Japan is sexy too.



You came home in a terrible mood. Japan tried everything to get you to talk, but you were a very stubborn woman. So, when you were sitting down on the floor, rubbing soft circles on your stretched out skin, you asked Japan, "Do you mind me being fat?"

He looked at you, stumped a tad bit due to your random question. "You are not fat." He told you slowly, "You bear a child, so of course you're going to be bigger than other women, but only for a limited time."

You nodded and looked at your ever-so-growing tummy. "Did someone today bring up your weight?" He asked, taking a chaste sip of green tea.

You looked at him, tears forming at the ends of your eyes as you nodded. "A-America… He… he called me fat today."

Japan wasn't quite sure what to do as tears flooded out of your eyes. You were quite emotional now that you were pregnant, Japan thought as he said, "You're a beautiful woman, don't let America-sans words get to you. They mean nothing."

You shrugged, "I-I know they mean nothing… but what if after I have the baby, I get all fat and ugly…?" you whispered.

Japan sighed softly and said, "You will always be beautiful to me."

You sniffed, wiped your nose on your sleeve and looked at him through teary eyes, "T-thanks Kiku."

Japan was utterly shocked. How…how did he comfort you without any form of affection? Usually with you, you'd be floundering him with affection for picking up your saddened mood.

He spoke to soon. You were leaning over (Despite your growing tummy) and pecked his cheek softly. "I have no idea what I'd do without you."

Japan asked himself the question "What would I do without her?" everyday, for it seemed his world would be bland without you in it.