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Track 30: bOOn

"So instead of ripping me apart, couldn't you run some tests of some sort?" asked Elwood.

"The problem is I don't even know what to test first," responded Nazna with a sigh. "I'll call Gamma and see what he thinks."

"While you're at it, find the town he's in," coldly said Elwood.

Nazna was going to crack a joke or insult the 13-year old upstart, but she decided against it and said, "Sure, whatever. If he doesn't tell me, it's on his head."

"Mellowing out, isn't she?" noted Wolfina.

All their heads turned toward the noise coming from the entrance of Gemini Labs.

"Fold, don't be such a noisy boy," scolded Full.

"Yes, Mistress," slurred Fold.

"Now we need to find that Ring of the Dead and report back to the Dealer," stated Full.

"What about the people here?" asked Fold.

Full smiled, her luscious lips curving to a venomous, yet enchanting smile. "Rip their spines out."

"UNAUTHORIZED PERSONNEL AT MAIN GATE! PREPARE TO GET YOUR ASS KICKED!" shouted the PA system, which surprisingly sounded like Nazna.

"What kind of crackpot laboratory is this?" asked Fold.

His answer was a kick from a dark-skinned maid. "It's Gemini Laboratories," answered Lippy. "Welcome, I am Lisa PinkDiamond. It's nice to meet (kill) you."

"Like I couldn't see the frigging subtext drag queen," snorted Fold. The all black cloak he wore was torn away by the mere flexing of his muscles. The man who called himself Fold appeared as a giant red-skinned martial artist. His tattered blue gi barely covered the man's huge muscles. He stood at almost seven feet. "I am known as Fold by my comrades, but my name is Iru Sensó."

Lippy smirked. "Weird name."

"You too," grunted Iru. He looked over to Full. "Find the Ring. I'll join you later."

Full strode over to Fold, "Beat him up for me, would you, dearie?"

Fold nodded, "I will."

"You're treating me like a warm up?" asked Lippy. Anger flared on his face. "You had best be joking!" He took a fighting stance similar to that of a crane. "Prepare to be escorted out (in a body bag, punks!)" He and Fold started their battle while Full slipped away.

"So what's going on?" asked Elwood.

"Lippy's fighting against some Native American Karate giant, and this girl with the cards on her back is headed this way," answered Tasha.

"At least the brat isn't breaking character," remarked Geraldine.

"Breaking the fourth wall

Is simply uncalled for now

Since there's an attack."

Said Ulrika.

Geraldine clocked the poet over her head. "No poetry when giants and skanks are attacking the Labs."

"Uncultured imbecile," muttered Ulrika.

"WHAT WAS THAT?" yelled Geraldine. She grabbed Ulrika by her collar and shoved her comically against the wall.

"This is not the time or place for us to be fighting!" snapped Elwood. Everyone except Tasha, who was busy typing in commands for the security system, looked at Elwood. "Somebody needs to stop these people from taking the Ring we got from Emilio."

"Rings actually," chimed Jiān.

Elwood jerked his head to face her, "What do you mean?"

"In Gemini Labs, we keep all but one of the Rings that Gamma collects here," answered Ulrika. "Get off me, Geraldine. The one Ring is still with Ms. Wolfina and Emilio back in the Infirmary, while Angelle is at the vault."

Elwood was silent with shock. "We gotta stop these bastards!"

"Swearing makes you look cooler, Elly," sang Tasha.

"R-really?" asked Elwood. Elly? That some kind of nickname?

"Not really," said Nazna flatly. "Ulrika, take the brat and go to the Infirmary and the Vault. I'll notify Angelle in the meantime."
"Yes Mistress Gemini." Ulrika bowed, and she and Elwood left the room.

"Why'd you send Ulrika when I'm more than enough to take them?" asked Geraldine.

Nazna stared at the screen.

"Tell me Lady Gemini, please," said Geraldine.

Nazna sighed, "Because you and I know that you cannot deal with a Full House."

Everyone froze.

"It's…It's…them?" asked a shaky Jiān.

Nazna nodded, "The hands have been dealt, and we're more screwed than a skyscraper. I just hope Ulrika and Elwood make it in time."

Wolfina stood holding her tripod like a sword against the woman before her. She was huffing, and blood trickled down her brow. "Before we continue, what's your name?"

Full smiled, "Such a brave girl. Makes sense since you survived fighting that pig, Shackaboon."

Wolfina's eyes widened. "How do you know about that?"

Full pulled off her cloak to reveal primarily her huge chest which looked to be equal, if not bigger than Wolfina's. Her eyes were a dark hazel and her long golden hair flowed like a waterfall over her shoulders. She wore a black leotard-esque uniform with two hearts on the chest area, and long black boots adorned her legs all the way to mid-thigh. Her purple lips curled into the evil smile she wore earlier. "I am Iroppoi Ma Shackaboon. The swine you fought against was my younger sister Porcine Shackaboon. Pleasure to meet you, Wolfina, my wonderful slayer of my sow of a sister."

Wolfina smirked, "So even her name meant 'swine'?"

Iroppoi stifled a laugh, "Our mother was a French-Japanese prostitute, and she really did not care for my sister or I, hence our lazily picked names." Iroppoi extended her hand, "You've got some nice boobs on you, and you're quite the hottie for an 18-year old. What say we be friends?"
"What's your cup size, sister?" asked Wolfina.

Iroppoi looked surprised, then giggled, "I'm a 42 inch H cup."

Wolfina shook her head, "Sorry, I don't make friends with girls who have bigger breasts than me."

Shock adorned Iroppoi's face, then a saddened smile, "Too bad, we would have had a lot of fun."

"Doubt it," retorted Wolfina.

END Track 30: bOOn