From that day, there was no need to go to school; there was no need to see their friends and no need to go to practice baseball.

Mikoshiba-kun was so bored, and he missed baseball and Kawato sensei. He's not a fan of going to the arcade but he was so bored. He always has to help his family's business doing laundry.

"I can't stand this!" he yelled to himself and without thinking, he headed down to the arcade.

When Mikoshiba hesitated in front of the arcade, he saw Aniya-kun smoking outside the arcade. Mikoshiba's eyes widened. He was a little afraid to greet him but he went near him.

"Hey Aniya, How are you?"

"What do you think, I am fine of course. What makes you here?" Aniya had a little suspicious look on his face. He knew Mikoshiba wouldn't go to arcade at all.

"Nothing much, I am just so bored"

"Dumbass, you just bored, huh? Are you hiding something from me?" Aniya smiled cheekily.

Mikoshiba had an expressionless face. He didn't want to go into the arcade after all.

"Have you seen other guys yet?" asked Mikoshiba. He didn't know what else to say.

"Nah, you?"

Mikoshiba shook his head.

"Oh yeah, Mikoshiba." Aniya paused because he was still puffing his cigarette.

"Yes" Mikoshiba replied, hoping this wouldn't be a stupid joke.

"I'm invited to join Hanshin Tigers, next year" Aniya grinned.

"WHAAAATTT?" Mikoshiba was stunned.

"Ha! I knew you were going to say that. But I was invited by their advisor. Looks like he contacted Kawato and the advisor came to my home. So I have to continue work my ass off for baseball"

"That's good, Aniya. Good luck and don't join the fights. And oh, stop smoking! I'm sure sensei will be proud of you." Mikoshiba could not help but feel jealousy.

"BAKA, of course!" Aniya chuckled. "Hey, Mikoshiba. Don't give up hopes yet, you might be invited too" Aniya could feel Mikoshiba's jealousy.

"I'll see you around on the telly, then!" said Mikoshiba nervously. He quickly walked back to laundry shop.

Aniya smirked. He loved it when Mikoshiba was jealous.

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