Hehe, two weeks already? Well, here you are then; the epilogue.

Hiccup has just been exiled from the village, and has even turned down a heartfelt attempt at an apology from an unusually empathic Astrid. He has now taken off on Toothless for lands unknown...this last little piece is just wrapping things up.



Astrid trudged back through the sunlit forest towards the Viking village of Berk, as the balmy afternoon transformed slowly into a cold and foggy evening, and the northern stars began one by one to peer out through the low-lying clouds, like tiny needles of light adding a touch of serenity to the dismal scene.

A few lonely raindrops splashed down onto the leafy canopy above.

The icy chill of a northern autumn was setting it, and not just in the lands surrounding Berk.

Depressed was hardly how Astrid would have described herself at this point in time.

Confused, and perhaps unsettled were somewhat closer to the mark, yet still not quite there.

In truth, the young Viking had no idea whatsoever as to how to react to what she was now feeling.

It was with some disquiet that she noted that this had become an all-too familiar situation.

And it was this realisation more than anything that terrified her; rare indeed was it that a Viking perceived as uncertain what should inherently be as transparent and obvious as the fact that dragons were cold, heartless pests.

Hiccup was such a strange boy, she mused.

To have gone further than any other Viking along this path, to have placed his complete and unfaltering trust in one of their arch-enemies...the Viking girl wondered if she would ever understand what it was empowered this boy with the strength of mind and heart to commit such an act, or what he felt upon doing it.

And yet another idea was present in Astrid's maelstrom of ideas; she should be feeling none of this.

Was Astrid not, once again, the best dragon slayer of her age group?

Should she not be happy, overjoyed, ecstatic even that the little nuisance which was Hiccup the Useless had now been forever banished from the village of Berk?

Never again would he be able to mess things up and put his fellow...humans in danger.

Never again would he be able to make the other teens look clever or better than him simply by trying to fit in.

Never again...

Astrid let out a great sigh, her head drooping with exhaustion, and continued back through the deep shadows of the glades and forests surrounding the Viking village of Berk.

Hiccup yawned, his mouth gaping wide, the tremendous exhaustion of the previous day finally set in.

As the great crescent moon rose majestically over the infinite, oceanic horizon, the dragon and his rider soared ever onwards, not knowing where they were headed; important was it only that they put as great a distance between themselves and Berk as possible.

Catching the highest of air currents, the Night Fury began to relax and let himself glide on the warm flow of air which carried them effortlessly west.

Content at last that his rider was safe and out of reach of the hurt and abuse which he would otherwise be suffering, Toothless' mind slowly quieted, and the great dragon slept upon the vast aerial tide of the sky.

It took Hiccup, however, significantly longer to succumb to the blissful temptation of rest.

He was not nervous that Toothless would unexpectedly plummet from the sky as they slept; on the contrary, the boy's faith in his dragon's judgement had never been sounder.

No, it was what still churned restlessly within Hiccup's mind which held the boy fast, determined not to let him fall into the dark abyss of solace which only sleep could provide.

The tired, scruffy, brown-haired boy could not understand why he was still upset.

This was indeed a blessing, was it not?

He had been formally exiled from the village of Berk with as little aggression as could be hoped for, especially considering that everyone now knew of his secret pact with the Viking's arch-enemy.

But, nevertheless, it still felt like there existed somewhere a knot yet tied, a rope still tight, a tug of connection linking him with...something.

Something which he had left behind.


Contemplating this, Hiccup didn't even notice as sleep's grip stole stealthily over his mind, wresting and relieving from the boy his final vestiges of conscious thought and worry.

Together, Hiccup and his Toothless now slept high in the sky, far away from any kind of danger or harm, satisfied, content, and at peace in each other's company.

To be continued...

Well there you have it people. Lots of expectations, questions, but you'll all have to wait another two weeks, I'm afraid!

Now I know that there are several elements of my story which will be unclear at this stage, a particular example being how Toothless and Hiccup communicate like they do. But never fear; all will be explained in due season!

Just quickly, I would like to thank ChoFrog09 for her help with proof-reading and editing the next part of my writing. She's doing a fantastic job, and it means that the next part of the story should be of much higher quality, and without so many little spelling and grammatical mistakes which detract from the enjoyment.

Remember, Part Two will be commencing in two weeks as a new story under the title of Reconciliation. Keep an eye out!