Adios, Me Ke Aloha

AN – Thank you for taking the time to read my very first ever story. I tried to incorporate all the things my English teacher Mr S has been telling me to do - hopefully it worked! If you loved it or hated it, please let me know in a review as I really appreciate feedback.

"Steve, its dangerous! You could really get hurt undercover this time!" Danny argued, moving forward in his chair at the front of Steve's desk. The azure blue eyes were blazing with anger, which did nothing to alleviate Steve's massively rising Irish temper. "You should know better than anyone not to waltz in there without back up. Federico is gunning for the chance to get you on his turf so he can get you!"

McGarrett sighed in frustration as he sorely wished he had a cigarette. Having long given up the habit after finding out its negative health effects, the detective settled for steepling his fingers together and took a deep calming breath, before clearing his throat. "Danno, we have a once in a lifetime chance to bust one of the biggest syndicates wide open here. We've got a lead into their organization and I'm going to do everything that I can to make sure Louis Federico is brought to justice. He's had a cell at Oahu State Prison reserved since the murders of the last seven officers sent undercover."

Danny drummed his fingers on the cool koa wood of Steve's desk as he contemplated just what to say to get through the patented McGarrett stubbornness. He wouldn't be able to live with himself if he had the chance to stop Steve from doing something very foolish and had not acted on the chance. Steve was more than just a boss and a mentor, someone to take orders from – he was Danny's friend and in this business friends were a very valuable commodity.

The feeling of unease only intensified as the seconds trickled slowly by and he found himself unable to raise any rational objection to the plan, so he chose to go for a more personal approach. The detective heaved a long, drawn out sigh. "Look Steve, I…" Danny faltered for a few moments, before he found the strength to continue, "I have a really bad feeling about this. At least let us put some HPD men on surveillance, keeping a lookout on you. Federico's notoriety for sadism is unequalled. Once he finds out you're Five-O, I don't think that we have any hope of reaching you in time. Add to that, its Steve McGarrett himself! Please, Steve, I'm asking you, as your friend, to not go ahead with this. It's extremely foolish and equivalent to signing your own death warrant."

The quietness of Danny's voice broke through the haze of anger, and Steve found himself staring at his friend quite shocked. He understood Danny's concern for him; if it were Danny in his shoes then he would have been vehemently refusing permission for this assignment. He was very touched at his friend's deep concern but now was not the time to indulge in such sentimental thoughts. Shaking his head sadly, Steve replied. "Danno, we both know that there is no other way this assignment can be carried out. You've already been burned once at the hands of Federico." Steve chose at that precise moment to look pointedly at Danny's navel where the stitches had finally been removed from the slash wound one of Federico's henchman had inflicted as a warning to cease or desist, "We need to close this case and we need to do it fast. They already know they are being tailed and I bet you they will disappear underground within the next week or so. At that stage we will have no way of bringing them forward. This is our only shot Danno, and I'm not going to waste it." Moving to stand up, Steve walked around the desk to stand in front of Danny, before clapping a hand on the younger man's left shoulder. "I appreciate your concern, Danno. I really do, but…" Steve trailed off as he walked to retrieve his black bag resting on the side of the bookcase before turning around to look at the man still seated in the chair, "As I cop I'm sure you know that this is the best thing to be done in the current circumstances."

Steve looked at Danny, willing the younger man to understand the magnitude of his cooperation. In no way must Federico's boys get on the scent of HPD anywhere near him for the next few days. This was the most dangerous kind of undercover mission - alone and with no backup. A small note of fear rose up but Steve quickly suppressed it. It would do no good for Danny to see his fear; it would only cast further doubts on his pending acceptance of the whole thing.

After what seemed like an interminably long time, Danny merely nodded his head and with that, Steve wordlessly turned around and headed out the door to do what had to be done, leaving Danny at odds with following Steve's directive of no back up or listening to his ten years of cop instinct's which were telling him to make sure that back up was at the ready, should Steve need it. Moving a hand to rub at the newly healed slash wound idly, Danny decided to give it some time before acting.

Maybe by then he would be able to approach the situation from a level headed viewpoint.

x-o-x-o-x-o-heartbeats in stereo-o-x-o-x-o-x

Steve took a deep breath as he approached the Go Go Lounge, Federico's base of operations. Situated in a vibrant nightlife hot spot at Waikiki, the alternating green, blue and red neon lights bathed Steve in different colors as he approached the bouncers Jorge and Kenny. The well-muscled men flexed their fingers and cracked their knuckles threateningly the closer Steve got to them. They looked down at the detective as he grinned at them. "Care to let me pass?"

"See dat dere, bruddah?" Jorge growled, pointing to the cue snaking out past the door. "You gotta wait in line."

"Boys, I got an appointment with St Louis himself in there." Steve replied breezily, as he extracted a black business card with a single camellia flower printed on one side and a cross printed on the other. "Let me through, the man doesn't like to be kept waiting." Upon sighting this card the large men stepped aside to let Steve through, and it wasn't long before he disappeared into the pulsating mass of people on the dance floor as they moved to the rhythm of the disco beat. Trying valiantly to ignore the migraine that came from all the strobe lighting and the heavy pounding of the disco tune, Steve ignored the sight of scantily clad girls in glow in the dark sequined clothing as they twirled around the poles and performed lewd dance moves as he moved towards the bar, where a surly looking bartender was wiping some glasses. "Hey, where can I find St Louis?"

The bartender didn't even bother to turn around to face him, but nodded in the general direction of the dark hallway before mumbling around the half smoked cigarette dangling from his mouth. "Down at the end of the rabbit hole there, mate."

"Mahalo." Steve thanked, before heading in the general direction of the dark hallway. As soon as he fell into the dark shadows a pair of strong, rough hands seized him by the shoulders and shoved him against the wall.

Struggling to break free of the vice like grip, Steve lifted his foot backwards and kicked hard, resulting in a grunt of pain as his assailant sank to the floor. The man then kicked at Steve's foot such that he groaned in pain and toppled to the floor as well, before his attacker rolled on top of him, pinning him to the ground. Despite the darkness, the cool brush of metal against his jaw and the soft click of the safety as it was switched off told him the man was armed. The air rushed out of his lungs in one rush as his attacked moved into a sitting position, keeping the gun locked onto the detective as his other hand patted Steve down to make sure he was not carrying any concealed weapons or wires.

Once satisfied, the man stood up and seized Steve by the shirt collar to pull him up as well, before allowing the metal barrel of the gun to dig prominently into the small of the detective's back before ordering in a rough voice, "Move!"

"No need to treat me so rough. All you had to do was ask." Steve responded in between rapid breaths. That hard fall onto the floor probably had jarred his left knee because every step forward into the darkness sent a fresh tinge of pain that seared his nerves. The detective let himself be frog marched down the corridor to the very end before the man behind him reached forward to grasp the doorknob in his hands and twisted it, pushing both the door open and Steve through it.

Stumbling across the threshold, the detective barely had time to steady himself before a nasty right hook connected with his jaw, causing the man to topple gracelessly to the floor again as the taste of wet copper bloomed in his mouth. He barely had a moments respite before fast, hard blows were being kicked into his abdomen in a constant rain of ferocity such that Steve was unable to do anything beside roll into a fetal position as he tried to protect himself. A very well aimed kick with a steel capped boot to his stomach sent the bile rising up his throat as a coughing fit wracked through him. The taste of blood only got stronger the more he coughed, and gagged, spitting blood and bile onto the dusty floor before he was flipped onto his back and something sharp was plunged into his abdomen. Flinching instinctively upwards into the stab wound, the detective gasped as white-hot pain radiated from the knife and he felt the fabric of his shirt soak through with blood. The agony caused his eyes to roll upwards into his skull as he arched his back in a futile attempt to get away, which was impossible as the knife kept him where he was. A bloodcurdling scream rent the air as the knife sunk deeper, pulling all the breath out of his lungs. The last words he heard before succumbing to the darkness were:

"Adios, ke aloha."