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School was horrible.

Everywhere she went all she heard were whispers.

"Where's Johnny?"

"I heard he ran away."

"No way!"

They were taunting and causing tears and rips to nearly break the figurative shield she had built around herself during the past few days.

After Sissy had found out about Johnny's disappearance, all she did was stay under the covers the entire rest of the week, and the weekend. None of her homework was done, no sleep was gained, and her state of mind was no better than when she had found out.

"Hey Cecilia."

It was Janet Jackson. They were not exactly friends, but they knew each other and that somehow gave Janet the excuse she needed to talk to Sissy. Even though it was mind nerving how she always said her real name.

Sissy mumbled, "' 'morning."

"Did you hear what happened to Test?"

Of course she did, what else was everybody talking about, and she knew Janet was aware of that, but to amuse her, she complied.

"No, what happened?"

A small nasty smile appeared onto Janet's face.

"I heard that Test ran away after giving a girl a sexual disease. She doesn't go to our school, but I hear that she's really sick and that Test ran away because he didn't want his family to find out."

A look of sick satisfaction then made its way upon Janet's face, "It's not like anyone will actually miss him. He was always too loud, stupid, lonely with that dog of his, and really just a waste of space."

Sissy kept her face calm, with a few flashes of anger at the hurtful insults and lies Janet threw at her. But her emotions were of pure distaste for the raven haired beauty in front of her. Her hands were instinctively curled into fists, and her nails pierced her palm. She could feel the wetness of blood pooling around her fingers.

"What do you think Sissy?"

She knew it. She knew it! This girl was setting her up, and wanted to set her up to scream and rant and defend Johnny, just to make her a spectacle to watch and jeer at.

And no matter how much she wanted to do just exactly that, she couldn't. She had to appear untouchable.

"I think nothing, it's none of my business, and it's the families and authorities."

Yet her mind screamed it was every part of her business.

Janet sniffed and without even saying another word, left off to torture another person.

The whole day, Sissy was unfocused, cranky, and edgy.

It seemed nobody cared that Johnny was gone.

The thought made her even sadder.

The bullies who used to rain terror over Johnny seemed to have moved on. Mr. Teacher Man didn't even mention his disappearance.

She was about to leave when she heard things that made her sick to her stomach with utter disgust, and great sadness.

Sissy was walking to the school door and reached a corner, when she then heard abrupt laughter coming from a large group of girls and boys she guessed to be her age.

"I heard Test got some girl preggers." It was one nasal like voice.

"I thought it was a sexual transmitted disease?" Another laughed

"It's not like the kid could get a girl anyway." This time it was a boy

"Like you could get one Josh." One of the girl's voices squealed

"I kind of feel sorry for the guy though, do you half to be so mean guys?" Another guy's voice

"Don't be limp dick Terry, it's not like you care, I mean, won't it funny when he comes back to school and hears what everybody thinks of him now." It was Josh again

"I knew it, you started the rumors!"

"It's not like we know the kid, and I was looking for a little entertainment as well. 'Sides, we're eighth graders, he's just a measly seventh grader with no friends, it's not like he can do anything to us."

"I wonder why he really left."

"Who cares?"

By this point, Sissy was okay with missing her bus, and with sitting on the floor bawling. With the realization of unwarranted cruelty directed at Johnny. Was he really that hated? Was he that easily kicked down to the curb?

Sissy began put her knuckle to her mouth as her continued to listen in. She bit onto the one closer the to her thumb, the index fingers, and almost bit it to the point of drawing blood, the skin around it looking red and numb.

After a few a minutes, she slumped onto the floor tiles, still hiding behind the corner. Silent tears gathered in her eyes. She couldn't take it anymore. This unbearable pain.

"I'm taking my leave, see you later?"


One by one, the other pre teens left.

One hour, two hours, after three hours Sissy still sat on the floor, keeping her tears at bay. Bite marks covered her entire right hand.

She slowly rose up, and grabbed her bag.

She walked for over another hour to her home, never being so happy then at that moment at finally being home. It was an incredibally stressful, anger testing, will crushing day.

And of course her mom wasn't home.

Missy scratched at the door until Sissy opened it.

Noticing her Mistress's distress, she whined into Sissy's leg, showing her sorrow.

Sissy, mistaking it for hunger, went into the kitchen and came back out with a dog dish full of food in her left hand. Then went back in for a dish full of water. She had to make two trips because of her right hand.

Sissy's eyes were dull, and blank. A dark haze settling over the blue color.

She left Missy down on the floor with her dinner. She ignored her own need for sustainment.

Walking up the stairs, she dropped her bag uncaringly, shrugging off her green jean sweater in the same breath.

By the time she was at the top, her checkered sneakers were gone, as well as the headband in her hair.

In her room, she looked at the time reading 7: OO, she took off her tee shirt, and pants, leaving her in her undershirt and panties.

No shower, no brushing of the teeth, she didn't even close the door.

Finally in her surprisingly pink sheets, she buried her head under the covers, and let the fat hot tears run down her cheeks.

Her life was completely empty now.


It had been a few months, but somehow Johnny had acquired all his memories once more.

It had been a few painful days, relieving the whole ordeal, explaining what happened to Johnny after he was tested.

Johnny at first, mourned at his loss of his normal life. When he did this though metal around him floated around him melancholically. It was like that for a few days.

Now he just walked around, with no real goal in his mind.

His hair was longer, still spiked in the front with red highlights, but instead of going up, it was more of a large tuff in all directions. The back of it was where it started growing out, and it was down to his neck if not shoulders.

He changed out of the clothes from the ordeal about a year ago, which was just his black shirt, and green cargo pants, and into a gray loose fitting shirt, and pants. He went barefoot unless it got cold.

Dukey on the other hand had figured out how to transfer from the organic bodies, so he went around doing the domestic duties in the bomb shelter, which was only making food, since Johnny didn't really make messes anymore.

As he watched Johnny lie down with no real purpose in mind, he was in his child-like body, in the same type of clothes that Johnny wore.

The boy was a complete opposite of his former self. He never touched the TV. He didn't eat cupcakes, and while the old Johnny would be awake and alive with excitement, this Johnny just slept, for days on end sometimes.

And Dukey worried about him. He wanted some sort of life to enter Johnny's eyes again. His eyes always looked so sad.

Johnny was still asleep, thought it was day time, and Dukey wanted to find something in the bomb shelter, that could entertain Johnny. In his provided human body, he searched throughout the different floors, until he found a room.

Full of books.

At first Dukey scoffed at the thought of Johnny reading at his own will, but then thought he had nothing left to lose.

They were already dead to the world.

So he looked within the caverns of the so called self library.

There were passages full with fiction and nonfiction, sy-fi, western, Indies, culture, everything!

Dukey grabbed any book he could carry, though he was still getting used to opposable thumbs.

When Johnny awoke, what laid waiting for him was a tall stack of books, as tall as him.

He saw Dukey sitting off, far to the side in Indian style, looking quite pleased with himself.

Johnny took the first book on top of the whole stack and sat back on the couch, Dukey settling next to him.

Johnny opened the book.


Over the past year, many things had changed.

The rumors about Johnny settled down to an abrupt halt, probably because of a loud mouthed fool blabbing about it around people who knew Johnny's parents, who in turn reported it to the school threatening to sue.

Then the teens who started the rumors were tracked down and suspended for two weeks, each and every one of them pissed and unhappy.

The rumors died down into nothingness, not even a trifle remembrance.

And soon, even Johnny himself was entirely forgotten by his peers.

Except Sissy.

Over the year she had changed too.

She cut her naturally red highlighted blonde hair, to just reach her neck, and had kept it that way.

She wore blue jeans more often, and always wore her green jean jacket now.

Her shoes were now converse rather than checkered printed shoes.

And she was an outcast.

She went to school, got her grades, and came home. That was it.

She didn't want to socialize with the people who had the nerve to not only talk smack about Johnny, but laugh about his disappearance as well.

She was also a really good fighter.

But unlike most would think, she was not a defensive fighter, the whole 'I-want-to-protect-people-weaker-than-others' got to her. Sissy didn't really understand why that type of person was portrayed in fiction, if it never really happened in real life.

Instead she started the fights.

With other teens that looked at her the wrong way, bullies who attempted to bully her. There were a lot of stereotypes.

The amount of times she had gone into the office had also increased greatly since Johnny's disappearance. And Sissy found herself eavesdropping on administrative staff drama and rumors.

Her mother on the other hand never even noticed the changes occurring within her teenage daughter. Sissy preferred it that way, and even learned to embrace the fact that her mother was completely uninterested with her life and preferred the company of men who never gave her a second glance after a flippant break up. Who knew?

She had made friendship with the alien girl that lived near Johnny, with the green hair and purple clothing.

She had gotten a scholarship to MIT, and was going to study astrology the next year. Sissy admired Jillian, for her easily attained look of disinterest and complete boredom that could get her out of any situation.

Sissy had often at nights, tried to attain her own look, one that did not show anger and fierceness, yet did not imitate Jillian. In fact, Jillian had cut her hair into a Chinese bob, with sharp curves that ended around her chin, because of Sissy's own haircut.

But on day like these, she found herself completely uninterested in anything and everything.

Her blue eyes showed a cold anger boiling within, and her face contained barely restrained sassiness, with an edge.

Her mother was getting married.

She had never met the man, until today, when her mother had for once come to her school, dragged her out of class, and made her wait five hours until it was seven to meet the man of her so called dreams.

Which meant she would be forced to remember his name.

And she was still waiting as her mother went into the restaurants restroom to freshen up.

She sat at the table her mother reservated alone. Left in her thoughts.

She though of Johnny.


"You know what Test, I think you're just mad cause I turn twelve before you!" Sissy Blakely brashly yelled

"So what, I'm still better than you at Smash Badger's Three, and I'm the original flame head, being older means you're just a-a a fuddy-duddy!"

Sissy laughed loudly and in his face.

"Just for that, I might not let you come to my birthday party."

"Who'd wanna come anyway, I got wwwaaaaaaaaayyy, more important things to do on Saturday."

"Like what, give your dog a bath."

"For your information, a flea bath."

The two flame headed kids of Porkbelly were arguing again, Sissy's birthday was on the fifth of April, exactly a month before Johnny's birthday.

They were arguing for no exact reason again.

"Bring you're skateboard stupid, we're using my ramp!"

"And I'm gonna show you up again."

"Since when do you ever show me up?"


Ever since Dukey had gotten him to start becoming book smart, Dukey also designed a training schedule for him.

It was like a deadlier version of Physical Education. But with more running, and abdominal exercises.

And the mutt had the nerve to test him on real physical knowledge at least once a week.

Of course, Johnny could understand the reasons.

When his memories had settled back in, all he did was mourn. He stared unto into nothingness for days on end, and was even once caught contemplating suicide.

After that, he didn't think he had ever cried that much in his life before.

So Dukey attempted to revive his old spirit, using the video games in the very large TV left in the bomb shelter.

But all he felt was annoyed at the simple challenges of simple graphics and level after level, until he had finished everything in a day.

For some reason, he was more entertained by fiction, mysteries and plot after plot of trickery and deceit.

Food was no problem for him; there was over twenty years worth of stock in the makeshift kitchen.

At the moment, Dukey was napping in his original dog body, his master on the green couch, with a simple book on martial arts.

But nothing was sticking in his head, after he read one sentence and moved on to another, he would soon forget what he was reading in the first place.

And Johnny soon found himself think thoughts that he had been avoiding for ages.

His old life.

Though he had so brashly claimed that he did not want to go to her birthday party, his chest skipped several beats when the simple thought of it entered his mind.

He worried for days on end on what he should get her, if she would like it or not, if someone else gave her a better present.

He worried so much that Dukey had to slap him on many occasions, and he ended up letting his mother take him to the mall just to pick out a gift the day before the party.

His mother had gushed at the prospect of Johnny going on his first 'date', and hinted that there was a crush, that Johnny had rashly denied.

Saturday morning was uneventful, except for the boundless amounts of nervousness and the sinking felling that the day was going to be messed up badly.

He dressed in normal clothes, and brought his wrapped up present. He almost forgot his skateboard until he tripped over it in sheer anticipation.

He didn't dare eat any breakfast for fear of vomit.


When Sissy woke up, she treated it like any other day. Until the hope that Johnny would really arrive settled in. Then she became unsettled.

Missy was at her grandparents so the natural comfort she would have received was gone.

Her mother hadn't bothered to leave a card of congratulations.

Her only hope was Johnny, and Sissy didn't mind one bit.

First of all, she had to clean the house and her room. For some reason, cleaning calmed her down.

The she had to shower. Instead of her usual attire, she put her hair into a low ponytail, wore a white shirt with black print that voiced 'I LOVE MUSICIANS' with the love in sign language, and dark green pants with multiple pockets. Her shoes were red converse.

Then after running down to the nearest bakery, she chose a chocolate cake covered in butter cream icing of course.

Cake ready, skateboard polished and ready to grind, Sissy sat and waited.

Twelve o'clock, one o'clock.

By two, Sissy doubted herself, just being a natural pessimist.

Why would Johnny like a girl like her, or come over to her house? She was loud and barely had any friends.

And she always berated him in the littlest competitions that had no value whatsoever.

She wasn't really of any value was she?

It was then she heard a knock on the door. At first it was hesitant, and then it grew stronger.

Sissy ran to the front yard around her house.

Her eyes met with baby blue ones, her red faced matched his red stained cheeks.

Both blushes grew darker.

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