"Its been so long since I've seen mom and dad" She laughed staring out the helicopter window

"Yeah, almost to long. I still don't get why they wanted to stay out here in the cold" He replied reading his book.

"Jasper?" She muttered slowly glancing towards him

"what Rhona?" He said putting his book down to listen to her.

"Its just….what if mom and dad…" Rhona trailed off

"Its going to be alright." He smiled.

Rhona just looked at her brother slowly moving her hair away from her face then continued looking out the window, it was white everywhere and not one dot insight. It was the very reason they left in the first place, it was solitude in her eyes with nothing to do but wait for there parents to get home from work. Include that the town they lived in was so small only 90 people lived there, it was quite pathetic to make it there in the first place. But only 50 miles from both science bases that were used for digs and other things, the small town was only used for temporary housing but her parents decided to stay for good. Jasper continued to read his book, trying to keep his mind off the long flight to the small town, the pilot stayed silent through the whole ride and seemed annoyed with the two. It wasn't everyday that young adults would take a visit to Antarctica, including to the small town of Basswood.

"Almost arriving" The pilot said calmly

"how far out?" Jasper wondered putting his book down and moved towards the front.

"15 minutes tops" he replied.

"Finally" Rhona muttered putting her backpack on.

The two looked out the first to see the small town deserted as always but notice someone waving their hands in an odd way, the pilot notices and calls it in.

"Basswood this is pilot George Ryan, Come in please over?"

"what's he doing?" Rhona asked starting at the man

"I don't know, George whats he doing?" Jasper wondered

"He's waving us away" he replied

"Why?" Both muttered

"I don't know but no ones answering"

"What the hell is he doing?" Jasper yelled

As they looked out the man had a gun and started firing at the helicopter, Rhona screamed as she ducked for over and George pulled the helicopter away from the site. Jasper fell to the ground as the several gun shots put holes in to the helicopters side, bullets hit the tail end busting it.

"We're going down!" George yelled trying to gain control of the helicopter

Smoke filled the inside as George slowly tried to make an emergency landing about 20 feet away from the town. Rhona took a breath before she knew it everything went black.