Jaden woke with a start like he had for the past 4 weeks since he and his friends had gotten back from the parallel dimension's trip. He didn't know what was going on. Somewhere in the back of his mind he was thinking it was Haou's fault but that couldn't be since Yubell had said that she would keep him at bay unless Jaden needed him; whatever that meant. Yet she had looked tired then and he knew she was still. The constant dueling and sending people to the stars and then merging with Jaden's soul and then sending everyone home had taken a toll on Yubell's energy levels and she really needed to rest. Since they got back she has been asleep so he hadn't used her in any duels (not that his friends would like that addition much).

Jaden sighed at the thought of his friends. Except for Jesse he kept a slight distance to them afraid that he might hurt them again, which was something he never wanted to do again. Jesse had gone through an evil take over faze like he did so Jesse understood how Jaden felt so Jaden didn't feel a need to keep as much distance between them. Plus Winged Kuriboh would have a fit if he didn't get to see Ruby. As if the thought had called him Winged Kuriboh appeared out of Jaden's deck with worried eyes.

"Koru" Kuriboh asked worriedly in a language only Jaden and Jesse understood.

"Ya it was that dream again, to bad I still don't remember what it's about or why it's been waking me up; Crawlers going to kill me if I fall asleep in his class again."

"Koru, koru, koru, koru."

"I don't know; all I know is its bad, but I can't remember why..."


"I don't know pal it could be Haou but he should be asleep like Yubell."

"Koru, koru, koru."

"Ya I know I miss them too, but I don't want to hurt them again or worry them so this is the only way."

"Koru, koru"

"Don't worry I'm not going to go supreme king anytime soon so don't worry" Jaden says with a little chuckle that was a bit strained. Yawning Jaden starts to close his eyes as Winged Kuriboh settles down beside him. Jaden absently scratches the top of Winged Kuriboh's head, still happy that this power was at least a happy one that he had gained since the whole Yubell incident, as he fell asleep again.