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Right before her, the man responsible for causing her all her pain and suffering, the one she envisioned dead each night was now in her grasp. Without hesitation, Rose drove her blade directly into Vergil's jugular, hoping to see the devil before her dead, but it was not to be as the blade was diverted from its path by Vergil's own blade.

If he was to be honest, Vergil was momentarily stunned by her sudden change and attack, only his quick reflex saved him from having his throat sliced by using Yamato to deflect the offending blade.

Everyone at the lodge was momentarily stunned, never expecting Rose's attack, but once the clash of swords resonated they sprang into action.


The girl in question went in for another strike, but this time Vergil was ready and pinned her to the wall.

"LET ME GO!" freeing herself, Rose tossed Vergil a punch to the face, which he grabbed and twisted on her back to push her against a wall. "LET GO!"

"Calm yourself"

Ignoring Vergil's request, Rose struggled with all her might to free herself until he decided to stop her by knocking her off "I SAID! LET ME …ugh"

As she lost consciousness, Rose's platinum hair returned to her bright pink color and her sword vanished from where it was discarded. Letting go of her, Vergil allowed for Rose to drop on the floor that is if Natsu hadn't caught her. Making sure she was ok, the dragon slayer turned his attention on Vergil.

"Vergil, you asshole! You could have been more careful!"

"She was the one who attacked me, I merely defended myself" Vergil countered, to which Natsu had to agree. "Besides; she is unharmed"

"Yeah, but still…" Natsu turned to look at her unconscious form.

"Vergil did the right thing Natsu" Makarov reassured him "if he hadn't stopped her, who knows what she could have done. Now then, you should take her somewhere to rest while Porlyusica comes to check her condition."

Carrying her bridal style, Natsu felt…something when he carried her petite frame, something that seemed familiar to him. Shaking his head to clear it, Natsu carried her to an empty room until Porlyusica arrives. As he left the scene, the Fairy Tail mages starting murmuring about Rose's strange transformation and how it kinda reminded them about someone else, but they couldn't quite put their finger on whom.

In the end, they had little time to think about it when Happy and Elfman burst through the doors carrying an unconscious and hurt Wendy and Charle. While everyone rushed to follow the wounded pair, Vergil remained behind to ponder about the newest member of Fairy Tail:

When Rose transformed, Vergil felt the familiar aura coming out of her, one he could easily identify; devil trigger. Her hair changing from pink to platinum was only the confirmation he needed for what he already knew; she was also a descendant of Sparda.

Smirking, in his mind the half devil was already making the connections of her possible origin.

Chapter 41: Sister

The next day Team Natsu waited in one of the locker rooms at Domus Flau ready to make their entrance while reminiscing about last night's events.

After Wendy and Charle were properly treated by Porlyusica, the wind dragon slayer regained consciousness and apologized to the team for letting them down. Wendy was immediately reassured by Natsu and company, who told her it wasn't her fault and they would get the bastards that did this to her. Regretting not only being unable to get a good look at her attackers, but also not being able to help them on the first day, Wendy entrusted Lisanna with her spot, to which Lisanna agreed to do her best on her behalf.

"Porlyusica said she lost a huge amount of magical power, what could have caused it?" Erza and the others wondered the same thing.

"Whatever or whoever it was, I'm gonna make sure he pays for hurting her!"

Gray agreed with Natsu and then they switched to Rose: "What about Rose yesterday? Why would she attack Vergil out of the blue like that?"

"And what did she use; Ex-quip magic?" Lucy asked as Erza shook her head.

"The way she got her sword might look like it, but there was something …odd about it."

"Let's not forget that she called Vergil 'Sparda' as well" Lisanna added "That's the name of Vergil's deceased father."

"Did she confuse Vergil with him?" Natsu wondered. In the end, their questions would have to wait until Rose regained consciousness, and right now they had more pressing matters, named the grand magic games.

"The only thing we can do right now is give it our best for Wendy and our guild."

Marching to the gate, the team that represented Fairy Tail on the grand magic games made their appearance before the thousands of spectators at the arena. Before Fairy Tail made its appearance, Quattro Cerberus and Mermaid Heel appeared before them in the eight and seventh place respectively.

From the commentator's booth, Chapati Lola, Yashima, and the invited guest; Jenny Realight, announced the sixth team:

"And here comes the team that made it in the 6th spot this year. Contrary to their name, they're the wild, rowdy, FAIRY TAIL!"

While the spectators cheered for the first two teams, they instantly booed Fairy Tail.

"What the heck! They're booing us!?" Natsu was as surprised, as he was mad, like the rest of his team.

"In past years, Fairy Tail had always claimed last place on the grand magic games, but this year they surprised us by making it to the preliminary rounds. What do you think, Yashima-san, will they make a comeback this year and become the top guild in Fiore?"

"They definitely have what it takes to succeed" Yashima answered Chapati's question and gave Fairy Tail a thumbs up. "I'm so glad to see you all again…congratulations Fairy Tail and good luck!"

While the team ignored the boos and name calls they were getting from the crowd, they instead focused on their guild who were cheering for them not caring what others thought of them.

"Erza" Amongst the Mermaid heel team, a cloaked Millianna watched her big sister from afar already wanting to meet up with her again. While the neko girl was happy to see Erza, her team captain, Kagura Mikazuchi, wanted one thing only; the whereabouts of the renegade Jellal.

From up above the coliseum, Vergil watched the tournament when he noticed someone next to him.


"Hey Vergil!" The first master of Fairy Tail merrily dangled her feet from her sitting position next to him.

"What are you doing here?"

"Making you company. What else?"

"I do not want it" As he turned to leave, Vergil stopped when he heard sobbing.

"But…you looked so alone…sob… and I only wanted to make you company.".

Seeing her crocodile tears, made Vergil feel uncomfortable "Fine, I'll stay just…stop that, alright?"

"Kay!" in an instant, Mavis was back to her cheerful attitude, making Vergil believe she was either a kid at heart, or a master manipulator. He was convinced it was the latter.

After a few minutes watching the teams, Mavis said: "Last night, what happened between you and Rose…"

"There are a few theories I have" Vergil recalled her brief encounter with Rose "What can you tell me about her?"

Mavis giggled, causing Vergil to raise an eyebrow "You would be surprised who she is. I will say this; Rose was already a member of Fairy Tail before she 'joined' the guild last night, and she doesn't belong on this timeline."

"A time traveler?" Vergil assumed from what info he already knew "And here I believed there would be no more time nonsense with Deimos dead."

"She didn't come here through a paradox" Mavis revealed. "Now, what theories do you have of her."

"She has the blood of Sparda coursing through her veins." Looking at Mavis for a reaction, Vergil was not disappointed "She is, isn't she?'

"Yes, she's a descendant from a mage in Fairy Tail, but you already know who"

Vergil eyed the pink haired dragon slayer far below. "Natsu Dragneel."

Opening her eyes, Rose sat up in an instant and was alerted of her surroundings; white sheets, curtains separating her bed from another one, which was currently occupied by another person she couldn't see and medical instruments on the table nearby. She was in the infirmary. Pleased to see that her black armor was piled next to her bed, Rose began to put it on so she could leave.

"You're awake?"

Looking to her left, Rose failed to notice when Porlyusica entered the room "Porlyusica"

"I don't recall meeting you before" The self appointed medic of Fairy Tail said while checking on the sleeping Wendy and Charle. "How do you know my name?"

Cursing her slip of tongue, Rose said: "I heard it between dreams, when the others came to check on Wendy." It wasn't a complete lie, but a lie nonetheless.

Still suspicious, but letting it go for now, Porlyusica accepted her explanation. "If you're wondering where we are; we're at the infirmary. The other brats thought it would be for the best since they didn't want to leave you unattended while the magic games were going on."

"Then, it has begun" If the stories she was told were precise, then Rose only had a few days before that happened. Standing up, Rose went to the door when Porlyusica said:

"Makarov told me you attacked Vergil last night. I don't know what reason you had for it, but I warn you; if you ever try that again with anyone from our guild, there will be consequences."

Rose was still making heads about how someone like him was part of Fairy Tail, but limited herself to only say: "Understood".

Satisfied, somewhat, with her answer Porlyusica said "the first task is about to begin, if you hurry up, you just might make it."

Nodding, Rose sprinted out to catch the start of the Grand magic games.

"Next up, on the fifth spot we have the azure team that makes everything sparkle; Blue Pegasus!"

The blue Pegasus team consisted on the Trimen and their leader Ichiya, plus a guy in a rabbit costume.




"Ichiya is sooo gross."

"That's my guild!" Jenny said from her spot at the announcer's table "Everyone, do your best!"

Back to Chapati: "On fourth place the goddess of love and war's sacred destroyers, Lamia Scale!"

Team Natsu saw that the team consisted on Lyon and two of his teammates from the Galuna island incident plus a young girl that resembled a much younger Sherry Blendy, However, who was really a threat was their fifth member, the wizard saint Jura Neekis.

Approaching the Fairy Tail team, or more specifically, Gray, Lyon said: "Don't forget your promise. If we win, Juvia joins our guild"

"I don't recall promising you anything."

"Remember what you will, either way I'll hold you onto that" changing topic Lyon asked: "I'll be looking forward to see the results of your training with Ur firsthand."

At this, Gray smirked "Be careful what you wish for."

On the announcement table, Chapati started announcing the third team: "And in the third spot…Well, this is definitely unexpected."

This caught the attention of the teams present "Could their flapping of their wings really carry them all the way here?! It's the least unexpected, unbelievable…"

"No way!" Natsu, Lisanna, Gray, Lucy and Erza were surprised when the identity of the third team was revealed.

Juvia, Mirajane, Gajeel, Laxus and Mystogan

"Fairy Tail, team B!"

"B-But why are you here!?" The members of team Natsu, now designated Fairy Tail team A, were just as surprised as the rest of the crowd.

Before things got more confusing, the announcers decided to clear everything by explaining the revised rules about each guild being able to have more than one team participate at the magic games. Other guilds also had more than one team, but from all of them only Fairy Tail managed to conserve both of its teams.

"Our trump card" Makarov and Gildarts said with a knowing smirk.

Shaking the surprise, Natsu addressed them: "Even when we're from the same guild, that doesn't mean we'll hold back during the competition, and you better don't hold back as well."

"My thoughts exactly, Mr. sixth place" Gajeel said as he and Natsu stare off "I'll eat that sword of yours for breakfast."

"Jeez Gajeel, I'm a married man, besides; I don't swing that way" Natsu's comeback infuriated the Iron dragon slayer, but it was his fault for giving him the ammo for it.

"Mira-nee…?" Lisanna asked Mirajane while the Satan soul user simply smiled sweetly.

"Let's give it our best, Lisanna."


"Aren't you confusing me with Cana" Lucy said to Juvia.

Erza approached Mystogan and greeted him in a friendly way: "You didn't tell me you we're going to participate?"

"No, he didn't." Realizing who he really was, caused Erza to gasp.

"Jellal?" Erza was careful not to say it too loud or else risk his identity being revealed. Once she was certain no one heard her, she asked; "What are you doing here?"

"You have a very understanding master, once I discussed it with him, Gildarts allowed me to participate in the tournament, albeit as long as Mystogan alternates places with me now and then."

"I see."

"You seem disappointed I wasn't who you think I was" Jellal suddenly said, surprising Erza by his tone of voice.

"What are you implying?"

"What he means is that he is just as surprised as well, right Mystogan?" Laxus said as he put an arm around Jellal's shoulder "Also, Mystogan is not as chatty as you make him seem, so save your love quarrels for later."

"We're not...!"

"That's not what…!"

Erza and Jellal started saying, but one look from Laxus and they shut their mouth. There would be another place and time to discuss these things.

"Don't tell me you're still brooding about losing your spot?"

"I'm not…brooding, just worried they might see though his disguise" Mystogan's reply didn't convince Meredy it, but she didn't press further.

The Crime sorciere mages and Mystogan were just outside of the city's borders, the group chose a spot in a clear meadow to watch the grand magic games through Ultear's crystal ball to avoid risking themselves inside the city.

"You'll get your time with red-head soon enough."

"W-What do you… that's not why I…" Mystogan started blabbering, much to Meredy's amusement.

"Leave him alone Meredy" Ultear told her without looking away from the enlarged crystal ball, where they could see the grand games "how would you like it if was about Laxus, huh?"

Now it was Meredy's turn to blabber. Next to her, Cobra snickered at her reaction. "That second rate dragon slayer, please! You could do so much better, Honey."

"No one asked you!" Meredy glared at the poison dragon slayer while he simply winked at her. "Why did Jellal have to bring that scum to our team?"

"Our guild is open mages who want to atone for their sins" Ultear answered what Meredy already knew "and we do need all the help we can get."

Cobra sent a smirk to a pissed Meredy "Got that? Sweet cheeks."

"Although, I agree with you on the scum part."


Ultear smirked when she suddenly felt another presence approaching their group, turning around Ultear readied an attack when she realized who it was.


"Hey sweetie, has the tournament started yet?" Taking a seat next to her, Ur focused her attention to the enlarged crystal ball.

"Mom, what are you doing here? Not that I don't want you here or anything like that."

"Well, I prefer to see the games with you, if that's ok?"

"Of course, you're more than welcome." Ultear sat back down and the group returned their attention back to the games, while Ur thought:

"Besides, I couldn't find Vergil to see the games with him, but you don't need to know that."

With only two teams waiting to be revealed, the teams already on the arena were anxious to see who took the first and second spot. Most of the people present were almost sure about what guild took first place.

"And now, the next team to come…." Chapati abruptly stopped, and by the way he looked, he was definitely surprised by what he read "Well, this is unexpected to say the least."

Chapati had the people guessing, but when he announced the next team it was clear why of his reaction:

"In second place, the champion from last year; Sabertooth!"

The people gasped at first, however seeing that the team from Sabertooth seems unaffected by second place, the crowd instantly returned to cheer their name.

"Damn it! How could we come in second place!?" Sting, as well as his team mates, was still cursing for not getting first place. Whoever had taken it from them would suffer an embarrassing defeat at his hands.

Natsu glared at the twin dragon slayers from Sabertooth, the encounter with them on the city still present on his mind:

"The dragons that taught us their magic…we killed them in order to become true dragon slayers"

As he recalled this, his fist balled up; he would make them pay for their lack of respect for their adoptive father's.

Along the dragon slayers were also three more mages; Lisanna and Lucy remembered Rufus and Yukino from the last time they met, the first was still dressed as flamboyant as ever, with his hat and mask to boot, while Yukino wore white robes with several ribbons dangling at her sides and a blue rose on her hair just like last time. Coming in last was a large shirtless muscled man with green hair that, although not as buffed as Elfman, carried an air of confidence that told them to watch out for that one even when he seemed uninterested on the tournament.

From amongst the Fairy Tail mages on the podium, Angel studied Yukino carefully. Noticing this, Kinana asked:

"Angel, what's wrong?"

"That girl…" Angel pointed to Yukino "there's something familiar about her."

"Now that you mention it, she kinda looks like Lisanna" Levy joined the conversation "A serious looking Lisanna nonetheless."

While the others agreed with his observation, Angel narrowed her eyes on Yukino. From up his vantage point, Vergil also noticed the celestial mage from Sabertooth.

As for the celestial mage, Yukino kept her eyes only on Natsu, who was at the moment engaged on a staring competition with Sting.


Once the commotion of Sabertooth's second place died out, the announcer moved along: "And now the moment we have been waiting for!"

"The team that not only managed to take first place, but take it from the reigning champion no less…The surprise of this year's Grand Magic games; Raven's Tail!"

If everyone was surprised before, they were shocked now. From atop the spectator's booth, the mages from Fairy Tail watched the Raven's with distrust while also wondering how they managed to accomplish such a feat.

"Ivan, what are you up to?" Makarov wondered taking a glance to the Master of Raven's tail.

Back to the arena, the mages present watched as an imposing man concealed in crimson red armor led his team which consisted of some shady looking mages including a plump one with an ever present smile, a skinny snake-like man that reminded Cobra of Midnight, a very large nosed man with a small smirking creature on his shoulder, and finally a curvaceous woman with long scarlet hair and matching red dress which left a good portion of her cleavage exposed. From the entire lot, she was the more normal looking one, if you could see past the crazed look on her eyes.

Like Sting before, Ivan Dreyar seemed pleased on the outside for his team getting first place, but on the inside it was another story: "Damn that Dante! I told him to keep a low profile!"

The master of Raven's Tail would have settled with third or fourth place, so that his guild would not attract unwanted attention, and so asked (more like begged) Dante to do just that, to which the half devil told him not to worry a thing, assuring him he had everything covered. Ivan was relieved to hear that, but not an hour after the preliminary started Dante was back with the team, all who looked winded out like they had run a marathon, all except Dante who said to him:

"What can I say? Second place is just not my stile."

The other teams looked towards Raven's Tail team with distrust while Natsu and Sting openly glared at them, even if it was for different reasons.

"Hope the little girl is ok" The large man said while the creature on his shoulder started laughing "consider it a friendly gesture from us to you, Fairy Tail."

"What!? You were responsible for hurting Wendy!?" Natsu exclaimed, while his team openly glared at the Raven's. "You'll pay for that, you bastards!"

"How could you do that to a little girl?" Lisanna looked at them with disgust.

The mages from Raven tail started snickering but abruptly stopped when Dante spoke: "Did I hear right? You attacked one of his members without provocation last night?"

The four mages trembled as Dante (Redgrave to the people oblivious of his identity) turned around and stared at them through the hollow slits of his helmet. Fearing he was angry at them, they were surprised by his next words: "I'll give you points for the evil deed..."

Flare, Umbra, and the other two exhaled in relief.

"…but if you deliberately hurt a little girl again, there will be consequences. Am I clear?"

The Raven's nodded vigorously, which pleased Dante. Evil as he might be, hurting a little girl was still a big No on his book. Looking back at the fairies, Dante spotted his old sword strapped to Natsu's back. If he wanted, he could take it back with no problem, but decided to leave him the sword "Consider it a loan, for now."

From way up, Vergil kept an eye on 'Redgrave'. Without looking away from him, he said: "That man…there is something odd about him."

Mavis didn't reply while also watching Redgrave. Seeing a somber expression on her face, Vergil asked: "What do you see?"

"That man…" Mavis whispered as Vergil waited for her to continue "he wears too much red, don't you think?"

Vergil sighed and left it at that, while Mavis frowned: "What are you planning, Dante?"

Once all the teams were present, the pumpkin man from before appeared. "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, WELCOME TO THE START OF THE 7TH ANNUAL GRAND MAGIC GAMES!"

"It's that pumpkin guy again"


Over the arena, a three-dimensional city appeared for them to see "THE FIRST TASK WILL TAKE IN THE STREETS OF CROCUS! DISAPPEAR…IN SILENCE!

The rules were simple; each team would pick a member from their team to participate, then they would have to blend in the city and attack any rival mage they could find while at the same time avoid being attacked. The object of this task was to get as many points as they could in the time limit of 30 minutes.

After hearing the rules, Natsu instantly offered himself "Pick me! I wanna fight first!"

"It's not a fight, dufus!" Gray replied "since it's supposed to be about being inconspicuous, I'll do it."

"You're the worst choice for that! Pervert Flasher!"

The dragon slayer started arguing but stopped when Erza agreed with Gray: "Very well, do your best, Gray."

"Good luck Gray!" Lisanna and Lucy cheered for him, which got the attention from Juvia.

"If Gray-sama is going to compete then Juvia is too." The water mage from Fairy Tail announced much to Gajeel's dismay.

"Fine, just don't make a scene out there."

"If Juvia is competing, so am I" Lyon said on part of his guild. "I can't leave an innocent girl like her alone with someone like you Gray."

"You again?" Gray stared at Lyon and then smirked "Fine by me. I'll put you in your place sooner than I expected."

"You are welcome to try" Lyon countered "just remember the bet we made."

With Raven's tail, Dante motioned Nalpudding to step forward "Let's see what you're made of, aside purple crap, that is."

Confident as always, Rufus from Sabertooth stepped in front of his guild mates "If no one has an objection, I'll compete first."

Seeing Rufus Lore caused the majority of the female population on the stadium to cheer for him.

From Mermaid Heel Beth Vanderwood volunteered, Blue Pegasus picked Eve Tilm of the Trimen, and finally Quattro Cerberus picked…some mage no one gave two cents about.

"T-That was actually mean to say" Yaeger said to no one in particular.

Minutes later, the eight participants of the first task found themselves distributed all around the city, which for this task was devoid of people. Gray, as well as other participants, wondered how they could hide if there was no one around when the answer appeared; all around them, multiple copies of themselves walked about through the city streets, but on closer look Gray could see that these copies didn't seem to notice anyone, they only focused on walking around.

From the podium, Romeo recognized the settings: "I got it!"

Looking at him, the members of Fairy Tail waited for the fire mage to elaborate: "It's like in the game 'Murderer's Vow 3'!"

"Murder what now?"

Romeo then went into detailed explanation about the game and how the multiplayer segment seemed almost identical to the first task of the tournament.

"Guess whoever organized the magic games is a fan of the game" Max said.

"Or just ripped the idea from it" Angel piped in.

"THIS IDEA IS ORIGINAL!" Pumpkin mad yelled on his defense, but the Fairy Tail mages chose to ignore him.

Looking around, Juvia was in heaven, seeing multiple copies of Gray "seeing there's a lot of Gray-samas you won't mind if Juvia takes one for herself"

Hugging one from behind, Juvia's happiness banished when the Gray she grabbed popped out of existence. Back with her team, groans of frustration were heard for Juvia's mistake.


Back to Gray, the ice mage quickly put two and two together and realized what he had to do. "The object is to blend with these copies as best we can, and also take out the competition, heh, just like hide and seek."

Just as he was going to blend in, Gray heard someone calling him:

"Fairy Tail's Gray Fullbuster" Turning around, Gray spotted Nalpudding approaching him.

"You're that Raven's Tail mage" Gray stated and prepared an attack "Thanks for saving me the trouble of looking for you. Ice make: Hammer!"

In the blink of an eye, an ice hammer squashed Nalpudding to the ground while the mages from Fairy Tail looked amazed with the speed of Gray's attack, which was now three times faster. No doubt his training with Ur paid off. However, Gray's satisfaction was short lived when the sound of a point being taken from him was heard.

"What happened?"

Gray looked at the scoreboard in confusion when he heard Nalpudding's laughter. Somehow, the Raven's mage pushed a copy of himself in front of him and used it as a decoy for Gray to attack, costing him one point. As per the rules, Gray was transported back to square one with minus 1 point to booth.

"Damn it" Forced to wait 10 seconds, Gray was eager to get out there and even the score. This time, the ice mage was careful to act like the copies, as to not stand out, but somehow he was still found by Nalpudding, who struck him in the back.

Through her crystal ball, Ultear grimaced seeing how Gray was doing "Come on! You can do it, Gray."

"Come on Gray! What the heck are you doing?" Natsu yelled while the rest of his team was almost certain that Raven's Tail was cheating.

Looking back at the scoreboard, Gray cursed seeing that he was now minus 2 points below everyone else. Giving it another shot, the ice mage walked cautiously, but still made a mistake and was detected. The ground exploded behind him and dozens of carrots launched at him, however Gray was able to dodge them. From the hole created, Beth from Mermaid's Heel emerged.

"Damn, I missed" Beth barely said when she was then attacked by Yaeger from Quattro Cerberus.

"And I got ya! Now it's your turn!" Yaeger was about to attack Gray when he was struck down by Lyon.

"You should keep your eye on the game"

"Where are you all coming from?" Gray asked as he faced Lyon, when Juvia jumped from above "J-Juvia!?"

Looking up, Gray and Lyon blushed seeing Juvia, who let her panties show when she fell and attacked the Lamia Scale mage.

"got a glimpse…of heaven…" Lyon muttered as he was transported back to square one. Once he was gone, Gray looked at Juvia

"Juvia, I didn't need your help"

"I wasn't helping you" the water mage responded and then pointed to Gray "Juvia will defeat you too, so she can claim the reward master promised."

"Reward? What are you talking about?"


Before the start of the Grand Magic Games, Juvia, along with Mirajane, Laxus and Gajeel gathered before Gildarts at the guild.

"Let me get this straight: you want Us to participate as team B on the games?" Gajeel asked, to which Gildarts nodded.

"Having two teams enter will increase our odds of winning, besides; once we reach the capital I'll see if I can participate with you guys." Gildarts said to them "In case I can't, Mystogan will take my place, right?"

"Right" Mystogan emerged from the shadows and joined them.

"Don't like the idea of being the second team, but I'll do it anyway." Laxus commented.

As the others agreed, Mirajane asked: "And what do we get if we win?"

Gildarts rubbed his chin and said "How about: the team that wins can do whatever he wants with the losing team for one full day. Is that acceptable? "

Hearing this, the five members of Team B instantly agreed, already making plans with their candidates; Laxus imagined himself ordering Natsu around, while Gajeel would have Lucy as his personal singer girl.

For her part, Mirajane envisioned having Vergil wear that fedora she got him, or maybe taking him out on a date…nah, she preferred the one where he wore the fedora.

"Just remember, you can only do this with the members of the opposing team." Gildarts said, ruining her fantasy.

"Oh, poo…" Mira sighed "Well, I can always dominate Erza as I've always wanted"

Lastly, Juvia was already making plans with her Gray-sama. In her mind, she imagined him telling her she could do anything she wanted with him. "Just don't hurt me…too much."

Gildarts wondered what everyone imagined by the look each had "Anyway, do we have a deal?"

"DEAL!" The four mages chorused in unison.

Satisfied, Gildarts asked: "What about you, Mystogan. Are you in?"

"I'm in" The scarf that covered Mystogan's face was stained red around the area where his nose was located. Whatever he was thinking to do with Erza was certainly something…good.

End Flashback

"Hey! We didn't agree to any of this!" Gray yelled through the monitors to Gildarts, who merely shrugged.

"What are you complaining, at least you could participate" The fifth master of Fairy Tail said to them.

"Damn, if I had known of that bet, I would have volunteer" Angel crossed her arms in annoyance.

Back with Crime Sorciere, Meredy was looking at Mystogan with a raised eyebrow: "Don't tell me you were whining about that?"

Standing up, Mystogan snatched the crystal ball and yelled to it: "YOU BETTER NOT LOSE JELLAL! YOU HEAR ME!?"

As If able to hear him, Jellal (disguised as Mystogan) thought: "Don't worry; I won't, after knowing what's at stake." And he wasn't referring to the dark presence at the games "Not that you'll be the one to claim the prize however."

With Natsu, a similar line of thought crossed his head; the dragon slayer envisioned having Laxus and Gajeel do whatever he told them: "Now imitate Happy!"

"Aye Sir!" Both dragon slayers replied on his mind.

"Really? That's the best you can think of?" Lisanna asked.

Once back to the contestants, Gray was still discussing with Gildarts when Nalpudding took him by surprise. Covered in spines, Nalpudding attacked not only him, but Juvia as well.

"I got you Fairies! Heheheh."

"Juvia!" Seeing the water mage getting hurt infuriated Gray. Shaking the pain, Gray was able to glare at the Raven's tail mage before he was transported "you'll pay for this!"

"Heheheh, yeah, right"

Back to square one, Gray punched the ground in frustration before forcing himself to calm down. If he lost his cool then it was over for him. After the ten seconds passed, Gray walked alongside the copies.

"You're making this too easy Fairy!" Nalpudding spotted Gray the moment he stepped back and launched himself to attack him. Lisanna and Lucy flinched, but to their surprise the attack played out different this time.

"What's happening!?" The moment Nalpudding came in contact with Gray, Gray's body turned into ice and started freezing him.

"Ice make: clone" Nalpudding froze when he heard Gray behind him "You weren't expecting that, weren't you?"

"AMAZING! IS THIS THE COMEBACK OF FAIRY TAIL TEAM A?" From the announcer's table, the commentator Chapati, asked.

"This is for Juvia!"

Just as Nalpudding was about to transport, Gray punched him with such force that it shattered the ice encasing him and left a fist mark on Nalpudding's face.

As his friends cheered, Gray looked at the scoreboard and was glad to see he got one point, but he still had a long way to go. "Time to go to work."

As the minutes ticked away, each participant tried to get as many points before time ran out. While this was going on, the announcer noticed only Rufus was yet to make a move himself.

From his spot above a building, in plain view, Rufus watched the competitors below: "this competition is too easy for me. I remember everything about you; your heartbeat, your steps, your magic…Memory Make"

After saying this, the seven participants started glowing with a faint aura that distinguished them from the copies and a magic circle appeared behind Rufus.

"Night of shooting stars"

Seven beams of light flied from Rufus and impacted on each participant, minus Nalpudding who jumped and attacked Rufus: "You stick out as a sore thumb!"

As his fist collided with Rufus, it was revealed it was only a memory left behind while the real Rufus reappeared and struck him down.

From below, Gray nursed his wounds and glared at Rufus "Molding magic…" As he prepared to attack him, Chapati announced that the time limit was out.

The scoreboard now had Rufus at the top with ten points, followed by Raven's tail with 8, Lamia scale with 6, Blue Pegasus and Mermaid Heel with 4 each and, in a tie, Quattro Cerberus and both Fairy Tail teams with 2 points each.

"As everyone expected, Sabertooth took the first place, followed by Raven's tail." The announcer said "Could it be that the preliminary results were just a fluke of luck for Raven's tail?"

Sting smirked towards the Raven's tail team "Of course it was pure luck! We are the strongest guild in Fiore! Don't forget that Raven's!"

Dante / Redgrave merely yawned, much to Sting's annoyance.

Back to Fairy Tail, Gray and Juvia returned to their corresponding teams with a downcast look on their face. Even when they got better at the task, in the end they still remained in last place.

Brushing past them, the ice mage headed out when he heard the laughter coming from the public.

"WHAT ARE YOU LAUGHING AT?" Natsu jumped at his defense, when a calming hand from Erza stopped him.

"I'm sorry…" Gray muttered as he left the arena.

Watching Gray go, Lucy called for him "Gray…"

"And now we continue to the battle part" The remaining mages from Fairy Tail team A turned their attention to the announcer "A member of each team will participate in a single match against another member from a rival team. The first fight of the day is between Fairy Tail's team A, Lucy Heartfilia."


"Against Raven's tail, Flare Corona!"

The red head of Raven's tail set her gaze on her opponent "Blondie"

Once he was alone, Gray punched the nearest thing at his disposal (which was a wall) and left a large dent on it.

"Raven's tail…Sabertooth…I swear I'll get you back for this!"


Looking up, Gray found Ultear in front of him. Before he could say anything, she crossed the distance between them and hugged him with all her strength.

"You did your best. There's nothing to be ashamed of."

Hugging her back, Gray closed his eyes and breathed the scent of her hair in an attempt to calm himself.

Back to the arena, the match between Lucy and Flare was about to start. Stepping into the middle, both contestants listened to the rules set out by the pumpkin man, but Lucy's head was in another place:

"Raven's Tail" Lucy remembered every last thing they did against her friends: "They hurt Wendy to get to us, got in Gray's way just to make him lose. I'll never forgive you for all this."

"Lucy is determined" Happy said from his spot at the podium while Gildarts agreed.

"Make them pay, Lucy" The master of Fairy Tail said as he glanced at Ivan. "Your turn will come soon."

Seeing both girls were ready, pumpkin man gave them the Go signal: "If you're all set, begin!"

Not wasting time, Lucy drew a key: "Open the gate of the Bull: Taurus!"

In a flash of light, the spirit of the bull appeared and attacked Flare with his axe. The Raven mage easily dodged the swing of Taurus's axe while Lucy drew another key.

"Open the gate of the Scorpion: Scorpio!"

"Two celestial spirits at the same time!" Bisca exclaimed "is that the result of their training?"

As Scorpio launched his attack, Flare's hair formed a shield before her that nullified the sand. Thinking fast, Lucy told Taurus to combine his attack with Scorpio's sand, which created a sandstorm and sent Flare flying. With her attack done, Taurus and Scorpio returned to the spirit world.

"Blondie!" Landing back on her feet, Flare's hair took the shape of a wolf and attacked Lucy "Hair of the dog: Wolf fang!"

"Gate of the crab open: Cancer!"

Using his scissors, Cancer took care of the wolf with ease (after all; hair was his specialty after all) Just as Lucy was about to order Cancer to leave Flare bold, red tendrils of hair caught her from beneath and Flare tossed Lucy around.

"Come on Lucy, you can beat her!" Natsu encouraged from the sidelines.

After that last attack, Lucy noticed how Flare was not only able to manipulate her hair, but she could also burn her victims with it. As she prepared her counter attack, Flare shushed her.

"Don't you dare blondie! Or else she gets it!"

Wondering what she meant by that, Lucy noticed a strand of Flare's hair going below the ground and after searching for a moment she followed Flare's line of sight and gasped when she saw the red strand next to little Asuka.


"QUIET!" in an instant, Lucy was immobilized and gagged by Flare, who used her hair to suspend her in the air. "Who said you could speak?"

"LUCY!" Her team mates, as well as the rest of Fairy Tail were worried by her, oblivious of the danger next to Alzack and Bisca's daughter.

As Lucy struggled, Flare taunted her captive: "Bad little blondie, trying to cut my hair like that. You deserve to be punished."

Thinking for a moment, Flare said: "Should I strip you naked for everyone to see?" Seeing Lucy's eyes widened got the reaction Flare wanted, but she wasn't satisfied "You'd like that, wouldn't you? But I got a better idea:" forming a burning brand with her hair in the form of Raven's Tail mark she said "How about I brand my guild's mark over your own mark?"

Lucy tried to plea, but tied as she was she was limited to mere mmphs. As the brand approached her, a flash of a celestial gate opened next to Flare.

"I usually don't hit girls, but with you…" Loke hit Flare and forced her to release Lucy "I'll make an exception."

"Loke!" Lucy said while Loke helped her up.

"Lucy-hime, let me handle her."

"NOOO!" Looking as if Lucy had gone mad, Loke waited patiently to hear what she had to say "Flare, she threatened to hurt Asuka if I fight back."

Hearing this, Natsu hurried to the podium where the rest of Fairy Tail was watching. Even when no one could hear what Lucy had just said, Natsu being a dragon slayer had an increased hearing and caught every last word she said. Through the bond, Lisanna and Angel realized this as well. While Lisanna sent Flare a look of disgust for threatening Asuka, Angel swiftly moved the girl to safety while Natsu grabbed hold of the red hair and tore it out, eliciting a cry of pain from Flare.


Once Natsu got rid of Flare's hair, Lucy was free to attack the Raven's tail mage without fear. Stepping forward, Loke asked:

"Should I?"

"No, allow me" an angry Lucy stood next to Loke and grabbed Gemini's key: "Open the gate of the twins: Gemini!"

Two blue blurs shot forward and slammed against Flare before coming to rest next to Lucy "Gemi, Mini, just as we practiced!"

Gemini acknowledged and transformed into an exact copy of Lucy, albeit wearing only a towel.

"WHAT ARE YOU WEARING!?" Lucy's eyes popped out, while most of the male population got a nosebleed just by looking at her semi nude body.

"It's not our fault" Gemini Lucy said "you were only wearing a towel last night when we were practicing."

"I actually don't mind?" Loke said, earning an elbow to the gut by Lucy. "Ouch!"

Deciding to look past Gemini's lack of clothes, Lucy joined hands with herself to prepare her next attack: "By myself, I don't have the required magic to use this, but with Gemini helping me…"

"Survey the Heavens, Open the Heavens...
All the stars, far and wide...
Show me thy appearance...
With such shine.
Oh Tetrabiblos..."

Recognizing the magic, Hibiki was surprised: "I never imagined that Lucy was able to learn this after I downloaded the magic to her brain just once."

"That magic again" Angel recalled when she was subjected to it "that red head is in on a world of hurt."

"I am the ruler of the stars...
Aspect become complete...
Open thy malevolent gate.
Oh 88 Stars of the heaven...
Urano Metria!"

As the magic was about to hit a terrified Flare, it suddenly dissipated into nothing. Gemini returned to the spirit world and Lucy felt drained from all her magic, only because Loke caught her she was saved from falling down. If anyone was surprised it but Flare, who certainly believed she was going to lose.

From the Raven's tail team, Obra swallowed the magic he stole from Lucy while the rest snickered.

Noticing this, Yashima looked darkly at the mages from Raven's tail, but without proof of them cheating there was little he could do. As it turns out, Yashima was not the only one to notice this:

"That's twice you've cheated" Dante's words stopped their laughter "first with the tracking spell." Nalpudding gulped "And now this." Obra started sweating. "You seem as useless as I thought you were. But to be honest, I don't give a fuck what your guild does."

The present members of Raven's tail were allowed to relax as Dante looked up, to where Vergil was barely seen "I'm here only for you, little brother."

Back with Lucy, the pumpkin man gave Flare the win since the celestial mage was unable to continue. Loke wanted to argue, telling him he could fight on her behalf, but the pumpkin man's decision was final.

With another defeat for Fairy Tail, the spectators attending the magic games were quick to belittle them: "That's what we expected from Fairy tail, Hahahahahah!"

"What a bunch of losers!"

"Just give up already!"

Not taking it anymore, Lucy broke down into tears as Loke embraced her. The celestial spirit wished he could teach each and every one of those assholes a lesson, but his priority was to take Lucy away from them.

"Don't cry Lucy, save your tears for when we win this tournament" Natsu said as he approached her and laid a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"...Aye." A tearful Lucy gave Natsu a small smile after hearing his words. Across from the, Flare watched the two fairies with interest.


Natsu glared at the voluptuous woman that hurt Lucy, the slayer was not about to forget this anytime soon. Carrying her, Loke took Lucy to the privacy of the changing rooms to save her from the harsh words the people were yelling at her.

"Natsu" Loke stopped next to the slayer and said "Make those bastards pay for her."

"You got it" the dragon slayer replied, leaving no room for doubt on his tone.

Even when she didn't look like it, Flare was angry; scratch that, boiling with rage due to Natsu's intervention. She had broken the bodies of lesser men for having the audacity to look at her with lust, burned them when some had even had the nerve to touch her by 'accident', but this: That obnoxious pink head had dared to tear her hair! HER BELOVED HAIR! UNFORGIVABLE!

Matching Natsu's glare with one of her crazed expressions she muttered "Cherry head..."

The blond mage completely forgotten, her new goal was to torture the dragon slayer before her.

After the next battle between Blue Pegasus and Mermaid's Heel (which Ren from the Trimen won) and Sabertooth vs Quattro Cerberus (Where Laxus learned that Orga was a lightning god slayer…and a terrible singer). Jellar found himself standing face to face with his opponent from Lamia Scale, Jura Neekis.

"Jellal is next" Erza and Mystogan observed "Don't lose, no matter the cost."

Remembering what happened to Wendy, Gray, Juvia and Lucy, Jellal made a vow: "Leave it to me. This is not exactly why I am here for, but nothing would make me happier than to fight on Fairy Tail's name."

With Mavis and Vergil, the first master of Fairy Tail watched 'Mystogan' with distrust: "That man is not part of the guild."

Vergil said nothing and continued to watch the fight as it went on.

"Vergil, didn't you hear! That man is not part of our guild!"

"If you reveal it, then Fairy Tail will be disqualified"

Mavis pondered this for a moment before saying: "I guess we can overlook it this time. But the third and fifth will get an earful when we get back to the inn."

"Not to mention you cannot tell anyone since you are a ghost" Vergil added as an afterthought.

Unfortunately for Jellal, using what few techniques he learned from Mystogan proved to be a mistake: against an experienced mage like Jura, those attacks were pointless. By the sheer amount of power he was demonstrating, Jura left no doubt of why he was named wizard saint, forcing Jellal to be on the defensive.

"You can do it!" Meredy cheered for him, but even she knew he was fighting a losing battle.

"If Jellal doesn't use his own techniques…"

"He'll get his ass handed to him by Mr. Clean" Cobra finished Mystogan's sentence, to his annoyance. On the arena, Jura's eye twitched for some unknown reason.

"But he can't! He promised he wouldn't'' Meredy explained to them "if he does, they'll realize it's him and not you!"

After failing to land any hit, Jellal was forced to rely on his own magic. "Forgive me, Ultear, Meredy." As he formed hand seals, Jellal activated his meteor magic and the fight started to be more on par than one sided.

While everyone watched the fight, Ur read a note Ultear left her and approached Meredy. The pink hair girl noticed Ur approaching and asked: "Ehm, Ur, what are you doing?"

Just as Jellal prepared his most powerful attack, and potentially reveal his true identity, he brought his hands to his mouth as if he had eaten something spicy. While the spectators wondered what was happening to him, Ur continued to forcedly feed jalapeños to Meredy so that the girl could pass the feeling to Jellal with her link magic. After a few moments, Jellal was spared from the spicy things but then he was assaulted with a wave of laughter as Ur tickled Meredy without mercy.

"I can do this all day" Ur grinned evilly scaring even Cobra.

After a few more minutes that felt like an eternity for Jellal, the torture stopped just as he fell on the ground. Like with Lucy, the pumpkin man gave the victory to Jura seeing that Mystogan was unable to continue.

Satisfied, Ur allowed Meredy to rest "There, just as Ultear told me to."

Turning to watch the crystal ball, a moan of pain brought her attention to Mystogan, who was curled into a ball on the ground.


"Huh! Guess you and Jellal felt the same thing just now." Ur concluded. "Weird"

After the last fight, the scoreboard showed Sabertooth and Raven's Tail in first and second place, while Fairy Tail was lagging behind at the bottom.

From her vantage point, Rose watched as the first day of the grand magic games came to an end. "One day gone."

Asides from a few differences, the tournament was playing out just as her father told her as bedtime stories. At the very least she was able to get a glimpse of her parents down there, if only for a while.

"Mom, Dad, I'll make everything right again. I promise"

"Rose" Mavis called her name as she joined her, but the pink hair girl tensed by the man that accompanied her.

"Sparda!" Rose made to grab her sword, but Mavis stopped her.

"You are confusing me with my father" Vergil calmly corrected her. "Why is that?"

With Mavis calming her, Rose got a better look at Vergil and realized he was right; the Sparda she knew wore purple and looked much older than the man before her, even if she did came from 14 years into the future.

"He's right, you know" Mavis informed her "Vergil is not the man you think he is. It's time you tell us who you really are Rose."

Knowing she was right, more so after her slip last night, Rose agreed "Very well, I'll tell you all, but only to you and in private. Do we have a deal?"

"Deal" Mavis replied.

In last place, the only thing that Fairy Tail wanted was to go home and drink their sorrows, while Sabertooth felt like celebrating.

"Damn right! First place, suckers!" Sting exclaimed while Lector cheered with him.

"Don't celebrate just yet" Rogue reminded him "this was only the first day; everything can change if we let our guard down."

"Like that could ever happen" Sting replied.

Chuckling a bit, Rufus said: "I've seen what memories await our foes. In the end, they will all bow down to us."

"I'm just glad we made up to master for that second place" Orga added "I'll be able to sleep soundly tonight."

Sticking to the back, Yukino remained quiet as they returned to their guild. Even when she was part of the team representing Sabertooth, she was not as naïve as to think she was on the same level as they were. The only reason she was chosen was because the master's daughter had yet to return, and so she had to fill the vacant spot on the team until her arrival.

"What troubles you, Yukino?"

Rogue lagged behind to ask her while the others continue to talk about today's results. From all the members of her team, only the shadow dragon slayer seemed to recognize her on the team.

"Nothing it's just…" Whatever Yukino was about to say was left a mystery when she spotted the team of Fairy Tail. Across from them, Natsu was talking with Lisanna and Angel about what happened to Gray and Lucy, but it was not the dragon slayer that had her attention, but the girl with the long platinum hair standing next to him. "It can't be…"

Rogue thinking it was Natsu who she was referring to, shook his head "I'll see you back at the Inn, ok? Don't stay out too late."

Yukino merely nodded as her eyes were transfixed on Angel. As Rogue left with his exceed, the shadow dragon slayer smiled sadly.

"Are you ok, Rogue?"

"I'm fine, Frosch" The slayer reassured him, but as naïve as the Exceed was, he knew Rogue harbored feelings for the shy celestial mage. A pity she only had eyes for Natsu.

Even if this was true, this time it was another person Yukino was interested on. Following the fairies from afar, the celestial mage was determined to meet Angel face to face.

At night, the members of Fairy Tail found themselves distributed all over the city, each pursuing different interests or simply wanting to be alone for the moment. For Natsu, tonight he filled the role of delivery boy.

"You really want all this?" Natsu looked at the 'peculiar' list of food Lisanna asked him to get for her. After the last match ended, the takeover mage got a sudden urge to taste the cuisine the capital of Crocus had to offer, most being spicy food.

Thinking little of it, Natsu attributed it to her just being hungry and simply agreed to get her the food she wanted. "Ok. Happy and I will be back before you know it."


Lisanna kissed him on the lips "My hero."

"You know it!"

Kissing him again, Natsu and Lisanna kissed once more, until the kiss turned out into a full out make out session. Shaking her head, Angel dragged Lisanna back to the Inn "I'll watch over her until you come back, lover boy."

Wiping the goofy grin on his face, Natsu thanked her and proceeded to leave when Angel's hand grabbed hold of his "Don't I get a kiss?"

Eager to grant her wish, Natsu and Angel engaged in another liplock until Lisanna got tired of waiting and separated them by herself. "I should watch over you instead."

Now dragging Angel back to the Inn, Natsu and Happy went to fetch the food as both girls looked on.

"Maybe Natsu-kun will need a helping hand" Angel said and, before Lisanna could stop her, the celestial mage left to follow the dragon slayer.

"Angel!" Lisanna yelled, but Angel didn't seem to listen. Resigned, Lisanna went inside and hoped her husband would come soon with the food. She was starving for some reason.

As for Angel, the celestial mage followed Natsu through the bond and would have cached up with him, if not for her stumbling with Yukino. "You're that mage from Sabertooth. What do you want?"

Yukino stared at Angel for a long moment before tears started falling from her eyes "it really is you! I finally found you…Sorano."

Hearing her old name, the name she used to go by as before the tower of heaven, caused Angel to tense.

As for Natsu, the dragon slayer and the Exceed were loaded with the bags of food and were heading back to the Inn. During the trip, Natsu kept complaining about the tournament.

"Damn, I didn't get to fight anyone today." Natsu sighed.

"That's to be expected Natsu, only one member of the team can fight each day" Happy replied "And since Lucy was chosen..." Recalling how Lucy was humiliated, the blue exceed stopped talking and looked down. Natsu growled and punched a nearby wall, shattering it to pieces.

"That girl." Shaking with anger, Natsu made to punch another wall when he his nose detected a familiar scent. Handing the bags to Happy, the dragon slayer stormed off telling Happy to bring the food to Lisanna while he went to blow off some steam.

"Naatsuuu!" Seeing his foster parent was already gone, Happy decided to head back to the Inn with Lisanna.

Recognizing the person following him, Natsu deliberately headed to an alley near the city's border to confront the eavesdropper.

"I know you're out there, Come out!"

From the shadows, Flare emerged wearing that same twisted smile from before. The slayer noted her hair was free from the usual position around her waist, ready to hit the slayer at her command. Giving him one of her crazy expressions she uttered: "Cherry head..."

Natsu cracked his knucles as he faced her: "I don't care if you're a girl! You're gonna pay for what you did to Lucy!"

"Heheheh…come to me, my little dragon."

On a secluded place, Mavis, Vergil Gildarts and Makarov had just finished hearing Rose's tale. About how she came from the future, 14 years to be exact, and why she came here.

"Dragons" Makarov muttered "You say dragons destroyed civilization as we know it?"

"Yes, in my future; dragons started to systematically wipe out the human race. All following Acnologia" Rose confirmed their dreaded future "only a handful of us humans remained. That's why I'm here."

"To warn us" Now, it was Gildarts who spoke "How much time do we have"

"Seven years at most" Rose replied "The first dragons started appearing when I was around 6 or so."

Seeing firsthand what dragons were capable of, sent an unpleasant shudder to cross all over Gildarts. The fact that the dragon of the apocalypse, the same dragon that left him for dead and destroyed Tenrou Island seven years ago, was the one rallying them only made things worse.

Tired of hearing about dragons and things he didn't care for, Vergil asked: "Where does my father's name come into all this?"

Sending him a nasty look, Rose said "I was getting to that. Amongst the dragons there was a man, someone that looked just like you, that controlled the dragons."

"Someone controlling Acnologia!?" Gildarts exclaimed "That's not possible!"

"It is" Rose grimly nodded "He calls himself Sparda. Asides from the purple coat he's an exact copy of you, just older."

"But he's not Vergil, right?" Mavis asked worriedly.

As much as she wanted to say he was, now seeing him before her, Rose knew that Vergil and Sparda were not the same person. "No, it's a completely different person."

"Thank god!" Mavis relaxed on her chair, as much as a ghost could relax, while Vergil scoffed.

"There's one thing left to clear. Your heritage" Staring directly at her, Vergil stared her down while Rose returned the stare with a glare added for good measure. Sparda or not, she did not like him.

"The rest of Fairy tail might be full of gullible fools , but you cannot fool me."

"Now Vergil, that was a bit uncalled for" Mavis pouted, but the half devil didn't pay attention to her. However, his next question got everyone's attention on him:

"You're Natsu and Lisanna's daughter, am I wrong?"

Wide eyed, Makarov and Gildarts stared at her already seeing the familiarities between the slayer and Rose, Mavis already knowing her identity was not as shocked as them. Seeing Rose nodding was all the confirmation they needed, but no one there expected what she said next:

"You're half right on that. Natsu is my father, but Lisanna is nothing to me."

"Imposible!" Makarov exclaimed but then realized Natsu was also bonded with Angel "Then, that means that Angel is your mother."

Thinking he got it right, Makarov was shocked when Rose shook her head. "Wrong again. I'll tell you, but you must swear to keep the secret as long as I am here."

Three heads nodded in response while Vergil limited to only stare at Rose "Tell us already."

"I finally found you…Sorano"

By now, the tears started falling without control as Yukino gazed at her long lost sister, but she couldn't care less, after all they were tears of joy. For years she searched all over for her, and now she was finally reunited with her. As she went to embrace her sister, her world came crashing down when Angel asked:

"Who are you?"

While this was happening, Rose revealed the identity of her mother:

"My mother's last name was Aguria, before she married my father and became Mrs. Yukino Dragneel."


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