The Pokemon Titans

Prologue The Warriors of The Sun and Moon

An Umbreon and an Espeon lay on the ground. The umbreon was me. My Twin sister was the espeon next to me. I just laid there next to my sister. My body covered in my crimson blood. The same as for my sister. Our trainer left us like this. At deaths door because we lost a gym battle. He beat us and threw rocks at us. After he was done he released us, glad to have gotten ride of 2 useless pokemon, as he said.

"Sis….. You… Ok," I said weakly hopping she wasn't dead yet.

"Not….. Really…. Bro," she replied weakly.

Suddenly a white light covered the area and sent us to another area. All that was left was our blood. When the white light finished a giant pokemon stood in front of us. It was a great white pokemon with a yellow circle around its waist.

"Wh Who are you?" I asked the giant pokemon.

"I am Arceus my young friend," the giant pokemon said. "And I brought you here so you can live another life instead of dieing, but in a new world,."

"Tha Thanks You," My sis said before me and my sis were healed.

"Now one more thing," Arceus said as white energy covered us and transformed us. "You will need to be part human to fit in to the new world I will send you to."

When the white energy disappeared, I was a human with a yellow circle on my forehead, and black hair that was spiky in the back, my ears sticking out and looked like the originally ears of mine that I had, my eyes were crimson red, I was wearing a completely black t shirt with yellow ring circles on the sides of my shoulder, black pants with yellow ring circles on the outside of my thigh, my tail coming through also, and I was wearing black shoes. My sis had long lavender hair with a red gem on her forehead, her ears the same color sticking out of her hair, she wore a purple top, with pink colored jeans and lavender shoes with her tail waging behind her.

"Cool look at us sis," I said amazed at my new look.

"Yeah I know," she replied just as amazed.

"You will need names so you can live somewhat normal lives," The godly pokemon said.

"Well I guess I will go by Soren," I said naming myself.

"And I will go by Stella," My sis said

"I almost forgot, you both will have powers to help you other then your attacks, Soren your power is based of the moon, and Stella your power is based on the sun, and also you both know all the attacks possible for your species, all the attacks for your type, and your abilities are superior to most pokemon," Arceus said as a white portal appeared. "Now it is time for you to go enjoy your new life."

With both walked towards the portal and entered it prepared for anything.