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Even before he started, Professor Arthur Kirkland was already the gossip of the students.

"Did you know?" Hermione slammed her large and heavy book down on the table, startling the two boys into jumping out of their seats, "Did you know that we are getting a new Professor for History of Magic?"

"Uhhhh... no," Ron blinked, and Hermione sighed in frustration at the blank look to his freckled face, "Are you saying Binns was finally sacked?" He asked with a little more interest, taking a bite out of a buttered scone, "It's about time. He was bloody boring!" He shared a similar look with Harry.

Hermione rolled her eyes, but couldn't help to mentally agree with Ron since Professor Binns wasn't the... most informative of teachers out there, "You shouldn't say such things, Ronald."

"What?" Ron asked defensively, "You know you were thinking the same thing." He said through a mouthful of food, earning a cringe from Hermione and another snicker from Harry.

However, Ron almost choked when a hand hit him upside the head.

"Mind your manners, boy," The blond male (with HUGE eyebrows, they couldn't help but notice) scolded when Ron turned around to protest the hit, "Especially in front of a lady." He gave Hermione a polite nod, before going on his way and already earning deep contempt from Ron, a light sigh from Hermione, and a blink from Harry.

"Did anyone else notice he's wearing Muggle clothes?"