AN - after seeing the renewed interest in this story through the multiple, repeat hits this month to it and a review by lanteaddict, I realized that I hadn't ended the story properly. Thank you for pointing it out to me!

Odysseus' Last Days will get updated eventually.

Danny arrived at the hospital, sliding to a stop outside Steve's hospital room before running a hand through his hair and smoothing out the creases on his clothes. As soon as the nurse had called him at the Five-O offices he had made his way to the hospital at breakneck speed upon hearing the good news.

Steve had woken up!

Taking a deep breath, he slowly opened the door and came inside the room which had become his second home over the past few months to see the wonderful sight of his mentor and friend. He hadn't known how worried he was until the sight of Steve's smile put him at ease. He felt an incredible lightness overwhelm his soul.

"Steve," Danny said, as he approached the bed before taking his place on the chair that sat by the bed. He couldn't express his relief in words.

"Hey, Danno…" Steve croaked, seemingly a shadow of his former imposing self. He tried to sit up a little further to talk to Danny but the action left him feeling drained.

The Second-In-Command placed a gentle hand on Steve's forearm, rubbing slightly on the warm skin there. He trailed his fingers to wrap them loosely around Steve's wrist, feeling the comforting constant pulse beating under the skin. "I'm so glad, Steve. So very glad."