Even Demons Bleed:

A/N: Like turning day to night, black into white. Demons can be human, and humans can be demons. Please enjoy the first chapter of EDB.

Summary: Mankind lost the war, and now demons have taken over their lives. A rebel group of humans rise above to claim back what once was theirs. Ciel finds himself torn between allegiances and puts his soul on the line. AU.

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Even Demons Bleed: Prologue


London, England. Year 2020:

Subject 666-4242 took a step backwards, a chill of fear shooting down her spine as her back connected against the glass wall, never tearing her eyes away from the mass of darkness pulsing before her. She could see them standing around outside the testing room, a giant glass cube that allowed her to see what was happening outside. It was also for them to observe what was happening inside.

The darkness smiled as he relished the fear emanating from the experiment's skin, licking his lips as he smelled her soul through every breath she took.

Subject 666-4242 winced as a brutally strong claw lashed out from the swirling darkness, grasping her neck and pinning her back against the transparent glass surface, her head connecting against the hard material with a sickening thump.. A fleeting look of glowing crimson eyes compounded her sudden terror as she felt the cold kiss of lips against hers. The fingers curled inwards, crushing through skin and into sinew and muscles beneath. She opened her mouth to scream, but the voice never leaving as the kiss deepened. She could feel the stinging heat of her blood as it bubbled from the wound upon her neck,staining the thin overall she wore. Her protest disintegrated into a limp surrender as she felt a staggering pressure erupt from her chest, forcing its way up and spilling through her lips as her captor sucked everything she possessed. Her memories, her life, her very soul. The sound of cracking filled her astonished ears as the creature pulled away, smeared in her blood. The demon snarled and released the human, glowing crimson eyes watching as she collapsed to the ground, her ribs crushed into her empty shell.

Then, the swirling mass of darkness seemed to hunch over as retching sounds bubbled from within. A hacking cough, and blood splattered to the ground. The human's blood.

Sebastian Michaelis sat behind the counter, narrowing his eyes as he observed the death of Subject 666-4242, his eyes shifting towards the towering mass of darkness as it dissipated, revealing a man within it. Human again. Ignoring the blood splatters dripping down the glass surface, Sebastian leaned into the connecting microphone, his finger hitting against a round red button amongst the array of flicking controls as his smooth voice buzzed around the room through hidden speakers placed around the lab.

"We'll stop the experiment now."

The tense silence in the lab broke as the rest of the research team, all donned in the uniform white of laboratory coats shuffled out of the test lab, glimmers of disappointment and hunger glowing in their eyes. The automated doors whooshed shut, leaving the two man alone inside.

The lab itself, was about the size of two rooms. Right in the middle, was the glass cube. An experiment area where Sebastian led his research team in harvesting the perfect soul for their dying society. Immortal or not, they claimed a human body each, and with that body, they had to suffer human illnesses and mortal wounds.

Dim white lights illuminated the whole area as the steady hum of air-conditioning filled the lab. But it did not soften the tense silence between the two demons.

Claude Faustus stepped out of the glass cube, shedding his bloodied lab coat as he raised a hand to push his spectacles up, nodding as Sebastian stepped forward and offered him a clean towel. The cold kiss of air-conditioning bit on his heated skin as he could never get used to his human form. It was vulnerable. Breakable.

"Report." Sebastian said, crimson eyes taking in the bloodied form of the demon before him, his attention narrowing against the medical incision on the man's arm, a long deep cut along the length of his arm about ten centimetres long. It had not closed up at all even with the consumption of Subject 666-4242's soul during the experiment.

Claude grabbed the towel and proceeded to wipe off the remaining traces of fluid from his body, contemplating if he should stuff the towel in his mouth to rub off the disgusting taste off his tongue as well. He paused as he caught Sebastian staring at the cut on his arm and tossed the towel back to him.

"You know what happened." Claude growled, inspecting his arm for any signs of infection. It would be bad if infection sets in, with such a shortage of souls left in the world and only a few set aside for experiment purposes, he didn't want to take any chances.

"And next time, infuse it with strawberry essence or something. That one tasted like shit."

Sebastian folded the towel, draping it across his arm as he raised a finger, hiding a wry smile on his lips. Leave it to Claude to know what shit tasted like.

They belonged to a new world, a world where humans had lost their right to live in this world. They had many names, many forms. Demon, was the closest name to what the human language can describe. They took over, one soul after another, living the lives as their previous human had. No one noticed the shift, not until it was too late. They lived human lives, had human emotions. But as human as those immortals want to be, they can never escape mortal sickness and death. The only way, is to devour another human soul once again. The remaining humans were then rounded up, imprisoned and experimented on; the humans harvested for their souls. Until one day, their only source began to die out.

Sebastian sighed, knowing he had to file another report to the higher-ups. It was another failed attempt, the second one in a week. He was rushing against time, before the society would start to panic when they realized there would not be any more human souls left in their world.

Claude ran his hand across his hair, cursing inwardly as he felt the sticky blood clumping it up. He would need to take a shower and then get rid of the foul after-taste of the worthless soul in his mouth. But first, he needed to address the wound before it worsened. The demon moved towards the control panel, reaching out for a rectangular metal case resting on top, ignoring the other man following him closely behind.

Fingers lifted the latches as a hiss escaped the case, cold wisps of mist swirled out, dissipating into the atmosphere as Claude lifted the lid of the case. Nestled inside were neat rows of glass syringes, each body partially filled with a thick glowing substance, moving, breathing, pulsing within the glass tube that contained it. The demon picked one up, removing the safety cap as he pushed the needle into his wound, hissing as the metal tip kissed his flesh. Both man watched as the torn skin melded together, erasing the thick red gash that revealed his flesh and leaving behind smooth, undamaged skin.

Claude pulled the needle out, tossing it carelessly to the side, knowing that it will piss the other demon off. No, in fact, he didn't really care what the other man thought.

"You know that I'd rather taste that, than inject it into my bloodstream."

Sebastian leaned forward to close the case before the cooling agent evaporated. "It'll help you heal faster that way..." He countered, and froze as he felt cool fingers snaking around his throat as the other man leaned in, nose almost touching Sebastian's neck. In their close proximity, Sebastian could smell the metallic rust of dried blood and the light, lingering putrid odor of Subject 666-4242's soul on his breath.

"You know what I mean, Michaelis. Nothing can replace the pleasure of devouring a real soul, something you and your team have failed to replicate, time and time again..." Claude breathed, his voice slipping into a low whisper as he trailed his hand across Sebastian's chest, fingers slipping into the pocket of his lab coat and picking out his access card that the other demon had kept for safekeeping during the experiment.

Suddenly feeling too close for comfort, Claude shoved the other man away from him, breaking their body contact as he narrowed his eyes.

"Try harder the next time."

And with that, he was gone. The doors swung shut as the lock beeped in acknowledgement of the staff that left.

Sebastian sighed and ran his hand along his hair, eyes turning towards the stained glass cube. He need to find someone to clean up the mess and remove the broken body. Dropping his weight onto the chair, Sebastian fixed his crimson eyes against the corpse on the floor, his mind running as he wondered what was missing from perfecting a cloned soul.

Perhaps a human. A real, breathing...living human.


Ciel Phantomhive huffed as he pulled his coat tighter against his body, his breath coming out in puffs of smoke as he kept his head down, shuffling along with the crowd in the cold November chill. Rows of shops passed his peripheral vision as shopkeepers brandished their wares along the busy street, big red cardboard signs signalling the start of a month long Christmas Sale. It was such an irony for them to be celebrating the festival of a Saint. Hilarious even.

Ciel scoffed and shook his head, shoving his hands into the warm pockets of his jacket. He had walked among these people before, passed this street a dozen times, but his heart still hammered as wildly, fearing that with one wrong move, he would find himself dead.

Ciel was not one of them.

The young man raised his eyes, finding himself observing the man trudging before him. He was wearing a dark plain coat, briefcase in his hand and a steaming cup of whatever it was in his other hand. He looked human. But Ciel knew if he was to look at the man in the face, he would find those swirling crimson eyes. Definitely not the eyes of a human, but a demon.

They infiltrated the human world centuries ago, slowly immersing themselves into their world. Watching, learning, perfecting their human masks. Then one day, they attacked. The demons eradicated the human race and completely overtaking the human existence. Ciel had never witnessed the war between the human race and those vile creatures, only relying on the horrific stories passed down from survivor to survivor. And according to that old man down at their hideout, they were the last of their kind. Their numbers had dwindled the past years, falling from the several hundreds to a mere sad figure; a shadow of what it was once before.

Ciel was born during the dark era and grew up with the Resistance; a sorry band of humans with no more than thirty of them left today, surviving out in the outskirts of town, living and hiding in the harsh wasteland. To the survivors, his birth was a miracle, but others labelled him a jinx - the one who cost the Resistance the lives of two of their greatest leaders. But despite everything, they were the only family he had had until he met Alois while sneaking out to explore the whole new world inhabited by the masked race of demons..

'Ciel!' A voice called out from the side, snapping Ciel out of his thoughts as a young man shoved through the crowd, his blonde hair a stark contract against the sea of dark relaxed, recognizing the person before him. He was a demon like the rest, but he was different. He was a friend. The word felt foreign to his mind as the boy raised a hand and playfully slapped the younger male across the back, making Ciel lose his balance stumble forward with a surprised cry, glaring at the demon.

'C'mon...what took you so long today? Had trouble putting on your clothes or something?" Alois teased, slipping an arm around his human companion. "I waited by that shop for ages. I'm so eating your soul if any of my fingers and toes drop off from the cold..."

"Sorry..." Ciel muttered. The young man knew Alois wouldn't eat his soul. It was just a joke, albeit a terrible one.

"I had trouble putting on the contacts, they won't stay on today." Ciel muttered and blinked, suddenly aware of the uncomfortable layer of plastic against his pupils. The older male had passed him a box of cosmetic contact lenses the last time they met. Beats wearing sunglasses around all the time, he had said. Alois peered to the side, taking in the sight of dark crimson eyes on the human.

"Looks good on you, you look just like one of us now." Alois commented, his arm still tucked around Ciel's as he led him down the streets. "Relax, no one will know you're human. Your life is in my hands now." He said, his voice dropping into a low whisper against Ciel's ear, his crimson eyes blazing, coming alive. The young male shivered, passing it off as the chill of the darkening sky.

Ciel scowled at the older male before him. "You know that's not funny at all." Ciel said.

Alois burst out laughing before dropping his voice again to a conspiratorial whisper, leading the younger male down the street.

"You're funny, human. Relax! You didn't come all the way up here just to chicken out again."

Ciel huffed, pulling up his scarf to cover the chill from his face before shoving his hands into his pockets again. Human. It sounded like an insult now.

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