It's been a while since I last wrote any work (just look at all those unfinished stories on my profile), but I had to write this (maybe small or large?) fic. This pairing has been on my mind since episode 95 (manga chapter…can't remember) but I mostly see Natsu and Lucy fics on the site. So I decided to start this fic in hopes others will join me and increase the void that is of Natsu x Lisanna fanfics.

Fair Warning: this story is a harem fic as you can see in the summary, the pairing is Natsu with Lisanna AND Angel and Yukino. Lisanna is the main girl on this story. Gray gets his own harem later on.





"No. This can't be happening, not again!"

Those were the thoughts of the foster child of Igneel; Natsu Dragneel as he held the dying form of his childhood friend, correction, the woman he loves. He desperately tries to think of a way to save her. Unfortunately, his magic mostly consists of offensive techniques and there is no one close in the vicinity to heal her.

Then it hit him.

There is a way to save her, a lost magic Igneel taught him for a special occasion. Resigning himself he brushes the locks of white hair from the girl's eyes and prepares himself for what he's about to do.

"Forgive me…Lisanna…"

Several days ago…

Raindrops continued to fall all over Magnolia soaking everything on its wake, but for 3 siblings the rain didn't matter at all.

"Welcome home"

Team Natsu (plus others) watched the 2 year late reunion of the takeover siblings with a smile on their face. But for one of them, on the inside he was more than glad to have finally found her.

Natsu Dragneel smiled as he watched the 3 siblings crying in joy. As he promised when they were younger he had found her. Natsu recalled the moment he saw her on the other Fairy Tail; at first joy filled his heart after fate allowed him to see her again, then sadness when he was told she wasn't the same Lisanna he once knew but her counterpart in Edolas, but he pushed those feelings aside to concentrate on getting his friends back. Finally pure happiness when she reappeared once again, this time confirming she was indeed the Lisanna he once knew…his Lisanna.

The dragon slayer would have loved to be able to talk to her alone; just the two of them like back then, and that brief hug they shared was too short for his liking. But he realized he was being selfish; Mira and Elfman needed her more than him right now so he could wait. After all, they had all the time in the world.

Unfortunately for the pink haired slayer, patience was not his virtue:

After returning to the guild they threw a party celebrating her return until way late into the night, followed by one of their classic all bout brawls in the guild (not that he complained). After that he found Lisanna, Mira and Elfman embracing one another in blissful sleep, a smile on each of them, the first time in a few years they finally had pleasant dreams.

Not wanting to disturb such lovely scene Natsu decided tomorrow would be another day.

Next day however had other plans, as Lisanna spent most of the day getting readjusted back to her old life, sure they briefly talked in the morning but she had to run as Mirajane pulled her to town to get new clothes and things she needed, to spend some sister-sister time. Natsu didn't mind.

The following morning he was sure he could catch her in a free time she had, but as luck would have it Erza pulled him and the rest of the team on a mission stating he and Gray were being lazy (even after only one day had passed since they returned from Edolas). Of course both mages didn't complain one bit for fear of awakening the wrath of the one called "Titania" of Fairy Tail. So reluctantly team Natsu embarked on another mission.

"What's the matter Natsu? This is the first time I actually see you sad because we're going on a mission."- The stellar mage, Lucy Heartfilia asked to the dragon slayer walking next to her.

"It's nothing"- Natsu replied –"There was just something I needed to do."

"Like what? The most I see you do is train, sleep, eat, break into my house"- the dragon slayer sheepishly smiled while the thick mark on Lucy's head got bigger –"or fight against anyone in the guild."

"Aye. He can still fight Gray here"- The blue exceed, Happy, said as he joined their conversation.

"Meh, I'm not in the mood of wiping the floor with droopy eyes there"- Natsu said as he pointed to the Ice mage ahead of them talking to Erza.

"Don't you mean you're not in the mood of Erza beating you two senseless for fighting"- Lucy said with a smirk. Of course Natsu denied it of course, but he knew she had hit the spot.

"Now that I think about it, Natsu's been acting strange ever since Li…"- The blue cat couldn't finish as said slayer quickly covered his mouth nearly suffocating him.

"EVER SINCE WE RETURNED FROM EDOLAS, RIGHT HAPPY!" – Natsu quickly added to avoid any suspicion from the blonde girl. – "And I'm not acting strange!"

"Try saying that without freaking out or raising your voice level"- Gray said –"by the way, I can kick your fiery ass anytime, anywhere."

"Wanna bet; perverted stripper?"

"Bring it on, fire breath!"

While the two bickered, armored hands slammed their heads together. –"Knock it off you two!. We're here."- Erza said as he pointed to Natsu's most feared enemy: the train station.

"Kill me now." – Were the last words Natsu said as he stepped inside the unmoving train, his nausea already kicking in.

Two days…TWO ANNOYING DAYS! Just to take care of the job Erza picked. Well, the pay was good so it wasn't a waste of time but the job of eliminating a dark guild of mostly amateurs was boring for the entire group. On his way back home Natsu was starting to think he would never get his chance to talk with…


"Welcome back." – Lisanna greeted them as the flying cat landed on her lap. She was sitting at the foot of the door to his house waiting for them. -"How was the job?"

"OK… Boring without you…"- Natsu replied, leaving that last part on his mind. –"And you? What did you do these last few days?"

"Not much, I spent the days missing you…"

Hearing this, the pink haired slayer did a double take back- "Say again?"

"I spent the days missing doing jobs"- Lisanna said with a small blush that went unnoticed by Natsu –"I was thinking on doing a job tomorrow."

"Oh"- Natsu replied, a bit sad she was leaving soon –"So Mira and Elfman are going to go with you right? Just like the old times."

"Actually, I was hoping you could go with me on this mission"- The white haired beauty said with a tint of red adorning her cheeks –"But you're probably too tired, after all you've just gotten back."

"Not at all !" – Natsu's face reinvigorated after hearing her proposal. – "Tomorrow's perfect to me."

Lisanna's face lit up with a smile, a smile Natsu missed seeing for the last 2 years –"Great! So tomorrow it is then. Well, I better get going, see ya tomorrow Natsu."- Giving him the sleeping blue cat, the girl left towards her house.

"Goodnight Lisanna"- Natsu watched as she walked until he couldn't see her anymore.

"! You Liiiiiiiiike her !"- Happy replied with a mischievous smile, revealing he wasn't sleeping and heard all of their conversation.

"Yeah…"- Natsu replied with a faraway look in his eyes.

Normally Happy would have freaked since every time he said the same phrase everyone fervently denied it or just kept quiet about it, but he knew Natsu very well after all he was his Nakama, his best friend.

"Alright Happy, we need to rest for tomorrow so we can help Lisanna in the mission she picks"- Natsu said to the blue exceed with a smile on his face.

"Aye sir!."

Present time…

Natsu looked down to the girl's neck ready to do the deed that would save her, but at the same time not knowing what exactly did Igneel meant with the whole "binding them together" speech. Deciding he would find out later he proceeded to bite her in the neck, eliciting a small gasp from Lisanna as fire coursed through her veins.

Only later would he realize he not only saved her by infusing part of his magic into her, he had also branded her as his mate.


There you have it, chapter one of this fanfic. I'm still not sure if either make it a few chapters long or make an entire new story arc that diverges a bit from the normal timeline (the s-class trials).

I'll let you know in the next chapters. In the meantime feel free to review, I will take into consideration any tip you offer.

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