Author's Note: My first ever collection of drabbles! I hope everyone likes it. No idea how many there will be, so I'll just write as the plots strike me! I am completely open for suggestions! If anyone has a request of something they really want to see then just send a prompt and your request idea in a review, and I will do my best! The only thing I will not write is slash. Please enjoy, and review!

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Chapter 1: Cuddling

There had been a storm. Somehow in the chaos he and Merlin had gotten separated from the knights. Arthur was sure that it was Merlin's fault. They had been forced to take refuge in a cave, and then things had taken a turn for the worst, as always, and the rain storm turned into a blizzard. The cave became too cold to bear, so they were forced to share the bedrolls and the blankets so they wouldn't freeze to death. It was purely for survival.

It didn't matter what Gwaine thought he saw. He and Merlin had not been cuddling.