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"I love you Draco." Hermione looked up to Draco. He reflected her eyes, looking to make sure she wasn't lying. They'd been through too much to just throw it away. He waited, waiting for her to finish the sentence with a "But I can't do this anymore."

Draco ran a hand through her bushy hair. Her eyes were full of fear, like she was seeing something he wasn't. Running his hand through her hair caused some of that fear to leave.

"I love you, too. That won't ever change, okay?" The rest of the fear left her eyes and she nodded.

Draco smiled, liking the new look in her eyes. He took her head in his hands and brought her forehead to his lips. With her being shorter than him, it made it easier to do so.

"Aw, you're being too nice" Hermione said, breaking the kiss. She wrapped her arms around his neck, forcing him closer to her. She pressed her lips against his, enjoying the feeling that she felt constantly. Her heart beat faster as it tried to match his. He pressed his lips harder against hers, trying to get more from her in this situation.

Hermione broke away from the kiss, looking back up to Draco. He wrapped his arms around her waist, not wanting her to go anywhere. She turned around, facing the outside of the astronomy tower.

A soft wind blew threw her face. She felt Draco's grip tighten around her waist. She smiled at the comfort and leaned against his chest. She closed her eyes and froze as she remembered her dream.

"Draco, promise me one thing," asked Hermione, her voice tight in the night. Draco closed his eyes, enjoying the wind. He placed his head on Hermione's head and began to rock them back and forth.


"Don't ever leave," Hermione's voice cracked. Draco stopped rocking them, curious as to why Hermione was suddenly upset. He opened his eyes and was tackled by her.

His shirt grew wet with her tears. Unsure as to why she was reacting this way, he didn't say anything, but embraced her. A small smile grew on her face through the tears. All she needed from him was comfort.

"I'm not going anywhere," he replied.

You have no idea what I've been through! Hermione thought to herself.

The Lover to be

"Oh well look who it is, Blaise! Weasel and his mudblood girlfriend. Looking as charming as ever, of course," a smug voice sounded from behind the named couple, "How many times have you two 'love birds' actually kissed?"

"Once, if you were lucky eh, Weasly?" Blaise answered for Draco.

"I'm just surprised that they're still going out. How long has it been, Malfoy? Two weeks?" asked Pansy, acting serious. They all laughed.

"Come on Hermione. Just ignore them. They're nothing but air-heads," Ron said, trying to make Hermione feel better. She didn't need his comfort though, she was able to tune out the hate, having to deal with it for most of her life. Ron looked at Hermione, trying to make her feel better.

"Look at that Blaise! They're ignoring us! That must mean a 'no' to your question!" They laughed again. Their laughs echoed in Hermione's mind.

Hermione stopped walking. She tugged on Ron's arm to let him know she wanted him to stop as well. She turned around to face Draco and asked him, "Does this look we didn't kiss yet to you?" Ron wasn't prepared for the tight gripping of his robes from Hermione and the harsh, but pleasant kiss from her.

There were some small "Ooo!"'s that satisfied Hermione.

"How's that for a kiss, eh Malfoy?" she asked him after she broke the kiss with Ron. She looked over to him, trying to find a reaction.

"Ooo! Nice 'smooch' Granger!" They kept laughing together, but Draco continued, "To bad we had to force him to kiss you. It must have been horrible!"

Hermione blushed, seeing what had just happened.

"It actually wasn't bad at all!" said Ron. Hermione glared at Ron. Hermione had just made a fool of herself, giving Draco exactly what he wanted.

"Yay right! Who would want to kiss a mudblood? I wonder if it was as bad as it looked!" They started cracking up again.

"I don't know Malfoy, why don't you give it a try?" asked Hermione. Nobody could hear what she said except Ron. He watched as she stormed over to Draco.

"Hermione what are you-" Ron started, but Hermione wouldn't hear him.

She grabbed Draco's shoulders and before he knew what was going on, "Granger what in the bloody-" he was silenced by Hermion's lips against his. Unlike Ron's kiss, she was much more gentle, enjoying the misery he was in.

The laughter shared between the three ended. Silence rang throughout the hall as everyone watched the two kiss. No one expected this out of Hermione. They were all expecting something to happen; Draco to pull away, Ron to yell at Hermione to stop or Hermione to come to her senses and pull away.

But none of that happened. It's like they forgot who's lips were pressed against each other.

For what seemed like ages, the kiss finally ended.

"Now, that wasn't so bad now was it?" asked Hermione. She didn't sound as mad as she did before. If anything, she seemed to be in a much better mood.

Everyone stared at Draco, waiting to see would happen after something like that. Draco seemed just as stunned as everyone else. His mouth hung open and his lips were covered with Hermione's lipstick.

Coming back to his senses, he wiped away the lipstick and glared at Hermione.


"Oh, please Malfoy, it's not like it's the end of the world or anything. I bet that kiss felt nice, you know, for kissing a girl for the first time." She heard Ron snicker behind her.

Hermione smiled to herself. She was really smart. On the outside, it looked like she was just toying with Draco, playing him so he would stop torturing her. On the inside though, her heart was skipping every other beat. Her hidden feelings for Draco were so hard to contain, she was surprised she was able to do it.

The exhilarating feeling of finally kissing her one true love still lingered in her body. Although it was forced and not too charming, it was still something she would cherish.

"You filthy little mudblood! And what are you laughing at, Weasel?" Draco's exclaim brought her back to reality and immediately shut Ron up. "How dare you kiss me! Be prepared for the world of pain!"

Draco pulled out his wand, pointing it at Hermione. In reaction, Hermione did the same, her feelings towards Draco quickly being replace by those of protection. No matter who she dueled, it would always come down to protecting herself first, rather than others.

"If you think you can hurt her, think again," said Ron. He came to his senses, realizing the duel that would take place and jumped in front of Hermione. Ron's wand pointed dangerously at Draco.

"You know, defending for your girlfriend is the last time you ended up in the hospital last time, Weasel. Maybe you should let her start defending herself and maybe even you!" snickered Draco.

"But, this time, I'm prepared." Ron took advantage of Draco's distraction and cast a spell at him.

"Expelliarmus!" shouted Ron, catching Draco off balance. Hermione bit her lip as she sensed what would happen next.

Hermione watched as Draco's wand flew out of his hand only to land a few feet in front of him. He ran to try and pick it up it up, but Ron was too quick for him.

"Stupefy!" shouted Ron towards Draco and a ball of light flashed out of Ron's wand toward Draco, hitting him in the chest. There was a split second where Hermione and his eyes met. A flash of fear flickering between both pairs. Draco was launched a good twenty feet, hitting the floor with a loud thud!

Hermione flinched, not looking at the groaning body of Draco.

"Get up, Draco!" Pansy yelled to him. When he didn't respond, Hermione looked up to watch her and Blaise rush over to him.

They continuously asked him if he was all right and started to help him stand up. Draco shooed them off, claiming to be fine. He used the wall to help himself the rest of the way up. His stance wobbled, but he looked generally unharmed.

Draco looked at Ron straight in the eyes and said, "This isn't over, Weasly," Draco walked over to where his wand laid. He kept his stare up against Ron as he picked up the wand that was useless in the duel. Before turning around to walk out, his gaze flickered uneasily towards Hermione.

She watched as Draco left the corridor, still uneasy on his feet and quickly followed out by his companions

Her gaze made its way back towards Ron who was glancing at the ground. Not knowing what to say specifically, she did her best with a 'thank-you'.

"Ron, that was really brave of you," she tried to find his eyes, "Thank you."

"Why did you kiss him?" Ron asked the ground. Hermione kicked it, hating it for giving Ron that question.

"I wanted to prove him wrong," she came up with, "That us non-pure bloods are still good kissers. You can vouch for that, right?"

Ron chuckled and nodded. His stare lifted from the ground and found it's way towards Hermione's eyes.

"Just, promise me it won't happen again." She was hesitant at first, but made sure not to show it in her face. Her eyes flickered, trying to say "I swear", but was finding it quite difficult. Why was it so difficult?

Instead, she rose onto her toes and gave Ron a gentle and satisfying kiss.

"Does that answer your question?" she asked him. He smiled and took her hand, which she eagerly accepted.

"Are you going to be ok?" Ron asked, seeing the worried expression on the brunette's face.

Was she? She asked herself. She had just voluntarily kissed Draco, knowing the consequences. That he would start to think that she was in love with her or that she doesn't love Ron anymore.

The future of her love life was turning into a huge pile of who should she love: the calm and caring Ron or the arch-enemy and surprisingly handsome Draco? Her future was changing far too quickly for her own liking and she had to put a stop to it.

New feelings were developing for Draco, feelings she's been hiding for years, or at least, ever since she first met him. She had been trying to hide these feelings, preventing them from arriving to her heart. It was a lot of effort, but it was no longer an effort she wished to maintain. Her feelings towards Ron were disappearing quicker than her feelings for Draco were arriving.

Hermione started to understand what her heart was taking too long to know; she wanted to be with Draco. Ron wasn't 'the one' for Hermione. The longer Hermione thought about it, the more she doubted Ron would ever be 'the one'. It upset her - of all feelings. She knew there would be no easy way to tell Ron this, no without breaking his heart.

But then again, this was all hypothetical, right? These thoughts were appearing too quickly and out of all the places, why did the feelings have an uprising now? Couldn't they have been more patient and waited?

Hermione smiled a sad smile to herself, concluding her thoughts. She cleared her head and focused on what was important now: Ron and her future.

"Yeah, I'm going to be fine."

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