"Now open wide." Token's voice chided gently making me roll my eyes at him, I mean I'm seventeen! I pouted and glared slightly at him making him laugh. "Now Clyde if you want to get all better you need to eat." I knew I had to but that honestly wasn't wasn't helping Token, neither was bumping the spoon against my lips over and over again as if it would somehow slip into my mouth.

I sighed and opened my mouth the tiniest bit, just enough for the food to slide into my mouth. However unlike the soup from the night before I was really having trouble keeping it down. I felt the tapioca sitting in my mouth and I knew I just had to swallow, however I felt myself heave and in seconds I had spat the pudding out, right onto Token's shirt. I dry heaved painfully and sputtered, nothing but drool dripping from my mouth as I coughed. I looked up pathetically only to have my mouth wiped with a soft linen napkin which made me feel guilty, I was getting my drool on such a nice thing.

"Sorry." I muttered as my body relaxed and I heard a soft sigh.

"Clyde," he stopped and started again, "You've got to hold something in, please, for me?"

"You think I have a choice!" I immediately sputtered glaring slightly at him with an anger that spontaneous flamed in me and I immediately regretted it and covered my mouth with slightly widened eyes. "Token I.."

"Shhh." Token pressed his finger to my lips and eased me into his lap, gently easing my back so I was laying down slightly in his arms. "You're ok." He soothed gently and my body relaxed. He picked up the spoon and filled it with a less amount of pudding and held it to my lips, "Try again, please?"

I sighed and took the pudding into my mouth again, this time swallowing it only to have an uncomfortable shudder go through my body. I coughed and felt extremely uncomfortable, nuzzling closer to Token only to feel a wet spot. I looked at the spot only to see a dark stain from where I'd spat out the pudding. I paled slightly and nuzzled into a chest trying to show him how sorry I was.

"It's ok." Token soothed gently placing his hand in my hair, "It's just a shirt."

No it wasn't, it was an incredibly expensive shirt that I had just puked all over.

My face flushed and I looked up at him while slightly panting which earned me a sigh and the barely eaten pudding was placed on a table and I was pulled into his arms. Oh god the pudding was rolling in my stomach and I began coughing as Token pulled me close.

"Shh." he tried to sooth me again only making me cry more, why couldn't I hold in anything? I wanted to get better!

"Token, is he ok?" Mr. Black was back and he looked at the both of us. Unlike my parents who would be disgusted if I was holding Token like this he seemed fine with it.

"Yeah, he's just having some trouble keeping the food down." said Token running his hand through my hair.

"Token I really do hate to ask this, but I'm trying to think of what's best for Clyde." I froze and looked up, oh no was he going to send me back to live with my parents? My grip tightened on Token's shirt and he frowned.

"What are you saying dad?"

"Your mother and I were wondering, maybe it would be best to send Clyde to one of those rehab places, so he could get better and then come live with us again. We're not trying to kick him out, it's just they know what they're doing better than we do." I heard Token sigh as he thought and immediately I panicked.

No, no, no! No way in hell was I going to one of those places! I shivered remembering documentaries I'd watched of people going to those places; the ones that broke the rules, and got stomach tubes to force feed them, and those creepy therapists.

"Clyde? Clyde!" I was snapped out of my thoughts by Token who was staring at me with concern as was Mr. Black. I felt something warm trickling down my face and I realized I was crying.

"I.. I'll eat the pudding." and with that I grabbed the bowl and began forcing it down my throat. Trust me, worst decision I have ever made. Immediately I felt like I was going to throw up again and the bowl and spoon were wrenched out of my hands and thrown on the table. I swallowed whatever I had in my mouth, although some managed to come back up and I felt it sliding past my lips and oozing down my face. Like before the napkin came and wiped it as my body began shaking uncontrollably.

"Clyde why the hell did you do that!" Token asked with a tone of anger as he wrapped a blanket around me. I saw why he was mad because my stomach immediately filled with a cramping pain and I curled instinctively, blinking my eyes quickly to try and relieve the feeling.

"I.. Don't send me to those places Token." I whispered, "I'll eat, I promise, I'll get better." Immediate sympathy filled Token's face and his father looked regretful.

"Oh Clyde, we won't." Token began soothing rubbing his hand on my back. "You didn't have to do that Clyde; I know you'll get better."

"I didn't mean to upset you Clyde." said Mr. Black with regret in his voice. "I didn't know you were so afraid."

I hiccupped and began to fight the feeling to purge, you can hold it Clyde, you can hold it.

Soon the warmth from the blanket and Token's body hit me and I sighed in relief as the feeling began to cover my entire body. I nuzzled my head into Token's chest and began relaxing myself as Token's fingers began to brush out my knotty hair. He and his father began talking while I simply dozed on and off in Token's arms. I caught words of their conversation but I was so out of it that it sounded like words mashed together. Soon I was aware of someone shaking me.

"Clyde?" I blinked and looked up, my stomach was still painfully flip flopping and Token smiled, "Hey, you want to clean up a bit?" I realized I hadn't showered in like two days and my face blushed slightly red and I wondered if this was Token's way of telling me I smelled. I nodded and Token eased himself out from under me saying something about running me a bath.

Wow, I don't think I've ever really had a bath; my parents could never really afford luxuries like that. The only bath I'd ever had was when I was a baby and my parents would wash me in the sink.

Then I realized something else, Token hadn't been to school since I'd been sick plus the day he'd missed half to take me here. How many days was that? In all honesty I'd lost count after going in and out of sleep.

Soon Token was back and helping me off the couch making me shiver and throw his hands off me. I was strong enough to walk to the bathroom and damn it I had a little pride left in me, however Token stopped me from going into the usual bathroom and I gave him a confused look. "Upstairs, you're using my personal bathroom." said Token as he fluffed my hair.

"You have a personal bathroom?" I asked in surprise as he led me upstairs. Even though we'd been friends for years his parents didn't love for us to go upstairs, something about clean carpets and messy teens. When I stepped into his bathroom I swear my mouth dropped. It was beautiful, gleaming white and bigger than my bedroom. There was a huge bathtub, and a walk in shower, and dozens of soaps and things that I really wanted to try out.

"You want me to leave you alone?" Token asked and I shook my head. I knew he'd be more comfortable if he was positive I wasn't puking my brains out and if he was more comfortable that made me happy. However I did make him turn around as I undressed and slid into the tub. As I entered the water I let out a loud gasp which immediately alerted Token. "What? What's wrong?" he asked concerned only to hear me sigh in response.

"This feels amazing." I said with another relaxed sigh and Token sighed as well but his was in relief. The bubbles were thick and white and covered my shoulders in their warmth. I leaned back and all the stress and tension I'd been feeling simply melted away and the thought that I could now take one of these whenever I wanted made me sigh again. Suddenly I felt water hit my head and drip down it and I looked up to see Token gently pouring water over my head.

"You need to wash your hair too." he said with a smirk as he filled his fingers with shampoo. I wanted to stop him and tell him the problem with my hair when his fingers gently began messaging my scalp. I sighed with pleasure and sunk a bit deeper into the bath only to freeze when I felt him go rigid.

"Your hair is.."

"I know." I said sadly which warned me a quick rinse which I made even quicker by dunking my head under the water, then shaking my head like a dog.

"Clyde!" Token yelled trying to shield himself and I laughed, forgetting about the hairs that were flying off my head. Soon I began washing myself with one of the scented soaps and as I leaned forward to scrub my feet a soft hand gently felt my back which made me tense. I looked to see Token frowning as his fingers trailed my spin which stuck out against my skin. I shot back up trying to hide it and blushed slightly, trying to ignore Token's frown. Soon I finished cleaning myself and glanced at Token who sighed and left the room understanding what I was getting at. I climbed out of the tub and dried myself with a towel Token had left out for me, and then I noticed the robe he'd left for me as well. I grabbed it in my hands and gently felt the material; it was so soft and warm. I yawned already tried again, I had to stop sleeping this much. I stepped out of the bathroom and yawned again only to be scooped up in Token's arms.

Usually I would have complained, but at that moment my eyes shut and I fell asleep.