Author's Note: Looking back on the last few chapters, it has come to my attention that Geo is a bit out of character (a 'bit' is a understatement) in this story. However, it is in every way intentional. Geo is being taken over by the Dark Power, after all.

Chapter 9: No Regrets

Grey stared down at the city beneath him. Even at the top of a 50-story building, he could still manage to hear the sounds of cars honking and people yelling and see a huge line of traffic. The awful horrid stench of pollution seeped into the dark haired man's nose, causing his eyes to twitch.

Grey shook his head in disgust, turning his attention to the giant blue moon glaring upon him. It's a full moon tonight, and it will not be so again for another week.

He chuckled lightly to himself. Even the smallest musings on the simple facts of the universe would still amuse him.

The hectic and busy streets of Wilshire Hills began to calm down until it eventually became as quiet as it usually was at midnight. Grey vanished in the black sky within a second, reappearing in a dark alleyway at ground level. He silently whistled to himself when he suddenly heard a young girl scream.

Grey quickly spun around to see a big and overweight red-haired man carrying a shrieking 8-year old girl.

"Quiet, you little twit! Screaming will only make it worse!" the assailant threatened angrily, placing a pocketknife at the girl's throat.

"Lemme go! Lemme go! MOMMY! DADDY!" the girl screamed, wriggling in attempt to break free from the man's strong grip.

Grey clenched his fists. He slowly approached the man holding the girl hostage. "Let the girl go," Grey ordered calmly. "We could do this the easy way or the hard way."

The man glared at him. Still holding the knife and the whimpering girl in one arm, the man's other arm reached into his pocket, revealing a pistol. "You trying to pick a fight, ya' son of a bitch? I plan to make a good ransom outta this girl, an' I don't need no wise guy ruinin' it!"

Grey flashed an evil grin.

"…The hard way it is."

In a swift motion, Grey flung his fist deep into the man's oversized stomach, forcing him to stubble back and lose grip of the girl and his knife. Grey caught the crying girl in mid-air and set her down in the side to recover from the shock.

Watching the knife clatter in the ground, the red-haired man bared his teeth and raised his gun. "You've asked for it, you shithead! NOBODY messes with Flare Wilson!" The man growled as he pulled the cold trigger without warning.

Grey gasped for air. He looked down to see hot red blooding streaming out of his chest, forming a large pool of blood at his feet. Feeling dizzy, his eyes rolled to the side as he collapsed to the ground.

Flare laughed callously as he twirled the gun around his finger. "Not so tough are ya' son of a bitch?" he whispered.

The girl, who had witnessed all this, was petrified. She stared at Grey's crumpled body in the pool of blood, wanting to puke from the horrid smell. She didn't know if there was as much blood as the amount of tears streaming from her eyes. He focus then switched to Flare, who was now approaching her slowly.

Flare grinned devilishly. "Alright, little girly. Come to Papa! Everything will be okay!" he laughed, as he reached his arms to grab the frightened girl.

In self-defense, the girl grabbed the knife that was lying on the ground. The girl's shaky arm quickly plunged the pocketknife deep into Flare's arm. Flare screamed in pain as the girl ran away in panic.

Flare growled in frustration. "Hey, get back here you-" a sudden pain in his stomach cut his sentence off.

His face suddenly turned ghost-white. Flare gulped and gasped for air. He looked down…

…To see a hand drenched in blood impaled through his open-fleshed chest.

Flare throbbed in pain. Screaming, a few tears escaped his eyes. The blood poured from his chest, causing him to whimper. Absolutely nothing could save him from this burning hell. Flare slowly turned his head around to see Grey; his bare arm plunged into his back. Though he was drenched in blood and a bullet in his chest, he was well alive and standing.

Flare gulped. "H-How are…? What…the fuck…are you…?" he managed to stammer.

He didn't know if he was actually talking or he was already dead and imagining this.

Grey smirked evilly. He pulled his arm back a bit, but not enough for him to leave the insides of Flare's throbbing chest. Grey gripped onto Flare's slowly beating heart possessively. He leaned into Flare's ear to whisper,

"I'm just the devil's naughty little child."

With that, he sunk his sharp nails into Flare's heart. As Grey released his arm out of Flare's body, the broken body tumbled onto the ground, seeping into a sea of blood.

Grey laughed cruelly as he tried to wipe the blood off his drenched arm. "Gee, did you really have to make such as mess?"

He coughed out blood until the bullet inside of him fell out of his mouth. Grey looked up at the girl who was now whimpering in horror. Grey attempted to approach her to console her, but the girl took five steps back and ran away crying.

Grey shook his head. He had no regrets. His plan was to start a new civilization by annihilating Earth with darkness, after all. What's yet another life? This world is already too fucked up.

Grey chuckled softly. "To overwhelm Earth with darkness," he whispered to himself.

From anyone's perspective, it would seem impossible, even with Grey's capabilities.

However, it shouldn't be too difficult with a certain blue hero's assistance.

"The card's a go?"

Ace jumped from his seat, unaware of Geo's presence behind him in his office.

Geo raised an amused eyebrow, trying to contain his laughter.

Ace shrugged sheepishly as he took Hyde's card out of his pocket. "I… actually don't know."

Geo's expression hardened. "You don't know? Funny, when you called me, I thought you said, and I quote, 'It's a go!'"

"Woah, Geo. You don't have to snap!" Ace exclaimed, taken back by Geo's sudden change of mood.

"Excuse me? 'I don't have to snap'? IN CASE YOU DIDN'T NOTICE YOU ASSHOLE, SONIA-" Geo cut himself off.

Trying to keep his composure and anger in check, he took a deep breath. The last thing Geo wanted was to go toe to toe with Ace, and he knew exactly how that would end up. He forced a fake grin as he scratched the back of his head. "Sorry, man. I'm just a little…stressed?"

It turned out to be more of a question than a statement.

"Clearly!" Ace shook his head. "Still, I owe you an apology. We didn't actually test if the teleportation card can actually send a link from Earth to the Dark Hole. However, I doubt it wouldn't. We checked Hyde out, and besides his stupid cane and Star Carrier, this card was the only thing on him. If he really came to Earth from the Dark Hole, then this card has to be our ticket."

"I guess…" Geo mumbled.

Ace stood from his seat and looked at his Hunter VG. "Acid, did you assemble everyone outside WAZA?"

"Yep," Acid replied. "We are good to go!"

Ace turned to Geo. "C'mon, Geo. We've assembled everyone outside to do the testing," Ace declared as he motioned Geo to follow him outside.

"Hey kid, you've gotten an email," Omega-Xis piped up from Geo's Hunter VG.

Geo stopped before he left the room. "Who is it from?"

Omega-Xis shrugged. "Someone named 'Grey'. Someone you know?"

"No, I don't," Geo shook his head. "I'll read it."

With the click of a few buttons, the email popped up.

Dear Mr. Stelar,

As you are aware, Neo Nebula is holding your beloved Sonia hostage. Let me be the one to tell you that it is I who is the leader of this group, therefore the one who ordered the capture of Sonia.

As you may have known, Neo Nebula is currently taking refuge the Dark Hole above Earth, and if you do not come out from hiding and show yourself within the next 24 hours, I can assure you that Sonia Stelar will be dead.



"Grey…" Geo growled under his breath. "I don't know who you are, but you will pay for this."

Omega-Xis was about to say something when Ace came back into the room.

"Geo, are you coming or what?" Ace asked.

Geo looked up from his Hunter VG. "Uh, yeah. I was just reading...something..."

About twenty people were waiting outside, all that are eager and vigorous. Geo stared at them. Besides Jack and Tia, who have been standing in the front of the crowd, he didn't recognize any of them. There were a few scientists, medics, and seven Satella Commandos.

"Why are there medics?" Omega-Xis asked Acid.

"The medics are here just in case someone gets hurt," Acid explained.

"OKAY, PEOPLE! LET'S GET THIS STARTED!" Ace bellowed at the crowd, getting their full attention. Ace turned to Jack.

"You got Hyde's card?"

Jack nodded. "Okay, everyone! Stand back!" he ordered, as everyone made way for him. He turned to his sister, who was giving him thumbs up.

Jack nodded as he swiped the card on his Hunter VG.

"TELEPORTATION CARD, ACTIVATE!" Jack exclaimed as his Hunter VG began to process the card.

Geo gulped. What if this didn't work?

Nervous sweat began to trickle down Jack's head. The Hunter VG began to shake violently on his arm, as if it were to explode. A hush ran through the crowd. Ace was holding a crying Tia, preventing her to run to Jack.

"AAARRRGH! Jack screamed as the Hunter VG released a dark beam. The force of the beam so great that it caused Jack to tumble back. The beam stopped at 60 meters, creating the gateway to the Dark Hole right before their eyes.

Everyone cheered in triumph. Tia run to Jack, hugging him and comforting him.

Geo grinned at Omega-Xis, clenching his fists. "C'mon Mega. It's time to end this," he said as he approached Ace, awaiting instructions.

"Everyone! We've only got a minute until that portal closes, so listen up!" Ace ordered. "All Satella Commandos, enter the portal at my command!"

"Yes sir!" The seven Commandos exclaimed at once, preparing themselves.

"Jack and I will be entering once we've EM Wave Changed. No one else is to be within a radius of a 60 meters from the portal, understood?"

Everyone else nodded.

Everyone, that is, except Geo.

"Ace, where exactly am I in all this?" Geo asked Ace.

Ace glared back as he crossed his arms. "You, Geo Stelar, are staying in WAZA detainment until our return."

"WHAT?" Omega-Xis exclaimed. "'WAZA DETAINMENT'? Just what the hell are you saying, Ace?"

Jack gave Geo a sharp and stern look. "We know what's going on. We are all well aware about the large amounts of Dark Energy in your system."

Geo was taken back. How did they know? "W-What the f-fuck are you talking about?"

"I snuck inside your apartment the other night after Jack told me about what happened between you and Hyde," Ace explained. "I took a blood sample and brought it to WAZA for testing. Sure enough, you're very well infected."



Ace sighed and took a deep breath. "You'll only compromise the mission. Just please…go with it. Don't worry; we'll release you after we've defeated Neo Nebula and rescued Sonia. Provided, of course, you will agree to be submitted for testing afterwards."

Geo clenched his fists as a dark haze flowed around him. "Compromise? So, I'm a compromise now? I'VE SAVED THE WORLD THREE TIMES! IT'S MY WIFE WE'RE RESCUEING, SO LIKE HELL I'M GOING TO STAND BY ON THIS MISSION!" Geo screamed.

He was about to punch Ace when suddenly a cold metal met the back of his head, causing him to black out...