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A Brother's Duty

The first time Sam trained Adam, the blond had been a ghoul. But as he watched his younger brother hit another bull's-eye on the set up of tin cans, he realized the ghoul had mimicked Adam's skills. It was as if gun expertise ran in the family. It looked like he wasn't even trying all that hard. Sam watched as Adam took aim once again and fired a shot, knocking another tin can off the fence and soar into the air before being knocked back by a second round.

Sam raised an eyebrow and Adam just looked up sheepishly.

"It just felt right."

Sam just smiled in return before instructing Adam to go inside and get something to drink. Adam returned the smile before dashing off. Adam walked off, a little bounce in his step. Sam couldn't help but laugh at the sight before going to re-set up the targets.

Sam knew of Dean's disapproval of training Adam. It was bad enough that the blond was practically on the brink of insanity, but to have him start hunting was practically kicking down the dominoes. Hunting wasn't exactly a safe and healthy family career. It was known that some Hunters would go insane because of some of the monsters they went up against, or die before their prime. Dean would never agree with Sam about training Adam, which was why they waited until Dean left to get some supplies to fix a few cars for Bobby.

The only thing Sam and Dean had agreed to was some downtime from hunting until Adam was a little more stable. Even then they wouldn't take Adam with them even if he begged, pleaded, or tied himself to the Impala. Dean insisted on getting Adam enrolled in a school so he could try to be normal while Sam said it would be safer for Adam to stay with Bobby.

Regardless, those were bridges they would cross later. At the moment, the important thing was to make sure Adam was ok and normal. Relatively speaking of course.

"Going behind Big Brother's back to teach Baby Brother a few tricks? Reminds me of my days in Heaven."

Sam froze at the calm, yet amused voice. He stood up from the tin can and turned to see Lucifer leaning against the fence.

"You know, back in the good old days, I would go out and take Gabriel and teach him all the tricks he would go and use on you Winchesters. Ironic don't you think?"

Sam closed his eyes and tried to push the Devil out of his head. Lucifer blinked in and out of reality like a static television. The Devil frowned annoyed.

"Really, Sam? Is that anyway to treat a friend?"

"You're not real. Get out of my head," Sam growled.

"Get out of where?"

Sam opened his eyes and turned to see Adam standing in front of him, Coke in one hand and Snickers in the other. Sam frowned at the sight. He had insisted on buying something that wouldn't rot Adam's teeth to hell and back, but when the younger boy kept pestering them over and over, Dean practically bought a candy store to shut him up.

Lucifer was still there, standing next to Adam and making faces behind the oblivious blond.

"You know he's just one bad day away from blowing up the world, Sam. Why don't you just get it over with and take care of him before he takes care of you?"

"Sam, are you ok?" Adam asked concerned. Sam shook his head, trying to clear it. He needed a reprieve. So he took Adam's Snicker bar. "Hey!"

"No candy until you finish training." Sam said, trying to ignore Lucifer. Adam pouted and finished his Coke before adding it to the row of cans Sam had set up and picking the gun back up. Sam watched as Adam took aim and started to fire again.

"Are you really going to just stand there and ignore me?"

Sam said nothing. He just focused on Adam.

"Fine, go ahead and ignore me, but if I were you, I'd pay better attention to Adam. You're not the only one being visited by a fallen angel."

With those ominous words, Lucifer disappeared, leaving Sam feeling uneasy and worried.



"Dammit, Cas, why did you have to go and cockblock me?" Dean asked as he walked out of the store with the new bought engine parts. Cas frowned.

"Dean, I need to speak with you. It pertains to Adam."

Dean stopped at the Impala, his attention fully on the angel. "What about him?"

"I paid a visit to Azrael."

Dean frowned. He didn't like the angel of death. Since his last meeting with the angel, Dean had nearly choked on a taco. He didn't like to think someone smaller than him could go and kill him on a whim. He didn't like to think about what else the tiny archangel could do.

"So, what did your little-big brother have to tell you?"

"You will not like this…but he has informed me that Adam must die."

Dean stared at the angel. "You're joking."

The Angel of Thursday shook his head. The death of a brother was something Dean never enjoyed. No one did. He had seen Sam die twice. Three times if you count the incident where they were shot by angry Hunters. Now here was Cas, his trusty angel, telling him that his youngest brother had to be killed? After he started to return to normal?


Cas recoiled at the tone of Dean's voice.

"Dean, do you not understand what will happen if we allow Adam to continue live with those souls in him?"

"So you're asking me to kill an innocent kid?"

"Dean, you know I would never ask you to do that. I'm telling you this because Azrael has threatened to take things in his own hands if Adam is left the way he is."

"Yeah, well you can tell him that he'll have to get through Sam. And if he wants to get through Sam, he'll have to get through me."

Cas stared into Dean's eyes, seeing the determination and conviction in the taller male's eyes.

"Perhaps if I tried to remove the souls again…"

"Oh no," Dean stopped him. "We are not trying that again. Adam almost died and was possessed by Azazel and Lilith. We're not risking someone crazy like Uriel or, god forbid, Zachariah."

"Dean, Adam's dangerous. If you'll just let me remove the souls-"

"Well I'm not going to risk it!"

They stood there, glaring at one another. They hadn't actually stood and glared at each other since they first met. IT was like the years of friendship was starting to tear apart in the span of one argument.

"Why are you so kung-ho about this, Cas?" Dean asked. He saw the angel's blue eyes alter and Dean stared him down with his own, pointing green. "Cas."

However, whatever dark secret Cas was going to say was interrupted by the appearance of an all-too familiar, and less than friendly face.

"Lover's spat?"

The two turned to see Meg standing, arms crossed and her meatsuit smirking playfully. Dean refrained from rolling his eyes. This wasn't his day. The last thing he needed was to meet up with Meg of all demons. The last he had seen of her, she was being tortured after making out with Cas. And he couldn't help but notice the smile she was giving Cas.

"Hey Pizza Man, wanna try cleaning me again?"

Dean wanted to remove the engine part from the bag and bash his head against it so he could get the image of Meg/Cas sex out of his head.

"Is this ruin Dean's Day or something?"

"Oh calm down. I'm only here to pass along some good news," Meg told Dean as she uncrossed her arms and stalked over to the pair.

"Oh, and what kind of good new could you pass along? Find an old couple you could torture?"

"Well you're just a ray of sunshine. New brother not your thing?"

Dean tensed. He stood his full height and closed the distance between him and the demon.

"How do you know about Adam?" he asked and he stared her down and tried to be as imposing as possible. And when Dean Winchester wanted to be intimidating, even the likes of Meg recoiled.

"I was one of the first to know about him. Was planning to stop by and pay a visit when I was still in Sammy. But you showed up before I could finish my rou-"

Dean had dropped his purchased item and grabbed Meg by the throat and shoved her against the Impala. "You knew about him!"

"C-cough-cool off, Dean. By now, half the demon population knows of him. The only reason we haven't done anything is because he's protected by you boys. Besides, you're starting a scene."

Dean noticed some people were starting to stare. He wisely let Meg go before he was arrested for assault. He watched as Meg fixed her attire and hair. Then he gave Dean a once over and huffed.

"Why are you here, Meg?" Castiel finally spoke, ending the awkward silence and trying to snuff the tension.

"If you must know, I come baring good news. Crowley's dead."

Dean scoffed, unaware of Cas's tensed form. "We already knew that. Cas killed him months ago."

"Well Cas must have been tricked because Crowley was just found torn apart in his little hiding place. It was a total mess. Legs and arms all over the place. Blood on the walls. And I'm not talking about his meatsuit. Something real powerful actually fused Crowley to his host and then ate him."

"But that's not possible. Is it Cas? Cas?"

Castiel snapped out of his daze and looked at Dean. He looked down. "Eve."


Cas nodded. "Eve bound me to my vessel and made it impossible for me to use my powers. It is possible she did the same to Crowley. She must be working with Michael and Lucifer now."

"Yeah, which is why I need to hang out with you boys," Meg added.

Dean and Cas both gave Meg looks that clearly asked if she was insane. She rolled her eyes. "Look, something's going on in hell. Demons are being cut off from their power source. It feels like when Lucifer was here, but only this time, he's making all demons weak and powerless. Hellhounds have stopped listening to us and have actually turned on some of their handlers."

"Well, at least their doing something right," Dean huffed.

"Look, you can take me with you, keep me in a my little safe house, and in return, I'll make sure that little brother of yours doesn't become target one for any demons looking out to get revenge."

"We've got Cas for that."

"Ok, well how about I use this little phone," Meg said as she held up a smartphone, "and send this cute little picture out to every demon in my contact list."

She held up the phone and showed Dean a recent picture of the Winchesters in the shopping mart the day the Banshee's attacked. The threat was obvious. They were being watched. Meg and her underground cohorts knew about Adam and could possibly get to him. He growled.

"Get in."

Smiling victoriously, Meg slid into the backseat of the Impala. Dean turned to Cas, who seemed to be meditating. With a light nudge, Cas snapped out of his daze and blinked at Dean. After informing the Hunter that he got a message from Balthazar, the two slid into the Impala and drove off. There was one thing on their minds.

Who was behind all of this?



"I'll see you guys later," Kristen Mcgee said to her friends as she left cheerleading practice. She made the three block walk back to her home, her blond hair flowing behind her with each bounce in her step. The sixteen year old girl pulled out her house keys and unlocked the door to her home. Once inside, she tossed her back to the floor and let out an exasperated sigh.

As Kristen walked through her home, her entire body started to ripple. Her pale skin turned a healthy cream color as her blond locks rippled into waist long brown. Her body grew older, aging to somewhere between eighteen and twenty. Her cheerleading attire melted away to a spaghetti –strap black dress. Casey McDonald, as she called herself in this form, walked into her bed room.

"What a day this has been. I can't wait to stop pretending to be a stupid cheerleader."

"I don't know, I find it quite charming."

'Casey' gasped and turned around to find the man standing by her door. She recognized him by his black blazer and his grey deep-V. The handsomely aged man stepped forward, a smirk on his face as he drew closer to the alleged Wiccan.

"H-how did you get in my house?"

"Come now, we both know who you really are. Must we continue this charade?" Balthazar asked. As if to emphasize his point, he held up a thick, golden trimmed book with a tassel made of golden threads. "You should really keep better track of your things, Atropos."

'Casey' frowned and her entire form quickly shifted. She shrunk a few inches, brown hair becoming golden blond. Her bangs whipped around her head, wrapping around the back to form a ponytail. Her outfit shifted to a business suit with a librarian flare. Lip stick covered her lips while a pair of thick, black framed glasses rippled into existence on her face.

"How did you know it was me?" the Fate asked as she looked at the angel with an annoyed expression.

"Oh, quite easy actually," Balthazar said. He dug into his pants pocket and pulled out a few golden strands. "Especially when you drop these at the foot off Bobby's doorstep. No one but Fate keeps these around now do they. Oh look, they match your pretty little book."

He pulled Atropos's book from the interior of his coat. Upon seeing her precious book, the Greek deity jumped forward, demanding her property. However, Balthazar quickly pulled out the weapon that could kill her. Once she saw the knife, she backed down.

"What do you want?"

"I want to know why you posed as a Wiccan. Actually, I wanted to know who told you about Cas's little misdeed, and then tell me why you posed as a Wiccan."

The Fate scowled. Of course, leave it to a bum-angel to find out the little details of her plan.

"What makes you think I'm working for anyone?" she asked. Balthazar smirked.

"Oh, because you've been banned from Heaven. There's no possible way for you to know of the ritual to transfer souls into Castiel's body. That information can only be found in Ramiel's Library, which only angels can get to. So, who oust Cas?"

"I'm not afraid of you," Atropos said. However, her demeanor proved otherwise. She was visible shaking. Her eyes darted between the blade and the angel holding it. "You and your clueless boy-toy have been trying to tip the natural order. And we're not going to let you do that."

"Ah, so you are working for someone," Balthazar said with a knowing smirk. But Atropos matched his smirk.

"Not for. With. And he's a very powerful man."

"Oh really? Well if he's so powerful, where is he?" He asked her.

"Right here!"

Balthazar didn't even have time to gasp in surprise before the cold steel of an angel's blade rip through his back and out his chest. His grace was leaking out from his chest and the angel looked down to see the fatal wound. Atropos's book and the knife fell from his hands, clattering with a thud. Turning his head, Balthazar stared into the cold, yet smirking blue eyes of the last living Archangel and the glint of the opal ring.

The entire room lit up in bright flair of a dying angel and as it dimmed, Balthazar's corpse disappeared from the room and was teleported away.

Azrael stood in the spot where the angel had been, a bloody angel's knife in his hand. He turned his eyes on Atropos and when they met, the two embraced.

"Baby, I'm so sorry I-" Atropos slapped him and the Angel of Death whined like a child. "Ow! What was that for?"

"What was that for? How about for almost getting me killed?" She hit him again. "This plan is getting too risky Azrael. Having me pretend to be a Wiccan to sabotage the ritual? Making out where Castiel could appear on us? Tricking Dean Winchester into killing his brother? Releasing Michael and Lucifer from hell? We should have never done this."

Azrael held her close, trying to calm her down. He looked into her eyes, removing the glasses from her face and running a hand through her hair.

"I know, baby, but we are in way too deep to stop now," he told her with a look of remorse.

"What's going to happen if Death gets back?"

"He's not going to," Azrael told her with a slight snort. He looked over to the bed, sitting down with a frustrated look. "He's long gone. Look, everything's going to go as plan. We just need to get Adam Milligan to distrust his brothers, and Michael and Lucifer will take it from there. Once they do, we'll be able to fix the natural order."

"Are you sure?" Atropos asked as him as she walked up to him. Azrael smiled and took her by the hand, bringing her close to him. She sat down on his lap and he looked up at her with a seductive smile.

"I'm positive, Appy. Everything going to go back to the way it should be before those denim-clad threw out the book. Now, where's that sexy Librarian I fell in love with?"

Atropos smiled and undid her hair, shaking it seductively after removing her glasses. "I believe you've an overdue library book."

"Oh yes I do."

With a giggle, the two flopped on the bed and began making out like rabbits, completely throwing away the idea that the end of the world was all their doing.