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The food disappeared and the tables were moved so there was more room to mingle with the guests, and waiters walked around the room with drinks. Meaning it was time to start mingling with the guests. I linked my arm with Draco's and we started making our rounds.

"You look amazing." Mrs. Nott smiled as we approached. She was standing with Cissy, Lucius talking to someone just behind them

"Thank you." I smiled, leaning in for a kiss on the cheek "So do you." She smiled and bowed her head slightly in acknowledgment

"My son is around here somewhere."

"Is he?" Draco asked, looking around "I haven't seen since school ended."

"I'm sure he can't wait to see you again." She told him "But I don't want to keep you to myself, go and greet your other guests."

"We will have to talk again later." I smiled, as we moved away

"Did you invite The Notts?" Draco asked, bending low so we weren't overheard.

"Yes." I nodded "Why? Did you not want them here?"

"It's not that. I just don't trust them."

"Mrs. Nott is one of your mother's best friends. I could not have invited them now could I?" I asked, smiling as another couple approached us

"I know." Draco sighed, his hand moving to my hip to hold me against him "I still can't believe we're not married." I offered him a sad smile, not being able to respond as a rather portly man and his stick thin, bottled blonde-of- a-trophy-wife reached us and we changed into the socialites that we needed to be.

"So, Mrs Newsful, how is your daughter?" I questioned. The women standing in front of me had been invited for her place in society, but in all honesty, I did not have a clue who she was. Pansy, who had taken Draco's place beside me, was whispering in my ear on who was coming towards me and a bit about them before I had to talk to them. I still had a lot to learn about this world.

"She is wonderful thank you. Her wedding is coming up."

"Oh?" I asked, "I'm sure it will be a wonderful event."

"Yes, I'm sure it will. Much better that th-" She stopped herself before she could drop herself in it, but we all knew what she was going to say.

"If you'll excuse me, I have something to see to." I smiled, as Pansy pulled me away "I want her out now." I hissed to her, Pansy nodded and left my side for a moment, just enough time for me to do a quick glance around the room. That's when I saw it, standing in one of the darker corners of the room was Draco, and a much smaller, more feminine figure was standing pressed up against him. He was staring straight down, and from my view I could see his hands on her waist "Who is that?" I asked Pansy when she returned "And what are they doing?" I questioned, pointing her towards the corner where they were standing

"I don't…know." She muttered, "I'm on it." She told me, trying to keep me calm. "You need to go up to your room and get ready for the ball."

"Pansy." I looked towards them again, wanting to storm over there and shout at him five ways till Tuesday

"Go. I'm on it. I'll send him up as soon as I can." She promised "Millicent." The shorter girl appeared at my side, for once not looking like a man and actually looking half decent "Take her to Givencha. She needs to change." Millicent actually pushed me out the room, dragging me by the arm, not stopping until we were at my door

"And now I think I have bruises." I told her, giving my arm a once over

"You'll be fine." She laughed, "Now, be a good girl. We don't have long." I sent her a sharp look, before she shut the door

"You're late!"

"Sorry!" I put my hands up walking towards the man that worked miracles on me "You look…colourful." I laughed, looking at his sky blue robes

"Thank you." He smiled, helping me out the dress "And you look like you've fallen from heaven." I narrowed my eyes, practically jumping out of the dress so I didn't stand on it as it fell to the floor

"What do you want?" I asked, slipping my shoes off

"Nothing." He smiled, laying the dress on the bed, next to my next and last one

"O…k." I replied, taking off my jewellery and rapping my robe around me so I wasn't just in my underwear

"Is the lingerie going on this time?" He questioned, coming to stand behind me

"Yep, gotta give Draco his present, haven't I." I laughed, watching as my previously updo started to fall around my shoulders, as the pins holding it in place came out

"I bet he can't wait."

"Nor can I." I muttered, thinking about what I had just seen downstairs. Givencha started to curl my hair, letting it fall in long soft waves around me

"The meal was nice." He commented

"Yeah, at least that went well." He didn't respond, and I had a feeling it was because he didn't have a clue of what to say. He carried on working in silence, pilling all the curls on top of my head, leaving it to cascade down my back, except a couple of strands to frame my face. With a quick touch up of my make up, I was up and moving to the wardrobe, where my underwear was.

I slipped on the white silk knickers, before putting on the lace garter. Next was the corset, it had ribbons up the back to lace it up, and with a call to Givencha I had him come in and do it for me. "If I wasn't gay, I would totally have you." He commented

"Well you'd have to fight me." We heard from the next room. The voice sent us into a scramble for my robes, so it would still be a surprise for later

"Hold on!" I called; making sure the robe was covering everything

"What are you doing in there?" He called back,

"G's got me up against the wall." I said back with a laugh, walking out the wardrobe. G just behind me

"Good man." He laughed, smirking at him

"Thank you. Do you need help getting dressed?"

"No. I'm fine. See you downstairs." I smiled, waiting for him to leave us before turning to Draco "What was going on?"

"Sorry?" he asked, looking confused at my sudden attack

"Who was that girl you were in the corner with?"


"Don't deny it. I saw you. I was the one who sent Pansy over." Draco sighed, sitting down, and grabbing my hands, pulling me between his legs

"Astoria Greengrass." He admitted, looking up "She cornered me. Nothing happened."


"I was trying to get her off me. She was trying to cause a scene, trying to make you seem little and embarrassed. I was trying to do it all with as little commotion as possible." I stared down at him, trying to work out whether he was telling the truth "Please believe me. I would never do anything to hurt you."

"I know." I said defeated "But if I find out different-"

"I will let you hex me." He promised, pulling me in for a hug

"I will kill you." I told him, bending down to give him a kiss. "Everything seems to be going so quickly today."

"I just want tonight to happen." His voice was low, and husky as his hands wrapped around me

"I know." I said, letting him pull me so I was straddling him, but still trying to keep my robe so that nothing could be seen.

"Could we start early?" He questioned, leaning in to nuzzle my neck. I giggled, leaning back to give him more room, my hands on his shoulders

"Draco, stop!" I giggled, as he started nipping at my neck

"Why?" he asked, placing kisses along my neck

"We have guests." I told him, although I let him kiss me, pushing myself right against him as he depend the kiss

"They can wait." He said, pulling back slightly, his hands going to the knot on my gown

"Draco-" I moaned, leaning in for another kiss, my hands stopping him from undoing it.

"Please." He begged, moving back to my neck

"Fuck." I breathed, my hands moving to his robes and slipping underneath so I could feel him. I moved my hips slightly, trying to get some friction for myself, causing both of us to moan out.

"Mia Snape!" The door was thrown open, a scream escaping me as Draco jumped to his feet, his hands lifting me behind in one swift movement

"What is this?" Draco hissed, eyeing the ministry workers that were now piling into the room

"We are taking Miss Snape in for questioning."

"Dawlish?" I asked, confused. I knew this man; we had fought together in the war. I took a step to the left slightly, so Draco wasn't blocking me "What is going on?"

"We need to take you to the ministry for questioning." He told me, his tone and face softening slightly as he looked at me

"She is to be taken in tomorrow. That was the deal."

"We are sorry, but we need her to come with us now."

"We have a house full of guests!" Draco shouted

"That is not our problem Mr Malfoy." I laid a hand on his arm, trying to calm him down before he did something stupid

"It's fine." I smiled "I will just get dressed-"

"There is no time." Another Auror said, stepping forward. His name was Proudfoot, and he was slightly younger, having just got through training before the war started

"I am in my underwear." I told the young man "I am sure you can wait five minutes while I put on something more appropriate."

"No time." Proudfoot hissed, stepping forward. Draco took a step into the man's path, towering over the Auror

"We do not wish to cause trouble but we need to be going. Now." Dawlish sighed, stepping around the two men and taking my arm, leading me out the room. Draco started to fight, trying to get to me, but was restrained as I was walked out the room

"Let me go." I hissed, pulling my arm out of his hold "If you will not allow me to get dressed then, at least allow me to walk on my own." I tried to walk with as much poise as I could manage, my head held high, my nose in the air, trying to have a don't fuck with me air about me.

Thankfully, we managed to get to the fireplace without anyone seeing us, and the next mission was trying to get through the ministry with the same triumph.

That was a pointless mission. As usual, there were photographers camped out in the Main Atrium of the Ministry, and as soon as I was escorted through they were on us like a pack of angry dogs. They were all shouting at me, taking their pictures and shoving their wands in my face to record my answer. Not that they got any. As usual, I was silent, walking with my head up, my strides long as I tried to get to the elevators as quickly as possible, the Aurors around me moving the journalists out my way.

We were soon seated in an office, not an interrogation room as I had suspected, and I was being offered drinks and food, the change in behaviour confusing me to no ends. "What is going on?" I finally asked, sitting up straight in my seat, watching Auror Dawlish with a cool calm expression.

He sat down, shuffling some papers about, before looking at me "You know, during the war I was attacked so often my magical core was cut in half." He told me,

"That is dreadful, sir, but I do not understand."

"Dumbledore himself had to jinx me when Cornelius Fudge sent me to tail him."


"I went along with the new regime, did things that I am not proud of."

"We all did Sir."

"And am incredible thankful for the second chance I have been given."

"I am sorry sir. But I do not understand."

"No of course you don't." He laughed slightly

"Could you just tell me what I am doing here?"

"We believe that someone close to you has the intention to hurt you." I sat there, staring at him, before starting to laugh

"One of my best friends launched an attack against my entire family; does that not give you a clue as to who it is?"

"You see, that is where you are wrong." He told me. I heard the door open and close behind me,

"Hello Mia." I jumped, standing and turning at the same time as lifting my wand "Arrest him!" I cried, looking towards Dawlish "He attacked me!" I cried, now staring at Harry Potter

"Do you really believe that I would do that to you?" he asked, stepping forward "I love you, why would I try and kill you?" he told me,

"Do not come any closer!" I told him, holding my wand steady

"Miss Snape, I can tell you now that Harry was not the one who attacked you or your family."

"I saw him myself." I told him, confused

"Harry has been here all day Miss Snape, with me. The whole office can tell you that." He told me, his tone soothing as I look towards him, his hands on his desk as he looked towards me

"But…he was…what?" I questioned, confused lowering my wand

"The man who attacked you was an imposter, Polyjuice Potion was used, and of that we are sure." Dawlish told me "Mr Potter has been here all day, helping us with some inquires and when we heard what was happening at your wedding we had him placed in an interrogation room, with surveillance, to prove he was here, and nowhere near you." I practically fell into my seat, confusion dripping off me as Harry came to sit next to me, taking my hand

"And I hope you know, that no matter my feelings for you, I would never do anything to harm you." He promised me, holding one of my hands in one of his. I offered him a small smile in acceptance

"So if it wasn't Harry, who was it?" I asked, looking back towards Dawlish

"Of that we do not know." He admitted "But we will find out." I raised my hand to tuck some hair behind my ear, when it dawned on me. The earrings. The Portkey. The threat. He did it. He actually attacked me

"Voldemort." I muttered, my hand still in mid air

"Excuse me?" Dawlish asked, startled. I looked towards Harry, not knowing what to say to this man

"She asked for a glass of water." Harry told him, with a sharp look towards me

"I swear she-"

"Asked for a glass of water. You have already arrested Miss Snape on the day that her wedding was supposed to be, do you think it's wise to annoy her more?"

"No, of course not." He muttered, leaving us to get the drink, showing why he was such a coward during the war

"What about Voldie?" harry asked, as soon as the door clicked shut

"He warned me that he might attack. Gave me a Portkey and told me it was to make sure I was safe."

"Fuck." He muttered, leaning back, running a hand through his hair

"He used Polyjuice to make himself look like you so the public would lose faith in the Order; he knew that if I were to be seen out with you after this then I was on your side, and not his. He's basically cut all ties that the Order might have to all of the pureblood societies, as well as most of the wizarding world." I thought aloud, "He's snookered you." I said to Harry, knowing he would understand the muggle saying

"We'll get through it." He smiled "We always do. The problem is what do we do next?" At that moment the door opened, and Dawlish walked in, holding a glass of water for me. I smiled at him when he gave it to me, and took a sip, the cool sensation bring me pleasure as it slid down my throat.

"So, Auror Dawlish, what do you plan to do to find the imposter? And protect me and my family?" I questioned

"We have our best Aurors on it as we speak, and we are willing to offer you Auror protection." I nodded

"I will have to speak to my family about it."

"Of course."

"And we have decided that, until you can find proof that Harry was not the man who attacked, we will not be seen in public. In fact it is probably best if he was not seen in public at all. The wizarding world will want proof before they offer forgiveness." I stood, causing both of them to rise

"I am sure I will be seeing you both soon. But for now, goodbye Gentleman." I nodded to them both, leaving the room and making my way towards the lift.

However just outside of the Auror headquarters, I was stopped by some sort of commotion going on, and with a quick look around I knew who was causing this commotion. Draco was standing there, in a very intense argument with a group of men, his father just behind him, offering them his own thoughts as his sons voice got louder and louder.

"Draco Malfoy." I stated, raising my voice higher in order to be heard over the noise that was being made

"Mia." Draco sighed, immediately coming over to me and taking me in his arms.

"I am fine Draco." I smiled "They needed to talk to me about some things."

"Mia." Lucius said, stepping forward "I trust you were treated well?"

"I was." My father walked up to me and held me at arm's length then bent his knees slightly to look into my eyes

"Are you Ok?" He asked, quietly

"I am fine dad." I smiled, leaning in for a hug "They just wanted to talk to me about some things."

"As long as you are safe." He told me, before leaning back

"Did they in any way make you feel bad?" Lucius questioned

"No. Although I wish they had allowed me to get dressed first." I muttered, pulling the edges of my gown around me tighter, aware that with a strong gust of wind I would be showing my underwear to anyone who cared to look. Draco took of his cloak, wrapping it around my shoulders, and I snuggled into the warmth it offered me.

"Well, they will be hearing from our Lawyers." Lucius stated as we made our way to the elevator. I hadn't noticed that Damien was standing silently just outside of our circle, two other men dressed the same way as him standing silently, watching us all. I assumed they were extra security.

"How long have they had me in there?" I questioned as the elevator started it descent

"A few hours. Everyone at the manor has gone home."

"How many reporters?" I questioned

"I would say a good fifty. They're having a field day with this." Draco sighed, running a hand through his hair, while the other one pulled me closure. I leaned into him, tired.

"I want my bed." I told him "I don't want to deal with everyone. I just want to go to bed." Draco pressed a kiss onto the top of my head as his response

"We will have to stop to make a statement."

"Can't you just do it?" I asked, looking forward, father and Lucius were standing in front of Draco and I with Damien just behind us and the two extra securities at the very front. I noted to myself to ask Draco about them when we got home.

"No, we need to be seen as a united front. You will not need to speak, but you will need to be there." I sighed, but didn't argue.

Just like he said, we walked to the fireplaces, before stopping and Lucius took centre stage, father taking the other side of me and Damien and the two others making sure no one got to close to us. "Tonight my, should-be Daughter-in-law was taken from our home, where we were celebrating with friends and family to speak with the ministry. The ministry did not allow her to even dress before dragging her away, physically hurting my son. I call that the Auror department be looked into for not only this but for letting a murderous mad man roam our streets. Harry Potter is dangerous, and is still free. He attacked one of his best friends, and nearly killed her. I urge you all to take your families safety into your own hands." the reporters started shouting questions, but we never answered, instead being pushed into the fireplaces and going home.

"Bed?" Draco asked when we arrived back home

"We should talk about today." I muttered, walking forward and falling onto the sofa that the room held. Like most of the public rooms in the house, the décor was more for image than for comfort and the chair were comfortable to a point.

"We can talk tomorrow." Draco sighed, as the rest of our party came through the floo

"We need to think about what were going to release as our public statement." Lucius told us, just as Draco had pulled me up from the seat. I was practically dead on my feet

"We can do it in the morning. Right now we all need sleep." My dad told the room, before Draco could reply. No one argued and after a quick good night to everyone, I allowed Draco to carry me up to bed.

"What time is it?" I asked, rolling away from Draco as he got out of bed

"Sorry, I tried not to wake you." He muttered, leaning down to kiss my cheek.

"I know. It's fine." I smiled; looking towards him, with my eyes still closed "Why are you getting out of bed?"

"I need the loo. And it's nine." I sighed, rolling onto my back and opening my eyes. I was still shattered, but knew I should be getting up. I had a lot to do today. "You don't need to get up." He told me, as he walked into the bathroom

"But I should." I called back sitting up

"Mother has the children."

"And what about the press? We have a lot of work to do today, your father probably wants to see us and I need to see my family. And-"

"I get it. You're busy." He laughed, appearing in the doorway, his shorts riding low on his hips, and his chest begging for me to scrape my nails down "Enjoying the view?" He asked, bringing my gaze back up to his face. I bit my lip and blushed, looking down as I got out of bed "You can look you know." he laughed, coming over to me

"I know." I muttered, still looking at the floor. Draco pulled me into his arms, and we stayed silent for a moment "We need to reorganise the wedding." I muttered, against his chest

"Yes, we do." Was his simple answer before placing a kiss on my head and letting me go.

"Draco?" I questioned quietly as he walked towards the wardrobe


"I love you."

"Love you too." He smiled, and with that, I went to the bathroom to get ready.

"Morning." I smiled, walking into the breakfast room, where the rest of the family were stationed

"Morning. Sleep well?" My father asked. He was sitting at the opposite end of the table to Lucius, both with newspapers in their hands. Draco was sitting next to his father, and I took my seat next to him, pouring myself some juice

"Yes I did." I smiled "First good night in a while. I've been rather busy lately." I smiled, as a bowl of fruit appeared in front of me

"Well, I'm afraid that today is not going to be a good day." Lucius said, laying his paper down. From where I was sitting, I could see a picture of me; well I could see my head, on the front cover.

"How bad is it?" I questioned quietly

"Nothing some good PR won't sort out." Draco smiled, squeezing my hand

"But we will have to act fast, that means we must act today." I didn't respond, instead staring down at my bowl, wishing that I could have just one day to myself and not with the public.

"So, what is the plan?" Draco asked his father, and I chanced a look down at my father. He offered me a small smile, before taking his attention to Lucius. I took the chance to observe him. He had aged, he looked a good ten years older than he did before all of this had started, and his frame seemed to have shrunk under his robes. His pale features seemed to draw the dark circles from under his eyes, given him a dead look. It scared me to see him looking like this.

"Mia, what do you think?" I jumped, turning back to look at Draco, who had asked me the question

"I…I don't know." I muttered, blushing. Draco laughed, wrapping his arm around me and pulling me towards him for a quick kiss.

"Right then, I think we have a plan. Mia, Draco I will send a house elf for you in a couple of hours, once I have owled the appropriate people." Lucius stood, my father following him and they left, leaving myself and Draco to finish our breakfast.

"So, I think we need to talk about security." Draco told me

"I have to agree. Who were those other men with Damien last night?"

"They were some more security that we have hired."

"And you want to get more?"

"I think it is necessary especially when you are out with the kids." I rolled my eyes

"So, you will have how many with you?"


"And when I'm not with the kids, how many will I have with me?"

"Two." I stared at him

"Surely one will be sufficient?"

"I don't want to take any chances."

"Draco, I can look after myself." I said, trying to keep my voice down "I fought in the wars. I've survived. I can look after myself just as well as you can." Draco turned to me

"I know you can but I can't chance it. I don't know what I would do if I lost you. Please Mia; please don't argue with me on this." I stared at him "It's not that I don't think you can look after yourself, it's what if they attack with a group. It's more like I'm giving you back up then giving you security. Please Mia." He grasped my hands, and I couldn't say no. So with a small smile and a nod I accepted this. "Thank you." He smiled, pulling me to him. I laughed and climbed onto his lap, resting my head on his shoulder

"But as soon as all of this is over we get rid of them."

"I don't know. I quite like having Damien around." I rolled my eyes but didn't argue I had to admit I quite liked having him around as well.

"So, what are we doing today?" I asked quietly, grabbing some of his toast and taking a bite of it, before offering him some. He took a bite and once he had swallowed, replied

"I know you're going to hate this and I am truly sorry, but you are just going to be standing there, looking your gorgeous self. I and father will be doing the talking." I looked to him confused

"You know I won't be able to do that."

"I need you to try." He practically begged me, placing soft kiss on my lips.

"I'm not making any promises." I replied, hoping that that would ease him. It must have worked for he didn't say anything else, and we carried on feeding each other, just enjoying being around each other.

I sat in what was now known as my drawing room, Cissy had showed it to me and told me that I was allowed to do whatever I wanted to do with it. It was my space. She had also told me that I would eventually have more rooms to myself, that I would be expected to redecorate and receive visitors in. As with most things, this confused me to no ends, why did you need more than one room to receive visitors in? I didn't question it, smiled and nodded.

The room was beautiful, open and bright with sofas set out in a square in front of a white marble fireplace, and a window seat looking over the gardens. Someone had taken one of the pictures that Rita had taken of myself Draco and the children and blown it up, hanging it over the fireplace. There were other pictures of us hanging around the room, me and Ava, Draco and Aaron, Aaron and Ava, and a couple of other combinations, as well as a picture that I hadn't known had been taken of myself and Draco in the rose garden. I was wearing a white summer dress and Draco was in a suit, and he was holding a flower up for me to smell. Just looking at it you could tell that we were enjoying being with each other. I loved that picture.

At this moment I was flicking through a furniture catalogue, wandering what it would be like to own my own place and be able to decorate it how I wanted to. Or even own my own hotel or apartment complex. It would be a business venture that I would definitely be interested in.

"Mia?" I turned in my seat, smiling up at Draco as he walked in, pressing a kiss to my head


"What you thinking about?" He questioned, sitting next to me

"Business." I smiled, closing the catalogue, and placing it on the table in front of us

"What about it?" I shrugged

"I was wandering what it would be like to own a hotel or apartments."


"Just looking for something to do." I shrugged "Anyway, it was just a passing thought. So, what's the matter?"

"I thought you could meet the new security." He told me

"Where are they then?"

"DAMIEN!" Draco called, and the door was instantly opened to reveal Damien and four other men that I did not know.

"Please, have a seat." I smiled at the men, my eyes drifting over them. They all looked scary, all well-built and towering over me. They sat awkwardly on the two settees, looking completely out of place in the room.

"Miss Snape, I would like to introduce you to Samuel Digono." Samuel was blonde, his hair reaching his shoulders. He had dark eyes that seemed to look straight into my soul and a very angular chin. "Sergei Dezno." Sergei was a foreign looking man, with short dark hair, and covered in scars. "Liam Tomat." I smiled at Liam, he had a baby face, and a kind smile, definitely not someone I would point at and say bodyguard "And lastly Zareh Ziaza." The last man was smaller than the others, and not as intimidating, but I still wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of him.

"Damien and Liam will be with you every time you go out; they are your body guards." Draco informed me

"Surely Damien should be with you?" I questioned

"I want him to protect you." He muttered, staring into my eyes. I nodded, not wanting to argue

"Well then gentleman, it seems we are going to be spending a lot of time together, maybe we should get to know each other?"

"That will have to wait, darling." Draco told me, "We have to get ready for the press conference."

"Oh yes." I sighed, "Gentleman we will talk soon." They stood as I rose from my seat "If you do have any questions, then please feel free to ask. I think it would be much easier on all of us if we could all be friends." I said as Draco led me out the room.

"What on earth are you wearing?" Lucius practically barked at me as I entered the room we were going to floo to the ministry from. I looked down at myself. I was wearing a simple black fitted pantsuit with red heels and a red vest top underneath. My hair was styled into a sleek low bun, and my lips were painted blood red to finish the look. I had decided that seen as I was one of the most influential women in the wizarding community than I might as well start using it to my benefit, starting small with simple things like clothing, before moving onto the bigger things.

"Clothes." I smiled "Now, we are already running late. Shall we?" I asked, gesturing with my red clutch towards the fireplace. Lucius' lips pursed, it was obvious I had displeased him, but it was fun.

"I have to say, that I am not impressed either." Draco said, as we walked to the fireplace "But I can also say that I love what you are doing." He swatted my arse as we reached the fireplace and with a roll of my eyes, I stepped through.

The auditorium was abuzz with noise as we stepped through, Damien coming to stand on my right as we waited for Draco to join us. As soon as he drew up beside me, we were surrounded by security, Draco on one side of me, Damien on the other with Lucius in front of us and the rest of our security making a circle around us, pushing us through to where the conference was to be held.

We were shown onto a stage, and I was seated in the middle of a line of chairs, there were Aurors along the front of the stage, and our security took to standing on the stage but not in an obvious way. The minister and Auror Dawlish also joined us on stage, and we all shook hands, before I returned to my seat, Draco standing just behind me.

Lucius stood and a hush took over the hall as he began to speak. "As with most fathers in the world, my family is the most important thing to me." He began, his cool gaze taking everyone in "And when they are threatened I do anything and everything to protect them. This, unfortunately, includes questioning the leaders of our world. I ask the Minister why he allowed his head Auror to take my, should-be daughter-in-law into questioning on the day she was supposed to be married. She was distressed and we had to seek a healer for her, and all she wanted was to be surrounded by friends and family that helped saved her and her family's lives, but you did not allow her. They went so far as to take her in her underwear, with only a bath robe to cover her." I blushed at this "Not only this, but why do they continue to make a hero out of someone who attacks people with no means. Miss Snape is one of the saviours of the wizarding world, and you allowed her to come close to death?" there was murmuring around the room as the press agreed, and I had to admit I could see why this man was so powerful , he could definitely talk the talk.

The minister stood, and took the podium as Lucius came and sat beside me "I would like to start by saying that the Ministry is extremely sorry for any pain we may have caused Miss Snape and her family, and we offer them our heartfelt condolences. As to the situation with Mr Potter, we have the whole of our Auror department on his tail and we are sure to have him in custody within days." Minister Shacklebolt nodded and stepped down, and the floor opened up to questions.

During the whole thing Draco kept a tight hold on my shoulder, reminding me to stay silent and in my seat, although I was itching to get up.

"Megan Maltion for Witch Weekly." A blonde witch stood up, pushing her glasses up her nose "A question for Miss Snape." I practically jumped up "I am sure on behalf of the whole wizarding world I am asking this question, why such an interesting…choice in outfits today?" I nearly let a groan slip through my lips, everything going on and the only question I got asked was about my outfit? But I smiled at the witch

"Well, as the world knows I was brought up in the muggle community and some of the most influential women wore suits like these, everyday. They are practical, comfortable, and look rather amazing." I struck a pose, letting out a light laugh "And it is also a reminder to the men of our world that they need to watch what they are doing, because women can do everything they can." I sent a look at the Aurors, hoping it was caught by the press.

"I think that is enough." Lucius said, standing up "I hope you all got your answers." He nodded and led me off stage, not allowing us to stop until we were at the floo station.