Even Demons Bleed:

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Summary: Mankind lost the war, and now demons have taken over their lives. A rebel group of humans rise above to claim back what once was theirs. Ciel finds himself torn between allegiances and puts his soul on the line. AU.

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Even Demons Bleed: Chapter 8


Everyone was staring at them.

The whispers started since dawn and have grown worse by the late afternoon. Picking up bits and pieces of verbal insults aimed towards him, Ciel had enough of attention for the day. Screw Alois and his request for Ciel to play babysitter to the unwelcome guest in the hideout.

"Can you walk a little further away from me?" Ciel hissed angrily under his breath as he quickened his pace, determined to place himself further away from the demon trailing silently behind him. Sebastian lowered his head slightly, acknowledging the request and allowed his guide to gain a few steps ahead, effectively placing them even further apart.

The hallways was long and narrow. The human community stopped and stared at the demon trailing silently behind the younger male. Some pointed fingers, others whispered amongst themselves. The tension and fear emanating from them was suffocating to the demon. Sebastian knew many humans itched to pound their fists into his body and murder him without a second thought. The only thing stopping them for doing so was Alois and the black shotgun he prominently displayed on his belt, trailing just a couple of steps behind the demon. Harsh words reverberated around him and Sebastian chose to ignore them, instead, focusing on the younger male before him.

"How was your day today, Mr. Michaelis?" Alois began good-naturedly, observing the slight tension in the older demon's body as they passed by the rest of the community. The blond shot a warning glare at the lingering humans, and grinned with satisfaction as they scurried away to prepare for the night.

"It was...interesting." Sebastian replied politely, turning his head sideways towards Alois. Further ahead, he heard Ciel scoff silently which sent a small smirk danced across the demon's lips.

They had spent the day together with Ciel showing the demon around the main areas of the hideout, mainly the common areas, the kitchen and the various work sites to expand the developing underground community. The technology used was almost medieval in their time, something that came from history books depicting early human settlements, and Sebastian was impressed with the creation of the hideout. Each tunnel was carefully dug to reveal larger naturally-made caverns. Sunlight streamed naturally down from the attentively placed holes from the ceiling which were then reflected by any shiny surfaces they had managed to scavenge from the city and by nightfall, torches were lit to facilitate the lighting. It was a little haven underground.

It was no wonder that these humans managed to thrive for years without drawing any suspicion from the demons.

Ciel's duty for the day was to shovel dugged up dirt and wheel it to the dumping site, and he made use of his new 'slave' thoroughly. Sebastian had done all the work while Ciel stood aside, almost gleefully shouting orders to him without lifting a finger. Of course, being a demon with enhanced abilities, Sebastian had completed his tasks without breaking out a single bead of sweat, much to Ciel's annoyance.

Lunch was no worse as the trio walked into the dining hall. Alois had then decided that they would take up the middle table and resorted to ask many questions about the demon race that he had long forsaken centuries ago. Questions of the demons' lifestyle, habits did perk up Ciel's interest, much to his surprise. He did enjoy listening to Sebastian's deep, melodic voice over his tasteless vegetable soup and bread rolls. It was equally as mesmerizing as the tales he heard when he first met Sebastian. And by the end of lunchtime, Sebastian's stories of the world above had drawn in a few more curious listeners, especially the children.

Ciel rounded up to the next bend and stopped. Flipping the heavy drape aside, the young male stepped into his room. Dropping down to his mattress, he watched warily as the two demons entered inside. Ciel groaned and rolled up into a kneeling position as the Alois slid the privacy curtain shut behind him.

"Don't tell me he is sleeping here as well..." Ciel muttered, casting an unhappy look towards the older demon as Alois peered into the shelf and shook out a spare sleeping mat before handed it over to the demon.

"Why not? You promised you'll be his guardian." The blond demon shrugged and tossed the mat on Ciel's head. "Help him lay that out, and make sure he is still alive when the sun rises tomorrow."

Alois paused and unhooked his gun belt and handed it over to Ciel. Sapphire eyes widened in surprise as the young male turned towards the leader, brows raised in question.

"Wha-" Ciel began but was cut off by Alois.

"Ciel, I need you to keep watch until I come over to change shifts a few hours later." Alois said, his voice dropping to a hushed whisper. "There are rumours of an attempt to murder Mr. Michaelis here, and we don't want that to happen, do we?"

Numbly, Ciel shook his head and Alois smiled before straightening up from his crouch.

"Well then, goodnight gentlemen. I hope to see you both alive in the morning."

That said, Alois tipped his head to the two occupants before him before excusing himself from the cavern.

Ciel ripped the mat off from his head angrily and tossed it to the ground. Crossing his arms across his chest, he shot an angry glare towards the demon. It was all his fault. Now he won't be able to sneak out to explore without having to keep an eye on the demon in his room. Nor will he be able to catch up on sleep with his night duty.

Biting back a groan of annoyance, Ciel dropped the mat on Sebastian's hand and headed towards the clothed partition. Ripping it apart with a sudden, Ciel smirked as he sent several curious humans hanging outside his sleeping quarters scuttling away and down the hallway.

Ciel made himself comfortable on the ground before turning towards the demon who was still standing inside his cavern.

"Get to bed, demon. And don't drool all over the mat or I'll make you wash it." Ciel snapped and turned away, deciding that view through the partially opened drapes was far more interesting.

"Thank you."

"What?" Ciel turned, only to meet Sebastian a few inches away from him. Feeling his breathing getting caught in his throat, Ciel squeezed his eyes shut as the demon reached over and... ruffled his hair gently.

"Thank you for today." Sebastian smiled before turned around to lay out his sleeping mat on the rocky ground. "I really appreciate your help."

"Yeah...whatever..." The young male said and blushed. Within seconds, the demon's breathing evened out as he finally found sleep. Curious, he turned and stared at the demon's peaceful sleeping face, a hand lightly brushing against the gun Alois had left him with.

Propping his head against his arm, Ciel found himself admiring the demon's flawless complexion under the flickering shadows of the lone candlelight. Sapphire eyes roamed from the demon's long lashes, to the slender arch of his nose and down towards the pink lips of the demon, slightly parted as the demon slept on. Ciel felt a wash of heat engulf his cheeks before tearing his eyes away from the demon's sleeping form and back to the empty corridors outside. But tasked with a heavy responsibility, Ciel soon found himself trying hard to stay awake. But sleep won as the young guard closed his tired, sapphire eyes as fatigue pulled him under.

Crimson eyes opened as Sebastian Michaelis sat up softly on his mat. Shaking his head with mirth at the sleeping boy by the entrance, Sebastian gathered his mat up and draped it gently over Ciel's seated,sleeping frame.

"You shouldn't let your guard down around me, Ciel." The demon muttered and reached for the weapon lying unattended by Ciel's foot.

A soft rustle caught the demon's attention as Sebastian grabbed the shotgun and cocked it, aiming it towards the dark silhouette of the intruder entering their sleeping quarters. Sebastian lowered the gun when he recognised those familiar glowing crimson eyes so much like his, and the soft blond hair of the Resistance's leader.

"Alois." Sebastian greeted the demon with a slight tilt of his head.

The shorter male held his hand out for his gun and Sebastian handed it back to him. There was an unreadable expression in him, and those eyes that were always shining with emotion were instead, blank and tired.

A sight a great leader should never show to his followers.

"Come with me Sebastian, there is someone I want you to meet as a part of our bargain."

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