Story Summary: After the successful retrieval of his teammate Sasuke Uchiha. Naruto is made a scapegoat by the Council as well as the Hokage. But as it turned out these are the least of his problems as his greatest secret has been revealed to the village with dire consequences. Now with only a few people still his friend and the feelings of being betrayed as well as literally being betrayed those he thought he could trust he sets out to make a new world for himself knowing one day they will come for him. Unbeknownst to them he is one of the last living descendent of a great line of Assassins. He will make a difference in the world whether they want him to or not.

Pairings: Unknown at this time.

Rating: M.

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The cool morning air of the ancient city of Rome was a welcome feeling to his body as he moved along the rooftops of the city avoiding the guards as he went. His destination was his sister's brothel to obtain information she and his mother had recently obtained for him. So far this morning nothing bad happened to him but he knew that in a city still more than half controlled by the Templars it would not be a walk in the park.

As he made his way down to street level to enter the brothel by the main entrance he noticed a family walking together, there was clearly a man or woman who looked to be about his parent's age as well as the young man and what looked to be his wife who was holding a young child in her arms. They looked very happy to him and it was times like this that made him wonder what his life would've been like had the Templars not killed his brothers and father that terrible day. Could that have been him with a wife and a child with his mother and father at his side and maybe even his brothers as well and not the life he was forced to lead now. He had lost many loved ones and good friends to the cruelty of the Templars and their desire to control the world in their own way which only lead to more death distraction. He even often feared if he did have children they would have to lead this fight as well one day. He wondered what his entire line from this point onward be forced to fight this war. Would his descendents be forced to fight this war in the future as well.

But now was not the time to be thinking of what could've been. Now was the time to end a another tyrant's rule and bring some level of peace back to this ancient city. There were times he wished he was as free as the Eagles soared in the sky. He then remembered that his name Ezio literally meant that Eagle or the flying one. And he hoped that his descendents would be as free as those Eagles.


Naruto Uzumaki Slowly opened his eyes and looked around the room to get his bearings. The room was nothing more than a heavily built cell for only the most worst offenders in the Hidden Leaf Village. He proceeded to lick his lips and slowly get up. Although he had his healing ability the guards assaults upon him had been devastating to say the least, if it had been anyone else it would not have survived the torment.

He could feel things like his joints popping back into place as he moved about the cell and could only imagine what was going to happen to him now.

His so called friends had abandoned him to this wretched fate. They all now knew his deep dark secret about the Nine Tailed Demon Fox that was at this time sealed inside his body. Many of them could only see their own fears about what he really was.

He had lost by this point all his sense of what time or day it was. He had a feeling it had been more than a week for him in this place. He looked about the cell's what little light there was to see by and saw that once again no food have been brought to him. But he could swear that he could hear the other prisoners having some food and realized that the guards opinion of him had something to do with it. After all, who would want to feed the Demon Boy.

Naruto at first had no idea why he had been suddenly sent here while he was still recovering from his injuries thanks to Sasuke who had tried to defect to one of the Villages greatest Enemies Orohimaru of the Sannin. He had done all this just to gain more power to kill and defeat his older brother Itachi Uchiha who had killed his entire clan in one night.

The retrieval mission of Sasuke Uchiha had almost been a disaster of epic proportions. Naruto had been the one that had been left with the responsibility of bringing the way word Uchiha back home to the village. The problem that he had is that his old teammate had decided to it would be a good idea to kill him and gain the next level of his bloodline.

It also didn't help one bit that he also used the curse seal on the back of his neck become even more powerful than before. This then forced him to use the Fox is power in order just to survive let alone win against his teammate.

That was when instead of waking up in the villages hospital he woke up in the prison hospital and was instantly sent to the solitary wing of the prison. He had no way of knowing what was to come and what he had apparently did?

Then he had to consider the strange dreams here but having ever since he and Jiraiya had been sent to bring Tsunade back to the village. Each one of the dreams seemed more like a memory to him then a dream. The man he knew the best from the dreams was named Ezio Auditore and the other one was named Desmond Miles.

Naruto had seen much of these men's lives through his dreams and realized he was beginning to have some of their knowledge and abilities. He truly did not understand What was to come.

Templars, the Assassins Brotherhood. These were the things that went through his mind at this moment in time. The other one was the question of what would become of him. And this was the one question he had no answer to at this moment.

Just then the door to his cell was opened in two ANBU walked in and begin to take him out of the cell for some reason. "What's going on? Where are you taking me."

"The council wants to have some words with you monster. We should have killed you for what you did to the Uchiha you demon."

They proceeded to take him into a small room where they changed his dirty clothes and tended to his wounds. After this he was placed in shackles that drained off his Chakra and prevented him from using any of his Jutsus.

It took some time for them to reach the council chambers as they forcibly walked him through the doors and set him down the center of the room on his knees and forced him to look up at everyone. There were no kind faces amongst them as they talked amongst themselves until finally Lady Tsunade the current Hokage spoke up getting everyone's attention in the room.

"Genin Naruto Uzumaki the Council of Konoha has reviewed the retrieval mission of one Konoha shinobi Sasuke Uchiha that you took part in as well as several others. It is the determination of this Council with both eyewitness accounts as well as the clan heir that you are assaulted with deadly force that was not authorized by this council. But since you did complete the mission and retrieve the last loyal Uchiha of our village, it is been decided that your punishment for this action and your failure to follow the orders that this council mandated to you on your mission will result in your immediate removal from the ninja program and your banishment from this village."

Naruto was now in total shock at hearing this from someone that he would have trusted his life with. He couldn't believe that he was being punished for not only doing his job but protecting himself from someone who wanted to kill him. But he never got a chance to talk about his side of the story.

"This banishment that you are being placed under is a special order class banishment. Unlike the normal exile this placed on someone it states they can never return. You are required to return to this village in three years time to be reappointed into the Shinobi program once more. You are also required to gain full control over the Nine Tailed Fox. If you do not return in three years we will hunt you down and bring you back to this village do you understand." She said to him.

He couldn't believe what he had just heard her say. He knew that any chance he ever had been accepted in this village was now gone forever. He saw everything that had been done to him as a betrayal and realized nothing would ever be the same for him again.

As soon as he received the exile scroll that dictated what he could and could not do he was told that he had at least three more days in the village before you will be escorted out of the village. Luckily as it turned out there were a few people who hadn't abandon him. One of them being the Third Hokages son Asuma and the thirds grandson Konohamaru and his friends as well as the owners of the Roman bar Ichiraku. Asuma decided to let Naruto know about a few people who could help them out with his current problems thanks to the Council.


Tsunade was not very happy looking at this moment in time. She had requested Narutos presence in front of her before his banishment was made official on this day but so far all attempts to find him had failed. She turned to one of the ANBU and asked, "Did you find him yet?"

The ANBU nodded his head a no and then said to her, "No my Lady, in fact there hasn't been a sign of him in the last two days at all. One of the last people he was seen with before he disappeared was Asuma Lady Hokage."

"Bring me Jounin Sensei Asuma Sarutobi right now."

Within a few minutes Asuma had arrived in her office and stood right in front of her. She then proceeded to ask him, "Do you know where Naruto Uzumaki is?"

"No my Lady I do not know where he is anymore. As far as I know he left the village two days ago after talking with us as he had experienced only hatred from his friends as some of them even made threats that they would kill him if they saw him again including his own team and sensei. He's long gone."

Tsunade leaned her head back into her chair and realized that her plan would now be in jeopardy. There was a good chance that he would never come back to them.


It had been up to a week since Naruto had escaped his old home village and had begun to see the world. He knew there was a good chance that the Hokage and the Council would send someone after him to retrieve him because he left earlier than expected. But the way he saw it they were up to something and he figured prominently in it. The only good news that he'd received upon reaching one of Asumas friends he had discovered that there was a loophole in the exile order that he could exploit. The loophole stated that after the three years was up he could choose to stay in exile rather than go back to the village there was nothing they could do about it. He still knew they would fight tooth and nail to get him back but but he didn't care anymore.

He was currently standing in the high mountains of Spring country that were still covered in snow looking for someone who may hold the key to a strange dreams that even having there were also getting much stronger as time went on.

As he emerged from the tree line he saw a man and then sitting in front of a small cottage who then walked up to him and said to them, "Safety and peace brother."

"Are you an assassin of the brotherhood?"

The man nodded and then said. "Yes I am and I can see that the dreams have started and soon so will the Eagle vision. You are the descendent of Ezio Auditore just like your mother before you young one. I will tell you about them, but first we must begin your training in more than just being an assassin but also being a master thief. Who can hide anywhere he wants. Are you ready to begin."

End of Prologue

I've read a lot of good Naruto and Assassins Creed stories out there and wanted to write one of my own. At this time I don't know how the story is going to progress but I'll see what I can do and hope to hear ideas from you guys.