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"Do you zink zat 'ogwarts will be as beautiful az the English claim?" Gabrielle Delacour asked, looking excitedly out the window of the power-blue carriage that the large Abraxan horses flew.

"Per'aps." Fleur Delacour answered, "'owever, even 'owarts will not compare to Beauxbatons in beauty." She smiled fondly when Gabrielle just stared at the window in awe, knowing that they were to arrive at any minute.

"So, Mademoiselle Fleur," The girl, named Émilie, across from her leaned forward, "Do 'ou zink that 'ou will find someone 'ere?" Émilie glanced at Fleur's choice of clothes and her nose wrinkled in dissatisfaction, "Eet is so drab!"

"Zat is my plan," Fleur shrugged, "I do not wish to stick out among ze students," Besides, she preferred to stay as low as possible (which probably would be difficult because her extreme beauty) since it would give her an advantage should she selected for the Triwizard Tournament.

"Lucky, if I 'ad your looks, zen I would flaunt eet everywhere!" Émilie sighed, but shook her head, "Still, 'ou should still keep an eye open, I bet zat zere will be plenty fine males just waiting..." She trailed of dreamily.

Fleur lightly huffed, sitting beside Gabrielle, whom had insisted on coming, despite not being a Beauxbatons student just yet and stared absently out the window.

Could she actually meet someone...?