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Kurt was late. He hated being late, he shouldn't have changed his shoes that last time. He glanced as his watch seeing that he was already five minutes late. He rounded the corner before reaching Honey and Oats and saw Blaine nervously glancing at his phone and his surroundings and Kurt couldn't help the smile that took over his face, he was just too adorable. Kurt quickly snuck up on him whilst he was looking in the other direction and whispered directly in his ear, 'So sorry I'm late.' Blaine let out a not so manly squeak before turning and pinning Kurt with a glare. Kurt couldn't help it and burst into laughter, 'Told you I would get you back for yesterday!' Kurt managed to gasp out between chuckles.

'Oh you are so very funny Kurt, wouldn't have been nearly as funny is a sprayed you with mace.' Blaine said in a huff.

Kurt couldn't help it, his laughter just re-doubled at this point, 'Oh G-god Blaine, I'm so s-sorry, but you carry mace?'

Blaine crossed his arms and huffed again, 'You are being a terrible date thus far Kurt Hummel, I don't know what I was thinking.'

Kurt could see the humour in Blaine's eyes, 'I am terribly sorry Mr. Anderson, let me make it up to you by being a perfect gentlemen for the rest of this date.'

'You better!' Blaine spoke with a grin on his face. Blaine reached for Kurt's hand before tugging him away from their coffee shop.

'I am sorry I'm late. I would say it wasn't my fault, but it totally was.' Kurt shrugged and squeezed Blaine's hand.

'Well honesty is always the best in these situations I feel.' He glanced to his side and smiled before pulling Kurt down a side street. 'To be honest I thought Wes had scared you off for good!'

'Oh you have no idea Blaine, just wait until you meet my friends. Wes is nothing compared to them. Most of them will threaten you with bodily harm, those who don't will most likely hit on you.' Kurt glanced around the street Blaine was leading them down, 'Not to sound like I don't trust you Blaine, but I feel like on a first date you shouldn't be leading me down an ally way. I knew I shouldn't have given into that charming exterior.'

Blaine chuckled before directing Kurt towards a small restaurant that he would have completely missed if Blaine hadn't stopped. 'It's a small place, not many people know about it, but it has the best Italian food in New York, I swear.' As soon as they entered the restaurant there was an old motherly figure walking towards them. When she was close enough she pulled a chuckling Blaine into a hug. 'Hey Theresa, how are you?'

'Oh I am quite well. Darling, you are aware that you don't need to come here on a weekly basis to keep us in profit?' The lady asked, before she noticed that Blaine was holding someone else's hand.

'Well you need to take that up with Wes, it's not my fault he insists on cooking terrible meals. Seriously, you need to teach him some lessons on how to cook edible food.' Blaine smiled before gesturing to Kurt, 'Also this isn't my usual night, I'm here on a date. Kurt, this is Theresa, she practically adopted me when Wes and I moved. Theresa this is Kurt.'

'It's nice to meet you Theresa, Blaine's been bragging about how wonderful your food is.' Kurt held out a hand to shake Theresa's when he was pulled into a warm hug. He glanced at Blaine with wide, shocked eyes before returning the hug.

'We're all hugger's here Kurt, you need to get used to it. It's a pleasure to meet you too. Aren't you handsome, why on earth are you wasting time with Blaine?'

Kurt laughed seeing Blaine blush at Theresa's words. 'I should have learnt with Wes, I need to stop introducing you to all the crazy people in my life before our date. My usual table Theresa?'

After they were seated Kurt went to pick up the menu, but Blaine quickly put his hand on top of it, 'Can you trust me? I know I've lead you down a creepy ally, forced two crazy people on you, but I want to try ordering a meal for you. As Theresa pointed out I'm a regular here, and I have had every meal on this menu, so I should be the best person to recommend what to order.' Blaine was looking into Kurt's eyes as he said this and shifted his hand to hold Kurt's. Kurt looked a little sceptical, 'Come on Kurt, you know you want to let me order for you.' Blaine insisted giving him puppy dog eyes before squeezing Kurt's hand.

'Fine I will let you order Blaine, just stop giving me those eyes, I feel like I've kicked your pet or something.' Blaine grinned and waved down a waitress excitedly, 'I'm going to regret this aren't I? First I let you take me to a place that practically only serves oil and carbs, and I'm allowing the 'human garbage disposal'', Blaine looked up curiously, 'Wes's words not mine, he added me on facebook.' Kurt explained, 'Anyway, and I'm allowing you to choose my meal. What have you done to me Blaine Anderson?'

'I would say it's my charming exterior and superior wit, but I know you would most likely kick me in the shins.' Blaine stated with a chuckle before wincing, 'You didn't really have to kick me.'

'I saw it as a challenge and I accepted it.' Kurt said before poking his tongue out.

'Real mature Kurt.' Blaine stated with a chuckle, finally noticing the waitress beside him, 'Oh hi Sam, can I please get a pesto bread entre to share between us and the lasagne for myself and the spinach and ricotta cannelloni for my dining partner.' Sam wrote it all down, whilst Kurt was staring slightly impressed with Blaine's order, 'I told you I could order for you didn't I?'

'I guess you're right, I'm on to you Anderson, did you do some research on me before this date?' Kurt was squinting at him trying to work out his secrets.

'If anyone was doing research it was you, accepting Wes on facebook, I know it wasn't because he made a great first impression today.' Blaine shot back at him with a grin on his face, 'Though if you must know, your friend Rachel Berry had a lot to say to me about you.'

'Oh no Rachel, of course she would add you as soon as I befriended you.' Blaine raised an eyebrow at this, 'Rachel is a professional facebook stalker, nothing is secret from her if it happened on there.'

'She added me about 10 minutes after you. I was pleasantly shocked, I thought it meant you had been talking about me.' Blaine eyes twinkled with teasing. Kurt went to say something back before realising that Sam had returned with their pesto bread. 'Thanks Sam, extra cheese like always right?'

Sam smiled, 'No, I didn't think your date would appreciate it all that much. Plus you need to cut back on all the food you inhale here.' Sam teased before walking away to serve the other customers.

Kurt was grinning, 'I like her.'

Blaine grumbled, 'You would. I'll have you know that everything tastes better with extra cheese.'

The night continued on in the same pattern, Blaine and Kurt learning little facts about each other whilst constantly teasing each other. They left the restaurant laughing after Kurt had told Blaine about his sophomore year of high school and learning the full 'Single Ladies' dance.

Blaine was gasping for breath, 'You did not, you could not have made an entire football team do the Single Ladies dance. It's just not possible, you are lying to me Kurt Hummel!'

'I kid you not! Ask Rachel! Or look it up on youtube, I'm sure it's still up.' Kurt was blushing but had a wide grin across his face, this was one of the best dates he'd had in a while. Everything between them just seemed to come naturally, Kurt felt like he had been friends with Blaine for years due to the easy camaraderie of the evening. And it only got better when Blaine reached for Kurt's hand again as they walked back to Honey and Oats.

Blaine's laughter slowly faded and he looked at Kurt, 'This has been really fun tonight Kurt. And wow, was that a cliché and a half, but it really has been. I haven't been on such a fun first date ever!'

Kurt grinned at his enthusiasm, 'The same goes for you Blaine, this has been just amazing, and perfect!'

'It was only perfect for you because Theresa and Sam teased me all evening.' Blaine pouted.

'Yeah, pretty much.' Kurt poked him in the ribs, 'I know all your secrets now Mr. Anderson.' Kurt then realised they were back at Honey and Oats and that it was time for them to split paths, 'I really did have a great time tonight Blaine.' Kurt reached forward and grabbed Blaine's other hand as they stood in front of each other.

'I did too Kurt, and I'm really hoping to repeat it.' Blaine glanced away from his eyes for a second and added hopefully, 'On a more regular basis?'

'Blaine you realise we only spoke for the first time a couple of days ago, I don't know how much more regular you would want.' Kurt squeezed his hands, eyes lit up with teasing.

'I was thinking every day.' Blaine shot back seriously.

Kurt blinked in shock before smiling shyly, 'I think we could make that happen, after all we both practically live at Honey and Oats.'

Blaine tugged him forward with a grin on his face, removing his hands from Kurt's so he could place them on Kurt's hips and pull him closer yet again. 'Since you said this was a perfect date, the perfect way to end it would be with a kiss, don't you think?'

Kurt smiled glancing down at Blaine's lips, 'That tends to be the general consensus.' Kurt's voice came out breathier than expected.

Blaine placed a hand at the base of Kurt's neck and pulled him in the last few inches, placing a chaste kiss on Kurt's lips.

When Blaine pulled back Kurt was staring at him with a small smile, 'Really that's it? Just a small peck on the lips, here I thought you said-' Blaine cut Kurt off by kissing him again, only this time they moved together and Kurt couldn't help but think they were made for each other. When Blaine's tongue finally touched Kurt's bottom lip asking for permission to enter Kurt decided that the cold winds and time could simply cease to exist as long as Blaine kept kissing him. Unfortunately after a particularly ice gust of wind Kurt had to pull away, 'Okay, you win, that was the perfect end, we are the cliché to end all clichés.' Kurt joked before pulling his scarf closer around his neck.

Blaine was smiling goofily, staring at Kurt, 'So if it was such a perfect date, would you agree to be my boyfriend based on it?' Kurt's couldn't stop the disbelief from showing on his face, and Blaine quickly tried to back pedal. 'I mean it's okay if you don't want to be, but I kind of want this to be an exclusive thing.'

Kurt just kissed Blaine and Blaine immediately lost himself in the kiss. Kurt pulled back before they could completely lose themselves like before, 'Huh, it really is an effective way to shut someone up.' Kurt said smiling, 'If you left me talk, I would have told you I would love to be your boyfriend Blaine. I want this to be exclusive too, but we definitely need to go on more dates. Just because you impressed me once and got me to be your boyfriend doesn't mean you can slack off in the romance department.' Kurt caught a look at the time on his watch, 'Also if I don't get going now I'm going to miss my train. Blaine, once again, thank you for the best time tonight, I'll talk to you tomorrow?' Kurt quickly pulled Blaine into another kiss before walking away.

'Kurt!' Blaine called out, Kurt turned around still walking but backwards now so he could look at Blaine. 'Your ass looks really amazing in those jeans. How's that for romance?' Blaine couldn't mask the grin that had taken over his face.

'This is going to be one of those things I regret isn't it?' Kurt called back.

'Never!' Blaine shouted before blowing a kiss at Kurt, which Kurt caught and pocketed before turning around to see where he was going. If he looked at Blaine one last time though he would have seen him fist pumping the air.