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Title: In Good Time
Summary: What has happened to the crew of the Enterprise? Can anyone solve the mystery?
Rating: PG (Language)
Genre: General
Author's note: Some of the chapters are short; some of the chapters are long. Please R & R!


In Good Time

Aeryn Alexander

Chapter One:

The Silent Ship

When Commander Charles Tucker woke up that morning, the clock in his quarters was flashing all zeros. He knew instantly that he had over slept and chalked the flashing clock up to a minor glitch in ship's systems, which he fully intended to deal with later. He threw his uniform on in a rush, cursed his ill luck, which had cost him his breakfast, and began purposefully trudging to engineering, where he was expected to be at 07:00.
As he strode through the corridors of the Enterprise, it struck Trip as very odd that no one else was around. The ship was normally bustling with activity in the morning. On an ordinary day he could expect to pass no less than five crewmen on his way to the lift from his quarters. Nevertheless, he continued toward engineering.
But it too was empty.

Commander Tucker walked around the empty, all too quiet engineering for several long minutes. Everything was in perfect working order. In fact the ship was traveling at warp four. Only the emptiness seemed wrong. Engineering was never left unmanned and unattended. If there were a list of rules for running a star ship, that would certainly have been at the top: never leave engineering unsupervised.
It was with great reluctance that Trip left engineering and climbed aboard the lift again. He knew that the next place he had to visit was the bridge.

The stars were passing before the great ship at an awe-inspiring speed as Commander Tucker glanced at the view screen. Everything was on-line and as it should have been, but the bridge was vacant and silent as he stood there, baffled.
"This is not happening!" he said out loud and feeling very much like it was all a bad dream.
Then, behind him, the lift doors suddenly whisked open ...