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The last battle recently ended and for the past week their group has been healing in Kaede's village. While everyone was joyful and a large festival was held in honor of them, there were still undertones of trepidation and despair amongst the Inu-tachi.

For one, today would be the day that Kagome would leave the past, possibly for good. Everyone would not see her for half a millennia at least. They had all joined Sesshomaru's pack, even Inuyasha, and their lives were extended to that of a yokai's. The two brothers had overcome the largest of their differences, but were determined to bicker to world's end over the smallest thing.

Sesshomaru had also taken to training the three humans and Shippo. Inuyasha would have none of it, claiming he was above receiving help from his brother. All of their powers seemed to grow exponentially, especially Shippo's. He was so young that he took to everything much more quickly than the rest. It was very endearing to see him so proud of his new tricks.

The second reason for trepidation was that the final battle was not as final as they thought it would be. Naraku was still alive somewhere, but just barely. He wouldn't show his face for the next five hundred years from what Kagome learned from Sesshomaru in her time. While Naraku's body was definitely incinerated, his soul had somehow escaped at the cost of his powers. It most likely took the vile hanyo quite a bit to regain a body and then powers.

Another unsettling thought had settled inside the group. Would he acquire new powers? Most likely. It was almost a given that within the large time-span Naraku would find abilities more gruesome than the ones he had before. Kagome sighed. Naraku complicated her life in multitudes with school and soon keeping two times safe from harm. Why couldn't he just die already?

It was almost time to leave. She glanced around the clearing the well was in. Everyone was already here, looking rather solemn. Sango had tears pooling in her eyes and Miroku was comforting her. Quite the love had bloomed between the two since the beginning of their training with Sessshomaru, who stood near them with Shippo and Inuyasha was on the other side of them. Kagome sighed again. Time like these sucked. She was never one to say goodbye.

"Sango-chan, don't cry, you'll see me again," Kagome consoled. "This isn't a goodbye."

Sango immediately latched onto her younger female friend, hugging her tightly. "I know, Kagome-chan. It'll just be five hundred years."

That prospect didn't seem to cheer her up any. So, Kagome tried humor.

"When I see you next, I expect to see lots of nieces, nephews, grand-nieces and -nephews, and great-grand-nieces and -nephews," she waggled her eyebrows. Sango blushed. Miroku joined the two again and put his arm around the demon slayer.

"I'll see that it happens, Kagome-chan," He winked at his love, who blushed more furiously. She hit him in the head.


She must have been very embarrassed, Kagome noted. Miroku was down for the count. Sango turned back to her, tears gone.

"I'll miss you so much!" They hugged again.

"I will, too," Kagome smiled.

"You better not forget anything I taught you, Kagome-chan, otherwise I'll have to beat it into you next time I see you." The taijiya warned. Before Kagome could answer, Sesshomaru stepped up.

"The same applies to your training from me as well." He agreed. "I will have much more to teach you in five hundred years."

"I love you, too, 'Nii-san," Kagome groaned.

"Feh," Inuyasha scoffed as he walked over to them, as did Shippo from the opposite direction. "You better set that mangy wolf straight next time. He stinks up the entire damn village!"

Kagome stuck out her tongue. "How 'bout you do that, 'Nii-chan? You'll be around him much more in the next five centuries than I will."

He ruffled her hair affectionately, eyes soft. "See you around, Kagome."

A cry from Shippo cut off what Kagome was going to say in reply. Everyone looked at the kit. He launched himself into the young girl's arms.

"I'm going to miss you, Okaa-san!" He cried into her shoulder. Kagome nuzzled his cheek with her own.

"You'll see me again soon, Shippo." She soothed. "I promise. Now be a good boy and learn a lot of tricks to piss off Inuyasha."

Shippo laughed through his tears. "I will."

Kagome reached into her skirt pocket and took out a small, folded cloth. She handed it to her adopted son, who promptly unwrapped it. It was a locket with her picture neatly plastered inside. "You'll have this to remember me by when I'm not around, okay?"

"I love you, Okaa-san," Shippo hugged her She whispered her reply in his ear before setting him on the ground.

"Well, see you," Kagome waved awkwardly. Inuyasha snorted.

"Hurry up! We don't got all day."

Kagome stuck her tongue out at him again. "Inu-baka! See you later, guys!"

With that, she jumped into the well, the familiar blue light taking her to modern Tokyo and away from them for five hundred years.


Taisho Sesshomaru's office door was thrown open against the wall, and a heaving thirteen-year-old girl stood in the space it recently vacated. The former taiyokai smirked, setting his newspaper on his desk.

"It's about time, Imouto," Sesshomaru swiveled in his chair in order to see her fully. "I was beginning to wonder if you somehow altered history and died."

"Well, if somebody had given me directions, I wouldn't have gotten lost!" His sister huffed, walking further into the office. She plopped onto one of the chairs positioned around the room, glaring at him.

"If somebody was actually responsible and checked her messages, she would know that she was given directions," he drawled lazily, his smirk more prominent, if possible, as he leaned back in his plush desk chair.

"Whatever," she crossed her arms and almost immediately uncrossed them, wincing. The young girl fiddled with her bracelet, taking off a charm successfully. The piece of metal seemed to glow in her palm and expanded to the size of a normal sword, which is what it was a charm of. The hilt was of a fine, polished leather grip, shining in the office light almost as brightly as the rest of the sword. On the tip of the sharp edge were a few drops of her blood. She immediately flailed her injured arm in the air, as if flinging off the pain. "Itai!"

Sesshomaru took the sword from her other hand, pulling out a handkerchief to wipe the blood away. "You should know by now to be more careful with sharp objects, Kagome. Why did you even place it there? Idiot."

As if forgetting her pain, Kagome crossed her arms once more, glaring full force. "How was I supposed to know that even in a smaller form that sword could cut? And where else could I put a real fucking sword, Sesshomaru? Hmm? 'Cause it would be all fine and dandy to carry around an object as dangerous as a sword around modern-day Tokyo."

"It's made from my fang, darling sister. Of course it's going to be sharp, no matter the size," his eyes flashed. "Also, watch your language. It is not befitting of my heir to speak in such a way."

"Hai, slave driver," Kagome stuck her tongue out at him.

"Cancel your Sunday plans," Kagome could have sworn he was smiling. A shiver went down her spine.

"Wha-? Why?"

"We haven't trained in a while."

"Nani? Sesshomaru! I just saved the entire damn world from Naraku! It's only been two weeks since we've last trained. Come on! Give me, your only sister, a break! Please?" She brought out the puppy dog eyes, which the yokai promptly deflected with his newspaper.

"All the more reason to do so. We can't let your ego be any more inflated than it already is, Imouto. Plus, you're behind," Sesshomaru tossed his newspaper at her, which she caught in her left hand. "And cease with the profanities. It's unbecoming of you."

"Yeah, yeah," Kagome waved him off. "So, when am I moving and what school am I going to?"

Sesshomaru shuffled some papers around his desk atop the large stacks that seemed to cover the entire space of his desk. "Tomorrow. I've already spoken to the principal of Seishun Gakuen and you will be attending there beginning next week. You should pick up your uniforms and schedule sometime before Monday. Now, get out and pack. I've got work to do."

"I love you, too, Jerk," the teenage girl muttered, running out of the office and closing the door just in time to avoid being hit with a shiny, black stapler. Kagome looked at the newspaper that was still in her hand for a second before tossing it behind her. The stack of papers hit the wall and fluttered to the ground. "Who the hell reads the news in print anyway? It's all on the T.V.. Get with the times, Old Man."