AN: hello everyone! As you know, its getting closer to Halloween & I'm in a scary-telling story mood right now. So, here's a new story! Enjoy(:

Chapter 1: Something Strange

Emily grabbed the nearest pillow close to her and held it up to her face. "Mike, turn it off! Please!"

"Oh come on, all the zombie's gonna do is..."

"Mike, don't tell me! Just turn off the movie." Emily begged, the pilliow still in front of her face.

"Aww, poor little Emily scare of a movie." Mike sarcastically pouted, earning a mean look from Emily. "Ok, ok; just kidding. Look Em, if you don't want to watch the movie with us, why don't you go back to your room?"

"Because... I'm scare to be in there alone." Emily squeezed her pillow tighter when she heard a girl screaming from the movie. "Mike, could you at least put this on pause."

Mike huffed, "Fine," pushing the pause button. "There, its on pause. Happy?"

"Yes, for now." Emily slowly started pulling the pillow down.

"So, are you gonna leave now so the rest of us can finish the movie?" Mike pleaded. He really wanted to finish this movie because he had been waiting forever to see it but couldn't go see it in theaters.

"What do you mean the 'rest of us'?" Emily looked around to see a sleeping Kevin and Mia on the floor, rolled up together. From across the room, Jayden was hitting a dummy in the dojo and Mentor reading in his study. She had no idea where Antonio was. "Hey, where's Antonio?"

"Right here." a voice whimpered from behind the couch. Slowly Antonio rose up, his eyes eye level with the top of the couch. "Did the zombie rip off the guy's head off yet?"

"Nope. We were just about to get to that part when someone..." Mike turned to his head to Emily, "...made me stop it."

"Fine! Finish your dumb movie. It's not like I wanted to watch it anyway." Emily threw down the pillow she was holding and walked out of the living room.

"Finally. I thought she would never leave." Mike said, pushing the play button.

Antonio shooked his head, "Maybe you should have been n... AHHH! Is that the guy's lung?"

Emily tugged on the ear of her stuff bunny, nervously sitting on her bed. Ever since she started watching that movie, she felt very cautious and scare when she was alone. Emily looked around her room to make sure nothing was going to pop out and stab her.

Suddenly, she heard something beening knocked over. She whipped her head around to see Mia's little statue of a turtle wobbling in its place; like someone pushed it.

Emily shook her head, trying to pretend as if nothing happened. "Its ok Emily, its ok. That little statue doesnt' even have a good balance to it; yeah that's what it is." Emily tried to comfort herself, convincing herself that she wasn't paranoid.

She decided it was about time to get some sleep, so she changed into her pjs. She was just about to turn the lights off, she felt a breeze of cool air float througt her hair. Goosebumps rose on her skin, leaving her standing still. Emily had the sudden feeling that she wasn't alone in her room. Now she had to go get someone to help calm her down. Quickly, she opened her door and shut it behind her; heading towards Mentor's study/room. When she got to his door, she noticed that his light was out; meaning he was sleeping. Emily didn't want to wake him since she knows how cranky he gets when he doesn't get his sleep, so she decided to go find someone else.

She stopped before she entered the living room, just standing in the hallway. She didn't want to ask Mike to comfort her right now cause he was watching a scary movie right now; which means he would be in the mood of scarying her more. Antonio would be helpful, if only he wasn't watching the scary movie right now. Kevin and Mia would do but they were sleeping in the living room. If she went to wake them, Mike would be asking why and she really didn't want his input at this moment. The only other person left was Jayden. Emily walked into the dojo, seeing Jayden still at practice. He didn't realize Emily's presence there, so Emily cleared her throat.

Jayden stopped in mid-hit of his dummy. "Oh, hello Emily. Came to train with me in your pajamas?"

Emily laughed, "No, not really. I came to ask you a favor."


"Umm... I know this sounds kind of silly but... could you come scare away the monsters from my room?" Emily hesisted.

In return, Jayden grinned. "Sure, Em. I'll scare them mean monsters away."

Once they were in her room, Jayden checked in her closet and under her bed to see if there was anything there. When he didn't find anything, he looked around satifised. "Well, no monsters here. Feel better?"

"Yeah, thanks. Its just... when I was in here alone, I felt like someone was watching me. Then I felt a cool breeze; I'm sure it was just the air conditioner though."

"But the air conditioner isn't on."

Emily expressed a panic look on her face until Jayden broke and chuckled. "Kidding, Em. It is on." Emily expression turned relieved.

"Well, thanks again Jayden for doing this. Its makes me feel alot better."

"No problem." Jayden replied, giving Emily a short, comforting hug. "So, you want me to tuck you into bed too?"

"No, I think I can manage." Emily chuckled, closing the door as Jayden exited.

After she turned her lights out, she hopped up on her bed and snuggled under her covers. Just as she was about to hit Dreamland, a soft yet scratchy voice whispered into her ear, "I am here."

Emily jumped up into a sitting position and looked around herself. There was some light in her room from her window; just enough for her to see around her room.

Emily slowly layed back in her bed, hoping that voice was just part of her trip to Dreamland.