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Pandora's Will Chapter 5: Well Don't Just Stand There
World: Tsubasa Chronicles Couples: KuroFai, SyaoSaku

"So...where exactly are we going?"

Shinichi's voice broke the silence that surrounded the travelers. They'd been walking for almost two hours with seemingly no destination around the unknown town and Shinichi was starting to get tired. Other than Kaito's random comments, Fai random teasing, Kurogane's random outraged sounds, and Sakura and Syaoran talking among themselves with Mokona, no one really made much noise. Shinichi himself was busy analyzing the surrounding town, but after seeing the same apartment complex for the fifth time, he's had just about enough.

The people they passed though, seemed to be having a great time whispering and pointing. Shinichi was getting very uncomfortable in this situation. Especially since he wasn't aware of exactly where he was much less what kind of people these passersby were.

Sakura smiled at him before she answered shyly.

"We don't really know. We don't belong to this world either." She frowned as she looked around at the group of people that were making them out to be a spectacle the town had never seen before. Now that they had been walking around, Shinichi noted it was a city of a large scale. It was almost as big as Tokyo itself once you stop paying attention to the perimeter.

"We roam looking for work or a place to stay. We usually end up staying for longer than I'd like." Kurogane commented uncomfortably, refusing to look in his Fai's direction which made him avoid eye contact with everyone in their party.

Shinichi saw a slow smile start on Kaito's face as they passed a park they had seen only a few minutes before. He knew exactly what was going through the thief's mind right then and despite being against, he thought it was a good idea..

"I have an idea on how to get some money." He said before dragging Shinichi down to the park, the other three (Four including Mokona) following after them slightly confused.

"Please don't tell me you are actually thinking of what I think your thinking." Shinichi begged silently to Kaito, squeezing his hand just a little, hoping to catch his attention so the damn thief wouldn't embarrass both them and their new friends.

The sly, Kid smile was almost all the answer he needed.

A puff of pink smoke and a few startled yells later, Kaitou Kid was standing where Kaito had, still holding Shinichi's hand and smiling like the showman he was. "I believe a street magic show will get us enough to rent an apartment." He smiled at the other four before releasing Shinichi and pushing him over to the group of travelers.

"Ladies and Gentlemen!" Kaito bellowed as he walked towards a wayward park bench. The people that had been watching them in secret suddenly walked forward, seeing a reason to watch them without feeling bad. "Come gather round for the show of your lives!"

Shinichi winced as a crowd actually followed the teenager's command and crowded around the park bench Kaito was not standing on, pulling out ten bean bags and beginning to juggle them.

"Well this is certainly interesting, we have never tried that method before." A smiling Fai laughed. He was watching Kaito with keen eyes, which betrayed his easy stance. What was up with this care-free blond anyways?

"Its stupid, he's just drawing more attention to himself!" Kurogane yelled out pointing at the general direction of the show. His face and voice were angry, but he wasn't doing anything that interrupted the display of performance magic. Kurogane had never seen skills used like these before and Shinichi also noted how intensely he was watching Kaito, then Fai, then Kaito again.

"Oh how fun! I didn't know your friend had that kind of skill Shinichi-kun!" Sakura cheered, watching the show from the back with amazement in her eyes. He was sure that from there she couldn't possibly enjoy the show, but Shinichi didn't comment as he analyzed the party he'd made himself a part of.

"Would you like to take a closer look Princess Sakura?" Syaoran asked smiling. When She nodded excitedly, he took her hand and led her to the crowd around Kaito. Mokona singing about how magic was so beautiful o watch.

"Shinichi-kun, your friend..." Fai started to talk but stopped, biting his lip softly. "That skill he uses to entertain people. Is that actual magic? He doesn't seem to be chanting any spells or signing a contract with the elements to be able to control the items the way he seems to be doing now."

Fai could see the show from here? Strange, but interesting. And what was with the question anyways? Actual magic? Was there even such a thing?

Shinichi paused in thought. He knew he couldn't ask that, not with everything that he's seen. He's currently traveling dimensions because of an ancient gem after all.

"The magic Kaito uses is his own." Shinichi found himself speaking. He didn't know about different versions of magic, nor the rules behind them, but he knew that what he said was true. He may not know if Kaito really does possess magic, but he knew whatever was in Kaito wouldn't be found in anyone else. "He's always been like that."

Yeah that's right. For as the three or so years he's known Kaito, he's always been a performer, drawn to search for a myth, living for his father's last wish. Not for the first time, Shinichi thought about what a strong person Kaito was.

"I see..." He heard Fai murmur weakly. Kurogane's eyes were on Fai and Shinichi's on both. Was there something they weren't telling him?

"So how much do you think he will get for that?" Fai asked, cheering up again.

As Shinichi was about to answer, an explosion from behind him made him flinch and spin on his heals to see miniature fire-works exploding around the bowing performer. Seems like the show was over.

"I'm not sure, but it needs to be enough to get up a place to sleep in tonight." Shinichi muttered as the crowd disintegrated three at a time, seeing as there was nothing amazing to watch anymore. The people that had been staring now seemed to be satisfied and approving of the strangers, so they were left alone for the most part.

"Shin-chan!" Kaito exclaimed as he made his way over Sakura and Syaoran laughing and running behind him.

Shinichi smiled at the glee in Kaito's face. He really did love putting on a show.

"How'd it go Kaito, did you enjoy it?" Shinichi asked as if he was talking to one of the kids that had watched the performance. An energetic nod had Shinichi laughing. Kaito really was a big child.

"It was fun! Everyone was amazed, its like they've never seem magic before!" Kaito chuckled himself at his own attitude.

"Well I wouldn't be surprised. There haven't been many worlds that we've visited that were familiar with any type of magic. In fact the only one that could use it in my world was Princess Tomoyo." Kurogane grumbled. "That was a nice performance though. It was used to put smiles on people faces. Usually the type of magic I've seen just hurts either the caster or the target."

Shinichi noticed Fai flinching at Kurogane's words and paused.

Kaito turned serious eyes to Kurogane.

"Magic itself is dangerous and complex, but it is not evil. Depending on the way a person uses it, it will accomplish what you want. I believe that magic protects and I use it as such, but it also mystifies people who really having nothing to look forward to."

A certain level of respect went into Kurogane's eyes as he regarded Kaito, and Shinichi felt a flare of respect as well. Even if they were words from a master thief, they were true none-the-less. Especially from Kaito.

"Now lets go! I think I've got enough money to rest a three bedroom apartment for a the night. Tomorrow though, we need to look for a job." Kaito, again, took Shinichi's hand and started walking towards the apartment complex they'd seen before. "If not, we can rest two apartments."

"How much money did you get anyways?" Shinichi asked while he called out to the travelers to follow them.

"About $14,000." Kaito replied with a grin.

"Holy shit, Kaito! How did you get that much? The crowd wasn't even that big!" Shinichi scolded, punching the arm he was holding with his unoccupied one.

Kaito laughed, unaffected by the act of violence.

"Shinichi, I am a thief." Kaito said slyly.

Shinichi scowled, inwardly impressed. While performing, Kaito managed to pick-pocket quiet a few people for him to have ended up with that much money. "I'll let it go this time because we actually need it." Shinichi huffed, growling in his throat when Kaito laughed again and kissed him on the cheek.

"Hai, Hai Shin-chan." Kaito chuckled.

What was the line's name again? I don't remember...so lets call him Sora because I love Kingdom Hearts!

"Wow! This place is huge! How much money did you actually get from performing Kaito-kun?" Syaoran asked as they walked around their rented three bed room apartment. It was a monthly rent and they had to pay the first today so Kaito was currently down to $500.

"People in this world are nice, they gave a good sum of tips for the show." Kaito hinted with a smirk. It went unnoticed by everyone but Shinichi who rolled his eyes and walked into one of the rooms.

"Kuro-papa our room is so large!" Fai gushed from said room. Kurogane groaned from next to Kaito making the magician giggle under his hand so he wouldn't be heard. He was.

"What are you laughing at?" Kurogane growled. Kaito laughed out right at that.

"Who are you pretending for?" Kaito asked between chuckles. Kurogane's eyes widen at the question, he looked caught between angry and surprised. "No one else is around but me you know." Kaito went on with a sly smile.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Kurogane ground out roughly. His hands were in fists at his side like he was restraining something. Maybe the instinct to punch Kaito in the face. Ha, even if that was the case, Kaito could dodge it before it even came within an inch of him.

"Kurogane-kun, no one cares if you like him or not. Well, no one but him. If anything, I'm thinking Sakura-chan and Syaoran-kun want you two to be happy, so I think you need to stop trying so hard."

The anger had left but the surprise was still there. Kurogane was staring at Kaito like he had fourteen heads and a pair of cat ears on each. It was a funny look on the bigger man's face that was for sure. There was also a hint of revealed tense in his shoulders, something Kaito nodded in self satisfaction for.

"Think about it big guy, you're traveling with him and to only show affection at night? How must that make him feel?" Kaito wounder out loud with the goal of having Kurogane hear. Without letting the taller man get a word in, Kaito walked off, headed straight for his own room.

"They are either already together, or close to it." Shinichi said just as Kaito walking in. "They are also hiding something. Every time Kurogane or something mentioned 'magic' Fai would flinch and look away as if he was ashamed. I was thinking he was a magician to but he reacted so badly to just the mention of it, like it hurts him or something. And Kurogane knows it yet uses it freely, its like.." Shinichi trailed off. He was pacing holes into the bedroom floor and Kaito spared a moment to watch him before he walked forward and stopped Shinichi from pacing by wrapping him in a hug.

"Kaito let-" Shinichi struggled until lips crashed down on his. He gave the thought of resisting a second before shooting it down. This was kinda what he wanted right? So why not enjoy it. He knew Kaito's feelings, and he knew his own too. Why had it taken them so long to get to this point anyways? When Kaito pulled away, Shinichi was left in a pleasant daze thinking about how soft and invading Kaito's lips really looked from this distance. Hell, from any distance.

"Okay. Now that you seem more at ease, wanna tell me what had you stressing?" Kaito smirked as he physically back Shinichi to the bed.

Shinichi went along willingly, mind clearing from the kiss-haze.

"Yuuko. Hadn't she said that her acquaintances that could use magic to let us travel freely, and that would take us to the person that could unlock this stupid stone?" Shinichi pulled Pandora out of his pocket, glaring at it when he handed it to Kaito.

"Yeah. You think our new friends could be those acquaintances?" Kaito asked, he took Pandora and began to juggle it along with the bean bag balls he'd used to perform back in the park bench.

"I'm pretty sure of it. They have a Mokona and they are traveling the worlds, much like we are Kai. Do you think they will unlock the stone? I'm almost sure that Fai is the magician in the group but can he really make this stone take us where we need to go?" Shinichi's voice sounded tired and unsure of anything. Kaito could sympathize, but he didn't enjoy it.

Shinichi sighed and scooted back on the bed, making it to the headboard and rest his back there while he drew his knees up to his chest. He was supported gently by the fluffy pillows at the head of the bed.

"Shinichi, I know this is going to sound a little weird coming from me but," Kaito paused, crawling up to Shinichi and kneeling before him, legs on either side of Shinichi's. "I have a feeling all we need to do is help them. I'm not sure with what, I'm not sure why, but I feel as if all we need to do is help these people and we'll get to where we need to be."

Shinichi looked up from his knees, sighing again as Kaito's reassuring eyes softened his stiff posture. He let his legs go, letting them straighten so that Kaito could comfortably settle in his lap, but Kaito wouldn't have that. With a smile he drew Shinichi into his arms and rolled them so that he was laying on his back with Shinichi draped across his chest.

"Shinichi...no matter what, we are stuck here. Over thinking it isn't going to help us any. So I say we pull a Kid and enjoy our time away from home. Fai is the magician, so we talk to Fai about it as soon as possible, but I suggest we leave things as they are for now. I get the feeling Kurogane and Fai don't really trust us all that much anyways." Kaito was murmuring now, as if half asleep. Shinichi was too now. Leaning into Kaito's chest, listening to his heartbeat, wrapped in his warmth. Shinichi didn't want to think anymore for the time being.

"Night Kai." Shinichi muttered into Kaito's chest.

Smiling lazily and pressing a kiss to Shinichi's forehead, Kaito shot the sentiment right back at Shinichi. The fell to sleep like that. Still in their clothes, above the covers, and completely comfortable.

Sora is back! Spiky haired, blue eyed, excited smile Sora! Oh and if you are wondering, there are rules to different types of magic. This will play a big part later!

"Shinichi-kun! Kaito-kun! Breakfast is ready!"

Sakura's sweet voice broke clear through the dream word both boys had been under. Both forcing their eyes open only to groan when sunlight poured into them.

"Sakura-chan~" Kaito whined out, rolling to hide his face in Shinichi's chest while Shinichi attempted to curl around both Kaito and himself. "Close the curtains."

Two laughs, one high and bouncy, the other low and smooth, brought Shinichi's mind from the depths of sleep. He tried to regain feeling in his limbs, moving them slowly. One of his arms seemed to have lost feeling over night, strange. And he was hugging something. It was warm and soft, so with a small smile, he buried his face in the thing in his arms. It smelled strangely of chocolate, sweat, and ash, not a pleasant combination but it was soothing in a way.

Shinichi fell further into his high when two smooth hands started to rub at his bare back. Wait...bare back? He was sure that he went to sleep with clothes on. Kaito did too right? But Shinichi was most definitely touching skin.

Carefully opening one eye he nodded to himself. Yup. Skin. But why were they currently shirtless? Shinichi even moved his legs to see if he had the rest of his clothes and he was mentally grateful when the rustle of his jeans caught his ears, but so did something else. A heartbeat. Near his face. Oh, his arms were around Kaito.

"Shinichi-kun?" "Shin-chan?"

Everyone paused from their conversation as Shinichi groaned as if in pain, squeezing Kaito's middle that he was currently cuddling on. Kaito squeezed back of course, but Shinichi just groaned again. "Shin-chan?" Kaito repeated.

"Coffee." Came the grouchy reply from Shinichi's muffled mouth. It was moaned and stretched out but everyone in the room heard it.

"Oh! Hang on Shinichi-kun, I'll go make you some!"

Kaito smiled at the other teen in his arms. Really he should have guessed. Back in 'other' Tokyo, Watanuki would always walk into their room with a steaming cup of the black liquid. Shinichi always downed it like a life-line, and it was usually gone by the time Kaito regained his own senses. This morning, Watanuki wasn't here with the ready coffee, no wounder Shinichi had been acting like a child while Kaito was greeting Sakura and Syaoran.

"How'd I get naked?" Shinichi asked from his hiding spot in Kaito's stomach, something that made Kaito laugh and Syaoran, who was still in the room, stiffen and chuckle in amusment.

"It got hot last night so I slipped your shirt off you." Shinichi nodded into his gut, satisfied with the answer.

It was still several minutes until Sakura returned with the liquid gold. Shinichi had kept his grip on Kaito until he had smelled his coffee, at which point he bolted up like lightening and grabbed at the mug, thanking Sakura wholeheartedly before drinking it down.

"Be careful its hot!" Sakura scolded, slightly amused at the attitude herself. She was already fond of these two despite just meeting them yesterday.

Shinichi didn't seem to hear her, instead just kept drinking as if the temperature didn't matter to him. It probably doesn't. Kaito reasoned as he pushed himself off the bed. He grimaced remembering all they had to wear was the clothes they entered this world with until they went shopping. Something to do today while they looked for a place to work.

"Syaoran-kun, Sakura-chan, how would you two like to go shopping today?" Kaito asked as he reached for his discarded shirt on the floor.

"We were planning on doing that anyways. Kurogane left earlier this morning to look for a job and Fai is the one who helped make breakfast." Syaoran replied, watching as Shinichi finally took the mug away from his lips with a satisfied sigh and finally straightened himself. Disregarding his shirtless-ness, Shinichi stood and walked to Sakura, giving her a tight, greatful hug.

Syaoran's eyes narrowed, while Kaito and Sakura herself gasped at the action. Shinichi wasn't the type to out right touch people he'd barely met. The poor girls didn't know if she should hug back or push him away. Her cheeks were bright red and her eyes wide open.

"Thank you for the coffee, it was really good!" Shinichi murmured before detaching himself and floating out of the room, leaving the three behind still relatively shocked. Did Shinichi do that to Watanuki to? Kaito tried to think back on it. It was hard, usually Shinichi would be up before him and would already be sitting in the table with Watanuki eating whatever the cook had made that day. But he did remember the first day they had arrived when Shinichi had done much the same thing he had today. Stayed in bed and whined until coffee was presented and then after a little while Shinichi returned to being Shinichi.

"Just pretend that didn't just happen and move on, Shinichi does that a lot." Kaito smiled to the two younger teens before following the trails of Shinichi out of the bedroom. He didn't really, but its not like the kids needed to know that. Sakura's giggles could be heard from the open door behind him.

Kaito found his love sitting on the kitchen table, now wearing a plain white shirt that most likely belonged to Fai, talking quietly with the blond who was smiling despite the tension in his shoulders. Whatever happened last night must not have been pretty bad for Fai to look like that.

"Tell me Shinichi-kun, was it you or Kaito-kun that spoke to Kurogane yesterday?" Oh of course. Shit, the man had probably taken it the wrong way. Kaito felt kind of guilty as he took his seat, looking pointedly at the tension in Fai's shoulders, which lessened after Fai caught on.

"I did." Kaito sighed. Shinichi looked at him with a raised eyebrow as if to ask 'When were you going to tell me about this?' But Kaito just shrugged, seeing no harm in speaking.

Fai's eyes widen a bit, leading Kaito to believe that he'd expected Shinichi to have been the one to do it. Seems Fai has already caught on to Shinichi's skills.

"Then I must thank you Kaito-kun." Fai smiled. Okay, not what Kaito had expected.

"For what? What happened?" Shinichi asked feeling irritated at being left out.

Fai laughed lightly before gesturing for Kaito to take a seat. "You companion spoke to mine last night before entering his room. From Kuro-pin's mood, I would say that whatever was spoken was important. Kuro-pin had been pacing for most of the time after coming into the room, muttering things I didn't get the chance to hear. When I called his attention he looked at me, conflict in his eyes." Fai paused a little placing a finger to his lips. "He kissed me. Our first kiss, I admit." Fai sighed and turned anxious eyes to his new companions. "He said sorry and went to bed. When I tried to speak he turned and ordered me to bed. No amount of irritation made him turn around after that, so we ended up sleeping."

Shinichi nodded silently, taking each word into account. Damn detective mind. Kaito smiled a little before frowning.

"Then you must be a little on edge about his leaving early his morning." Kaito deduced. Damn infections detective.

Shinichi smiled his approval at the right question coming from Kaito's mouth before he turned eyes to Fai to listen as he spoke. The blond smiled but closed his bright blue eyes so that they couldn't see that it wasn't real. They saw through that.

"Yes you could say that. Usually when we land on places that we can get our own rooms in, Kurogane doesn't waist any time before taking me. Tonight I was expecting much of the same. When Kurogane takes me, its cruel and hard, a release for him, yet I've never really minded because it was a release for me too. But tonight that kiss. Yes I guess I am on edge." When Fai opened his eyes he spotted a blush on both Kaito and Shinichi's face making him laugh out loud.

"Oh don't tell me..." Fai paused eying his new friends. One was looking at his lap and shuffling in his seat while the other had a slight smile and wouldn't look at the table's occupants. "But I thought you two were-"

"We are!" Kaito insisted, making Shinichi look at him like he was crazy.

"Since when?" Shinichi asked snidely. They hadn't decided this yet, what was Kaito getting at.

"Since I made my feelings clear when I kissed you!" Kaito argued back.

"And what made you think I had any feelings for you in the first place!" Shinichi shot back.

They continued this as Fai watched, half amused as one protected the relationship and one tried everything to seem against it.

"Why are they fighting?" Sakura asked as she and Syaoran entered the dinning room.

"Love." Fai replied smiling. This time thought it reached his eyes.

"So what if I love you! You can't just decide things on your own!" Shinichi yelled out, panting in the heat of the argument. He was thrown off when Kaito smiled back at him instead of arguing back.

"Alright then." Kaito agreed confusing Shinichi. That is, until he saw the Kid grin on his face.

Kaito grinned and took Shinichi's hand, pulling him away from the table. Shinichi had the keen feeling in his stomach that Kaito was about to embarrass him beyond belief. Oh how right he was. Fai, Sakura, and Syaoran watched, trying not to laugh at the dramatics being presented.

"Shinichi Kudo!" Kaito exclaimed making Shinichi wince. He was then wrapped in the stupid thief's arms and when he struggled to get away, Kaito just tightened his grip. "Please understand my feelings as I present them to you." Kaito whispered in a mock nervous voice. "I've known you for so long and I just..."

"Shut up! Okay okay okay, kiss me and get it over with Lover boy!" Shinichi shouted surging forward to shut Kaito up himself by occupying his lips.

Fai's genuine laugh echoed as he watched the couple. Really, he could see why those two were together. They seemed to have something about them that just fit with the other. It was almost inspiring to watch those two interact.

"Heh, they're so cute together!" Sakura whispered to him. Fai found himself nodded as he looked at the girl. Beside her, her own loved one was looking away, blushing red in the face. This made Fai laugh just a little more. Syaoran still had so much innocence in him despite their whole journey.

Still one thing pledged Fai's mind. Their eyes.

Where Fai came from, blue eyes were a sign of magical strength. The depth of their eyes told him that they had powers that even they may not know about. He also had a feeling that these travelers, no matter if they came from Yuuko or not, where there for him. But was he willing to help them?

"Okay, can we leave now? I need to get some new clothes and come back and take a shower!" Kaito cheered at the thought of a shower.

"Completely right." Shinichi agreed, his cheeks lowering in color by the second at the detective calmed himself down. When his pale cheeks were once again their natural color, he smirked at Kaito. "You certainly need a shower."

Kaito pulled a face of mock-offense and stuck his tongue out.

"You'll pull that back in unless you plan on using it." Shinichi glared. Kaito smiled slyly.

"And if I do plan on using it?" Kaito prompted, practically loving this new form of banter.

Shinichi's eyes narrowed and he smirks coolly. It was a complete switch from the earlier embarrassment.

"If you want to even think about touching me at all, you'll take a shower." And with that, he walked up to the clearly amused group of three, took hold of Sakura and Fai's arms and walked right out the front door.

Kaito stared after him for a long moment, contemplating all that had been said. Then, he laughed. Full on, drag a person to the ground, laughter of pure glee.

Syaoran looked at the thief as if he was insane, something Kaito was sure he was close to with the amount of bliss he was getting from a simple form of banter.

"What're you laughing at? By what I heard you were just blatantly denied." Syaoran asked with a raised eyebrow and a smile. He couldn't help it, happiness was contagious.

Kaito shook his head, calming down.

"It wasn't what he said that was funny, it was the fact that he said it at all."

"Really? Why's that?"

"The fact that Shinichi can say anything suggestive like that, means that he really, truly loves me." Kaito grinned at Syaoran. "And its the best feeling in the world."

Okay, Sora needed to go tend to Riku, so this line is now named Haseo! Yay .Hack/G.U. reference.

At the end of the day, everyone came home smiling.

When their walk for a job had begun, they decided to split up and cover more ground. The first one to run into a situation had been Shinichi.

While walking, Shinichi happened upon a crime scene. Inspectors and police pushing the crowds of people away and shouting for them to clear the area.

The murder appeared to be performed in an ally way, a mugging, the police officers had said. They had five suspects and only two clues found, the murder weapon and the absence of the murder victim's glasses. Shinichi had seen the rest of the clues from his spot within the crowd. But he needed to be sure. So he did what he had done back when he was Conan.

"Excuse me officer." He called the attention of one of the surrounding personal.

The man spared him a scowl before sighing and going to the edge of yellow tape. "Whacha' want kid?" The officer asked, heavy Boston accent. Shinichi recognized the man as American. Even if it wasn't his world, it seemed that people had much the same cultural ideas in this one.

"The suspects." Shinichi answered slowly. The officer's eyes narrowed.

"Wha' 'bout dem?" He asked carefully.

"The man in the baseball cap. Can you ask him where he got those boots?"

And just like that the officer turned to look at the second suspect's feet, he saw it.

"Inspector." The American breathed. "inspector!" he said louder, running to the tall man in the black trench coat.

Shinichi smirked as the officer went to tell the inspector about the slight white powder all over the second suspect's boots and the black footprints left behind as the suspect shuffled on his feet. Really, what killer steps all over the victim's blood, tries to wipe it off but forgets the bottoms?

As Shinichi was about to turn around and make his way from the crime scene, a hand on his shoulder stopped him.

The man in the trench coat stood behind him, the American officer stood beside the man.

"Excuse me but who are you?" The man asked with narrowed eyes. Shinichi turned around with a blank face, forcing himself to meet the man's eyes.

"Detective Kudo." Shinichi answered.

The man rose an eyebrow at the answer he received, looking surprised.

"You solved that murder from the side lines?" He asked curiously.

Shinichi didn't answer, just stared back at the man's dark eyes. He was waring a hat, dark brown with a feather sticking out of it. Weirdest feather Shinichi has ever seen.

"You a PD or what? Who do you work for?" The questions came suddenly but Shinichi understood from where. He had been a detective of his own town too.

"No I'm not a Private, and I don't work for anyone. I just got into town last night." Shinichi answered smoothly, pushing his hands into his jeans pocket.

"Well I'll be. The witty teenager's got balls. Walking straight into a crime scene that doesn't involve him." The detective growled before pushing his hat up with his pointer finger. "Why don't you come by the office later on. You're cocky solving murders from the side-lines, but I'd like to see how you do up front."

Shinichi smirked at the man.

"Shinichi Kudo." He introduced himself properly, getting a returning smirk for his trouble.

"Henry Rain. Welcome to town Detective Kudo."

Haseo's here to tell you that we're switching to Kaito's scene!

"Excuse me. I see you're looking for help?"

Kaito smiled to himself as he pushed his way into a jewelry store. This was perfect. Fifteen minutes of walking and he finds this place, thank you Lady Luck.

The white collar noble woman behind the counter gave him a glare that could burn holes into people's heads and Kaito spared a thought to the way he looked. Probably not like her usual customers that's for sure. Despite the look, Kaito strolled into the shop and straight up to the counter she was standing behind, keeping himself from looking done at all the pretty, shinny things. Shinichi said no stealing. He had to remind himself.

"Well yes, we are, but I don't think you are qualified for the possession available." She replied with her kindest sneer. Kaito caught himself before he laughed out loud at both the assumption and the look on the bat's face.

"If you want to judge by the outside ma'am, I guess you're right. But then again I wouldn't trust your eyes seeing as that pretty little stone on your finger is nothing but a cheap imitation of the black star diamond. Even the band is silver painted gold." He replied cheekily, ready to turn on his heals and walk right out the door.

Just as his hand reached for the handle- "Wait!"

Kaito smirked, turning around to the woman.


Hook, line, and sinker.

Chapter Review: The gang walks around looking for...nothing specific really but with no money they can't get anywhere. So Kaito has an idea: His Kid persona turns into a street performer! As Kaito performs, Shinichi talks with Fai and Kurogane. With the money Kaito gathered (From performing and pick-pocketing) they rented a three bedroom apartment. Kaito speaks briefly to Kurogane and in the morning, he and Shinichi speak with Fai. Fai believes that the color of Kai and Shin's eyes means hidden magic, but he doesn't feel as if he can say anything just yet. They all leave to find work to pay for clothes and the rent. During their search, Shinichi runs into a crime scene, solves it and gets the approval of Henry Rain, the lead detective for the town. Kaito walks into a Jewelry store ('Nough said).

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