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"I don't care who's a werewolf and who's a vampire. If Angela turns out to be a witch, she can join the party, too."

I swear I was joking when I said that to Edward, really. And with one unfortunate and odd event, my life took a drastic turn once more. I hope this will be the last.

After the incident with the Volturi, my family was finally at peace again, every part of them. Charlie had, most interestingly, got together with Sue. Jacob would be happily playing with Renesmee everyday in the Cullens' vast living room, while Rosalie would be bickering with him. The rest of my vampire family did their usual routine, while the wolf pack roamed in the forest, protecting the citizens as always.

I never saw my mother; at least not yet. She would, though, call and check up on me every few weeks to see how I was, and I would use my on-the-mend voice to deal with it. Alice would then roll her eyes, groaning at my bad impersonation, while I retorted that it was already good enough.

Edward was the brightest piece in the family tapestry. There wasn't a second man as courteous, kind, and loving as he was. I love him with all my heart and I know that he feels the same way to me.

It was all perfect, almost like those cheap TV shows. But there's something missing.

My human school friends.

Mike, Jessica, especially Angela. It's been a year, and I miss them so badly. But I know I can't see them. Not all vampire-y, or all Cullen-y in their eyes. There is no way I can fake the way I looked like as a human.

So, I decided to spy on Angela first, to see how her life has been and whether she was still with Ben or not. She was definitely the human friend that I cared most about.

From my blurry human memories, I remembered the time when I helped her hand write letters that she mentioned she would be attending Washington State University with her boyfriend. That's going to be the place I'll go, then.

It wasn't too far away, considering that Forks was relatively near the place. Plus, I'm a vampire, I could use my incredible speed and be there within a few minutes. Obviously, I couldn't go broad daylight, so I knew I would have to wait until night time to see what she was working on currently.

Again, sorrow filled me as I realized I couldn't face her again. She was such a gentle and nice soul, the most decent human friend that I had.

For the entirety of the day, I tried to act as innocent as I could. Once again, I was thankful for my vampire skills so that Edward wouldn't be aware of my slight nervousness. He murmured soft words to me as we sat in our small garden, his arms wrapped comfortingly around me as I leaned against his perfect chest.

I nodded absent-mindedly at his words, not really listening. We watched as the sun slowly sank into the horizon, disappearing completely as the sky darkened from orange-ish red to the dark purple and black of night. Stars began appearing, bright points lighting up the entire sky with the moon.

I sat up abruptly, leaving the warmth of his body. He looked up at me questioningly. "I have something I need to do," I told him, making the sentence vague enough, and knowing him, he wouldn't force the answer of what I was exactly doing out.

"But I'll see you soon," I added, and took off in the dark night. The last image of Edward that I caught was him staring at me curiously.

The night felt slightly cool, even for me. The dark green trees whipped past me as I sped through Forks. I was careful not to get my clothes ripped by the sharp, protruding branches throughout the forest. Weird looks from strangers was the last thing I needed.

The forest stretched on for another minute or so, then I hit the road leading toward the city. I slowed to a fast human jog, acting as an ordinary human jogger. The towel draped around my neck and the sports outfit I was wearing completing the identity.

There were barely any cars that passed me as I ran, and all the ones that were out sped by me swiftly. The street lamp illuminated my way as I steadily approached Pullman. Very soon, I could see houses and other various buildings beginning pop up, clustering together as I ran to the city center.

The sign on my left pointed to the north for Washington State University, and I happily obliged as I started once again on my fast jog.

I guess I was pretty lucky today, as I saw a small figure heading out from a building nearby. The girl had her hair up in a ponytail and wore a pair of glasses. She had a messenger bag strapped across and carried several textbooks as she made her way toward the campus.

That girl, of course, was Angela.

I began following behind her, making sure that I stayed in the shadows the entire time, keeping her just in my vision. She finally reached a building labeled 20 and unlocked the door.

Several moments passed as I waited for her to come out again. She never did. And why was that? The answer was because there was a door at the back of her dormitory. What an idiot I was.

From the scent, I could tell that she already went through this door. Perhaps she sensed me following her. That made me confused, as I was sure that she didn't notice my presence. I decided to act like a dog and follow her scent, which lead me toward a thick forest behind the campuses.

I crept silently, like a cat, into the woods; a precaution for if she was there. Any snap of a twig or something similar would frighten her, and that's the last thing I wanted to happen.

I saw that there was a thin, green trail. From the degree of how worn it was, I could tell it has been used repeatedly on several occasions, meaning that it wasn't the first time where Angela ventured out into the woods. That's most interesting…

My sensitive ears began to pick out soft chanting voices that were all female. As I walked further down the path, I came upon a clearing. I covered my mouth with my hand to hide my gasp and immediately scurried behind a tree.

What had freaked me out so badly? There was a purple fire in the middle of the clearing.

Yes, the fire was really purple, and it shot out sparks that formed into different images shown in the dark sky. They were all portraying pictures of the infamous Salem Witch Hunts. A ring of girls circled around the fire, each of them sporting a cloak with a slender wand tucked in the front pocket and sitting cross legged. There was a circle drawn around the clearing, bearing complex rune patterns and what I presumed as spells.

Spell books and other assorted objects were scattered around the area. By now, I had no doubt on whom they were. The girls were witches, every one of them. They had to be.

I watched with a mixture of fascination and surprise as they continued chanting, palms up, images continuing to play like a movie.

I began to study their faces, one by one, trying to see if I recognized one of them. I saw that the one that was sitting the furthest from me had lifted her wand and pointed it at the fire, muttering an unfamiliar set of words. The chanting stopped and so did the images, and the fire turned back to the normal color of red and orange.

The person beside her began to speak. "Once again, we meet together. May the Goddess Hecate and the four controllers of the elements, Zeus, Hera, Aidoneus, and Nestis, bless us all."

There was a murmur that passed through the group as they agreed to her words.

She continued. "We have a newcomer tonight to our sacred coven, Starlight. She is Allestia, and her powers were uncovered two years ago."

A pretty girl with long, wavy brown hair reaching down to her waist stood up and smiled. "I am Allestia, and my magic was discovered by accident," she said. She had a quiet and sweet voice, and many laughed as she announced that. "I am most honored to join Starlight and have Goddess Hecate bestow her powers upon me."

The group murmured once more in agreement, and she began a solemn oath which I mostly couldn't understand; I wasn't a witch, after all. There was a split second after she finished, and lightning flashed, followed by the loud boom of thunder.

I nearly jumped from the surprise. What kind of vow did she just make?

The girl who had pointed her wand at the fire proclaimed, "Allestia has been accepted." The voice was familiar, and through the heat haze from the fire, I finally managed to get a clear picture of that girl. My heart skipped a beat.


Angela was a witch.

And then, she said, "There's a vampire here."


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