Hehe. The countries as dads-. That kinda sounds funny! Idk what made me wanna write a drabble set like this, but i did! I hope you enjoy.

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"Look at this. It's a tomato." Romano said and waved the red fruit in front of your three old son.

You raised an eyebrow at him, "I think he knows what a tomato is Romano, you tell him every day."

"I just want to make sure Bella."

He looked over at you, lounging on the couch, book in hand. It was your day off work, and you intended to relax. Your son took no interest in the red fruit in front of him, and looked up at his dark haired father. "Daddy," he looked up at Romano. "Does mamma like tomatoes?"

Romano laughed, accompanied by a scoff from you. "Tomatoes are the whole reason why you're here Bruno."

"Yup, your father thought it was a good idea to throw them at me."

Your son laughed, "Uncle Antonio said he did that 'cause he wanted to see through your shirt."

"Really now?" You looked up at Romano.

He was looking at your son. "Mhm. Even daddy said so."

This time, Romano covered his son's mouth. He laughed nervously. "T-that's enough." He looked at the little boy and picked him up, "I think it's time for a nap." With that Romano fled to your son's bedroom, and told him, "That was a secret~. We weren't supposed to tell mamma that."

Your son giggled, "I sorry daddy." Romano smiled slightly, kissed his sons forehead and walked out of the room.

Facing forward, he was ready to face the wrath. "You wanted to see through my shirt?" you laughed. "That's funny."

He raised an eyebrow. He expected you to be yelling at him for trying something on you before you even started dating each other.

You came closer to him, with a look he really couldn't decipher. And before he could back away, your hand sprung up and grabbed his chestnut colored hair curl. Twirling it between your slim fingers, you watched the male in front of you squirm and groan.

"Consider this pay back for trying to see through my shirt Romano~!"

With that, the male fell back onto the couch, with you hovering above him, fingers still locked with the deadly ahoge.