to discretely check her out. The black pleated skirt contrasted with her milky skin…but it looked nice to him, he decided. She wasn't stick thin, which was great, because he didn't like bony girls. Winry was curvy in all the good places and was really cute. Her smile was one of her best features.

"HELLO, is anybody home?" Ling poked the side of his head, knocking Ed out of his reverie. Ling…ugh Ling. "What?" He was irritated that not only he was bothered but he might have been caught checking out his female best friend. "So…I take it you and your girl made up huh?" Ling said in a hushed voice so Winry and Ran Fan didn't hear them as the two conversed with Russell. Ed's right golden brow twitched with anger. This again? He thought in aggravation. Why did everyone think they were dating? "She's not my girlfriend…and what about you and Ran Fan, huh?" Ed was always the master of subject change and it backfired, because Ling merely chuckled, one eye cracking open to reveal dark eyes. "She and I…we go way back, Ed." He said wistfully. Ed found himself confused by Ling's offhanded and vague statement. "And?" He asked in impatience. "Well, we are together but not…I suppose. She's my best friend, confidant and a servant of sorts in my country. It's kind of hard to explain." Ling attempted to rationalize his relationship but fell short, but Ed understood. "Oh…okay." Was all he said before class was started. All Ed knew was that Winry moved her chair closer to him and for some reason, that made Edward smile.

Lunch was the same as it had been since the beginning of the school year, all of their friends met in the courtyard outside after procuring some grub and hung out for the hour, just chatting and joking around. Nothing new. Well not today.

Ed had just walked through the clear double doors that led to the semi secluded courtyard located in a shaded area connected to the cafeteria when he noticed a look of dread on his friends faces. He was about to ask what until he was forcefully pushed forward by some unknown person. Unknown his ass. Only a fatass person could knock Ed down like that. To make matters even worse, he was trampled on by this gargantuan fatass and three of his friends, and even two more. "WHAT THE SHIT? I'M DOWN HERE YOU KNOW!" Ed screamed in anger, leaping to his feet, already in a tizzy until he heard hostilities break out. Dammit, it was that group of gothic bullies here to try and start some shit. Well, Ed would give them what they wanted. That was until he saw the girl they called 'Lust' with her slender arm hooked around Jeans waist possessively. What…the hell?

"What the hell is wrong with you, Jean?" Roy growled his voice low and warning as he glared as his good friend who seemingly had brought the bullies to Winry and Ed and he would have none of that shit on his lunch period today. Roy was so not in a mood for this crap. Jean smiled nonchalantly at Roy, waving a dismissive hand. "Dude, she came up to me and said she just wanted to stop all the hostilities…a truce. Kind of." Jean explained, obviously enamored by the concept of getting laid by such a smoking hot girl. Roy, Riza, Maes, Gracia, Breda, Kain, Sheska, Winry and Ed were all pensive, standing in a huddle. Ed maneuvered himself in front of Winry, just in case they tried to hit her again like before. And damned if they looked like they wanted a truce, they all looked damn smug to Ed's eyes. The one with the spikey over gelled hair that they called Greed was nonchalant, looked like he couldn't care less, the little one called pride, the fatass one, and the two with the long hair that bullied Ed in middle school all showed a coy slyness that pissed Ed off to no end. The girl, however, 'Lust' looked as cool as a damned cucumber.

All eyes were on this lust chick, waiting for her to speak. She ran a porcelain hand with red fingernails through her dark waves, looking a little too provocative doing it. "Well, since Jean and I decided to officially start dating today, I figured it would be best to call a truce." Her voice was extremely sultry, even catching Roy and Breda off for a moment, resulting in a stone glare from Riza. Riza, Winry, Sheska and Gracia didn't like this girl. She was far too sexy for their liking. At her statement however, mouths dropped to the floor. "Y-YOU'RE DATING HER?" Ed yelled, his golden eyes twitching in anger that he turned over to the 'Dark Side.' A smirk pulled at Jeans lips. "Yea, be jealous that I got this hottie." Maes sighed softly, shaking his head in disapproval. "Jean…are you sure that's what they want? Last I recall, they were sticking threatening notes in Sheska and Winry's locker." Ed let his fists clench at the reminder.

"Don't worry, sweetie, I've called them off." Lust replied to Maes, and Gracia, in all her sweetness, tossed a warning glare to this…this slut. "I'm not your 'Sweetie' and if they are called off, then I had better not see them starting any crap with my friends." Maes warned her, his voice edging on irritation and his look of pure seriousness. Ed smiled broadly at Maes, applauding his attitude towards this chick who thought her shit didn't stink. Ed saw right through that pretty exterior, right down to the manipulative bitch she really was. "Well, if you guys really want to be friends…" Winry said with a weary smile as she walked towards Lust and her entourage in order to greet them. Ed took the few steps with her, only to see Winry slip out of nowhere, her elbow connecting with the concrete of the ground, scraping it badly enough to draw blood immediately.

"Shit!" She cursed and as Gracia and Riza rushed to help her, Ed and Maes had their glare plastered on the one called Envy. Maes and Edward had seen him quickly push her as clear as day, Roy as well, but to the untrained eye, it would seem she tripped. "You need to be more careful…" Envy chuckled with an amused attitude, and Ed was about to step up and kick his girly ass when Maes and Roy laid a firm hand on both shoulders, gently shaking their head no. It was a silent agreement that these bastards would get what was coming to them. "Are you okay, Winry?" Edward inquired as he turned away from the gothic kids who were retreating back into the cafeteria with Jean in tow, kneeling next to Winry to examine her hurt arm. She shook her head for a moment while Gracia dabbed at it with a handkerchief she kept in her purse. "Yea, I'm alright, but I'm telling you, I didn't trip. This is gonna sound weird but that Envy guy tripped me so fast…I doubted it at first." She shook her head again to become fully aware but when she opened her eyes, all she saw was the stern faces of her friends.

"This is bullshit." Came the deep baritone of Roy, his dark eyes alight with flame as he stared after where the Goths had retreated. "You're not seeing things, Winry. I saw it too…" Kain spoke, pulling the large headphones off of his head. "Yea, I think we all did." Riza said in that soft, yet firm monotone that is uniquely hers. Her cool blue eyes rested on Winry's elbow as she tied Gracia's handkerchief around her elbow. "I don't understand…why are they targeting Winry?" Came Gracia's lovely voice, bewildered and full of concern. Maes decided to speak his concerns. "I thought that too at first, and I'm pretty sure it's because Winry stood up for Ed, who they bully. The bullies don't take too kindly to the bullied standing up for themselves."

Everyone thought on that for a moment. "Well, they can go to hell! I'm not gonna stand by and watch those assholes mess with Winry just because she's friends with me. I say we kick their ass!" Ed said with great fury, his golden brows knitted in irritation. "Well, didn't they just say they wanted a truce? If that's the case, then why come here and start shit?" Asked Breda, his face wore a look of Are these kids serious? "It was to brag to us that one of us has gone to their side." Roy mused aloud, his hands now thrust into the pants of his dark blue jeans. "Please, I doubt he would side with them over a girl." Ed mocked and upon seeing the looks of hilarity on the male faces and even some of the female faces, Ed quirked his head slightly to the left in confusion. "Boy, you don't know squat do you, shorty?" Roy teased with a humor filled laugh. "WHAT? CALL ME SHORTY AGAIN! I DAR—" Ed's rant was interrupted by Breda, who was chuckling heartily. "Trust me, kid. The power women hold over men can make a man kill to get it." What the hell is he talking about? Ed pondered with an incredulous look about him.

"Regardless of any of that perverted nonsense, what should we do next?" Riza asked before Ed inevitably asked Breda what he meant and Breda and the guys would school his little virgin mind on the wonders of the female sex organ. "Hmm…I say we just convince Jean she's a whore and move on." Roy suggested with a laugh. "Well, I don't want to start anything else, so let's just drop it until something happens again." Winry said, her voice unsure as the words exited her pink lips. "You've got to be kidding, Win." Ed deadpanned. "No…I don't want to drag you guys into it. I'm not a baby, I can handle myself…so let me handle it, okay?" Her pleading sky blue eyes were on Edward now, begging him silently to just let it drop before it got seriously out of hand. His seas of amber held her gaze for a moment until he sighed, helping Winry to her feet with his right hand. "All right, but if it does get out of hand…I'm kicking some serious ass." Ed finally caved, with a slight blush about his cheeks as he looked around and saw all their friends showing a cheesy grin. As Winry stood up, she felt tears sting her eyes, but refused to let them slide down. All she could muster to think of was why. Why wouldn't these jerks leave her alone? Why was she, yet again, the butt of some bullies 'affection'? Next time those jerks think to hurt her again, Winry had something for them. She was definitely carrying her trusty automail fixing wrench with her to school from now on.

The remainder of the school day was a blur to Winry, worry and gloominess her demeanor. Edward didn't fail to notice, but he kept it to himself for the time being, all the while, thinking of what he could do to make her feel better. He didn't like that glossy look in her pretty sky blue eyes that made them look more like endless, soft blue seas. It was obvious she had already cried or if she hadn't, then she would soon. He kept asking himself why he even cared, but it was obvious. She was his friend, a good friend who had talked him off the ledge so to speak, and it pissed him off that these assholes had shaken Winry so much, especially since she had exuded nothing but a feisty and loveable attitude so far. It irked him how much she didn't show, how much pain she kept bottled inside. Eventually, she would self-destruct, Ed knew that from personal experiences but he at least had Al by his side….Al….A light bulb seemed to go off in Ed's head at that moment at how to cheer Win up. She was always saying how she wanted to meet Al and Ed had to pick him up today from Middle School, so this would be the perfect time, and if it wasn't, oh well, Al would make it better.

The final bell had rang, indicating that it was time for the teens that inhabited the classrooms to get off the premises with as much haste as was humanely possible. Ed strolled along to his car, which was parked adjacent to Roy's flashy Mustang GT (LOL good pun, I know) and spotted Winry swapping her goodbyes to Maes, Gracia, and Sheska, who seemed to be parked next to her. Of course, Ed wasn't surprised to see Winry driving a large Chevy Avalanche that was painted the same hue as her pretty and glittery eyes. He quickly trotted up to her, absentmindedly noting again that she was wearing a cute outfit and was somewhat disappointed for some reason that she didn't have to use a step to climb into the truck. Yea…he wasn't some pervert…or was he? Ed smacked those thought away like an annoying fly as he approached Winry, who was slowly putting her belongings into the passenger side of the truck. He pondered for a moment if she was purposefully wasting time.

"Hey Win!" Ed called to her as he reached her, startling her as he was right behind her. She eyed him oddly for a moment then fumbled a weak smile on her face. "E-Edward! Don't come sauntering up to me like that and not making yourself known! You freaked me out for a minute." She scolded him, and Ed had a feeling she thought it was one of those douchebag Homunculus group losers. "Sorry, geez, I thought I was pretty loud running over here to catch you." Ed grumbled, his hands now balled in a fist and stuffed into the pockets of his hoodie. Winry smiled warmly at him and waved her petite hand dismissively, letting her now clear blue skies rest on him. "So what's up?" Her voice was perky and cute like normal, and that made Ed warm as well. He liked it when she was energetic and vibrant. This was the tricky part though. Ed was not used to dealing with girls at all and while it wasn't like he was asking her out on a date or anything like that, it was still embarrassing none the less.

"Hey…so…" Ed started, his head tilting slightly to the right, his golden orbs averting to her car so he didn't have to look at her curious and speculative face. Winry was an open book, wearing her emotions on her sleeve. "So…what?" She inquired, her girlish lilt tinted with impatience as she tapped her foot in irritation. "Well…I was just wondering…if you weren't real busy or anything…" Ed was horribly botching this and Winry saved him the effort of finishing his pathetic kind of sentence by cutting him off rudely. "Just spit it out, Ed!" She exclaimed, her cheeks tinted a faint pink hue, the same as Ed's cheeks. His temper began to flare at her constant interruptions. "Shut-up! I'm trying to ask you if you wanna come with me to pick Al up from school! Alright? Was that fast enough for ya?" Ed yelled, his sunshiny depths flaring to life as she gasped softly, not at him yelling at her, but him…kind of asking her out. Not really…but kinda.

A broad and knowing smile spread across her lips at this. "So, you're trying to ask me on a date huh? I can see why you were so shy, I am a cutie." She replied with coyness in her voice and an utterly adorable smile on her lips. Ed spluttered for a moment, his cheeks covered in a red hue as he glared daggers at her. "NO, you wish, idiot!" He spat in total humiliation, crossing his arms across his broad chest and resting his weight on his left leg. His mouth was pulled into an embarrassed frown that Winry just thought was too cute. She giggled at his attempt to throw her off the mark. "So, why do you want me to come with you?" She asked absentmindedly. Ed sighed loudly at her, Man, girls never got it.

"You said you wanted to meet Al, so I just wanted to offer." Was his simple reply and that was all it took for Winry to nod her head vigorously at his offer, a bright smile on her supple, pink glossed lips. "Okay, but you have to drop me off back off at my car later, okay?" She said, her blue eyes now blissful and her gloomy and worried attitude was now replaced by a jovial and excited demeanor. Ed relaxed and let out the breath he had no idea that he was holding, a small lazy smirk pulling at his lips. "Sure…lets head out, Al is almost out and it's a 15 minute drive." Winry just nodded once more, bouncing happily as she snatched her purse from the interior of her car, leaning into it as Ed's nose exploded with blood at the sight of her pastel pink boy shorts that defined every curve of her bottom…and everything else. Clasping his hand to his nose in shame, he chided himself internally for sneaking that peek. Bad Edward, BAD. I should have never even looked! But she should have never jumped in her car like that…ugh any old pervert could have seen that! Ed glanced around them but saw that the parking lot was damn near empty. Good.

He wiped the blood on the interior of the hoodie where his hands normally rested stealthily, smiling awkwardly as Winry locked her Truck and skipped alongside Edward as they trotted to his Toyota Corolla. Ed knew this was going to be a weird day, he just knew it.