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Fly On...

Heart of Diamond


Legend of the Seraph

Chapter 10: Discovery


The General backed away from me, his knife dropping from his hands. He didn't even notice me grab the knife with my foot and kick it over to Fang. I kept my eyes on him though. My face completely and utterly blank.

I heard some of the Erasers behind me, shift their feet nervously.

"The Seraph," The General whispered. "You're the Seraph?"

I narrowed my eyes. "Nah, I'm a pigeon."

The General's shocked face narrowed back. "Strip."

Out of the corner of my eye, Fang went solid stiff. I even thought I heard a furious growl whisper though his lips.

I raised an eyebrow. "Excuse me?"

He ignored my question. "Cut her ropes."

The Eraser behind me shuffled back. I twisted my body around and gave them a smile. They shuffled back even further.


"Fools!" The General shouted, unable to hide back his fear. "Cut her ropes now!"

One Eraser was brave enough to edge forward. He eyed me warily as he slid out his knife and cut my ropes. The moment my wrists were free he jumped backwards.

I brought my wrists around in front of me. The skin where the ropes were tied was bright red and in patches the skin was bleeding.

"I suspect," I began glancing up at the General. "That you want me to strip so you can see these."

I snapped my wings out, loving the feeling of the air brushing my feathers. The General stumbled backwards, past the desk. His face registered only shock.

I knew this was our chance.

"NOW!" I shouted.

Everything happened so fast.

I dived straight for my sword, pulling it out of my sheath, a chime ringing around the room. Fang lunged for the nearest Eraser, slamming his hands on the Eraser's temple. A second was all it took to strip the energy from him. Nudge screamed a spell. Her hands erupted into red hot flames, disintegrating the rope.

"GET OUT!" I roared at the Erasers. My wings snapped out angrily and both the Seraph symbol on my blade and shoulder flared.

The Erasers scrambled towards the exit. The General tried to make a run for it too, but I place the edge of my blade of his back, halting him immediately.

"You're not going anywhere," I growled.

At this point, both Nudge and Fang were gearing back up. Fang buckled his knife sheaths over his calves, while Nudge slipped her quiver and bow over her shoulder.

The General raised his arms in surrender, tuning around slowly. "You're not going to win."

"Did I ask you to talk?" I snapped.

The General ignored me, a creepy smile lifting onto his face. "Lord Garth will defeat you. He has the magic from the Vases. He will get hold of the Script of Itex and destroy you."

I couldn't help but grin. "You obviously haven't heard the news then. The Script of Itex is destroyed. Poof, gone."

The General's face dropped, I felt a wave of victory rise up within me.

Nudge fitted an arrow into her bow before raising it in aim at the General. "It's ok Max. I've got him."

The Head Eraser caught it and stared at me. "Max, eh?"

"Hey!" Nudge called, grabbing the General's attention. "Shut it dog."

I ignored him as I reached for my sheath tying it around my waist. Fang passed me my hunting knives and I slipped them onto the rightful place on my belt.

Without any warning, the General lunged at me, a knife appearing in his hands. Nudge was quick. She pushed me backwards sending me flying to the wall. I crashed straight under the Vases of Supremacy.

The shelf holding the precious vases collapsed.

Again everything happened so quickly.

Fang pounced onto the General, trapping his arms behind his back. As much as the general tried to struggle, I knew Fang was using extra energy he had got from the Eraser and using it as strength.

The four vases crashed to the ground beside me. Their lids lazily slipping off and… suddenly, I felt the magic.

It was in the air, but now it was so thick I could see it. It was a mist of silver, but I knew that mist held a LOT of magic. I could see the mist moving, flowing like a river current.

Heading straight towards Nudge.

Nudge's bow and arrow dropped to the ground, cluttering on the wooden floor. A gasp escaped her lips. I realised instantly what was happening.

Nudge had pushed me into the wall. She caused the vases to crash and the lids to open.

She was absorbing the ancient magic from four vases. Four!

The mist soaked into her skin. I watched as Nudge's eyes clouded white as she absorbed the magic. Her skin glowed, softly then brighter. Her wisps of hair stood out as if she was being electrocuted.

Fang, The General and I stared at Nudge. We watched as the last of the magic from the Vases being absorbed into Nudge. Nudge breathed out and opened her eyes.

I edged back slightly. The fury. It was in her eyes. It was in her clenched jaw. Her hands curled up into fists.

She opened her mouth, yet her words weren't her own. It came out as if a thousand voices were speaking, both female and male, child and adult.


I realised who was speaking through Nudge.

It was the souls. The souls of the dead wizards of Mystic.

I'm not scared of many things in my life. But to see the souls of dead wizards invaded Nudge's body… The amount of magic that I could feel in the air… I have never been more terrified.

The General dropped onto his knees and Fang let him go. Fang edged his way over to me, eyeing Nudge warily. Once he was over to me, he helped me stand. He too must have been somewhat scared because he brought an arm around my shoulder and held me close to him.

Nudge's eyes seemed to be on fire as she stared at the General. The souls of Mystic spoke again. "AND HERE YOU ARE, FOOLISH ENOUGH TO THINK YOU CAN RETURN AND TAKE AWAY THE ONLY THING THAT REMAINS? OUR MAGIC?"

The General was shaking visibly. I could only imagine what he must be feeling. The terror.

"P-p-please…" The General begged. His hands clasped in front of him. Pleading. "Have m-mercy…"

Nudge bared her teeth. The air moved around her, sweeping up dust. Her hair frayed out, sparking with electricity.


Without warning, Nudge thrust her hand towards the General. A stream of fire shot out and engulfed the Eraser almost instantly.

The Generals scream was bloody curdling. Without even thinking, I gripped Fang tighter and burrowed my head into his chest. He held me securely.

I didn't watch. I couldn't. This magic was far more powerful that anything I had ever imagined. It scared me, because I knew that if these souls were after vengeance, not even Lord Garth would be able to stop them tearing both the Northern and Southern lands apart.

The screams died and it was only then did I dare myself to look up. The General now lay in a black heap consumed by red and orange flames. Nudge waved her hand and the flames disappeared. The General's body dissolved into black ash. I watched it fly around the room, covering the place.

It was then did Nudge turn to Fang and I.

Immediately I stiffened. Fang tensed in a way that signalled he was ready for an attack, but to my surprise Nudge gave us a smile.

"Seraph." The voices of Mystic chimed around the room. The Souls were calmer, softer. I couldn't help but relax more.

"We have waited for this time to come," the souls said.

"Sorry to keep you waiting," I whispered.

The souls laughed. It was strange. Sounds of children, women and men all laughing at once. The sudden sound surprised me and I tensed up again.

"Don't be afraid, Seraph," The Dead wizards spoke again. "We mean you no harm."

I forced myself to relax. Breathe Max, breathe.

"Why are you here?" I asked. "I mean, shouldn't your souls have been taken to the beyond?"

"All our Magic and our souls have been crushed under the earth. The magic stone has trapped us here and we've been unable to escape."

"Quartz," Fang whispered.

"But since Mystic has been dug up," The voices spat. "Our magic has escaped. Magic can't be controlled, but it seeks out those who are worthy of its power. Innocence."

Innocence. It clicked. I gasped instantly. "The children? The children have been absorbing your magic?"

Nudge nodded for the souls. "The children now process the magic and knowledge of Mystic. They will be able to continue the line of the ancestors."

Fang looked at me and I glanced at him. The kids of Wintervalley had absorbed the magic of Mystic?

"Seraph, our time in this world is short now that Mystic has been opened," The souls said softly. "You have a dangerous quest, one that could end in great misery or great happiness. That is why we offer you a gift. A voice of guidance."

I hesitated. "A voice?"

Nudge nodded again. "Yes. Jebediah Batchelder is an excellent teacher, but his knowledge comes from a different region to ours. He possesses knowledge we know not of, while we possess knowledge unknown to him. A voice of guidance will give you the knowledge that Jebediah doesn't possess."

I bowed slightly. "It's an honour."

The souls smiled as Nudge held up her hand. "Take our hand."

Our hand?

Fang gave me a concerned look, but I nodded to him. I was still terrified, but the way the voices spoke to me… it was like I was a child a whole village treasured.

I took careful steps forward, reaching my hand out. Slowly Nudge took my hand in mine.

Something shot up my arm, causing me to gasp. It wasn't cold, nor hot. It just felt like my blood was suddenly flowing up my arm. Most defiantly the strangest sensation I had ever felt.

It didn't last long. Only about 5 seconds or so, but when Nudge let go, my whole arm felt like it weighed a ton. I stumbled gasping as I tried to lift my throbbing arm. In a split second, Fang had his arms around me again, giving hesitant and suspicious glances at Nudge.

Just then there was a faint Boom in the air. All heads snapped to the window watching the sky light up with red sparks.

The flare.

The souls smiled on Nudge's face. "It is time."

I snapped my head back to the souls. "What about Nudge?"

"The Wizardette is stronger than you think. With the knowledge of 4 ancestral lines, she is a powerful ally, but you must warn her that her new magic can overpower her. She must remain strong."

I nodded carefully, taking it all in. The souls sighed. "We must part with you Seraph. We give you our blessing and we will always have faith in you."

Before I could let another word out, Nudge's eyes closed. I could feel the magic in the air shift and I almost sensed the souls leaving from her.

There was a moment of stillness in the room, before a calm and gentle sigh escaped Nudge's lips.

Her eyes opened.


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