*back with Chancellor Shepherd*

"Shepherd here." The chancellor winced into the phone trying to portray confidence verbally to the receiver. Unfortunately said receiver was his boss and said boss was none other than Seto Kaiba himself. And when your boss is the most powerful, business tycoon, defensive, somber, dueling legend second only to the king of games himself;…well let's just say you don't try to get on his bad side…..EVER… cause then usually bad things happen to you. Shepherd was trying at all cost to avoid that but it looked like, so far, that wasn't gonna happen.

"Shepherd when I made you the chancellor of my school I thought I made it clear that you are to report any and all crises' revolving around our top student duelist to me directly. Especially when said crises' revolve around our number one duelist Jaden Yuki." Kaiba spoke quietly but with authority. His voice was as intimidating as having a duel with Obelisk the tormentor; in the middle of a thunderstorm; at night. [Scary!]

Shepherd swallowed hard. He wasn't scared of many people but his boss scared the heck out of him.

"Well you see sir I was about to call you but the boy's parents had to be contacted and then brought to the hospital and…." Shepherd tried to explain before being cut off.

"I don't care if Pegasus or Yugi Motto himself came to see him. You call me first and inform me of the situation. Do I make myself clear?" Kaiba snapped through the phone causing the Chancellor to shrink in a bit. He knew his boss would have been mad but still it didn't prepare him for it either way.

"I apologize sir; you are correct I should have contacted you first." The chancellor said, not meaning a bit of it, trying to make it sound as sincere as possible. Thankfully Kaiba went with it a "humph" on the other end of the line telling the chancellor that his apology was as close to excepted as he was gonna get.

"Now as I hear from Pegasus, the boy has entered into a coma is this correct." Kaiba asked, moving right to the heart of things rather quickly.

"That is correct sir" chancellor answered.

"Would you care to explain how that happened?"



"Uh well…"


"He's back."


"He's back."


"Haou…"' And that's all Shepherd needed to say for Kaiba to get it.

"I'm on my way" Kaiba literally growled into the phone before hanging up.

Shepherd sighed letting out the breath that he had been holding. Kaiba had taken it better than he had thought.

Kaiba already knew about what had happened a little over a month and a half ago. He was the one who sent the scientist that helped get them back the first time around. He had scoffed and scowled at the report when he had read it but had to go with it; since every scientist he had sent himself, plus all the eye witness reports from the students, and teachers that had been trapped in the dimension, the first time around, all said approximately the same exact thing. [Ooh big words lol]

He had begrudgedly signed off on the report, with one of his trade mark sneers, before handing it back to the Chancellor to be filled away. That moment brought a small smile back to the chancellor's face as he pushed the button for the elevator.

Slipping the cell phone back in to his pocket his hands touched a piece of paper inside the same pocket. Reaching in and pulling it out he saw that it was a picture of Jaden and his friends laughing at something while sitting in his office. He remembered when it was taken. It was after the incident with the sacred beast cards. He had treated them all to a large lunch in his office as a small thanks for saving the world from the powerful cards. He couldn't remember who took the picture but they had done a wonderful job of capturing the students smiling faces. One face in particular stood out the most at that moment. Jaden's care free smiling, and laughing face was a big contrast from the one he had before the coma. Every time the chancellor had seen him he had always looked worn and tired. As if the events in the other world had aged him significantly.

At the sound of the elevator ding the chancellor sighed; placing the picture back in his pocket before entering the elevator. A forlorn look returning to his eyes as the smile slipped away and back to the pained frown from before. Hitting the top floor button the chancellor stepped back as the doors closed and the elevator rose.

Sighing again shepherd ran a hand across his balding head as his thoughts came back to Jaden's condition and what he had seen went he had entered the boy's room where the whole thing started. It had only been for a second and he wasn't even sure if he had seen anything at all but….

Sighing once again Chancellor Shepherd shook his head sadly in denial. There was no possible way he would have been there. They hadn't seen him since the incident. He had been missing and still was even after everyone else had come home. But there was no mistaking it. Shepherd would recognize him anywhere

Zane had been in the room with Jaden when he and Alexis had come in. He had been sitting beside Jaden's bed. Shepherd had been shocked when he had seen him that he had to take a double take; but when he got distracted by the nurse rushing in a few seconds later Zane had disappeared without a trace. He still wasn't sure what he saw was real but there was no other explanation.

Zane had been there and then he went poof and was gone the next second; that's all there was to it.

The only questions left now were why and how.