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Fly On...

Heart of Diamond


The Legend of the Seraph

Chapter 1: New World

I stood on a cliff. My hand was on Audacity, the other straight by my side. I let the power fill me, buzzing under my skin. I felt like I had been hit by lightning bolt and somehow I was magically storing it in my body.

The view was incredible. I could see everything for what seemed like forever. The hills rose and fell. In the distant sky, I could see a giant eagle beating its wings. It cried and it echoed into my ears. Clean and crisp as if it was standing beside me.

I breathed in closing my eyes and letting my wings fan out. The wind blew gently in my face and played with my feathers. I beat my wings carefully, letting them sway easily.

I jumped.

For a moment I let myself fall. Just falling, but I snapped my wings out a metre before the ground and there was a whoosh sound in my ear as my wings guided me back up.

I beat them carefully, smiling. This was the life. To fly, forever…

I sprung awake, sitting up. My eyes focused around the campsite. Jeb. Check. Fang. Check. Iggy drooling. Check. Horses, Fire, saddle bags. Check, check, check.

I sighed running a hand over my face. That's 3 days in a row. I've never had a dream like that before. Especially recurring ones.

I rolled my shoulders releasing my wings through the slits in my bodice. I stretched them out and closed them in again, thankful they weren't cramping up. The other night I had slept with them still tucked in my bodice. Jeb had to cast a muscle releasing spell to free them of stiffness.

That was lesson number 3.

We had been traveling for 3 days now and haven't been anywhere near a town yet. Fang said that by midday tomorrow we should be in sight of a town.

Of course, Jeb went on about the whole 'start small and work your way to the top' thing.

To be honest, I don't think I'm ready.

Something snapped to the right. I stared at it carefully. I was tempted to put the still-burning-well fire out, but I ignored it.

I silently stood up glancing at the two men and the wizard to see if they were awake. Nope. Jeb was lying on his back, head on a log. His hands were clasped calmly in front of him and his staff was laid neatly beside him. Fang was lying on his side, his cloak over his face. He almost looked invisible. Iggy on the other hand was like a pile of bones, sleeping in the most awkward position and snoring.

I picked up my cloak I had used as a blanket and swept it over my back. I tied it around my neck quickly and I picked up audacity who laid beside me in its sheath. The symbol on the sheath slowly beamed to life. Slowly and silently, I withdrew the sword, wincing slightly at the chime it made. I laid the sheath down.

My senses fired into overdrive. I caned my ears towards the area and sniffed the air. Not rabbit or fox. Human. Thankfully not Eraser, but still a human.

There were another snap of a twig. I paused slightly. A shuffle of leaves. They were moving to the right.

I pushed a branch back slightly. I stepped on the balls of my feet and where there were no leaves. I kept Audacity out in front of me.

My eyes scanned the darkness picking up any movement.

Something flashed to my right and I snapped my sword out in front of me. My eyes snapped around the dark trees searching for any movement.

Calm yourself, Jeb's words echoed in my head. We had done some practice in the past few days. I was thankful he hadn't mentioned anything about flying yet.

I breathed in and out steadily. I felt my heart rate go down and the grip on my sword softened. To my surprise the glow of the Seraph symbol on Audacity also reduced.

Maybe Audacity fed on tension as well as anger.

I stepped forward and another snap of a twig caught my attention. Followed by a whimper.

A child.

I lowered my sword and stepped through the trees. I scanned the forest and my eyes were draw to a small girl around 8 or so years old. She was hiding from something.

"Hey," I whispered.

The girl snapped her head around looking at me before backing off. She glanced at my sword nervously and clutched a blanket she had in her hands.

She looked hungry, not to mention exhausted. She looked like she hadn't slept for nights.

"It's ok," I breathed. "I won't hurt you. Look, I'll put my sword down."

I carefully laid Audacity on the ground, the glow on the symbol faded. The girl glanced at the sword before snapping her gaze to me.

"I'm Max," I said crouching on the balls of my feet. "What's your name?"

The girl stared at me. For a while she said nothing, looking at me up and down, judging if I was dangerous or not.

"Toni," the girl whispered looking away from me as if she was embarrassed.

I smiled. "It's good to meet you Toni, how old are you?"

Toni tucked her blanket under her arm and held up 7 fingers.

"Seven? Really? Wow you're such a big girl."

Toni nodded. "Mummy said I'm big enough to feed the chickens by myself."

I chuckled. "What are you doing out here Toni?"

Suddenly Toni shrivelled up, her eyes glancing around the woods carefully. I saw her shake.

I quickly stood up and made my way over to her. She surprised me by clinging to me. I frowned but rubbed her back soothingly.

"They… They took me away," Toni whispered.

"Who did?" I whispered.

"The E… Erasers," Toni whimpered.

I froze. Erasers? "Why did they want to take you?"

Toni began to cry on my shoulder. "Please don't let them take me again, Max. Please, please…"

"Shhh," I whispered calmingly. "It's ok. You're safe with me."

Toni just kept crying. I glanced around. Someone could be nearby. I had to calm her down.

"Hey Toni," I whispered. "Do you want me to show you something?"

Toni pulled back rubbing her eyes tiredly. I smiled and carefully fanned my wings out.

Toni's eyes widened and she gasped. Her eyes were full of wonder as she reached out and touched my downing feathers with her finger trips.

"Are you an Angel?" Toni asked in wonder. She looked at me as if I was glowing like a Firelight.

I chuckled. "I am."

Toni's eyes fell on my shoulder. I glanced at it and sighed. They Seraph symbol shone brightly through the cotton. I rolled up my shirt sleeve.

The Symbol shone brightly in the dark night. The white glow was a single spiral with a dot in the centre or universally known as the Seraph Symbol.

"It's beautiful," Toni whispered touching the glowing skin delicately as if it would break.

"It is," I agreed. At first I thought it was an ugly scar, but now it was a representation of who I was and I was honoured to have it now.

"Are you going to save us?" Toni whispered.

I frowned, but before I could get a word out, I caught something out of the corner of my eye. I snapped my head around to see Fang leaning against the tree his cloak swaying in the slight breeze. His expression was almost curious.

Sheena flew around him in a series of figure eights. Soft calm murmurs filled the air as she flew over to us. Toni grinned.

"A Firelight!" She cried. "Pretty."

Sheena circled Toni and I before flying back over to Fang. Toni finally noticed the Shadow leaning against the tree. She gasped and clutched me again.

I sighed. "It's ok. This is Fang. He's is with me."

Toni raised her hand to my ear. "He's scary," Toni whispered loudly.

Fang's lips twitched slightly.

"I know right?" I whispered loudly back. "Wait until you see his warts."

If looks could kill, I would be well and truly up in flames by now.

Toni giggled.

I smiled, taking Toni's hand and standing up. "You must be hungry. I bet we could get Iggy to cook something up."

Toni nodded. "I am hungry."

Fang pushed himself off the wall and reached down picking my sword up off the ground. He handed it to me and I took it from him silently. Toni glanced at Fang. "Are you an Angel too?"

Fang chuckled lightly, ruffling the girl's hair. "No. Sorry."

Toni frowned looking at me. "Are you the only Angel, Max?"

I nodded. "Yep. I'm the only one."

"Thank the spirits," Fang muttered.

I rolled my eyes. I'll just pretend I didn't hear that.

Fang led the way back to the camp, Sheena tagging behind him. Toni lagged behind so eventually I picked her up and put her on my hip.

By the time we had reached the camp, Toni was sound asleep breathing softly on my shoulder. I smiled slightly. It was good to see that she had calmed down.

Fang glanced back at me and without hesitation he untied his cloak and laid it on the ground. "Put her here."

I carefully laid her down on the ground. Toni shifted slightly but she remained asleep. I carefully wrapped Fang's coat around her.

I took Audacity's sheath off the ground and tied it to my belt before slipping Audacity into it. Fang sat himself on a log beside the fire and I moved to sit beside him. I watched Fang pull Sheena's pouch from his belt and pull it open. Sheena circled the little bag before diving in.

I looked back at the little girl, curled up in Fang's cloak. I frowned in thought. She had said someone took her away. But who and why?

I sure as hell intended to find out.

Fang sighed. "You're not going to let this go are you."

It was a statement not a question. Fang and I seemed to know each other as if we had been twins separated at birth. We seemed to know exactly what each other was thinking.


There was silence.

"You know you have more important things to worry about that a little girl losing her way in the woods," Fang said picking up a stick and poking the coals in the fire.

"She didn't lose her way," I whispered. "The Erasers had taken her and she managed to escape."

Fang frowned. "Slavery?"

I shook my head. "No. I don't think so, otherwise, she should have cuffs."

Fang hummed resting his knuckles on his lips and his chin on his palm. Finally he sighed. "It's late, let's just deal with this in the morning."

"I think I should keep watch for a while," I said looking around the camp hesitantly. "Just in case they try to come back for her."

Fang's face was blank, but I could see he agreed with me. "Alright. Wake me up a few hours before dawn and I'll take watch until the sun rises."

I nodded.

I watched Fang make his way over to where he had been sleeping. I frowned at the ground. I knew Erasers took children away when the villages wouldn't pay their taxes, but now I was wondering where the children went. Surely they wouldn't kill them. They would be losing generations of people if they did that.

I was defiantly going to get to the bottom of this.

And Jeb was going to use this for lesson number 4, 5, 6 and 7.


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