AN: This is my first serious fanfic. Some people will know who I am and others won't. I cannot be bothered telling you who I am because if I do you will not take me serious or accuse me of lying. If you are planning to flame me


I walked down the main highway. I was dodging the people coming towards me. I refused to look at their faces because I was antisocial. I was late for work. Suddenly a person knocked into me.

"Shithead!" I shouted angrily. This was a mistake. I looked up and saw a sexy girl. She wore black tight jeans, a Kurt Cobain tee-shirt, and chucks. She had blood red hair and pale white skin.

"Go fuck yourself." she snapped back.

"Sorry." I said apologetic.

"Well, you shouldn't have yelled at me you dick face." she said angrily.

"I said I`m sorry you bitch. What is your name?" I asked wonderingly.

"I`m Bella, now fuck off you loser." she said bitterly.

"Ok." I said. I then walked off.

I then went to work which I was late for. I was wearing baggy jeans, a lose Panic at the Disco top, and a Jamaican styled beanie to cover my brown hair. I walked into the music store. I've been working there for the past year since leaving school.

"What the fuck Liam! If you come late again I will fire you." my boss yelled at me angrily.

"Sorry I won't do it again." I said.

Suddenly my best friend Ryan ran into the store. He looked very shocked. He was wearing tight jeans, a Black Parade tour tee-shirt, and thick rimmed. He had black spiking hair and wore blood red chucks.

"Someone has been bitten by a vampire." he shouted excitedly. I gasped. I knew who that vampire was. It was that girl I bumped into.