Wanted Tokyo war pt.2
After a lazy practice wasley decided to take a break from exercise. He slept and woke up after hearing gunshots from inside the house. wasley ran and found his mentor had died. To the next day he decided to find some people to run a taught his disciples to be assassin. By 2015 it was time for revenge. Previously he was looking for an address and track the killer. Because he remembers about the incident at the airport so that he was looking for one person from their past in the interrogation. After many turns in the interrogation he confessed that he was one of the men who trains disciples wasley. He was arrested and threatened to go to fethernity sisters or children knows the name of the murderer is on the call immortal the scene in the game, immortal is the boss and this is the successor of the immortal and renamed fumetsu. After he was in the killer's release gave the letter and then he committed suicide. ''My son, if you receive this letter I'm gone. Yes, your mother has been killed by the immortal and maybe now you have killed him. There's only one thing you should know. That conveys this letter is your distant relatives who have long gone and in its adoption by the coach. And if you finish reading this please look behind the closed wooden door by the closet next to the tv maybe this will help. Love: cross membanca''after he and one of his students pushed wooden cabinet and found an old door that read''weapon''rack he opened the door and then empty the contents there and then on the dusty red button press. They're like the elevator. And after that wooden door swung open again and it turns out he was not in the house. He is in the laboratory. He did the experiment. That mini-nuclear bombs and explode and posion M16 mini gun. 3 days later all the pair a mini nuclear bomb under the building fethernity. Wasley up alone with a samurai who owned his teacher and his men to the roof to install again. Wasley kill a soldier with a bullet line. After reaching the room he was met by the target boss, fumetsu. "What are you doing". Wasley angrily swinging a samurai. Suddenly he was behind''''You think you know who. ''I was the son of an assassin you kill''he swung a samurai. "You and your dad just the same''''I'm not the most dangerous, it is time''. Suddenly it all on fire and explode. Wasley fumetsu out of the glass and follow it from behind. When they fight in the air with his bare hands. And on the fifth floor and he wasley skip fumetsu diverting bullets. He is on the right in the head and then exploded. ''I've said before, I'm more dangerous than my father ". And finally he fell and saved by his men.

Wasley finally decided to go back and work like the assassin and bring their students to become mentors in Japan. At the airport he saw his teacher and his father's photograph. "Perhaps there they will be more pleased"
the end