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*In Kaiba's office*

"I'm on my way."

Kaiba snapped his cell phone shut harshly before carelessly throwing it onto the desk in front of him. He then sat there, with his arms crossed, glaring at the seemingly offensive cellular device. Fate was testing his beliefs again and he hated when his belief in reality was tested. Once, it was Yugi Motto and his gang of tag along friends that did the testing; now it seemed that his own school was doing it as of late.

Kaiba sighed before begrudgingly picking up his cell phone once again. He needed to make a few calls to cancel appointments and rearrange his schedule if he was going to go all the way to Duel Academy Island. But first he would need to call someone closer.

The cell phone rang 3 times before a familiar voice came through the speaker.

"Mokuba here; what's up Seto?"

"Pack your bags; we're heading out for Duel Academy Island in the jet in 10 minutes." Seto said coolly into the phone.

"Sure Seto; but is something wrong you sound a little upset." Mokuba asked his older brother. Kaiba let a rare gentle smile cross his lips. Only his little brother could detect when something was off, just from hearing his voice. Anyone else wouldn't notice any difference; or shrug it off and ignore it.

"I'll tell you on the way. See you in ten." Kaiba said in a somewhat gentler voice, that only his brother ever heard, before ending the call abruptly. He didn't want to say too much over the phone. It wouldn't be the first time that a rival company tapped his phone to find out information that they could use against him. All his employees and his own brother know that nothing of importance was to ever be said over the phone. If he ended a call abruptly saying whatever it was would be answered later, it usually meant that the information was too valuable for others to find out. The same went for the many strange events that happened on Duel Academy Island. His competitors would have a field day with that kind of information. So as far as anyone else outside of his company knew, Duel Academy Island was a completely normal dueling school.

Kaiba huffed and rolled his eyes as he got up and headed for the door, closing it sharply behind him.

'As if that were true.' Kaiba thought to himself as he punched in the first number to the people he needed to call about his emergency trip as he headed down the hall.

*back with the gang in the elevator* [this should be fun lol]

Everyone in the elevator stood mouths gapped looking at Atticus. The shock over his statement was evident on everyone's faces including the Yuki's as they had no idea who this young man was and what he thought he was doing. Alexis just closed her eyes and brought her palm to her forehead; letting out a soft moan of annoyance.

Atticus noticing that what he had said hadn't had the effect he was hoping for shrunk a little in his spot. This caused him to get a comical mopey look on his face before he started mutter loud enough for everyone to hear.

"Not the ice breaker I was looking for."

Alexis groaned again. 'Way to go Atti.' Alexis thought while shaking her head. Now she had to do Damage control…again. Sighing again she opened her eyes before starting to apologize to the Yuki's.

"I'm sorry ma'am, sir, my brother doesn't always think before he does stupid stuff. But I swear that he did it with the best of intentions." Alexis said to hopefully pacify the shocked parents of Jaden Yuki. Both just nodded silently still not over the shock. Rebecca on the other hand was trying to suppress a giggle fit behind her notebook. The boy reminded her to much of Joey when he was that age.

Mrs. Yuki was the first to stir after the initial shock was over.

"It's alright my dear; I don't think your brother meant any harm. The tension was just probably getting to him." Mrs. Yuki said quietly before he smiled weakly at Alexis before looking at her inquisitively. [Ooh big word ^_^] After a second he eyes lit up with recognition.

"If you have a brother that must mean you're Alexis and he is Atticus am I correct?"

Alexis's eyes widened with surprise.

"Um yes, yes we are, but how'd you know?" Alexis asked still a bit surprised. Jaden's mother smiled warmly before answering.

"Jaden has told us all about each of his friends. It's usually very hard to get Jaden to talk about anything outside of duel monsters, but ask him about his friends and he lights up like a Christmas tree. Then it's hard to get him to stop long enough to do anything else." Jaden's mother answered while lightly chuckling over the antics of her son. His father smiled to by the then as well. He knew all too well how hard it was to steer his son's train of thought away from dueling.

Syrus looked from Alexis to Jaden's mother. This was news to him. Jaden never spoke of what went on away from school. When the rest of them came back from vacation they would tell each other what had went on while they were away. But never Jaden. He never thought about it before; never thought it strange. That while they would talk about what they had done or where they had gone with their families…Jaden never did. Now that Syrus thought about it he couldn't figure out why he had never noticed it before.

Sure Jaden would comment on what the others had done, even make jokes about some of it along with everyone else. But not once had he ever mentioned what happened when he went home for summer vacation. It didn't seem to make much sense but he didn't even notice at the time.

Why hadn't they noticed that Jaden never spoke of his home life? Why had the just shrugged it off?

What kind of friend was he that he never tried to find out?

*Back with Axel and Zane*

Currently Zane and Axel were holding on; but just barely. They both had taken heavy blows to their life points from the continual frontal attack from the evil hero's of Haou's deck. Some of which they had never seen before.

Presently the life points were as such: 1300- Axel/ Zane- 1050.

They both were exhausted from the fight but they weren't giving up yet. They only had 4 monsters left to beat. Unfortunately though, these 4 were pretty strong.

Evil Hero Infernal Sniper: 2000 ATK/DEF 2500

Evil Hero Malicious Fiend: 3500 ATK/DEF 2100

Evil Hero Dark Gaia: 3800 ATK/DEF 3000

Evil Hero Lightning Golem: 2400 ATK/DEF 1500

Add in their effects and they were a troublesome bunch.

At the moment Zane field looked like this:

2 monsters- both were Cyber Dragons: 2100 ATK/DEF 1600

3 face down spell or trap cards and 1 face up continuous trap: Cyber Summon Blaster.

Axels at the same time looked like this:

1 monster- Volcanic Doomfire: 3000 ATK/DEF 1800

1 continuous trap: Firewall

Firewall and Volcanic Doomfire where both keeping their opponents at bay for the moment, but it wouldn't be long before they found a way around them. They would really be in trouble.

Axel looked over at Zane to see if he had a plan to get out of this. He then almost had to do a double take. Zane had the most frightening smirk on his face that Axel had ever seen. Axel was almost afraid to ask what Zane seemed to be so happy about in a time like this. Seeing the look on Axels face Zane gave a spine chilling chuckle.

"Don't worry Axel this is gonna be over in just a second." Zane answered as he drew his next card. Looking at it his smirk became a full fledge terrifying smile.

"Sorry boys but this battle ends here.

"I play my face down card Monster reborn, to bring back my 3rd Cyber Dragon." Zane's Dragon came to the field giving out an ear splitting roar alongside its 2 brothers. But that wasn't the end of Zane's turn; not by a long shot.

"I then use Polymerization to fusion Summon your demise. COME FORTH CYBER END DRAGON!" Zane proclaimed as loud as he could. Roaring in victory that was sure to come, all 3 Cyber Dragons left the field only to be replaced by an even more terrifying sight. An angry roaring Cyber End Dragon 4000 ATK/DEF 2800 entered the field in a spectacular show of power. But that still wasn't the end of Zane Trousdale's turn.

"Now that I've special Summoned my Cyber End Dragon, my Cyber summon Blaster activates. It inflicts 300 points of damage." A resounding boom and high pitch screams were heard from the opposing monsters as they were hit by the trap.

Evil Hero Infernal Sniper: 1700 ATK/DEF 2500

Evil Hero Malicious Fiend: 3200 ATK/DEF 2100

Evil Hero Dark Gaia: 3500 ATK/DEF 3000

Evil Hero Lightning Golem: 2100 ATK/DEF 1500

All 4 monsters hissed when their attack points were dropped by 300 points

"Now I activate one of my face down cards Cyber Destruction. [This is not a real card as far as I know] when I successfully summon Cyber End Dragon, and had Cyber summon on the field, I can activate this trap in order to destroy all non cyber monsters on my opponent's side of the field. Looks like that all of you." Zane said as he gained a wild look in his eyes.

Their opponents didn't even have a chance to scream as Cyber End Dragon opened its mauls and let out a powerful blast that destroyed them all where they stood. Axel couldn't even speak as the monsters on their side disappeared with the battles end. Zane chuckled lightly before turning around and began to move away from where the Battle had taken place.

"Axel, get a move on, we got to reach Jaden and the others before Haou takes out Jim again." Zane called over his shoulder, pulling Axel out of his stupor. Shaking himself like a wet dog to clear his head, Axel turned and ran after Zane.

He made a mental note never to make Zane mad.


*back with the battle with Haou*

The battle had been raging for a good while by now. None, except Haou, knew about the battle that had just ended not that far from them. Currently the battle was as such:

Jim: 2000

Haou: 2500

Neither had any monsters on the field as they all had been destroyed last turn. Haou had 3 face down cards in his spell and trap card zone while Jim had 4. Only Haou's Dark fusion was face up on the field.

Yubel was still clutching Jaden closely; waiting for the chance to bolt with her charge if given the chance. She glanced down at Jaden, who still looked to be sleeping, before glancing back at the battle. It was Haou's turn.

"Please Jim; you must hurry; before Jaden's state becomes any worse." Yubel whispered too quietly for anyone to hear her.

"My draw." Haou spoke as he drew his next card to start off his turn. Barely glancing at it he placed it in his hand.

Jim tensed waiting for what would come next. Haou's deck slightly mirrored Jaden's with the exceptions of dark fusion, not having any Neo-Spacian's, and not having Winged Kuriboh or Yubel. There shouldn't be anything in his deck that would surprise him as long as he didn't play Super Polymerization while Jim himself had monsters on his field. That trump card would easily turn the tides of this battle in Haou's favor.

No matter what monster he had on his field.

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